In-Game Update Gil Deal: End of School Promotion

Glitch/Bug Alert: There’s apparently a bug going around with Jimbo that several of you are reporting.  If you purchase him he disappears from your Springfield.  If that happens, contact EA and let them know.
You can contact them here.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a little in-game update for donuts to keep us busy over the weekend!

2015-06-12 14.25.53

When you start up your Springfield you’ll see our good friend Gil’s back…and this time with an end of school promotion for us all.

As always more details as we go through them….details of what Gil has in store for us below…

ico_stor_single_endofschool2015Just a thought…usually updates like this make me think that EA’s biding time because they’re working on something else.  Especially because this offer is only for the weekend, it makes me think we’ll see something much bigger early next week.  So try not to get discouraged with this little update…since everything costs donuts.  I think we’ll see bigger and better things next week 🙂

As mentioned above when you first start up your Springfield you’ll see Gil hanging around again.

2015-06-12 14.36.50

He’s got some Gil deals he’s offering up this weekend and here’s what you’ll see when you tap on him:

Gil: Aw, school’s almost out for the summer. That means greedy little teenagers taking all the choice summer jobs away from the hardworking Gils of the world! Why can’t they just leave my job at Kinko’s alone!? Oh, who am I kidding?  They know way more about the print and copy business than I ever will.  Unless…. I make some sales using one of those Preferred Buyer programs to reimburse some donuts.  That should keep those kids distracted for a few days while I learn how to print double-sided coil bind!

2015-06-12 14.38.41

If you don’t take the offer you’ll see…

Gil: Hey, that’s okay. If you’re going to be homeless, summer is probably the best time to do it.

The Overall Deal Ends on June 15th (Monday) at 13:00 GMT (9am EDT)

Note: from the files it looks like each day will cause some items to end and bring new ones.  So pay special attention to your timers in the store!  Also, new items will be added each day.  You can see what’s up next in your store…it’ll tell you when the next batch will unlock.  

So this is a buy items with donuts, get donuts back deal.  We’ve had these before.  Let’s breakdown what’s in the store….


Each NEW Day starts (and the previous day ends) at 1300 GMT (9am EDT).  So again…pay attention to those timers in the store!

Note: IF you already own these items OR you’re not yet at their unlock level…you won’t see them in your game.  

Available for today until 6/13 at 1300 GMT (9am EDT)

jimbo_menu Jimbo- 120 Donuts.  If you purchase him you’ll get 60 donuts back, so he’ll cost you a net of 60 donuts.  Should I Buy on Jimbo can be found here.

Otto_MannSchool Bus and Otto- 120 Donuts.  If you purchase this you’ll get 30 donuts back, so this combo will cost you a net of 90 donuts.  Should I Buy on the School Bus and Otto can be found here.

Fort SensibleFort Sensible- 65 Donuts.  If you purchase this you’ll get 15 donuts back, so this will cost you a net of 50 donuts.  Fort Sensible was originally from Whacking Day 2013.  And was brought back once before.  Should I Buy on it can be found here.

Available TOMORROW (6/13) at 1300 GMT (9am PDT) until 6/14 at 1300 GMT (9am EDT):

ShaunaShauna- She’s baccckk!  For those of you who missed her this Valentine’s Day (since she didn’t come back), now’s your chance to get her!   She should be 90 Donuts, as that’s what she was last time she was offered.  If you purchase her you’ll get 30 donuts back, so Shauna will cost you a net of 60 Donuts.  Should I Buy on her Can be Found here.

aztecAztec Theater- Should cost 8o Donuts (as that’s what it regularly is).  If you purchase this you’ll get back 25 Donuts, so it’ll cost you a net of 55 Donuts.  Should I Buy on the Theater can be found here.

sequelstopSequel Stop- This was a PRIZE at Christmas 2014.  Currently I’m not sure of the donut cost, i’ll keep digging to see what I find.  But if you purchase this you’ll get back 20 donuts.

Available SUNDAY (6/14) at 13:00 GMT (9am EDT) until 6/15 at 13:00 GMT (9am EDT):

kearneyKearney- Should cost 60 Donuts (as that’s what he regularly is).  If you purchase this you’ll get back 20 donuts, so he’ll be a net of 40 donuts.  Should I Buy on Kearney can be found here.

Duff_StadiumDuff Stadium- One of my favorites.  Should cost 90 donuts (as that’s what it regularly is).  If you purchase this you’ll get back 30 donuts, so it’ll cost you a net of 60 donuts.  Should I Buy on the Stadium Can be found here.

TSTO Level 32 Kamp Krusty PremiumKamp Krusty- Should be 200 Donuts (as that’s what it regularly is).  If you purchase this you’ll get back 70 donuts, so it’ll cost you a net of 130 Donuts.  (Remember this also comes with Kamp Bart).  Should I Buy on Kamp Krusty can be found here. Note: If you’re looking for Kamp Bart’s tasks, they can be found on Bart’s Profile here.

big-butt-skinner-balloon1Big Butt Skinner Balloon- *This is a NEW item.  It’s never been released before* Should cost 110 Donuts.  If you purchase this you’ll get back 15 donuts, so it’ll cost you a net of 95 donuts. No should I buy on this yet as it’s new.  

And that’s it my friends…the details of the End of School Promotion from Gil!

Thinking about getting any items?  Which ones are you looking for?  Any deals you’re excited about?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


342 responses to “In-Game Update Gil Deal: End of School Promotion

  1. Gil popped up in my Springfield last night with this exact same pitch but no store has appeared. Is this just a glitch?

    I wasn’t playing Tapped Out last June when this originally appeared.

  2. I was on vacation during this sale and missed it. Doh!

  3. Wasn’t Kearney one of the new additions to the mystery box for playing 5 days in a row? I think that’s where I got him. If so, why pay for him?

  4. Has anyone else got more donuts than they thought after this?

    I bought Jimbo, Shauna, Aztec Theatre and Kamp Krusty so all should have cost me 305 donuts in total. I started off with 673 or 678 (I actually can’t remember what I started with!) but still have 374 so all in all I cost me 299 or 304! I either saved 1 or 6 donuts extra (if only I could remember my starting value – just flown to Australia during all of this so I’m a little muddled up)

    • Haha I figured it out: I forgot I bought a premium scratch-r and won 6 donuts so I had 673 used 305 and then bought 6 hence now have 374! So no extra donuts just a 24 hour flight time confusion

  5. Noooooo. I missed logging in one day and missed Shauna…. Again 🙁

  6. Guy Incognito

    I’m really disappointed in the payout for Big Butt Skinner. I was really looking forward to getting it, but for 95 donuts a 2% bonus is pretty underwhelming. As was the case with the 5 state corners, I was excited to have another classic decoration, only to have EA skimp on the payout. For 95 donuts I can get more than twice as much bonus with two warheads and still have 5 donuts to spare.

  7. I saw a drive in movie theatre in one of my friends towns. Any chance that it might come back? It was super cool!

  8. Hmmm i bought otto last week god darn it….

  9. Very happy with my Duff stadium 😀 Duffman will be doing a lot of promoting. It also looks a bit like he’s playing Quidditch 😉

  10. I bought jimbo a few weeks ago after mutant plant event. I didn’t know there is this annual school out deal.

  11. Gutted. I just bought the Duff Stadium last week before this event started. Ah well, I’ve wanted the Aztec Theatre for a fair while.

  12. Clone Commander Omar

    I have all the characters\buildings in the list. How can I get him now?

  13. My plan was to buy a few donuts, get Jimbo, buy another 60 donuts and get Otto. So I bought a scratchcard, got Jimbo and glitch… no Jimbo, no donut returns which means no Otto for me. I contacted EA… they’ll email me. I hope they give me a discount on Otto then too.

    Also the EA rep added me after work. Do they all do that or was I just friendly enough? Lol

  14. Loving this promotion. Got the Fort. Snagged up Shauna. Missed her last time. Glad she was re-released. I have wanted Kamp Krusty for a long time and always ended up getting other things. Going to get it later. I already have the rest of the items. Can’t wait to see what me be in store for next week. Call me happy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. I zoo want Duff Stadium. But I don’t think I can part with donuts for just a location. I need character at least

  16. Please i hope SIB for Big Butt is coming soon ? 🙂 I need to decide between it and KK.

  17. Parrece Forrest

    My end of school promotion is locked I haven’t been able to get anything

  18. I want Shauna and the DuffStadium
    It’s worth wait the BlackFridaySales?

  19. Which of Kamp Bart’s tasks are outdoor ones?

  20. 168seanang168

    I just spent 80 million game currency to earn 18 donuts so that I can buy Shauna. Time to accumulate my currency again..

  21. I already had a lot of the offers Gil has this time, but Shauna, Kamp Krusty and the Aztec Theatre were things I didn’t have yet. For the rebate being offered they all seem like good deals so I got Shauna and the Aztec; I’m skipping Kamp Krusty because for some reason I just don’t dig it that much.

    And I HAVE to get Big Butt Skinner Balloon (BBSB?).

    Just spent a lot for donuts. Oh well…looks like June’s gonna be a lot of ramen noodles for dinner.

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