TSTO Anonymous – This is what happens when I’m topicless

Happy Good Friday everyone!

So with the superhero event concluded and EA bringing us some Easter goodness, I wondered if it was time to have another meeting of TSTO Anonymous.  Are all our members bored now?  Fretting over premium options that returned?  Ready for the next event/level/tie-in?  I figured there was no place like a digital TSTO Anon meeting to just come together and discuss whatever.  Fair warning that this might just be another veiled attempt by yours truly to ramble.  Only way to find out is to just grab a cup of coffee and get started.

TSTO Anonymous

Hi!  I’m Wookiee and I’m a Tapped Out Addict.  I play my game frequently and even blog about TSTO.  The myriad faces you see from random people when you say you blog about a bunch of pixels is interesting.  Some people are genuinely interested (and interesting) and others just look at you like you farted.  “The Simpsons?  Is that show still on?  I’m more of a (insert other cartoon here) fan…”  “How does that work?  Surely there can’t be that many people interested in reading about a mobile game?”

I laugh whenever folks give me those strange looks.  Of course a lot of us understand the love of this game and it’s hard to explain to non-Simpsons/TSTO fans what it is that precisely draws us to be almighty Skyfingers.  Is it the bright colors?  The witty dialogue?  Just the fact that the game is based on the Best. Show. Ever.?  Only YOU can really answer that question.  Why people read all the ramblings of folks like me is a completely different topic.  I honestly don’t know but I’m humbled people do.  While I’ll never be rich or famous for typing my thoughts, it’s certainly neat that I can and people do read them.  No matter the reason, I know that this blog and community keep this game fresh for me.  To be connected by wi-fi and wordpress to folks from all over the world is truly amazing.

Of course, every once in a while saying you blog about the Simpsons mobile game is quite cool.  Just yesterday, I met a guy at my work (Disneyland/Indiana Jones Ride) who actually interned for the Simpsons for one year, basically during most of Season 25.  While we didn’t have long to chat, one of his various tasks was actually to figure out the dimensions of Homer’s clothes (i.e. inseam, etc.) if he was a real life person.  I immediately knew this had to do with the Mythbusters episode.  I certainly never feel like a celebrity for typing words into the ultraweb but I can tell you my new co-worker probably did feel special (or maybe weirded out lol) after I geeked out on his year with the animators and showrunners.  Can you imagine seeing Homer strapped to a wrecking ball knowing the clothes he;s wearing were measured out by you?  Awesome!

Mythbusters Homer Simpson

But what’s my point?  Actually I’m not too sure.  While nothing seems pressing, I just hope everyone is enjoying their games and tapping happily in the free world. What do y;all think of the return of all the Easter stuff?  I’m glad it’s back and can be counted among the tappers who are gonna hoard all the freemium decorations for future designing.  Besides theat new stuff, I’m not quite sure what else to ask or talk about.  I guess I could just ramble on about one more thing and wrap this meeting up for your thoughts.  Let’s address the only issue in my life lately… the Ho Ho incident.


So last week as often happens in my life… I found myself making a grocery list with the Wookieemama.  We brainstormed all the normal food requests but what I really wanted was some Ho Hos.  I’d seen an image of said Ho Hos and lately been anticipating them very much.  I mean, who can’t appreciate their chocolaty goodness and delicious cream filling.  The way they part when you bite in and the cream just titillates the palate.  Of course, a picture only says so many words but then the best thing happened.  Wookieemama said she was bringing home the Ho Hos.

I salivated over the future offering.  Heck, others even told me the merits and drawbacks of said purchase.  Could there really be good and bad about the Ho Hos I had yet to see with my own eyes.  Oh the anticipation. Friday came and no Ho-Hos, Saturday and still my personal hostess was absent.  I’m good, just a fuzzball without his sweet tasty cakes.  Quivering with anticipation, I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends when my sweet desert cakes arrived.

Then Sunday… I swear I saw a message from my Mom that the Ho Hos had come home but upon looking in the kitchen… I found myself still Ho Ho-less and wondering what the heck was going on.  My friends called and asked but just like Old Mother Hubbard, my cupboard was bare.  How is this fair?  All month I’d seen snippets of Ho Hos and looked forward to chomping them to tiny chocolate bits with my masticatory prowess but here I sat with only my normal quota of hot air filling my mouth.  How could I be promised said deliciousness and get nothing?  Sure I could go guarantee fulfillment in real life by buying real Ho Hos or enjoying other food I already had but I’m a walking carpet who wants what he wants.

Fine… no Sunday Ho Hos.  I can deal.  I’m sure they wouldn’t have been that good anyways and there’s plenty of other tasty snacks I can gnosh on.  Cheetos, Doritos, sourdough pretzels… More than enough without the stupid Ho Hos. Then it’s Monday.  Oh my goodness… the Ho Hos actually finally came!  How much did they cost mother?  Oh Mary, Joseph and Jebus… they cost that much? Jeesh… I love me some Ho Hos but I’m not sure they’re worth that.  Weren’t other tasty snacks bought previously for less?  Did they at least come with a bonus snack? A fancy box?  Nope… just Ho Hos that you can enjoy while sunbathing on your back.

Ho hos 2

Oh well… sometimes Ho Hos come when they do no matter how much you wish them to go at a different time.  We’re all really just snack eaters at the mercy of when the Hostess factory brings the goods.  Some Ho Hos are cheap and others not so much.  Of course I bought the Ho Hos and boy were they delicious but I completely know not everyone can afford them.  Some people like expensive Ho Hos and others are more into Twinkies or cupcakes.  Heck, others just stick with off brands.  To each their own.  I suppose the important thing is to just realize some snacks are better than others and ultimately it’s up to the eater if they’re okay with being a bit poorer or grinding the day away Ho Ho-less.

In the end, the Ho Ho incident wasn’t too big a deal.  It could be worse and we could talk all about my friend’s beachhouse incident but I suppose that’s a story for another day. Before I ramble away too much, I guess I should wrap this meeting up.  I’ve talked away a bunch so now it’s your turn.  Got a favorite snack cake?  What did you think of the Superhero Event?  Happy Easter stuff showed up?  Buy a hundred fences or more?  What do you think is coming next?  Got a funny story you’d like to share with a semi-captive audience?  Any Season 25 questions you want me to ask my co-worker?  Sound off below.  As always, we end this meeting with the TSTO Anonymous Serenity Prayer:

“EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Stay classy, much love and TTFN… Wookiee out!


58 responses to “TSTO Anonymous – This is what happens when I’m topicless

  1. Thought I would let freemium players know about an android app called Google opinion rewards which gives you free google play credit for answering very short surveys usually only about 1 or 2 questions! I downloaded it on Friday and done 3 surveys so far and got 74p so every little helps! Once I get to 79p lol gonna buy my first ever gold scratch card and fingers crossed get 100 donuts!

  2. Ah…staring at the Ho ho’s made my brain start drooling in only a way that Homer and TSTO addicts can understand. Its been 5 years since radiation stole my taste sensation away leaving everything that has or is made with sugar tasting like different textured tylenols (bitter.bitter.bitter) but at least in my imagination I can still taste the chocolate goodness of a hoho.
    I’ve shared my TSTO addiction with the nurses in the hospital and we often find ourselves comparing parks in a way that is totally rare for a patient/nurse relationship…I guess repeated tapping is good for the soul. Though I am so bummed about the house thing. Honestly, I don’t really see the harm. Money can only buy you so many things before you’ve bought everything and are pretty bored with money leftt over. I think EA should just leave each person to their own park habits. Oh well, I’m just thankful I got to taste this amazing game before the rules started coming down…

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