Where Did THAT Come From: Malibu Stacy Items

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

stacysdreamhouse_menu  stacyhavedrinklisalionheart_menu

This post I will be going over the Origin of Many “Malibu Stacy” Items. Level 53 brought many of these items into our game. Why are they in our game? Where did they appear? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Season 5, Episode 14: Lisa vs Malibu Stacy
Grampa Abe is feeling his age, so he goes to his family to share some of his possesions. Like his box of mint condition Silver Dollars. What do the Simpsons do with this prized treasure? Head to the Springfield Mall to spend them all of course.

They make their way into Kidstown USA. Lisa and Marge make their way into the “Valley of Dolls” where all the lil girls are going completely nuts over the Malibu Stacy Dolls. Some poor worker happens to bring out a box of the new Talking ones and is swarmed.

On the ride home, it looks like Lisa had managed to fight the mob and snag one for herself. Back home she is playing with the New Talking Malibu Stacy, very excited… that is until she pulls the cord to make her talk. She is NOT happy with the words Malibu Stacy is saying like, “Don’t ask me, I’m just a Girl” & “Let’s buy makeup so boys will like us”. She is in fact FURIOUS about it.

Malibu Stacy

At the dinner table, Lisa is still fuming. She decides something must be done, so she calls them. The automated system mentions a Factory Tour. Lisa tells Marge the have to go, then she can complain in person. The tour however is not what she expected. Petrochem Petrochemical Corp. An Industrial Mill, not the cute “Dream House” look we have in our game, with not so happy workers. During the Video portion of the tour we get a glimpse of the creator of Malibu Stacy, Stacy Lovell, making one of the first Malibu Stacy Dolls.Malibu Stacy Headquarters Petrochem

You can also see in the Video Stacy’s Dream House tucked in with the rest of the Biggest Collection of Malibu Stacy’s … at Smither’s place.Stacy Lovell House

During the Q&A after the video, Lisa sees that her concerns on the way Malibu Stacy portrays females is falling on deaf ears. Back home Lisa fumes at the Breakfast table with Grampa Abe. She must take further action. She is going to track down the creator of Malibu Stacy. She goes to the one person that is sure to know where to find Stacy Lovell, Smithers. He provides Lisa with a Biography on Stacy he wrote that has her last known address. So she follows the address to the Recluse Ranch Estates. She is shocked to find the house looks just like… Malibu Stacy’s Dreamhouse.Stacy Dream House

Lisa is allowed inside the gated home. She explains to Stacy how Malibu Stacy Dolls are awful. Stacy explains there is nothing she can do about it due to she was forced out of the company in 1974 because her ideas just weren’t what they felt worked for the company anymore. Her way of thinking just wasn’t “cost effective”.  Her life has been impacted by the Doll, like going through 5 husbands (including Dr. Colossus.) Stacy seems more interested in what is in her glass then what Lisa is saying, so Lisa sets out to return the next day. And she does indeed return, with a new thought. Lisa & Stacy are going to design a NEW version of the Doll. With the wisdom of Gertrude Stein, the wit of Cathy Geiswite, the tenacity of Nina Totenberg, and the common sense of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. To top it off… the down to earth good looks of Eleanor Roosevelt. Stacy seems excited over the idea and tells Lisa they’ll do it. They’ll make her doll.

Stacy Lovell

So they go to the Simpsons House to begin the model for the New Talking Doll. Lisa even goes into the recording studio to try and create the best things for her to say. The NEW Talking Doll is now completed. Now all it needs is a name. With all the suggestions everyone makes, Stacy decides to name the doll after Lisa. Lisa the Lionheart is created.

Back at the Malibu Stacy Doll Plant, Petrochem Petrochemical Corp., they are not happy about the Lisa Lionheart Doll and set in motion plans to sink the sales of it… and fast. They even go as far as calling in a favor to Washington. So a brick is thrown at the Simpsons House. That should get their attention, right? Kent Brockman’s daughter loves the new doll and begs him to do a news story on her, he just laughs it off. She begs him to stop being boring and talk about the dolly. So a report he does, and a good one actually. He spent 28 minutes talking about Lisa Lionheart. Looks like the Big Corp failed… for now. They work tirelessly overnight to find another way, and they do. Talking Malibu Stacy is re-released… WITH a Hat. Malibu Stacy with Hat

Lisa tries desperately to tell them it is the exact same awful Doll… just with a flimsy New Hat. It doesn’t matter, apparently a New Hat is enough to send people into a frenzy. So Malibu Stacy wins and Lisa Lionheart is forgotten… by all but one lil girl.

Lisa Lionheart



Most of the items were in the one Episode, but some of the items did continue on and appear in other episodes.

Season 12, Episode 5: Homer vs. Dignity
Smither’s asks Mr. Burns for some time off from work to focus on the Play he wrote about Malibu Stacy. He will just be gone for a week to New Mexico to work on his dream. He tells Smithers to go, he’s sure to find a way to amuse himself while Smithers is gone. At the Musical, it looks like Smithers is playing the “Male” role. Singing right along with the actress playing Malibu Stacy.

Smithers Malibu Stacy Musical


Season 13, Episode 22: Poppa’s Got a Brand New Badge
After looting and rioting caused Lisa’s Malibu Stacy collection to be stolen, Homer decides to take matters into his own hands. So he does a lil detective work. Turns out Jimbo stole them as he felt they demean women. Who’d have thought. Lisa is happy to have back her collection.

Jimbo Steals Malibu Stacy


Season 18, Episode 16: Homerazzi
The family is concerned over the constant “House Fires” that keep occuring, so they get a fireproof safe to put their “important” items in for safe keeping. Like Lisa’s Malibu Stacy Hybrid Convertible.

Malibu Stacy Hybrid


Season 20, Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror XIX
Bart surprises Lisa with a Malibu Stacy Convertible for Christmas, that of course turns out to be a psychotic robot set to take over the Planet. Nothing too big. Lol.

Malibu Stacy Convertible


So a Main Episode and a few additional ones brought in a mix of New “Girly” Items into our game. What do you think of them all? Did you remember these episodes? Did you see the other Episodes I didn’t mention when Stacy Lovell appeared? What items from the collection did you get for your game? Let us know.


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