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Easter! Island!

On a site with a resident Bunny… this is the time of year when one of us starts hopping around like crazy. I’ll give you one clue that it’s not the fuzzball or writer in Crocs. EA hooked us all up by bringing back loads of stuff from last year’s event. Added to that was a new item courtesy of poor old Gil and a mishap with a shipping container. Of course, I’m referring to the Easter Island God offered for 100 donuts. Alissa already popped by with a Should I Buy for this item, but our coverage isn’t complete until one of us let’s you know just where this comes from. Let’s take a look…


You know… nothing quite says Easter like a Polynesian Moai statue from Easter Island. Leave it to the designers of TSTO to mark a Christian holiday with a punny joke involving a different religion. Guess the folks who wanted to celebrate Passover got trumped. I’ll admit the first thing I thought when I saw this was “Dumb Dumb Want Gum Gum” but this new decoration isn’t just a tribute to a hilarious Robin William/Ben Stiller movie. This is an Easter Island Monolith also referred to as  one those weird statue thingys with the big heads. Ok, maybe that’s just how I refer to them. Easter Island is a remote inhabited island in the South Pacific Ocean and a part of Chile.


On it are many statues pre-dating the Birdman religion thought to honor ancestors. There’s also a learned PHD who thinks they’re an expression of leprosy on the island.  Anywho… enough with the real facts about this pixelated premium offering, let’s see how this beauty makes sense in the Simpsons Universe.

The Easter Island God first features in “Black Widower” (S3:E21). This of course is the Selma marries Sideshow Bob episode but it also quickly displays our new deco. Selma and Inmate 24601 communicated as pen pals and fell in love. Among the correspondence, Selma sent Robert Terwilleger a shot of herself at Easter Island. We know this is where she visited because the god can be seen in the background.

Easter Island Maoi Simpsons

The next appearance is another quick blip in the show. In “Much Apu About Nothing” (S7:E23), the monolith is seen in a framed picture in Selma’s apartment. It should come as no surprise that both inseparable sisters went on the Easter Island vacation.

Easter Island Maoi Simpsons 2

In “The Two Mrs Nahasapeemapetilons” (S9:E7), we see Moe wearing an Easter Island t-shirt. Moe actually closed the bar to go to the island. The shirt is funny as it depicts two Moai smooching. Also hilarious that Moe had no clue the island had “giant heads”.

Easter Island Maoi Simpsons 3

So Easter Island is for lovers. It’s also a key element in “The Wettest Stories Ever Told” (S17:E18). The second segment of this three-parter is “The Whine-Bar Sea”. It’s basically a Simpsonized version of the story of the Mutiny on the HMS Bounty. The crew of the bounty travels to Tahiti. For the purposes of this segment, Tahiti includes a bunch of Polynesian gags including a bunch of Moai statues. This image is definitely the one which inspired Gil’s deal screen.

Easter Island Maoi Simpsons 4 Gil_Easter Island

Although obviously placed on the wrong island in the South Pacific, it is clever that one of the statue carvers is chastised by Lord Uglyface who swears he doesn’t look like the carved depiction.

Lord Uglyface Simpsons

The last little mention comes from the most recent season of The Simpsons in “Covercraft” (S26:E8). While it really has nothing to do with the plot of the episode, Sammy Hagar has a cameo and talks about the monoliths in the credits. His monologue explains how he comes to be in jail with Homer, Apu, Moe and King Toot.

“So there I am on Easter Island and the heads ask me to play them a song. I say, ‘Why me heads? You’ve heard the music of the universe itself.’ And they say, ‘Sammy, you’re stuff rocks just a little harder.’ That’s when I wake up… I’m in the Springfield Elementary parking lot doing a buck fifty-five in my Ferrari 512 Boxer. I was cornering so hard I blacked out from the G’s man. They say I ran over the groundskeeper. Probably get life in prison but I got a plan to escape using only this harmonica and some guitar pics with my face on them. Who’s with me on this?”

That’s about it folks. Our newest decoration most closely resembles the effigy of Lord Uglyface. Patty, Selma and Moe have vacationed to visit it and the new “god” may or may not have heard the music of the universe itself. Pretty cool that one of the 887 monumental statues found its way into our game. Now get me some gum gum.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. This was another classic episode of The Simpsons, which I am glad you can watch on Hulu now. Although I still think this would have made a better Friendship prize (it would have gotten everyone to visit their Neighboreenos) …. I am happy learning free donuts enjoying the new Mystery Box surprise. 🙂

  2. 24601 is also principal skinners inmate numbers

  3. Carly Williams

    i like how Lisa references the ecological and humanitarian disaster that building these heads caused. Its totally true and very interesting. I’m a history student, so i love when they get their facts right!

  4. How do you guys create these “Where did that come from” posts? I’ve always wanted to know. Where does the research come from?

  5. Is there something mystical about the #24601 with The Simpsons?

    Above you state “Selma and Inmate 24601…”, the inmate being (of course) Side Show Bob.

    In the Easter event we are given (if we don’t already have) Bunny 24601.

    This CAN’T just be a coincidence.

  6. Big Stone Head wasn’t he a character on 3rd Rock from the Sun?

  7. Where do you get all this info Wookie? Does someone at Fox feed you all the references or do you have a photographic memory for all things Simpsons?
    Either way I love these posts and mainly for all the tiny details that you include.
    Keep up the great work!

  8. My tapped out is not working. when I click on the app it just stays frozen on the simpsons background. I have uninstalled the game and still not working

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