Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  The Simpsons are all new tonight with the Season 26 Finale, what will happen in the new episode?  Did you purchase any of the episode tie-in items?  Act 3 of Terwilliger’s is in full swing, how are you doing so far?d  Sunday Night Baseball tonight features the Tigers at the Cardinals,  will you be watching?  NBA and NHL playoffs are both in full swing, how’s your team doing?  Do anything fun this weekend?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

321 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. I just readin news in many parts of europe, people are demonstrating against GMO and the company involved is Monsanto based in USA. No wonder the game event building is named as such. I was totally ignorant of it. I am not from US.

    • It’s funny – I’m from the U.S., but the first time I remember hearing about GMOs was when I was in London (as part of my one and only trip to Europe), where we saw an anti-GMO demonstration marching through the streets near10 Downing Street.

  2. I know you guys contact EA sometimes, I thought I would see if you would be able to pass on a wish list I have.

    A button to release all done tasks for characters and/or building money at the same time
    Michael Jackson (one of my favorite episodes!)

  3. Thought y’all might enjoy this (although I’d prefer to see a clip-art version done, since that’s what I use more for the online learning stuff I create… 😉 )


    Here’s What The Opening of “The Simpsons” Looks Like Recreated With Stock Footage

    A new stock footage Simpsons approximation takes you on a non-animated tour of Springfield, and you’ll barely notice the difference.

  4. Sliqstream – Latest tracks (if you get a chance, JJJ, Aussie alternative radio station that streams / podcasts, search for “like a version” 😉 of interest, band names only :
    – Mansionair
    – Chvrches
    – Tame Impala
    – Thundamentals
    – John Grant
    – Yuksek
    – Sia (original stuff, try “the girl you lost to cocaine”)

    • … like good lyrics, singers whom want music not money 😉
      Lissie is a favorite, may not be your thing but check out her live performances of bully, and with ellie making pies…

      • … and Alt-J is another favorite. … bwah! Dagnabit, music trawling night 😉

      • … an’ if you like parodies… no offense to any meant, search youtube for macklemore same love doggy style 😉

      • Hi cube3dex,
        Ooooooo exciting! New music is such a fun thing to discover. Thanks for your recommendations! I screenshot the names and I’ll youtube/amoeba them coming up. Sorry for late reply: I screwed my back up lifting my mother (her back was hurting) (rueful lol) and now am in physical therapy and quite loopy from muscle relaxers (I don’t take pain pills alas). I didn’t want to write utter nonsense and the pain makes it hard to concentrate deeply.
        I agree with sandrashill down below. Balance is so hard to obtain but so needed. I’ll also say that do not be afraid to seem like a hard-nose (insert saltier language at your discretion 😉 to colleagues and/or friends! This seems like a passion job and a worthwhile one too. if you have contracted a friend to work for you, then they must be willing to do their utmost and regardless of how taxing it is to you, you must cajole/insist they do so… If they cannot, then they have no right to get upset and you assume no guilt in letting them go. Friends have a way of pushing boundaries, especially if you have been friends for awhile. (I’m not overly fond of working with friends (wayyyy harder to “boss” them) but then again I’m not overly fond of working with anyone :-p
        Have you had a heartfelt talk with these people? Perhaps they just don’t know how passionate about your work you are? (Perhaps they’re just lazy says my meaner brain). I don’t have a facebook (I delete mine years ago) but I know how great a tool it is to connect with people you haven’t seen in ages. Heck grab a beer with some buddies and complain your arse off. Helps if these people are your work mates and they hear your frustration. The slog of work makes it hard to enjoy the pleasures (friends food beer books music) so I hope on your week off you forgo any left over work and go do something needed, maybe unexpected and a heck tonne of fun!
        Hope this little bit helps in any way, from a neighbour all the way over in Cali to you in Australia. (Is it really raining spiders there?!?!?! Lol)

  5. To any of my friends here…
    At a bit of a “crossroads” in life, I’m pretty sure it’s my version of a midlife ‘challenge’ 🙂
    I’m not looking for sympathy or any of that rot, maybe just a bit of advice or personal reflection if you can…
    Tough decisions have been made, I work in a “networking” industry, ‘it’s not what you know but whom’, and over the last 20 years I’ve worked in associated industries to my R&D business and have had to make the choice of money over people many times, a $h!t position to be to decide upon. I have good people around me, but with the vested and personal interest everyone takes, my altruistic ideals of business are slowly being compromised.
    Any business deal (including the three current contracts) I try and negotiate equal distribution.

    • Would love to help with “advice or personal reflection,” but I’m afraid I’m not quite clear on the specific question/issue you’re facing. I think it has something to do with people and money, but I’m not clear exactly what…

      • I guess I was kinda worried, my business ideal was to help people, through R&D and education, but it’s starting to become, like always, all about the money. I don’t mean me personally, as long as I have enough to get by with a little bit of savings I’m fine, but to grow and expand to what I want to do I have had to cut ties with people (due to punctuality, inability, lack of communication, etc) in order to focus and develop. And these in some instances people I’ve known for a while.
        I’m not adverse to change, just sucks a bit that over the last year working on the business I’ve lost touch with so many people just to succeed 🙁
        I’m starting to question whether or not to keep going I guess, I have very few mates, don’t have time to go out or arrange social stuff any more. .. I’m a pretty independent person but it helps to unwind sometimes.

        • Who was it your business ideal to help, your customers or your employees? If it’s your customers, then you did what you had to do by getting rid of employees who can’t help you help your customers effectively. If your goal was to help your friends be employed, then perhaps you want to be more flexible in terms of your standards with them, at the risk of losing some business.

          It sounds, though, like there are two key “lessons” in your story… First, it’s not always a good idea to mix friends and money…In your case, by employing them without being sure that they were up to the job, but the same can be true for lending money to friends, unless you do it with the mindset that you’re okay if they never pay you back (even though you’re hoping they will).

          But, hindsight is 20/20, as they say…what can you do looking forward? I see at least a couple of things… First, you can see what you can do to mend those ties that you cut, but on a non-business level. Let those mates know that you feel bad about how things turned out and that you still value their friendship and you’re hoping that maybe they’d be willing to rekindle that and leave the business stuff behind. Second, if you don’t have any time to go out anymore, unless that’s just a short-term thing, I think you’re probably leading an unbalanced life and may want to adjust your business plans to bring your life back into balance. You only get one life to live and it doesn’t sound like you really want that life to just be about business. So apply some of your business acumen to crafting a workable “social plan,” if need be – treat “social time” the way you treat “prospecting time” or “development time.”

          Bottom line – it’s like what the Addicts say here all the time, ” you have think decide what will make YOU happy – what you’ll be glad you did down the road – and then go for that.” Seems like good advice for choosing how to spend your precious time in life as much as it is how to spend your precious donuts on freemium items!

          Hope that helps a little… Let me know if you think I’ve missed the mark and I’ll try again! 🙂

  6. Hi all and a Happy Thursday Tapping,
    Food beast has some pictures of the Simpsons theme over at universal studios if anyone is interested…

    On a grumpier note, why oh why did I spend all my craft currency the last few days?!?! 😮😥😩😫😞. I could have had about double the cane fields/cactus patches if only I had waited. And I’m usually an extremely patient person… I just got frustrated by the grinding and wanted something (digitally) real in my town. (And it’s not like I’m not used to grinding! What gamer hasn’t grinded to level up paltry abilities?!? Ahhh the nests of draugrs’ I’ve dispatched in the name of upping my archery and one-handed weapon skills). Oh well c’est all vie/esta la vida. Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday.

  7. Update just happened in TSTO, bought the mutant plant, and the cricket, yet the cricket is no where to be found in my town, checked inventory, its not there…help 🙁

    • nevermind, for whatever reason the purchase seemed to go through, but when I went back into my game it seemed to roll back. I now have the grasshopper 😀

  8. Ever since this event started, my righteousness rating has gone way down to 1 star and I can’t get it back up! How else can we get it up without Sideshow Bob to tap or remove vandalism?
    (I’ve already hidden a few training walls and it was ok until this event!)
    But I do love this event! 😀 It’s been great!
    Hopefully we get extra time for crafting

  9. To my neighbourinos, ‘pologies I’ve been a bit on an’ off this week…
    Brain is kinda leaking out the ears, work overload-ish, new stuff happening… doing the smile and nod and fine speech a bit 😉

    • No worries! Relax, deep breaths, priorities! 🙂

    • Hi Cude3dex,
      Hey what with the awesome news of that new job-thingy it’s totally understandable 🙂 priorities mate! 😉
      I hope the new jobby-job is going well for you. (Not sure if you can listen to music during work hours but when you have the time or the inclination you might like a band called Skold). Hope you have a beautiful day 🌏

      • Ta muchnous Sliq an’ Sandra, must admit, been a bit of a “down” week.
        I think, as I have “worked for the man” for 20 years, working for me over the last year has been an interesting learning curve.
        I have employees / subcontractors, that causes probably the most stress, and have to be the “guys with big sticks” when chasing invoices / payment.
        At least for the next three months I’ll have a change of scenery, my contract was delayed a week, but I head to NSW this Sunday, working as a telco fault tech after all the flood damage up there. And with the three contracts I now have (one as a training resource provider for two weeks, the second as an IT maintenance tech which is 6 months-to-ongoing, and the NSW job) it’s taken a bit of work to setup!
        I know things sound like they’re going well but so little sleep, so many unreliable people, long days, much pressure. I can cope with worse, just takes its toll a bit 😉
        And Sliq, doesn’t matter what job I’m doing, MUST have music, will look up Scold…

        • Sorry you’re so stressed! 🙁

          But it sounds like a better stress to have than the one that comes from being unemployed and unable to get work, so I guess there’s that…

          I’m curious – what, exactly, do you find stressful about having employees/subcontractors? I don’t mean to imply that that shouldn’t be stressful… I’m just curious as to which aspect(s) of that stress YOU? Oh, and chasing after money is never fun!

          Good luck with your game and don’t stress too much if you don’t get everything you want…with the money you’re making from those contracts, you could probably buy yourself something nice IRL (or even some donuts to buy stuff you weren’t able to earn/craft)!

      • Ta SS, having people whom you are responsible for, that you’re coordinating, relying on to have at least similar goals of succeeding and actually willing to work hard to do so! And that’s the good bits, then there’s the lateness, the personal “challenges”, the excuses, trying to find good and competent workers, doesn’t matter the industry, is hard! Contractors compound things, like you they probably don’t just work for one place and then there is scheduling, etc, etc. …
        All the standard getting started challenges.

      • Oh, and small reliefs in game, with thr reduction in cost, I have a couple of csne fields, and just started building the GnG, I might, just might, get the Boathouse, but with 130 sprinkles my biggest problem is what to part with my donuty goodness for?!?! Now that Brandine is back, she trumps either of the premium Terwilligers, and then maybe the pet mutant…

  10. OK, random link to YouTube — this is pretty cute:

    (As always, I have no connection to the poster — someone sent me the link to this and I thought others might like it too!)

  11. I just hit the 4500 limit of things in my town. I didn’t even think my town was particularly crowded.
    Oh well, time to clear a few things away then.
    I don’t know why people are clamouring for more land – surely to fill up all the available land people must have way more stuff than I have.

    • unfortunately it’s all the little objects that add up so quick. things like bushes, hedges, flowers, snapdragons, fences, etc. no worries though, you’ve a long way to go before anything adverse will happen to your game. i was up at 7050 for a good while until i made efforts to get the count back into the 6k range. ea seemed to have boosted their servers with the superheroes event, and my game has been going smooth and strong ever since, even despite the high object count. i’ve also been careful to check with my brother from time to time to see how my town loads and whether he notices any slowdown, and at least for now everything is all good.

      • That’s good to know. Thanks. I do have quite a lot of fences (although I fairly recently put about 500 into storage when I sold most of my blue houses)
        Your town loads fine for me, so I’m probably safe for another 1500 or so items. Phew.

      • @Tape — Haven’t had any issues loading your town. It’s not nearly as slow as it used to be and is more in line with the rest of my neighbors.

        @Swiss — Your town loads fine on my device.

        Remember, the limit is not because of EA’s servers, but because of the memory limitations of some of the devices people use to play this game, and the fact that you never know how much memory your neighbors’ devices have.

      • @etamni
        unfortunately we don’t know how much impact the ea servers have on our game, but there was a definite increase in speed/smoothness after the superheroes event hit that had nothing to do with my device. and while you are probably mostly right about the object count limit being a device limitation issue, it must also affect other aspects if having too many objects can potentially lock you out of your game, regardless of the device you use to access it.

    • I think some folks just design their towns with more open space than others, too. You can tell which parts of my town came later than others, because those areas tend to use more space per building. Most of my lower-level buildings are much more compactly organized… At some point, when I no longer had money issues and could afford to buy some more land, I did rearrange some buildings that were too unrealistically crammed together, but most of them have been left as I originally placed them. Kind of gives a “downtown” feel, while other areas are more “suburban.”

      On a slightly related note….I just redesigned my Opera House last night and, while I like the new design, I HATE its placement… I’m going to need to pick everything up and replace out somewhere else, with a bit more of a “buffer” around it. 😛

      • Wouldn’t it be great if you could bundle items together and move them en masse?
        You could mark the floor area containing the items and then move them as one. A future enhancement, maybe…

  12. Hello everybody!

    I might have missed this before, (probably), but I’ve been so busy tappa-tappa-tapping, trying to collect everything I need to craft one of everything, that I have neglected the tasks.

    I was curious if anybody knows if the tasks expire at the end of the event, or do they go on?

    These are my current levels on tasks:

    Dame of the game part 1
    Malpractice makes perfect part 4
    Phantom of the opera part 4
    The clowned of music part 1.

    I have other tasks but I think they’re not event-driven, so I’m pretty sure I can finish them later.

    I tried to look but I can’t find info on them. They probably scrolled down too far to find. Any info would be greatly appreciated, so I know if I need to switch up and push for task completion.

    Thank you! 🙂

    • The extra questlines (outside of the main questline) you should be able to continue after the event. No 100% guarantee, but you should be able to

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