Tapped Out Level Walkthroughs: Level 53, Martha Quimby Arrives with a Higher Class of Politics

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 53 hit our Tapping Devices just as the Terwilliger’s Event came to a close, and with it arrived some more females for our Springfield!  One of them means play time is over for Mayor Quimby…as his wife Martha finally makes an appearance in Springfield!

While we’ve had the Turbo Tappin’ walkthrough up since the update first hit (you can view it here) I know many of you still love going back and reading old walkthroughs.  They’re great if you missed any of the dialogue while playing the level, or if you just want to know what to expect when you reach Level 53.  So for those that may have missed it (or for those of you that want to live it again)…I bring you all the investigative insight of Level 53….

unlock_marthaquimby Spiffany's Large

Higher Class of Politics Pt. 1
Brockman starts

Brockman: Mayor Quimby, do you have any comment on your breaking scandal?
You’re, ah, going to have to be more specific.
Racy photos of you with Miss Springfield. At least we know where you stand on Proposition Double D.
What? How did you get those photos?
Thanks to top notch investigative reporting. Also, they were on the front page of the town’s trashiest gossip site, ‘SMZ’.
 Oh no, that website is Martha’s book club’s book this month!  Time to go into damage control mode. Step one, buy her forgiveness. Step two, stop saying all this aloud in front of a reporter.
Build Spiffany’s- $1,322,000 24hr Build (Price is the price at time Level 53 was released.  Check our Real Estate guide for the current price)
Martha: Joseph Quimby, you promised me that you’d try to probably never have another sex scandal if at all possible. You gave me your word!
Er, ah, darling, that’s clearly a Photoshop job. Must be revenge from one of my old lovers or interns or intern lovers.  I’ll stop talking now.

Higher Class of Politics Pt. 2
Martha starts

Martha: First those pictures of you with Miss Springfield appear online, and now all my emails to my pet psychic. I can’t have people knowing I get advice from a dog!
Excuse me, Mrs. Quimby, but it appears Town Hall has been hacked and its emails put online.
Nice cover up, Database. The ol’ “Fake A Mass Hack To Distract The Ball and Chain” gambit.
This isn’t a cover up. This actually happened.
And they said you couldn’t teach a robot to lie. While she’s distracted, I’ll get to the bottom of this.
Make Mrs. Quimby Run City Government– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Quimby ‘Investigate’ the Cyber-Attack– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

If you have Miss. Springfield A Relationship of Inconvenience will start here

Higher Class of Politics Pt. 3
Martha starts

Martha: Joe, what were you doing all night? And why are your pockets full of tiny shampoo bottles?
Would you believe that I was in a magical land of little people with very clean hair? No? Worth a shot.
 I’ve been crunching the numbers all night… and doing actual crunches since that swimsuit photo of me leaked. The city can’t afford to investigate this hack.
Patience, my dear. That Nigerian prince will come through any day now.
“Any day now” is too late. We need to raise money immediately… with a fundraiser at our compound.
Our “compound” is just a big house right now.
Then let’s stop talking in “quotes” and improve the place already.
Place a Pool- $5,000
Upgrade Pool- Only 1 upgrade is required initially.  Level 2=$10,000 
Make Mrs. Quimby Throw A Fundraiser- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Make Springfield Elite Attend Fundraiser- x5.  6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp Freemium and $350, 90xp Premium
Can send Krusty, Brockman, Burns, Roger Myers Jr, Quimby, Mrs. Hibbert, Wolfcastle, Mr. Teeny, Arnie Pye, Booberella, Bumblebee Man, Dr. Nick, Fat Tony, The Rich Texan, Mr. Costington, Duffman, Sideshow Mel, Miss. Springfield, Tatum, Hank Scorpio, Lurleen, Sideshow Bob

Higher Class of Politics Pt. 4
Martha starts

Martha: Our fundraiser was a failure, Joe! We barely raised enough to cover the cost of the surf n’ turf fountain and the valet’s valet.  If we don’t stop this hack, you might lose your next election. And if you lose, you’re getting a WASP divorce.  All the lost intimacy of a real divorce, but with forty more years of marriage.
Don’t worry, I’ll get the money. As the, ah, family crest says: “Quimby men know how to launder money, but not clothes.”
Make Mrs. Quimby Get Creative with City Finance Records- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Make Quimy ‘Earmark’ City Funds- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Quimby: Well, my dearest, I raised the funds. Just pray that we don’t have a forest fire anytime soon. Or anything else that requires a government response.
And just in time! Another round of emails and photos were leaked.  Did you know that Judge Snyder is naked under his robe?
Judge Snyder:
 That’s not true – I’m wearing a dress!

Higher Class of Politics Pt. 5
Martha starts

Martha: Chief Wiggum, we have the funds to track the hack, and the giant scissors to kick off this task force.
You solved the case of the missing giant scissors? Alright boys, case closed. Let that giant barber out of his cell and let’s go home.
Home? No! We need to get to the bottom of this cyber attack.
*sigh* Ok, but if I get stuck inside the computer, promise me that you’ll take care of my family. And then unplug me.
 It’s a cyber attack. We’re going to search with computers, not within computers.
Oh, that’s too bad. I heard there are cookies in computers.
Make Mrs. Quimby Monitor a Task Force- 10hrs, Earns $350, 90xp
Make Wiggum lead a Task Force- 8hrs, Earns $$275, 70xp
Comic Book Guy: According to this leak on SMZ, the next McBain movie was going to be filmed in Springfield.  But Wolfcastle backed out when Quimby passed a “Celebrities Who Say I Don’t Look Good In Shorts” tax.
I just couldn’t pretend to like his spindly legs. I know and respect my limits as an actor.  Be sure to check out my new web series ‘McNanny – The Bain of Your Baby’s Existence.’

Higher Class of Politics Pt. 6
Martha starts

Martha: Since Wiggum here has been woefully inept at finding the source of the leak, I’ve decided to distract our most important constituent – aka me – with a trip to the mall.
Wiggum: My informant on the inside, Clippy, has given us some good tips on how to format letters.
Perhaps you can use that advice to format your letter of resignation, so that my husband can tear it up and then fire you.
Mrs. Quimby, perhaps I could log into the proxy server, check the IP addresses, and trace any stray data packets back to the hacker.
But then who would make the “Have You Seen This Hacker” posters? You know I’m all thumbs when it comes to glitter glue.
Not to be rude, but I think your methods might be a bit archaic for fighting cyber crime.
Archaic? I oughta tar and feather you and stick you in the town stocks!
Make Mrs. Quimby go Shopping- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Wiggum Lounge Around in Town Hall- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Make Database Check Server Logs- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Martha: This leak will be the death of me! Our golf club membership has been downgraded to a mini golf club membership. Windmill NOT included!
Don’t worry, Madam Mayor, I’ve tracked down the name of the hacker.
What?! All you did is look over my shoulder and say “How do you make that smiley face emoticon?”
No, I said “How do you make the smiley face THINGY.” Emoticon is a term I don’t understand.

Higher Class of Politics Pt. 7
Wiggum starts

Wiggum: The hacker is… Bart Simpson!  How’d you do it kid?
It wasn’t that hard… Quimby’s password is ‘Miss_Springfield.’ And his security clue is “Not my wife.”
Arrest the boy!
Just a second, I’ve almost got this computer sweeped clean of mines.
Chief, he’s getting away!
And I just got blown up! Next time I should start at the corners.
We’ll deal with the kid Springfield style!
Make Mrs. Quimby Lead an Angry Mob- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp
Make Springfield Elite Join an Angry Mob- x3. 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp Freemium and $105, 26xp Premium
Can send Krusty, Brockman, Burns, Roger Myers Jr, Quimby, Mrs. Hibbert, Wolfcastle, Mr. Teeny, Arnie Pye, Booberella, Bumblebee Man, Dr. Nick, Fat Tony, The Rich Texan, Mr. Costington, Duffman, Sideshow Mel, Miss. Springfield, Tatum, Hank Scorpio, Lurleen, Sideshow Bob
Bart: If this mob takes one step closer, I’ll release all your emails. Your funny forwards, reminders to pay your credit card, long emails from your lonely aunt – they’ll all be out there for the world to see.  Or I will stop all this for a signed McBain poster.
You did all this…. for an autograph?
Like you haven’t done worse and for less.
Yes, but I work in politics. It’s expected.

If you have Miss. Springfield the following 2 part questline will trigger around Pt. 3

Relationship of Inconvenience Pt. 1
Miss. Springfield starts

Miss. Springfield: Joey-Bear, SMZ is reporting that you slashed the sash budget for pageants, bank openings, and marathon finish lines.
Quimby: I used it for the Greater Good… which is the brand of big screen TV I bought for my office.
Miss. Springfield: 
But wearing sashes is our thing!
Let me take you out tonight and make it up to you. My pockets are flush!
Miss. Springfield: 
Forget it! I’ve got important sash-related plans.
Make Miss Springfield Stay in and Wash her Hair- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Make Quimby Shop at Spiffany’s For an Apology- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp

Relationship of Inconvenience Pt. 2
Miss. Springfield starts

Miss. Springfield: Well? Have you come to apologize?
I went into politics for two reasons. So I’d never have to apologize, and because I look great on a bumper sticker. But, on a totally unrelated note, how about a new, ah, crown for my princess?
Miss. Springfield: 
A tiara! Now I have one for every day of the week. Except for that good for nothing Tuesday. Oh Joey-Bear, I can’t stay mad at you.
Make Miss Springfield Enjoy an Evening with the Mayor- 3m, Earns $22, 7xp (requires Quimby)

And with that Level 53 is complete!

It’s a fun little update to keep you busy taping.  AND the dialogue is pretty funny. A nice way to transition out of Terwilligers.

My best advice?  DON’T RUSH IT!  Take your time with this questline and enjoy it.  And remember…save those donuts for content.  Don’t spend them on rushing.  🙂

What do you think of Level 53?  Were you happy with the character choice?  How about the Dialogue?  Where have you placed Spiffany’s in your Springfield? Did you have Miss. Springfield to trigger the second part? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I hope this hasn’t been asked yet… So I can’t get passed ‘Higher Class of Politics Part 3’ although I’ve purchased and upgraded 3 pools. The pool upgrade won’t register though and so I can’t let Martha throw a fundraiser. It’s driving me crazy. What can I do?

  2. Having exactly the same problem as everyone else. I’ve upgraded the pool, you try to throw the party and get the “buy another pool” box. Not sure what to do next as the EA forum also has people with this issue posting. Hopefully sorted out tomorrow

  3. I’m on the part were it tells you to place the pool it let me upgrade it but it don’t mark it as done and it won’t let me do any other part of the questline it just keeps having me buy pools what do I do

  4. This has bugged out on me, I have 2 fully upgraded pools but can’t start the party, it just wants me to buy more pools to upgrade

  5. I remember seeing the answer before, but I can’t find it, can I have more than one pool

  6. Hello Tappers!

    I recently reached level 53 and I can’t start the Martha Quimby questline. I have had Brockman and Quimby free all this time (past 2 days) and Brockman still doesn’t start the questline.

    What can I do? Please help😕

    • Have you unlocked Lunch lady Dora from Level 52?

      • No, that is also locked. I don’t know how to unlock it. It’s supposed to be available by now since I reached level 53. 😔

        • That’s why Level 53 isn’t open. We get this question a lot….(and yes we have several posts on it)

          You MUST complete the build/character unlock for each level prior in order to unlock the next level building/character. Your XP level (if it’s ahead of game play) doesn’t matter. You MUST complete the previous build/character unlocks to get to the next level. The levels must be unlocked in sequence. So if Level 52 isn’t unlocked yet, that means you didn’t complete the build for Level 51 (Marvin Monroe). If that’s not unlocked that means you didn’t complete the build for Level 50 (Helen Lovejoy). And so on. You have to complete the previous level character/build in order to unlock the new one.

  7. Casey Townsend

    Here’s where I put my Spifany’s…

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  9. yellowbrai913

    I wish somebody would use the pool! Even if they just sat next to it. EA if you are reading this, any of the Quimby’s will do!

  10. Sorry for unrelated question but i HAVE to know – if i nuke my town will Money Mountain progress stay the same when put back in town? Or will it go back to zero (i really hope not)?

    • It shouldn’t…but I honestly haven’t tested it myself

    • I nuked my town a couple days ago, money mountain didn’t lose any progress.

    • I nuked my town and it did’t loose any progress either. However I forgot that about 81 days ago I put Brandine on a 90 day task of birthing another spuckler, that was all gone. I died a little inside on that day.

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