Last Chance Easter & Remaining Superhero Stuff

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re entering the final hours of the Easter Event and the chance to buy any remaining Superhero items….as both sets of items will leave our stores tomorrow morning (0800GMT, 4am EDT).  So if you’re thinking about making any purchases make sure you do so before everything leaves town.

Gil_Easter Island

So, just what will be heading out at sunrise?  Here’s a look at everything that will be leaving our games tomorrow…










From Easter 2015

Tapped_Out_Easter_Island_God Easter Head Island (Should I Buy here)

Shary BobbinsShary Bobbins (Should I Buy Here)

hugs victoryHugs Bunny (Should I Buy Here)

egg council guyEgg Council Guy (Should I Buy Here)

mojo monkeyMojo the Helper Monkey (Should I Buy Here)

blocko buildingBlocko Store (Should I Buy Here)

banana dictatorshipBanana Dictatorship (Should I Buy Here)

johny fiestaJohnny Fiestas (Yes, buy it!) 

Easter FloatEaster Float

Bunny gateEaster Fence

Easter gate and fenceEaster Gate

eggsEaster Egg Pile

lily pondEaster Pond

Pastel FencePastel Picket Fence

happy easter signEaster Banner

easter treeEaster Tree

And remaining Superhero items…

beachhouse_transimageRadioactive Man’s Beachhouse (Should I Buy Here)

airfortress_menuRadStation Air Fortress (Should I Buy Here)

bartmancave_menuBartman’s Cave (Should I Buy Here)

ALL of the items listed above will be disappearing tomorrow morning…0800GMT, 4am EDT, so be sure to make your final purchases before time runs out!

Best advice?  If it costs in game cash…GET IT!  Even if you’re not sure how you’ll use it just yet, buy at least 1 or 2 of each in game cash item so you have them.  You never know when you’ll wish you had pastel fences for a design.

As far as premium items go…the Should I Buys are all linked above but in the end it’s your decision.  Grab what you think you’ll regret if you don’t pick up.  But if you feel like you can live with out it, then pass on it and save those donuts for something better down the road.

What’s next?  Well honestly we don’t know.  Tuesday is not a usual EA update day, but that doesn’t mean something won’t hit.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  For now make sure not to send any of your characters on 24hrs tasks (unless they’re premium characters, premium characters are never involved in the initial questline of a new update).  Try to keep their task times free for tomorrow…and if you must send some characters on 24hr tasks, don’t send Homer and Lisa (since they’re tasks you can’t cancel by storing).

So that’s it my friends…the details on what’s leaving our games tomorrow morning.  Are you ready for what’s next?

What are your thoughts on Easter 2015 and the final Superhero items?  Which items did you pick up?  Where have you placed them in your Springfield?  Thoughts on what might hit tomorrow, if anything?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

28 responses to “Last Chance Easter & Remaining Superhero Stuff

  1. Has anyone else had Mr. Teeny disappear from their town with the level 51 update or just me?

  2. Caved and got The Beach House with just an hour to spare! I try not to spend donuts that doesn’t come with premium character/payout or bonus %. I was pleasently suprised to see the 16hr task for Radioactive Man is a Premium payout for this non-premium character. (Including a generous 200xp) My decision to buy the Beach house would have been easier if the listed pros in the SIB mentioned that the 16hr task happens to be at Premium rate.

    • In defence of the Addicts, tasks that take place in a premium building pretty much always, if not absolutely always, pay a premium rate….it would only be notable if, for some reason, this *wasn’t* the case!

  3. I think the new mystery box prize was a good idea (you may not get a premium gift all the time, but you also get a chance to win some free donuts). I wasn’t interested in the Freemium stuff for Easter (still have plenty from last year), I guess someday I will get the Blocko Store building (I am ready for something new on TSTO) and hope EA does something for Krustyland. 🙂

  4. 09:37AM in Dublin nothing so far 🙁

  5. Has anyone else noticed that the cut scenes from the Superhero update have been added to the cut scene menu?

  6. I caved at the last minute and bought a Banana Dictatorship. I wasn’t going to, and I’ll probably regret it if something better comes along. Only 151 sprinkles left now, so I can’t afford to waste them.

  7. Have bought hundreds of each fence and about 30 sets of gates also just had a bit of a spring clean after heros event had lots of stuff flung around so cleaned all up and designated real estate so its lookin more like a town again… took nearly 2 hours lol but its better now phew

  8. If nothing new hits tomorrow and I finish up the last of the BLH questline, it may just be time to pull the trigger on getting Bumblebee Man on Wednesday, sabe?

  9. Level Up with Uncie Herb! 😄

  10. My thoughts:

    Level 51:
    -Doctor Marvin Monroe & the Family Center for a whopping 2 million.
    -Bleeding Gums Murphy & the Jazz Hole for 150 donuts.
    -Gil deal: Uncie Herb for 100 donuts.

    End of the month:
    -Movementarium Event

    -2 councillors for free with the lodge
    -New skins (some paid for)
    -Mr. Burns god suit (75-100 donuts)
    -the leader and the ufo last prize

  11. Broke down and bought donuts to buy blocko store and banana dictatorship…. Been coveting my neighbor’s blocko store too long! Had enough left over for happy sumo, Kearney, and French waiter, and the channel 4 tower. So with that and the recent mystery boxes, I’m super happy right now at level 44 with a town census of 60. Oh yeah, so only 6 characters I have are female vs 54 male. 10% is pretty bad, EA needs more gender balance in this game.

  12. Hoping for a new update or level tomorrow

  13. I used to think the easter fences looked a little dumb, til I figured they were perfect for the school and daycare center.

  14. I had a great time with this event, and I even had the rabbit leg at Springfield Downs, because I won the 99-1 bet ($200000 payout)
    I spent the money for Writers Building ($100k in price), and Just Rainsticks ($52k),and even it left off $10000 🙂

  15. 🙂 im guessing its a level up if anything is going to happen maybe more land if their generous an most of all with my pestering BRANDINE,

  16. Hoping something will hit tomorrow. I don’t mind downtime if there’s a mini event or level update, but hate it when there’s nothing at all haha

  17. Mairead Harvey

    I was really happy to get 20 free donuts did not buy any premium items am saving up for crazy cat lady

  18. I was totally stoked when I was able to completely surround my Squidport with pastel fences. It was the only thing from last year that I didn’t get enough of.

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