Turbo Tappin’ Post Terwilligers: Cecil & Sideshow Bob Stick Around

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the Terwilligers Event has finally left all of our towns (I believe many of you got the force update yesterday…) but there were a couple of members of the Terwilliger family that decided they still wanted their event linger a bit.  So, the event ended and Springfield has returned to “normal”, and we’ve been treated to two new questlines from the Terwilliger brothers, Sideshow Bob and Cecil.

So you know what that means right?  Time for another Turbo Tappin’! Here’s your guide for who to keep free, and for how long, as the game takes you through the two amusing questlines for Cecil and Sideshow Bob!


Since Cecil was awarded at the very start of the event to everyone, let’s kick this off with his questline…

Say “Cheers” Pt. 1
Cecil starts

Make Cecil Survey the Town- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Say “Cheers” Pt. 2
Moe starts

Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Make Moe Serve His Special Reserve- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Cecil Try Out Moe’s- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Say “Cheers” Pt. 3
Cecil starts

Make Cecil Hang with the Barflies- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Make Moe Gouge Customers- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Say “Cheers” Pt. 4
Moe starts

Make Cecil Fix up Moe’s Tavern- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Make Barflies Fix Up Moe’s Tavern- x4. 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp Freemium and $350, 90xp Premium
Can send Homer, Barney, Lenny and Carl

Say “Cheers” Pt. 5
Cecil starts

Make Moe and Cecil Build a Life Together- 8hrs, Earns $550, 140xp (requires Moe)

And now here’s a look at Sideshow Bob’s new questline

Rake It to the Limit One More Time Pt. 1
Sideshow Bob starts

Make Sideshow Bob Spy on the Simpsons- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Rake It to the Limit One More Time Pt. 2
Sideshow Bob starts

Reach Level 12 and Build Bart’s Treehouse
Make Bart Skateboard- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Sideshow Bob Laugh Maniacally- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Rake It to the Limit One More Time Pt. 3
Sideshow Bob starts

Make Sideshow Bob Teach at Springfield Elementary- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Skinner Go Bird Watching- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Make Lisa Go to School-
6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

Rake It to the Limit One More Time Pt. 4
Bart starts

Make Bart Lay a Trap- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

You’ll need Rakes to continue the questline…

Rake It to the Limit One More Time Pt. 5
Sideshow Bob starts

Make Sideshow Bob Meet his Raker- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp
Make Bart Laugh his Head Off- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

Rake It to the Limit One More Time Pt. 6
Sideshow Bob starts

Make Sideshow Bob Plot his Revenge- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

And there you have it my friends…the two new questlines for those crazy Terwilliger Brothers!

Note: IF you’ve purchased the Mutant Bob Clones….they will each come with a 1 part questline.  Some dialogue and then a task to tap each one.  Nothing really spectacular to their questlines….

What are your thoughts on the two new questlines?  Were you happy to see Cecil stick around as a full character?  Thoughts on the dialogue?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

44 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Post Terwilligers: Cecil & Sideshow Bob Stick Around

  1. Rake it to the Limet pt 3 make skinner go birdwatching it is saying -210 beside the task and every time I get him to do it it just goes down one do I really have to make him do it that many times

  2. I had arrested SSB three out of five times when my game updated to the monorail quest. Since this update. My score of how many times I have arrested SSB has gone from 3/5 to -77/5!!!!!!! Any ideas?!!!!

  3. I had problems in my phone and missed the Twerlliger event. I just got SSB last night and am working on his questline, but I noticed the rakes in the inventory that are sold for dounouts, is this something that I really need to buy? Or was this something for the Twerlliger event…

  4. Are Cecil and Moe gey..?What does “build a life together” mean?! I love playing..I am addicted to this amazing game!!!

  5. I’ve completed “Rake It to the Limit One More Time Pt. 5,” but Pt 6 will not launch, even though Sideshow Bob is available. Any tips to trigger it?

    • Double check your task book to ensure the task cleared, sometimes they get stuck. Also, go to krustyland and come back and see if that helps. Again, sometimes the tasks get stuck..

    • D’oh, never mind… After I closed the game, restarted my Kindle, and restarted TSTO, the next part got triggered.

  6. Can someone please help me….I am fairly new to the game and didn’t unlock sideshow bob during event because I focused on crafting instead of upgrading because I am an idiot and didn’t look all this up online for help in advance…..so here is my problem….I got the flaw and order part 2 quest that says arrest sideshow bob 3 times. The other day he appeared in my town 3 or 4 times in one day before I was given this quest and ever since the quest was received I haven’t seen him once!!! Am I doing something wrong? Is this a glitch!?!? Any idea how often he shows up and if they alert you in some way that he has escaped again like they did originally!?!? I found him in the other springfield once and arrested him so I have 1/3 now but it has been 2 or 3 days and I have yet to spot him in my town or the other springfield or other friends towns. Thus is so aggravating!!!! I just want to move forward with the quest already!!!! Any help or info is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advance!

  7. I have 3 rakes but after Bart finished Lay A Trap it told me that I needed rakes to continue the storyline? And it won’t let me do anymore?

    • Maybe try to store them. Exit out and restart device. Then go back into game and pull them out again after tapping on the task? If not… Contact EA

      • How exactly do we contact EA? I wanted to buy a 4th rake, the game took my donuts but didn’t give me a rake. I checked my inventory but it isn’t there.

      • Nevermind. A rake was just placed in my inventory right after I posted my previous comment. I don’t know why it took over 10 minutes but at least I have it.

    • And make sure Sideshow Bob’s free, of course. I got the message about needing rakes (which I had), but as soon as Bob was free again the questline continued.

  8. I’m glad all of the Freemium Twerlliger Characters remain to generate XP + Simpsons Cash …. I can’t comment on the Premium Twerlliger Characters (I didn’t spend Donuts on any!) 😉

  9. Will the rakes that we won as part of the event be enough to trigger SSB quest or will we need to purchase extras?

    • 3 should be enough. More just adds to the silly humor of watching him get thumped and whacked by them over n over. 😉

  10. I think the writers here (are they with EA or are they with the show’s production company?) have done a really good job capturing the “sound” of the two Crane brothers…I can hear them both quite clearly in my head when I’m reading their dialog!

  11. Why is Sideshow Bob’s ‘laugh maniacally’ job no longer done out in the open? It was during the event, but now he goes inside Monsarno to do it…

  12. Do you have an idea what character Cecil is playing on stage? Bob is doing HMS Pinafore, Dame Judith is Hamlet, Dr Robert is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Cecil is carrying a sword and sees a light before him – not quite so obvious. To me at least.

    • You know when you see something, and you know it… but the name just gets stuck? Yah… that’s happening to me. Lol. I know what it is, but for some reason my brain won’t let me tell.

      It is from … I want to say… another “Classical” type Opera.

      He is holding a staff (like a Wizard) and is speaking an incantation to make a blue light ball appear before him.

      • On my iPod the screen is so small it looks like he is holding a sword, silly me. If it’s classical I suppose it could be Prospero or Faust but I would love it to be something more mainstream – making Cecil less “stuck-up” than the rest of his family.

        • Lol. That’s the one I think it is. From Tempest.

          Think of the Crane bros, Niles & Frasier. Very uppity, very high class, knowledge of the Classical arts. It’s who they are mimicking as well as voiced by. 😉

  13. Just curious to see how the newbies are doing. I’d be willing to send my Bob on vacation to my neighbors’ Bobless towns once in awhile! Time Share Bob, anyone?

  14. Kind of annoying that you basically have to have Barney to not have to extend the quest time out. I started playing after whacking day, so I don’t have Barney. Plan to get donuts and get him at some point, but haven’t. So I only have 3 barflies and it requires 4, so I have to do that 6 hour part in 2 segments.

  15. I like that people can perform at the Opera house. So far, Dr. Robert and Dame Judith have performed for me, although there seems to be an empty spot for someone else, either I missed it or I don’t have them

  16. I did act 1 but gave up after so I didn’t get sideshow bob. But what’s the quest Flaw and Order where I have to capture sideshow bob?

  17. I’m loving the dialog – the comment of this new Springfield not designed correctly made me laugh. Great seeing them as full playable characters and not just means to stock up on crafting supplies. Though I wished to see either the apartment or dam/hydro-power plant I am honestly happy to see that event over and moving on to bigger and girlier things :p

    One note to add: and I’m sure someone may have already messaged about it. Tap-to-trap Bob has appeared in a couple neighbors towns (though I didn’t take note at the time) they probably were at a lower Level.

    • moviebuff3000

      They also probably didn’t unlock Bob for their town either. If your neighbor hasn’t unlocked SSB from the event then he will still show up as a Tap and Trap.

  18. moviebuff3000

    I think it was a given that Cecil would stick around considering he was part of the Terwilliger collection. I am actually glad he has a real questline. Now his mother on the other hand needs a real questline that dosent involve Mr. Burns.

  19. I’m really beginning to appreciate the older references this game is giving us. On top of the plentiful references to “Cheers”, now we get a nod to a classic Eagles song.

    But for some reason whenever I read SSB’s dialogue, instead of Kelsey Grammer’s voice, I hear Plankton’s voice from Spongebob Squarepants.

    Eh, I guess one diabolical voice is as good as the next.

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