Unlocking Sideshow Bob and Act 3 Prep

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We’re starting to near the end of Act 2 and the anticipation of Act 3 is weighing on some of you.  Many of you have already finished the Act 2 questline & prizes and are wondering what’s next?

So we’re going to do something a little different here on Addicts….we’re going to talk about some stuff that’s not quite in the game just yet.  We’re going to talk about Act 3.

Why suddenly are we changing our “non-spoiler” policy?  Well…we’re not really changing it.  I’m making an exception because I want you guys to be prepared when Act 3 hits, because there will be A LOT going on.  We figure a lot of this information is already out there (many of you have commented on it on various posts).  So we just want to make sure you’re armed with the knowledge of what you’ll need to do when Act 3 hits.  Plus we’re not going into to too much detail of the what will be in Act 3 (ie items), just some basic info about how Act 3 will work.

So let’s start at the very beginning…and the conclusion of Act 2, when you unlock Sideshow Bob!

Sideshow Bob 2

WARNING MILD Spoilers Ahead….

How Do I Unlock Sideshow Bob?

Sideshow Bob is FREE and is awarded at the very end of the Act 2 questline.  Once you’ve completed Pushback Pt. 6, you’ll be tasked with building the Outdoor Opera Stage.  Once the stage is completed Sideshow Bob will unlock.

The Task to Build The Opera Stage Isn’t Starting for Me, What do I Do?

First, make sure Mayor Quimby is free (and you’ve completed Pushback Pt. 6)…as he’s the one that starts that task.  If all that is true…try storing and replacing Town Hall and see if that triggers it.  Also, double check your task bar and make sure Pushback Pt. 6 has completely cleared from it.  Sometimes the task gets stuck and you need to tap on it to clear it.

Does Sideshow Bob Have  A Questline?

No.  Once you’ve completed the Act 2 main questline and built the Opera Stage…that’s it for Sideshow Bob…EXCEPT for his two side quests.  He’s got a side quest for the rakes and the Minimum Security Prison.  Details on those are here:


After that he won’t be required again until Act 3 starts.


And no those two side quests are not required…so if you want to send SSB to Monsarno to earn DNA/Corn/Fertilizer go right ahead and ignore those side quests.

What Are Sideshow Bob’s Tasks?


Here’s a look at SSB’s permanent tasks in Springfield:

Task Length Earns Location
Meet His Raker 1hr $70, 17xp Outside/Rakes
Serve a Life Sentence 4hrs $175, 45xp Minimum Security Prison
Perform at the Opera 6hrs $225, 55xp Opera Stage
Laugh Maniacally 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Monsarno
Spy on the Simpsons 12hrs $420, 100xp Simpsons House
Plot Revenge 24hrs $600, 150xp Outdoor/Visual

Additionally he’ll have tasks to Earn Corn, DNA and Fertilizer.  

Ok so now that we’ve covered the SSB basics…let’s get into some tips/prep work for Act 3.

When Does Act 3 Start?

Act 3 starts on May 12th at 0800 GMT (4am EDT)

What Will Happen to the Act 2 Prizes Once Act 3 Starts?

minimumsecurityprisonflipped unlock_robertsr

They’ll go to craftables…and become VERY pricey.  You think the Pet Mutant Plant was expensive?  Dr. Robert will likely need over 10,000 DNA if you don’t win him via the Act 2 Prize route.  So do your best to finish the prizes and earn every Gas Mask prize you want before Act 3 starts.

What Will Happen to Craftables Once Act 3 Starts?

Nothing.  Act 1 and Act 2 Craftables will still be there, but we’ll be getting a couple of new craftables for Act 3 as well.

So do your best to finish crafting any Act 1 or 2 items you want before Act 3 starts so you can spend your focus there.

gasandgrubflipped springfieldfarmersmarketflipped

Which Items Should I Stock Up On for Act 3 Crafting?

Corn and DNA.  A new crafting currency will be introduced with Act 3, but stock up on as much Corn and DNA as you can for Act 3 (but still craft the Gas and Grub if that’s an item you want).

ico_terwilligers_upgrade_corn ico_terwilligers_upgrade_dna

During Act 3 Fertilizer will not be as hot a commodity as it was during Acts 1 and 2.  So still earn it (because you’ll need it) but if a character can earn corn or DNA in addition to Fertilizer send them on the Corn/DNA tasks (as long as you’ve already crafted the Farmer’s Market.  If you haven’t crafted the Farmer’s Market keep grinding Fertilizer until you have it all).

What Will Be Required to Start Act 3?

Just completing the Act 2 questline, and unlocking Sideshow Bob.  Once you’ve done that and Act 3 starts it should start right up for you.

Will I Be Required to Upgrade Monsarno For Any of the Act 3 Main Questline?

No.  Currently it doesn’t look like you’ll be required to upgrade Monsarno to complete the MAIN questline for Act 3.

Will Anything Be Upgradable?

The Opera House will be Upgradable once Act 3 starts.  However, as of right now you won’t need Fertilizer or Corn to upgrade it. The Opera House is upgraded by DNA and the new crafting Currency.


Upgrading the Opera House (remember can’t be done until Act 3 starts), will unlock tasks for characters to earn the new crafting currency.

You will be faced with some choices once Act 3 starts and you upgrade the Opera House, because some tasks will overlap with Monsarno. In other words there will be times when Kooks, for example, can do a task at the Opera House to earn the new crafting currency AND a job at Monsarno to earn Fertilizer.  So choose which task you’ll want to send them on wisely.

Once Act 3 does start and we can verify, we’ll breakdown all the leveling up for the Opera House.  But for now just know that once Act 3 starts the Fertilizer rewards may become scarce.  So try to earn as much as you can now.

Bottom Line….YOU have to do what’s right for YOU.  We can’t tell you how to play or what’s the best strategy for you, because we don’t know how you play the game.  The beauty of TSTO is no two people play exactly alike.  So this is just putting info out there for you to think about.  If you still need the Farmer’s Market..keep grinding for the Fertilizer.  If you want items that require Fertilizer right now…keep going for it.  This is just meant to prepare you so you know that Corn and DNA (and the new Currency item) will play a big factor in Act 3.  This way you can prepare yourself and your game in a way that works best for you & the prizes you want.

And that my friends covers some of the Act 3 basics.  Obviously once the phase itself hits, we’ll be able to verify and fully break everything down.  For now know that EA has the right to change their minds about anything in Act 3…but these are just some basics we wanted you to be aware of so you could prepare for when Act 3 hits.

What are your thoughts on Sideshow Bob?  Are you liking his tasks?  Everything you thought he’d be in game?  Why or why not?  Thoughts about Act 3?  Are you ready for yet another thing to upgrade?  How’s your Corn/DNA count looking?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from  you!

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  1. I’m not able to arrest Sideshow Bob a third time. Any reason why?

  2. I don’t have sideshow Bob or the opera house. I tried storing townhall and putting it back, and it didn’t work. That said – it is act 3 now. Is it too late to get sideshow and the opera house?

  3. van rocafeller

    I don’t have Robert terwilleger available for crafting in my game. Any suggestions on how to unlock him and how to craft him? I was 30donuts from unlocking him as a prize 16000 + gas maska and in the morning of the start of act 3 he disappeared and hasn’t shown up on my game again. I have the other prizes from act 3 and craftables available from act 1&2&3 there just not Robert terwilleger?? Thanks !!

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