Should I Spend Donuts on the Mutant Bob Clones?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Terwilliger Event has ended in Springfield….but the premium buys still stick around!  Are you missing tapping those Bob Clones we’ve all been chasing for the last month?  Well with the event removal update, EA has added 3 new Bob Clone purchases to our stores.  So now you can own your very own Bob Clone!  Now I know you may be trying to decide if this is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add any of the Bob Clones to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these Mutants to YOUR Springfield!        

unlock_mutantclone01 unlock_mutantclone02 unlock_mutantclone03

Characters: Mutant Bob Clones, Bob Clone, Tall Bob Clone, Short Bob Clone
Donut Price: 60 Donuts Each

-A way to keep Bob Clones of your very own
-Some pretty funny animations, including Hula Dancing, Rubbing Butter on himself and Popping (like Popcorn)
-Complete the Mutant Character Collection

-Non-Playable Character (NPC)
-Expensive for what they are/what they do

Final Thought:
Premium Take:
Honestly, in my opinion this one is a complete premium pass.  No benefit to them.  And yes, while they come with a short questline…the questline is kinda dumb and just involves you tapping them to show their animation.  I think they’re way overpriced for what they are/what they do.  So this to me is a complete pass.  Of course the beauty of this game is free will…so if you like them and you want it go for it.  But for me, I’m passing.

Freemium Take:
Much like I said above…this is a complete pass.   Freemium players stay away from these guys, they’re just not worth it.  And I do think there are better items you can get with your hard earned sprinkles…so as a freemium player I’d pass on this one…


Here’s a quick look at the Bob Clone questlines…

Bob Clone

Dear Diary

Homer: Cecil, can science help a man whose wife keeps yelling at him to stop buttering his vegetables because the cholesterol is going to kill him?
Cecil: Yes, if you’re willing to rely on a technicality.
Tap Bob Clone
 Homer J. Simpson! Are you buttering your vegetables?
No Marge. *I* am not.

Tall Bob Clone

Hulu There

Selma: He’s so handsome.
Tall Bob Clone: 
Tango…waltz…beautiful lady…
And he talks better than most of my previous boyfriends, too.  I haven’t been this turned on since McGyver escaped from a dungeon using only a sardine can opener.  Dance for me, you manly weed!
Tap Tall Bob Clone
So much passion!  Vitamin-C you later, suckers.

Short Bob Clone

Pop Till You Drop

Short Bob Clone: Pop.  Pop. Pop.
Huh? I don’t speak salad.
Short Bob Clone: 
Tap Short Bob Clone
Mmmm Popcorn.  Come with me, you can live in Bart’s room.  *whispers* Just don’t try to kill him.



Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you, I’m passing on these guys.  However, whatever you decide just remember that these three will be leaving our stores on Tuesday June 2nd at 0800GMT, so if you’re thinking about it getting any of them make sure you make your final decisions before the event ends or you’ll miss your chance.

What are your thoughts on the Bob Clones? Have you purchased any of them?  Or have you completely passed? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

61 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Mutant Bob Clones?

  1. I almost made it through without getting one, but after seeing one in a neighbors town, I did it, I bought the clone that butters himself. And you know what? I love it! BWUAA HAA HA HA! I loved that animation during the event and watched my clones a disproportionate amount of time just to see them do it, now I can see it anytime I want, no regrets. Neighboreeno’s are free to come live vicariously through me just as I happily visit things like Petro Rex and the Radish Station through you.

  2. Buffalo of Lies

    Unlike many others around here, i love npcs. Springfield always seems so empty when there is no event characters walking the streets. Sadly i spent the last of donuts on Brandine and the peacock at the end of the event so hopefully these guys come back at some point in the future.

    • I love NPC’s too! I made myself wait til I got Snowball II to get Santa’s Little Helper, I got the Pet Shop just for (not technically NPC) Jub Jub. I adore John Water’s and the episode that gave us Annual Gift Man and I love seeing my little mutant plant run around town. (I’m just sad my daughter who really wanted it also, despite our combined efforts, still couldn’t get it) I’m with you in hoping they reoffer some of the prizes at donut prices (over 600 donuts to craft the mutant plant. What?!?? Srsly?) that aren’t off the charts ridiculous.

  3. I tapped the butter rubbing clone in a neighbor’s town and it is hilarious, but after the huge mistake of buying a funzo (what was I thinking?!), no more NPCs for me.

  4. Passing on the clones. Actually, I have a new rule: No donuts for NPCs unless they are massively compelling, such as the two-nicorn. As it is, I’ve put most of my NPCs into storage because they’re distracting with all of these recent “tap on invading whatevers” events. This time they were Bob and blob clones. During the superhero event, they were criminals. Before that, we had elves. Etc.

    I agree with folks here though: If the clones had been offered as a lower-priced package, maybe 60 donuts for all three, I might have reconsidered.

  5. I need more donut to get more stuff

  6. Man, they bring these back and but didn’t let you keep a little alien squishy thing from the Halloween update. Unfair.

  7. I’m confused on why graffiti is a problem. Can someone explain why it’s bad?

  8. Non-Playable Character (NPC)!
    No Benefit!
    No Bueno EA!

  9. Definite no. It would take a month for me to break the event habit and not tap them constantly.

  10. I think they’re hilarious. People have Funzos and boardwalk entertainers and K9 officer, etc. whatever floats your boat. This whole game is an over-priced waste if you want to look into the “value” of it all.

  11. Why couldn’t they be bought with cash instead, just like in clash of clones event last year. I would buy some

  12. Easy pass for me, they were fun to have in my town during the event but I definitely don’t need them as a permanent fixture.
    Also I’m still suffering from premium item fatigue – just feels as though too many items are being released as premium lately. Looking back at the events last year and I realise how things have changed; Easter had Crazy Cat Lady and some decorations as permanent additions and a limited time currency generator, Stonecutters had some premium skins, the Abandoned store and a currency generator.
    It just highlights the skew towards premium content when not a single item from the Terwilligers event was sold for in-game cash.

    • Maybe not in game cash but did we not get Simpson’s farm, Monsarno, the Opera house, the Terwillegers, the rakes with SSB, Opera Krusty skin, and ALL the craftables without necessarily having to spend donuts or in game cash? Jeezus, how much more do you want???

      • What I’d like is a good mix of items, very happy with the prize track and craftable items (although a few of the craftable items might’ve been better suited to in game cash) but was there really a need for so many premium items – I’d be happy with fewer better quality items.

  13. Maudlin Monarch.

    A straightfoward pass for me. I’d only pick one up if it was for in-game cash, like with the holiday islands (before EA made the odd gift of three).

  14. kimberlyah794

    If they were a package deal, maybe I’d think about it, but they are super expensive. Definite pass for me.

  15. I wouldn’t spend the donuts in them, myself, but I was happy that one of my neighbors bought two of them, so I could tap them and see their animations. Now I just have to find a neighbor who bought the third one…

  16. Unrelated. ..I stored and replaced my Sit And Rotate, I thought I got cash and XP before, am I imagining things?

  17. Glad I don’t have to look at those creepy-ass things anymore… this one’s a pass for me.

  18. -JohnBostonHippy

    I picked them up for a few reasons.
    1. The animation is funny.
    2. Reminder of the event in the future.
    3. Most important (for me) complete the character set. I decided a long time ago when I became a premium player that the one thing I will have/do is complete all the sets.
    Would have liked the price a little lower but in the end I’m happy with them.

  19. All three for 50 donuts sounds much more better.

  20. Good event. Fun squishing the clones. But 60 donuts alive apiece? Pfff.

  21. Crusty Krusty

    No way, I hope I never see these things again. Good riddance!

  22. You know when bob mentioned his boobarella clone I thought they were going to show up! I also wondered about who that pudgy goon was who’d appear in bob’s dialogue. Looked like a Terwilliger but still a bit curious. Also, would be nice if Doctor Robert wasn’t a craftable. I mean it would’ve been kind of nice to donut him if you missed him in Act Two.

  23. I bought the popcorn one. And so glad I only got one because I have an irresistible urge to tap on it. Three would make me crazy.

  24. 180 Sprinkles for 3 NPC’s??? No thank you!!

  25. Theunfairersex

    I just had to get the one who rubs butter all over himself. That animation was too funny to pass up, even if it was a little pricey.

  26. I got them, love the animation. It’s just confusing, I keep tapping them waiting for them to go *poof*

  27. 60 donuts each sounds pricey to me. I think the price would have been more attractive if you got all three clones for the 60 sprinkles. 🙂

  28. I know this isn’t the right post for this comment but since I can’t wait for Sunday’s random post, here it is.

    Just had a series of neighbors Graffiti me and was lost the hard earned righteous points. so I bought More walls and got back to 5 stars. I need to leave a message in my open space (yes I have open space in my town). So using walls, bushes and flowers I need tow write a small simple message like “Don’t Ink or I delete” I’m sure there is a shorter way to say it and others have done the same as I have. Need advice and message ideas.

    -please and thank you.

    • I say just delete them. You should always be able to find others to add who won’t do that, especially if you look around here.

    • Vandalize=Delete
      No Spray
      No ElBarto
      U Spray U Lose

    • My question in defense of them is do you have things you keep open for them to tap? Myself I don’t care, and I always only add people from the post that is for people who don’t care either way, but there is a thread around here for non-vandalization only. You should only add people from there if that’s what you want. But back to what I started with, I will try not to vandalize to be nice, but if I can’t locate anything else quickly to tap on I will. So in my town I make a point to have a set of buildings I don’t collect from that are for friends, and in my load in area I put FP and arrows to those areas. But if your friends can’t find anything else that could be why they are doing that. Maybe nothing else is free or they don’t know where to find your open buildings.

      • Alot of sound reasoning, also if i find nothing in town or KL then i would tap spray cans but for me i have not been that desparate.

    • I never have an issue staying at 5 stars. If I need to, I just buy more training walls and hide them. I really don’t get why people are so sensitive about vandalism. (I wouldn’t break a pledge though if I’d made one.)

      • Agreed. When I first started playing I had some problems with it, but then I bought a bunch of walls and use them as dividers for certain areas of my town. Works for me and keeps the rating up. Now I never worry. The only rating I have trouble keeping up is treehugging. But a hedge border around my town is fixing that for me.

    • kimberlyah794

      I’ve put a few stop signs around my buildings that tend to be vandalized. I’ve also made sure to move them a little further away from the center of town (where it auto opens when you enter town).

      I’ve also seen people group all of the tag-able buildings together, surrounded by stop signs, or with a 2-D “No Tags” written next to it.

      Honestly, though, if you get repeat offenders, just delete them. I try to keep in mind that sometimes people slip, or (like in my case) a kid pokes your game for you. So, if it’s a repeat offender, they may have to go.

      I also keep an eye out in the comments and if I see a neighbor who’s tagged me a few times, I’ll politely mention it. Most people are pretty decent and try to be accommodating.

      Also, being a good neighbor means leaving things for your neighbors to tap, so make sure you’re doing that. 🙂

    • GodlessSquash

      As Psycho says below, if I ever paint you it is because there was not anything else – not even KrustyLand. The few I have deleted began with that until I realized they were truly absent and not coming back.

    • Maudlin Monarch.

      Tagging doesn’t bother me, but if it destroys your enjoyment of your game, delete the player. Don’t bother festering like some players that think a tag is a deliberate act of malicious intent. I don’t think you do, but there have been some rants posted before on the subject. ***[Really EA, if your reps do visit this site, this seems like an easier fix than making the monkey a PC.]***

      On the other hand, maybe a player who has added you will read your post and either make it a point to not tag your specific town, or delete you from their list, so there will not be any accident or mistake. I did that during the Superhero Event. I added a player from the regular ADD ME list. He/she later replied to her own post that she did not any vandalism. The safer choice was to just unfriend that recently added player.

      • Maudlin Monarch.

        Pardon me for the gender classification. I don’t know if that player was male or female.

    • I accidentally sprayed a few neighbors right after the event was over! Six weeks of not being careful and just tapping pods and bobs took some time to remember to be careful again! Maybe the same for them?

    • Ink = Delete
      Grafitti = Delete

  29. I’m not sure these would even be worth it at 30 Donuts each, let alone 60.

  30. The Problem Child

    Could not AGREE more. These are an over-priced waste.

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