Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  Terwilligers ended this past week and Level 53 arrived soon after.  What are your thoughts on the new content plus what did your event “haul” include?  Do you think we’ll see something new this week?  Sunday Night Baseball features the Tigers at the Angels tonight, will you be checking it out?  NBA and NHL finals are set, who are you rooting for?  Last day in May, are you ready for June?  How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?  My sister had her 4th child yesterday a beautiful, healthy little girl…so we had a great weekend here!

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


362 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. Shout out to spindelphia! Apologies my friend but I sprayed you. No excuse my finger just dropped and then I heard that dreaded rattle! My origin I’d is stiggygd331 feel free to get me back.

  2. yellowbrai913

    I’ve seen in a few of my neighbors town Cecil carrying around a sign with a heart on it. Can anybody clue me in on what task that is? All Cecil ever does in my town is stand around looking clueless…

  3. Apologies to my neighbours including driverx34721 accidentally spray your building. 😞 sorry!!!!

  4. Looks like my comment on an earlier post (can’t remember which) was right – they ARE marketable!!

    (Or had you seem these before when you did the banner? I only remember an “lol” response, not a “yeah – they DO sell them.”)

    Now, if only I had a pool….

    • I didn’t see it, sorry… Or I would have let you know those pics I used for them… From ACTUAL blow up tubes. I have been waiting for a while to post them and use them somehow. Banner worked perfect. 🙂

  5. So, I’m doing a quick one-tapping through my friendvilles (to try and ward off time-slipping) and every time a town opens to the sound of the metal rake going “thwap,” I start giggling, even when I can’t see the actual animation! I mean, like, Every. Time.

    It’s great how just one little addition to this game can bring mine so much amusement!

    • GodlessSquash

      You just reminded me I figured out the whole sound cutting out thing. I first noticed it because of Bob and the rakes! I could only hear them when I was near Bob and thought that was probably a good thing. Just the last few days I realized that the sound for the other characters cuts off as soon as they are no longer on the screen. So it’s a proximity issue and a feature – not a bug.

  6. This may have been mentioned previously by someone else, but since the last update, the Monosarno building, and the Opera House now show their correct level, and the Sprayer seems untappable, doesn’t show any level.

  7. Just bought a golden scratcher and was disappointed to see the price went up from £0.69p to £0.79p (for you guys in U.S. that’s up from $1.06 to $1.22 approximately) but it turned out OK as I got 50🍩 donuts

    Now come on freemium players, who can’t afford that?

  8. Julie (Jsander321)

    I’m wondering if the BBQ pit was a unique item? I know it hit a few levels back. I have one in my town but don’t see another one in the store.

    Thanks in advance for an answer.

  9. Dear neighbors – I was out unexpectedly late thought and needed to adjust for timeslip anyway, so I’m going to skip my visits tonight, but I’ll be back to your towns tomorrow! 🙂

  10. I have been getting random things happen since the last update. The first is the return of sideshow Bob NPC in my neighbour’s Springfield. I thought he was gone but there he is wanting to be caught (again). Another are prompts to do specific tasks in my menu bar.None of them are story related. I have done a couple of them but you don’t get extra xp or cash.

    And then there is the sound clipping. I know it was covered in the update post but I still miss the completion of an individual character’s phrases.

    • Bob wasn’t won by everyone in the event. So he’ll still be running free.

      Random tasks are just there to keep you busy. Especially if your task menu is pretty empty. You don’t have to do them at all. 😉

      • Thanks. I did not know about the task menu. Now about Bob, Bob appeared today in a town that already has Bob. So I know it is not that reason.

  11. Homer’s my man tonight! I had him cleaning up a few pieces of trash for me tonight, and he found a donut for me in two of them!!

    • And 5 donuts for Sideshow You!

      Didn’t get any sprinklies from visiting neighbors tonight, but, still a good day for free donuts! 🙂

    • I badly want to collect trash,especially the barrels, and pile them by my cooling towers, but every time I plan that, I think “what if there is a donut?” and never follow through with my idea lol

    • Julie (Jsander321)

      I love when Homer or Lisa find 🍩 in the hazardous waste debri! Woo Hoo! You’ve been on a good bonut streak!

  12. I was just recalling an episode that Springfield splits up the whole town, the put this huge wall up….I’m surprised they haven’t added that yet. Don’t get me wrong they got a lot more to add from older episodes. But I decided to bring that one up because it hit me out of the blue lol because I totally forgot about that episode.

  13. Was there an update or something today? I can’t get on with my tablet any more. It won’t even get to the ” tap to continue” screen.

    • Nope nothing hit. That did happen to me yesterday though, just a black screen when I loaded it up. I tried hard closing and restarting several times eventually it came back up

  14. Sorry if this has already been asked but, if I don’t want the money mountain- is the golden teddy bear just going to be in my task bar indefinitely?

  15. Julie (Jsander321)

    Now that we’re back to tapping neighbors in a non event mode can you refresh my memory on points? I had neighbors visit my town and I was just able to clear them, it’s been a few hours since I was in game during a break at work, when I cleared them I didn’t get points from them. Why?

    Also forgive me if this was mentioned earlier somewhere … I only added neighbors a few months ago.

    I haven’t visited my neighbors yet today, which may not happen till the AM since I’m about to go out. I know I’ll get my points when I visit them .. Just wondering what happens on my end when I clear my town? In the past I’ve gotten points from clearing handshakes but not this last clearing. Is there a time element I’m missing out on?

    Thanks in advance for an answer! I would be lost without this blog!

    Oh, I also want to say I visit ALL my neighbors when I tap, even during events. I know it was discussed earlier and some people wondered if they still got visits being lower in the alphabet and neighbor lineup, or perhaps overlooked. I tap all the way thru the lineup till I hit Other Springfield. Then I know I’m done for the day.

    • You should have gotten cash and XP (and FP, if you aren’t maxed out) from clearing those handshakes. If you’re not getting anything, you should try the usual troubleshooting and/or contact EA, because something’s not right with your game.

      • Julie (Jsander321)

        @Sandra. I hard closed everything and started again, twice today, then my FP worked again when I cleared my handshakes from neighbors. I’m not maxed out on points yet. Just won the ‘It Blows” store today. Thanks for the input!! 👋👍

  16. What is the point of having your neighbors visit you? I see people here are concerned about whether their neighbors visit back, but I don’t see a benefit from it outside of events. When I clear a neighbor handshake, the timer on the building is the same as when I clear the cash myself. Is there something I am missing?

    Very few of mine visit back, but as long as they have stuff for me to tap I figure that’s fine.

    • It’s for friend points mostly, and once that’s maxed out there is a tiny chance for each tap in neighbors’ towns to have a donut pop out.

      • The OP was asking about the benefit of having friends visit you, not you visiting friends.

    • There are two benefits. First, it *does* reset the building’s timer (I just double-checked that with two white buildings I had, one that hand a handshake and one that was ready for collection – the one with the handshake that I collected is now 20 minutes closer to being “done” again than the one that I just collected that didn’t have a handshake). Second, you earn XP, cash, and FP (if you haven’t maxed out your FP) when you tap on the handshakes. I don’t care that much about the cash at this point, but I definitely care about the XP, because I want to fill the meter and collect my free bonuts ASAP!

  17. I looked through some of the comments & I’m not seeing this, so, I’m sorry if I just didn’t look far enough. anyone else having issue of sending Cecil on task to have him just wander around town? For the time I’ve sent him, he earns the appropriate $, but he isn’t doing anything but wander like he’s taskless. I’ve noticed it on his 1 hour & 24 hour tasks so far. Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

  18. Apparently I accidentally started growing corn, actual corn at some point yesterday…Not sure now I managed that, but what the heck, let’s see this through lol

    • Lol I did that too, but then Brandine’s quest forced me to store the house and start over. I could not bear waiting 75 more days to finish her quest. But eventually I do want to do the full 90 days 😛

    • I was in the middle of growing corn when the Terwilliger event started and I was hopeful it would mean I would get additional corn resources at harvest time (back in Act I when corn was slightly harder to come by). Alas, nothing of the sort happened when the task completed during the event.

      I’ve only grown corn once in my entire game playing time. It’s good to see it through that one time but seems a bit pointless once you get to the higher levels and can earn that much in half a day from your buildings & characters.

    • I had corn growing once but then I had a quest start which needed me to plant a different crop. The game cashed out my corn 2 months early for the full amount!

  19. I just started playing around with TSTO on an iPhone 5s, iOS 8.3. Is it normal for the background music to last only a short time (hardly enough time to collect from a few houses and set a few tasks) and then fade out? I would have assumed continuous background music, the dead silence except for sound effects is peculiar. I don’t see anything in the game Settings that seems relevant, just on/off for music.

    A possibly related problem: the music also usually won’t start up initially unless I start the game twice (usually force quit in between) OR if I briefly visit the other Springfield (don’t have to do anything, just hit the Bart/Milhouse icon and then back with the house icon). Both actions bring back the music after it fades also. The sound effects and voices work fine continuously. Is this just a way to make sure I don’t spend much time on a game and get back to work, or what? I’ve been trying to search the EA forum without much luck, but maybe I’m not searching for the right descriptions, so any help on useful key words would be welcome.

  20. As I was looking at my junk mail today, I was reminded of a building from the show that I really wish they’d add to TSTO… Blood Bath and Beyond. We always call the real store by that name in our house lol!

  21. Just got the task to build the Quimby’s pool, and holy carp that thing is huge and impossible to fit near the actual compound in my town.
    I really wish they would give us more land or at least shrink the buildings/decorations as it’s getting cramped something fierce.

    Also finally got around to having the entire Terwilliger family do their opera tasks at once. Pretty cool. I wish the game had more decorations that let you do have more than one character participate in the task. Too bad you can’t have all the superheroes continue to attack the Radioactive Man memorial like they were able to.

    • When do you get quimbys pool .. I’m the highest level and haven’t seen that

    • Its a 10 hr task to train for future conflict. Most regular characters with super hero skins can attack (I think CBG, Homer, Spider Pig, Bartman and not sure about the others)

      • Fall Out Boy. I think Fruit Bat Man has something that he does outside. Krusty too, I think? It’s starting to get hard with the main characters. Should they feast at the Stonecutter’s table, train for future conflict, perform on the Open Air stage or any other multiple tasks and skins we have for them, not to mention Krustyland tasks…

  22. How do people decide how to delete neighbours? My rule is delete after over 3 weeks of continuous non-play. I did feel a bit bad doing it during the last event as I sympathise with people who chose to skip that grind-fest. I decided to use the 3 week rule to to give leeway for people that may be away on holiday, taking a break after an event, or maybe having a problem with their device. Nothing else really makes me delete someone – not bothered whether they vandalise, don’t tap my town daily etc.

    • For me, if a there is nothing left for me to tap in a neighbor’s town I’ll then check to see how long they haven’t checked in for. If it says they haven’t been in for a week or more I may replace them, I much prefer having active players so I have a better chance of getting donuts (and helping others do the same). Now if they have left a note in their town saying they are out sick or on vacation I wont delete them unless they have been gone a long time. I don’t care for vandalizing so I have gotten my neighbors through this blog’s no vandalizing thread, if a person is deliberately vandalizing I’ll delete them. I never delete someone who accidentally vandalizes. This is how I decide to delete a neighbor.

    • I also gave a freepass for the Terwilliger event, but I generally wait until nothing is left to tap, then keep daily tabs until they go past 2 weeks inactive to allow for vacations away. Anyone with enough real money to go away longer than that doesn’t need me anyway. They can buy enough donuts to rush anything they want withouts having to earn event points like the rest of us 🙂

    • I’m a lot less patient than you are…

      If there’s nothing left to tap (including in Krustyland), I check to see how long they’ve been away from the game. If they are a higher level player and it’s been more than about 5 days (maybe a week, if they’ve been on my list for a long time), then I delete them. If it’s a lower level player then I look to see whether they have anything in the process of being built (since that’s a good indication that they are still playing), but, if not, and they haven’t played in, say, 3 days, then I figure that they checked out the game and decided it wasn’t for them.

      HOWEVER, there are definitely exceptions to these guidelines… If there’s some indication in their town that they’re away on vacation or something, then I won’t delete them. If they’re someone I know from this site, I won’t delete them (unless I know they’re not playing anymore or need to be away from the game for a long time, in which case I’ll delete them and then re-add them when they return). Basically, I’m willing to keep someone who’s not playing if I have some way of knowing what’s going on with them, and, especially, if we’ve formed some kind of “relationship” here. Otherwise, I don’t really want to keep someone around for a while on the off-chance that he/she *might* return at some point….it’s just too easy to replace people for that.

      As for vandalizing, I really don’t care. In fact, when I was a lower level player and money was tight, I actually *liked* to be vandalized, since it was the only way I could make money from those buildings. But now, I don’t really care either way (I don’t need the money and I have enough training walls spread around that I don’t worry about my Righteousness rating).

      I’m generally not a fan of neighbors whose towns are just a mass of house farms with the rest of their buildings just shoved together with little or no design. I won’t generally drop them just for that, but, if I need to make space for someone else (say, someone I met here), they will probably be at the top of my list for swapping out.

      Finally, once in a while (I’ve only done it once so far, but I think I’m gonna try and do it at least quarterly), I keep track of who’s actually visiting ME….I’ll get rid of neighbors who don’t visit me at least once every few days (I prefer closer to daily, but since I only track for about a week, I have to account for vacations and such). Being towards the end of the alphabet, I have to keep an eye on this, since, especially during events, there are some folks who start at the beginning of the alphabet and only do the 90 taps they need to help themselves and don’t care about how much they are/aren’t helping their neighbors. (And, during non-event times, there are some folks who can’t be bothered to visit their neighbors at all!) I can’t abide selfishness…if you don’t want the responsibility of visiting neighbors, then you shouldn’t have any.

      I hope I don’t sound too mean!

      • barleecreations (canid88)

        I don’t think you sound mean at the least, I actually like your thinking.

      • I’m not bothered whether my neighbours visit or not EXCEPT during an event when their visits help me – then I can be pretty ruthless with dropping unhelpful neighbours. Outside of events neighbours’ visits don’t help me at all, so I don’t pay it any attention.
        Other than that, my approach is pretty much exactly the same as yours.

    • Thanks for all the replies. Very interesting and varied thought processes. Everyone sounds like they are trying to be as fair as possible.

    • I used to wait until their last visit hit 4 weeks. With over 100 neighbours (I must have added a couple that came through facebook) I gave a lot of lee way. This changed during one of the event last year when the more neighbours which could be visited really mattered. I immediately narrowed the time to 3 weeks. LOL!

      Now it’s a bit more subjective, usually between 2 or 3 weeks of inactivity, with a few exceptions. The only other reason which will lead me to a “delete” is if a player posts her that {suddenly] decide that they are against getting tagged. I say that because the players I’ve added are ONLY from the regular ADD ME list and have not stated “NO vandalism”.

      I don’t care is if El Barto makes his mark, but others do.

  23. Hmmmph… I’m bored again. All post Terwilliger event questlines are done… along with all of level 53’s and even Monty Moneybags… and my Springfield is designed the way I want it for now. I think I’ll just enjoy the downtime and replenish my cash for a while with 24 hour tasks all round.

  24. Well I just accidentally sent Bart on another quest that I didn’t want, I keep forgetting as he has a lot of tasks that I need to complete. On the plus side, the episode of the Simpsons on Channel 4 today is “The Great Louse Detective”, just saw the Homer decoy in action again. 😛

    • Store his treehouse and kick him out if you need him now. 😉

      • Thanks, that’s a great idea! I don’t think I’ll bother now as he is quite far in and he is on a task that I needed to complete for a quest line. I forgot that the Treehouse is a decoration so I wouldn’t have to rebuild it! If only I looked for this sooner! Well thanks anyway, that is a great too I’ll keep in mind for the next time I inevitably do this.

    • Thanks for mentioning this! I am going to tune in to Channel 4+1 now just to see the Homer decoy. I love that item!

      • No problem! I love that scene, I think the two best parts are Homer attacking it at the end to become “the real Homer” and Marge saying that his friends and relatives didn’t want to see him dead, just seriously injured!

  25. I’ve read player speculation that the random tappable/capturable (?) Sideshow Bob when visiting neighbours may be due those particular players not having unlocked/purchased a PC SSB of their own. Is this the case or is it just the part of the game which will be kept? I have been more concerned with trying to NOT tag neighbours when visiting than paying attention to see if they have the Opera House built.

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