Should I Spend Donuts On…Easter Redux- The Buildings

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Easter in Springfield and with the new event in town lots of items from Easter past have made their way back to the store.

As with events past EA has decided to make old items new again, and give players who might have missed out on something a second chance to get it.  Of course that second chance doesn’t come with out a price, as many of the returning items are premium.

The Easter buildings making a comeback this year are: The Blocko Store & Banana DictatorshipJohnny Fiestas too, if you count the freemium ones.

I know many of you have been asking if these items are worth your Sprinkles. Well before you hit that confirm button…let’s break down the pros and cons and take a look and see if these buildings are worth YOUR donuts!

Blocko Bunny

This will run a little different than our typical Should I Buy posts.  Basically I’ll give you a quick overview, some pros and cons & my opinion on it now…but I’ll also link you to the previous Should I Buy (if applicable) for more insight…

REMEMBER: ALL of these items will leave the store on 4/7/15 (Which is also when the event is slated to end).  So make your purchases before then…or you’ll miss out.

So let’s kick things off with everyone’s favorite building toy…LEGOS and the Blocko Store…

blocko building

Building: Blocko Store
Donut Price: 50 donuts
Dimensions: 6×5
Payout: $200, 20xp every 12hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Consumerism+10
How You Got it Before: Won it in the Pink Easter Box

-Great design
-Will be used by Chalmers, 2hr task there.
-Boosts Consumerism, one of the hardest areas of the conform-o-meter to max out

-Was initially free
-Animation isn’t that great, when in use the doors open but that’s about it

Final Thought
If you missed out on it last year during Easter now is your chance to grab it.  And I strongly suggest you grab it.  The Blocko Store is one of my favorites.  I love the look of it and I don’t think you’ll regret picking it up.

If you have the donuts I say grab this one.  I’m usually not a fan of buildings without characters, but I think this one is really designed well and I like the fact that it comes with a permanent task for Chalmers.

More Details:
Easter Building Breakdown (inc Questline)

banana dictatorship

Building: Banana Dictatorship
Donut Price: 30 donuts
Dimensions: 5×5
Payout: $135, 15xp every 8hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience+10
How You Got it Before: Won it in the Gold Easter Box

-Looks cool
-Can be placed on Squidport
-Will be used by Bernice Hibert

-Only impacts Obedience, lately one of the easier areas to max out
-Looks cool, but not bright and colorful like the Blocko Store.

Final Thought
Just like the Blocko Store, if you missed out on this one now’s your chance to get it.  It’s at a fair price and a chance to grab a building from Easter past.  If you have the donuts grab it…but I will say given the choice between the two, I’d rather have the Blocko Store.

Personally, if I was a freemium player I’d pass on this one and go for the Blocko Store.  I do think the store is the better investment.  So if you’re limited on donuts, I’d pass on the Banana Dictatorship.

More Details:
Easter Building Breakdown (inc Questline)


johny fiesta

Oh and for those wondering…yes grab Johnny Fiestas!  It’s a freemium building and a no brainer…grab it ASAP.

Here’s some posts from last year on it..
Easter Building Breakdown (inc Questline)

Just remember…whatever you decide you have until April 7th to make your final decisions or these buildings will once again disappear from the store!  So be sure to make your decisions before then.

What are your thoughts on the returning premium buildings?  Any you plan to purchase?  Passing on any?  Why or why not?  Where have you placed them in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

74 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On…Easter Redux- The Buildings

  1. Lenroy Changkins

    Easter 2017 Redux, Blocko store appeared for 30 donuts. I’m really leaning towards it as I missed it back when it was first around but I also have a bunch of the spy “mystery box” prizes to get as well and I want to get Adil Hoxha when he finally arrives. I only wish as a Freemium player I had disovered KEM farming earlier! Now EA will put out so much content that even the Fremium KEM farmers can’t keep up! lol

  2. The last MANY times I opened an old mystery box I was getting so frustrated because I was only getting fences and regular trees. Finally today I got squeaky voiced teen. Does this mean the mystery boxes won’t be so lame anymore? I hope so. I could see not getting awesome stuff all the time but I wasn’t getting anything good.

  3. Omg I love Legos! Was soo sad I missed this building last Easter ! Scooped it up soooo fast. New prize box is amazzzzzing. Got Kearney BHL tire fire and van and bomb shelter and I&S billboard. And 10 sprinkles Nice haul. Very happy tapper. Good work EA! ☺☺

  4. In case anyone is wondering, the task Bernice gets at Banana Dictatorship is a 6-hour task.

    I usually don’t buy buildings that come without characters, but I actually ended up buying both premium buildings. (I want going to get the Blocko surge store, but the 2-hour task plus the consumerism bump convinced me. (Unfortunately, it still didn’t give me enough Consumerism to move the disk, so to speak. 🙁 )

  5. P.s I’m UK based so for me the time is over 24hrs.

  6. Hi just wondering why my previous comment has been stuck in moderation for over 24hrs whilst others have gone through. If its because your looking into what I posted about that’s fine.

  7. I lucked out on this one (for a change). I only needed Johnny Fiestas as I had won the other two last year in the Easter Event. I’m thankful that Johnny Fiestas returned because I was trying to win it last year, but it didn’t come up for me.

  8. Snapped them both up. I’ve been seeing them in my neighbors towns forever.

  9. How do you buy mystery boxes?

  10. I’ve been wondering how those buildings came about. I’m freemium but got some donuts saved up. Love Lego’s so I am thinking of getting it, and the bartcave since I missed it durning the superhero event. Of course got Johnny’s, and may pass on the banana building.

  11. Wow, after reading many of these comments, I must have been very lucky to get both Blocko and Banana Dictatorship last year. I picked up Johnny Fiesta’s in a heartbeat. I’m also lucky to have received Father Sean, as he doesn’t seem to be a purchaseable character this time around. Highly considering Sharry Bobbins, but I heard there’s no quest line. What’s the point of a new character if you don’t get to know them a bit at first??

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