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In-Game Update: Issue 4 Bug Fix

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

Looks like EA has released the patch to fix many of the problems you’re experiencing with Issue 4!

2015-03-25 19.44.25

So log into your game and make sure the latest update downloads.  If you don’t see it download when you start up TSTO hard close and restart your game (you should also restart your device…that always helps) that should bring the download up.

Hopefully this will help MANY of you get back into the action (and you’re not far behind at all!).

If you’re still experiencing problems after you’ve done this update, we strongly recommend that you contact EA.  Let them know what’s going on in your game, as it’s possible you may require and additional patch.

That’s in my friends…happy Boss Fighting!


12-13-13: In-Game Update…Glitch Fix?

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbers!

Looks like we just got hit with a minor in-game update.  My guess is it’s a glitch fix for the complaints outlined in Bunny’s Post here but I have no true way of verifying this via our own games.  Currently all of the TSTO Games run by the Addicts staff are not experiencing the glitch.  So we need your help!  If you’ve experienced the “zero gift dropping glitch” in your town, let us know in the comments below if this update has corrected the issue for you.

We know Bunny has magical powers with all things at EA, but we can’t be certain it’s fixed until we hear from you.  So be sure to let us know! 🙂

2013-12-13 15.26.50



Simpson, Homer Simpson… He is back to play from off the screen…

In the… Village of Wookieetown… He’s about to pop a ghost or three!

Hey there Addicterinos!  If you have been one of the unlucky few to be missing Homer or Lisa, check your game.  Homie is back in my Springfield and I seriously hope that means he’s back for every one!  As always, if your glitches aren’t fixed, we’re here to help as best we can and when push comes to shove, EA is an e-mail away.  Thanks EA for finally freeing my favorite donut eater!  I’m off to try and catch up with Halloween quests… Jebus knows I’m a little behind.


TTFN…  Wookiee out!

Minor Android Update

Hey Tappers,

Just wanted you all to be aware of a minor Android update that’s out today in the Play Store. No real changes to the game, my guess is just minor bugs were fixed.  I know my game (Krustyland in particular) has been particularly glitchy since Level 33 was released.

TSTO Android Update

So if you’re on Android, make sure you update your Tapped Out by going to the Play Store and downloading the update.  Currently the update is on Android only, no iOS update (that I know of).

Happy Tapping Friends!