5/21 In Game Update: Premium Stuff

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sorry this is a little late…I was at lunch (apparently the baby was craving Fajitas today 😉 ) and apparently Bunny decided it was the one time she’d aet when she was supposed to.  So…anyway…

Looks like we got ourselves a little premium update going on.  Lots of premium stuff hit our stores.  Some returning, some new.  Ok only 2 of them are new..but still.

Anywho let’s take a look at what items EA has decided to bring into our games to get us to give up our sprinkles….



*Note: Prices to craft items also dropped…working on getting the break down now.  Will update the bottom of this post with it once I’ve got it all figured out.

It also appears that the tasks no longer highlighted in yellow issue has been corrected too…

First up…the new stuff (and don’t worry we’ll have Should I Buy posts up on the new stuff….just give me a little time 🙂 )

unlock_petmutantseedlingPet Mutant Seedling- 40 Donuts. Your very own Jelly Blob!

radishstation_transimageThe Rad-ish Station- 200 Donuts. Adds 5% bonus on all cash and xp

And now for the…if you haven’t seen it it’s new to you stuff.  i.e. Returning items…

unlock_brandineBrandine- 100 Donuts.  Everyone’s favorite Spuckler Mama is back in the game (and hey it’s not Valentine’s Day!)  So if you didn’t get her last time (or the time before that) now’s your chance to grab her…. Should I Buy can be found here.

71px-Barechested_WillieBare Chested Willie- 60 Donuts.  This is a skin for Willie…originally appeared during Whacking Day 2013…. Should I Buy can be found here

giantgrasshopper_menuGiant Grasshopper- 35 Donuts.  This is one of those decorations that we get asked about a lot.  It’s from the Season 24 Yard Sale back in the Spring of 2013….Adds a .75% bonus on all cash and XP.

Mutant Peacock Mutant Peacock 1Mutant Peacock- 75 Donuts.  An NPC making it’s way back from Halloween 2014…honestly save your donuts on this one.

Note…Willie’s Tractor, the Republican Party HQ and the Museum of Swordfish have also made a return.

Should I Buys here..

Willie’s Tractor

Republican Party HQ

Museum of Swordfish


Changes to Crafting Pricing:

It looks like this update brought some drops in crafting pricing…not to everything, but to some things.  Here’s a look:


Item: Cane Field
NOW 2250 ico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg 700 ico_terwilligers_corn_lg
WAS 4,500 ico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg  1,400 ico_terwilligers_corn_lg


Item: Monsarno Flower Wall
NOW 1500 ico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg 800 ico_terwilligers_dna_lg
WAS 3,000 ico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg  1,600 ico_terwilligers_dna_lg

cactus patch

Item: Cactus Patch
NOW 2250 ico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg 1400 ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg
WAS 4,500 ico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg  2,800 ico_terwilligers_theatremasks_lg


And that’s it my friends…all the additions added to our Premium store for the Terwilliger Event!  This items will leave the store when the event ends on May 26th. So if you’d like any of them make your purchases before time runs out!

What do you think of the premium additions?  Thoughts on what they added?  Any returning items you’re happy to see?  Any you picked up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


250 responses to “5/21 In Game Update: Premium Stuff

  1. Since the update has anyone else stopped getting donuts while visiting neighbors? In 200 visits I haven’t had a single one drop.

  2. Not sure if this is the right thread to ask this but does anyone have a picture of the homer decoy in their town. Seems most of my neighbors havent played much during this event. I don’t want to waste crafting items if i dont need to. thanks!

  3. So I just contacted EA via the ‘call me’ option concerning the fact that I crafted cane fields then they cut the price in half.
    I was polite and explained my situation, how devoted a player I am and my current frustration. I didn’t ask for free donuts or anything, only to be made what I feel is even. The rep was super cool and had no problem doubling my number of cane fields. Too bad I didn’t ask for free donuts, he prob would have done it, but I’m super happy that I now have the amount of cane fields I should have for all my diligent tapping.
    I recommend to any player in the same situation to contact EA, they were very helpful.

    • Very nice! 🙂

    • So I’ve contacted EA 3 times – 2 by chat, 2 by phone. The first 3 times, I’m connected to Indian reps who just say they’ll send my case to the studio where it will be investigated and I’m sure to get a response (that never happens). I finally get a callback from a US rep, “ANNIE” who thoroughly tells me that I’m up *@$-Creek and that she can’t do anything for me (but oh, I’m supposed to feel good to know that she plays as well). She claims that no one was supposed to get compensated. She also claimed ignorance of the widespread glitch that I’m sure the update yesterday was the MAIN focus of. She had the nerve to say that she would not promote me “EXPLOITING” this game by asking to speak to another rep. And yet she feigns ignorance of the REAL exploiters who use glitches without any sort of consequence. I am SOO angry. EA is a POS company, and I will REFUSE to spend any $$ on their game.

      • Why are you crafting cane fields at this point? Do you guys and gals have everything else higher ranking crafted or you are building a maze?

        Personally I’m glad I picked up Brandine a few months ago with donuts. She’s about ready to pop with a Spuckler or three, The only thing I wish for was a bottle of moonshine between her smoke breaks.

  4. I would like it if we could send the grasshopper to our neighbors tow, I’m kind of miffed at my daughters right now and would love to send it to infest her town. He he he.

  5. Just can’t decide whether to buy Brandine or not. As a purely freemium player, the only premium item I’ve bought is Otto and his bus at the Black Friday sale last year, and that was with doughnuts I’d saved up since the beginning of the game. I’ve now got more doughnuts to flash after the slight ease in the ways doughnuts can be earned via mystery boxes and friend’s towns. I love that Brandine has babies but she’ll be tied up for 9 months! And the “should I buy” post says she’s one of the most expensive non-building characters. I’m in a quandary. Have any other freemium players here bought her?

    • I’m not freemium but I can say she’s definitely one of my favourites. Her three kids earn money too, and the quest line is really funny. I think she’s worth it.

    • Its not really nine months when she has the babies and she is worth it! Her tasks are great and i love finding her kids around my town! They play music and give you money! Worth it is my 2 cents.

      • Good point about not having to wait 9 months. Thanks Michele! I will be buying Brandine tomorrow.

    • Wow I’m in exactly the same situation as you! Otto was a steal during the Black Friday event 🙂 I’m going to buy Brandine after reading everyone’s comments. By the time she’s had her kids, maybe I’ll have enough donuts to buy Luanne or Barney^^

  6. Is the grasshopper animated?

  7. Hey, apologies if I have missed that somewhere but after last nights update I received a bunch of free grasshoppers and I think it was triggered by a conversation between skinner and Cecil. I’m on the iPhone and my colleague on android didn’t get that. Is there something he needs to do before he gets them? Thanks, Jen

    • They shouldn’t have hit free but added bonus for you…

      That questline triggers when you buy the grasshopper. Which explains why they didn’t get it. For some reason you go gasshoppers for free, which shouldn’t have happened since they’re premium…lucky you 😉

      • How come I never get free stuff from glitches? I do play between two devices and haven’t even managed to score a double item by switching devices after winning the first one. Maybe my devices are too “good” to allow glitches? 🙁

        Congrats on your free grasshoppers, though, flyhigh! 🙂

  8. Bangles Dupree

    Woo hoo!! I got bare-chested Willie as soon as he showed up in my town! He is doing one-finger pushups right now. Thanks, EA!! Now, if we could just have the Christmas raccoon, synchronized mooses, and whatever it takes to make Swiss Wavey smile again. 🙂

    • I especially like the last one! 🙂

      • Bangles Dupree

        I mean he’s got “Swiss” in his name. He has every right to expect the rules to be the rules. 🙂 I’m from Alabama. I expect the rules to be, um, a hot mess. But you gotta take care of your people!

      • swiss is a he? i guess the name swiss wavey always made me assume female, hehe my bad.

      • Bangles Dupree

        Ooh, if Wavey’s a lady, EA really better watch out: “If Mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

  9. While price drops and event extensions may seem frustrating to devoted players, the vast majority of players (and people not on this site) will not have crafted anywhere near all the items. I’m a freemium player and have been playing as much as I can around a full-time job but have only managed to craft the farmer’s market, smokehouse, gas and grub. I’ll only just get the houseboat, and now with the price drop maybe a cane field. Nothing else.

    Those who’ve crafted multiple items of everything tend to be more avid players and more likely to post here, in comparison to players like me. My point is, you got what you wanted through sheer hard work and those who don’t/can’t spend as much time on the game, simply aren’t anywhere near you, nor will they be with price drops/event extensions.

    But TSTO is for the masses, not just devoted players, and EA knows this. If they drop the price so a few players can get the odd cane field (or extend the event so those still struggling to get the farmer’s market/gas and grub can get there), then I see no big harm.

    • the problem with dropping prices and extending the event is this particular instance is due to the nature of the event itself. ea made the decision to put out an event involving several layers of participation and strategy that required meeting deadlines imposed by ea. it’s actually a nice system, in that it allows players who play more to earn more, and players who play less to still receive plenty just for participating. by all appearances, it seems like you’ve acquired yourself a decent haul of free stuff, having been able to craft all the big ticket items, in addition to all the free prizes you’ve undoubtedly already earned from the event. do you feel like that is not enough? or do you feel like you are entitled to ALL the possible prizes simply because you participated, regardless of how much?

      it’s a question of fairness. i understand that ea is a big business and will do what’s in the best interest of their bottom line, i.e. satiate the masses. i also understand that games are constantly tweaked/patched/updated to even out the competitive balance when necessary. but to do so with 5 days left on the timer, after giving “avid players” the impression that their dedicated grinding would be the key to maximizing rewards without donut rushing, makes a mockery of the strategic element and legitimately has ea’s most loyal fan base not only wondering why they just worked so hard the past 5 weeks, but whether they would choose to do so again knowing that ea was either being disingenuous from the start, or simply unwilling to stick to its guns and follow through with its gameplan. if a teacher gives the class an extension to a written assignment shortly before it’s due, sure you’re gonna feel glad for the extra time if you know your paper could use more work. but if you went balls to the wall and put maximum effort in to get that paper completed fully and in on time, i doubt you’d be a happy camper if all that effort trying to meet the deadline was for naught.

      • man, i hate not being able to edit posts…..

        first sentence shoulda read “in this particular instance”

      • I don’t think my post mentioned anything about being dissatisfied with my haul, nor feeling any sense of entitlement to more. The reason I listed what I had crafted was to show how different it is to others who are talking about having crafted everything and sometimes even many multiples of things. At my earning rate, I would need several more weeks to get everything else so I’m nowhere near (and I can accept that).

        I put in lots of effort (like staying up past midnight every night when I have early starts) but it really doesn’t bother me much if others who didn’t do this end up with the same haul as me by the end of the event. We’re all different I guess.

  10. Didn’t see it mentioned above, but they also fixed the matter that event currency tasks were not highlighted (like some of Patty’s and Selma’s tasks).

  11. All this secret 4th Act talk is making my imagination run wild yet horrifying me “Please, let it be over”. I know there is no confirmation and we have to wait and see. There is a certain Cecil/Bob building I’ve been hoping for since the begining (I’ve mentioned it in previous posts) but now with Pet Mutant Seedling makes me think why not Chained Sideshow Cob Clones? Or chained Mutant Corn mutants? Reminiscing about those chained Nerds that were available at the end of the Clash of the Clones event.
    Frankly I’m ready for this Event to end, like, Now. I’ve been attacking some of the task bar tasks but still have to many pending. Ready for a calm. I sense a July Fourth sale but will they make a new event out of it I don’t know.

    • Maybe Cecil will stop requesting us to do tasks and actually be put to work himself (joining the rest of the Springfielders, finally). Maybe a quick quest/storyline.

  12. Although I am grateful that EA offered up the return of Premium items for new Tappers (who did not earn them during a previous Event, or could not purchase them)? I do not see anything that would appeal to a long time Tapper, such as myself (who rarely spend Donuts).

    Oh well, running out of free space and will not waste it on Premium when I need to make room for Freemium. I was smart and only crafted the Gas n Grub and the Simpson Houseboat (both generate Experience Points and Simpsoms Cash). I do not know what I will craft next besides the Sani John Smokehouse …

  13. I feel bad for all the people who crafted walls and cane fields at full price. Seems like they could have refunded the difference pretty easily based on what people had in their inventory. Still, it’s a good change. I like the look of neighbor’s Monsarno complexes decorated with walls. Now I might be able to get enough of them to do something pretty.

    As for the mutant blob, I would have preferred to keep one of the mutant corns (or the stubby yellow SSB clone–it was just so funny looking). I really enjoyed the premise for this event, if not the bizarrely difficult crafting, so I might snag blobby after all.

  14. I don’t have Brandine as an option!! Everything else is available–??? Is it related to which level you are on? I’m on 46.

    • Check your premium menu, not just the new area. Also check the Terwilliger’s event area. Many players who stated they couldn’t find her were able to find her after looking around the menu a bit more.

    • TheWackyWombat

      Yeah, she only showed up in my Terwilliger section of the menu for some reason, nothing in the premium or characters.

  15. I usually listen to what you all have to say about getting am item or not..but not this time.. I love that silly peacock.. I had him/her on my first attempt at playing this game and every time my curser was near it I had to click on it.. So glad it was offered again.
    The giant grasshopper I have never seen, does it just sit in a yard or does it walk about?
    What is the radish thingy? Never saw it before either.
    Thanks again to the three of you for all the information you give us.

  16. So, do I have to get the new bare-chested Willie skin for Willie to interact with his tractor?

    • Honestly, I haven’t tried it. Let me play around with it a bit and I’ll let you know.

    • Running out of time to get the tractor… Does anyone know the answer to this? I’ll definitely get it if “regular” Willie now has a task with it, but not sure if it’s only bare-chested Willie, because I don’t think I’m going to spend the donuts for that.

  17. I wish there were more than 3 spruklers from Brandine. I must have the giant grasshoper too, I saw it in another town and fell for it, sooo cute!

  18. Not sure if this was mentioned somewhere else, but Bare Chest WIllie Skin also seems to unlock a questline that requires his tractor. Not sure if it only activates if you already have the tractor or not, since I already have it.

  19. Just got Brandline, shirtless willie for the $1,000 task and Stinky Pete the little clown that looks like Krusty….want to get the peacock….

  20. I wanted to buy the grasshopper, but it isn’t showing up on the store… Do i have to have something to trigger it? It’s the only thing from this update that didn’t appear.

  21. Noticed my shop has 5 corners listed twice, since I didn’t buy it when it first came out. Does that mean I can technically buy it twice? (IF I wanted to, not that I do)

  22. Drat! I just crafted 4 cane fields and 2 flower walls 3 days ago. Drat drat drat. That’ll teach me to craft before the event ends! 🙂

  23. I’m glad I waited until the end to start crafting the little stuff like cactus patched and cane fields. I’m pleasantly surprised by the price drop.

  24. also the payout from mutant bobs has been raised to 5 music notes again

  25. Can Brandine still birth spucklers?

    • Yes. Just got to go through her questline to trigger it.

    • My poor Brandine must have had to work pretty hard to birth the Spuckler that I now have running around in my town. He sports a mustache that even 20 somethings could be jealous of! LOL

  26. SOOOooo glad I waited to craft the cane fields & cactus patches! Half price means double the fun!

  27. Honestly – the prices dropped
    , so what? Of course it’s annoying for those who already spent the event currency or even donuts, but why not letting others take advantage of the drop?!
    I can only recommend to wait until an event is close to end unless you need something to proceed! Often prices drop, there are deals on premium items, and and and …
    That’s what I learned in 3 years TSTO and, of course, from the marvelous team of the very best TSTO site! Alissa, Bunny and Wookie always remind us to be patient and to save our yummy donuts.
    Still waiting on a Gil deal, got the 100 iTunes card 20% off

  28. Also, I just bought the giant grasshopper, and there’s a funny bit of dialogue between Skinner and Cecil about it, plus a bonus for completing a one part questline once I placed it! Fun!

  29. OrdinarilyBob

    OF COURSE they reduce the price of the field, wall, and patch after I already craft four of each. LOL >rolls eyesWho’s daddy’s little puttemdare? cootchi cootchi cooo< LOL …ahem… …So I should say I've got all the old stuff except the re-released grasshopper. Not sure I'll get that or the Rad-ishstation. Probably not on the former, and have to see the later in the game to decide.

    • OrdinarilyBob

      Strange how my post got butchered… I think because I was including greaterthan/lessthan signs …. Sorry about that.

      After rolling my eyes I said: C’est la vie, at least I’ll be able to get MORE of them at cheaper prices (namely the two additional cactus patches I want).

      Then went on to say about the Premium stuff that I have most of it but the grasshopper (which I probably won’t get) and the Radish Station (which I’m waiting to see it in-game). I am gonna get the cute mutant seedling (at which point I typed in the baby-talk).


  30. Hmmm seems like the Mutant Seedling could have been a prize from the mysterious Act 4?
    Like the Mutant Peacock from Halloween ( given as a prize during the event, and then returning later to buy with donuts).

    With the uodate, has anyone else noticed a change to the animation when the bob clones are squished? They disapear, and the corn,DNA etc comes a little bit later than before.

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