Where Did THAT Come From – Mr. Powers’ Car

Sorry guys this was supposed to be up early this morning but I messed up the time when scheduling from my phone late last night.  Moral of the story…don’t schedule from your phone, it never ends well. 

Hey hey friendereenos! In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So with Level 54, all sorts of new stuff popped up. To be honest, EA didn’t delve deeply into the Simpsons catalogue for this update and most items come from two episodes in just one season which makes my job easy. I’ve already written up three of the new items from “Marge on the Lam” (S5:E6) so it’s time for the last item… Mr. Powers’ car.  I initially wanted to lump this with the Level 54 buildings since you can see it in those images, but realized there were a bunch more I wanted to share.  Anywho… let’s get to it.

So this entire episode is obviously a parody of Thelma & Louise. Free ballet tickets courtesy of a 30 dollar donation to public television and a snack related incident involving Homer leave Marge dateless.  Fortunately, Ruth Powers shows up to return Ned Flanders’ power sander and Marge invites her to the event at Springfield High School.

Ruth and Marge hit it off and get coffee afterwards where they discuss their husbands.  All they do is eat, sleep and drink beer and thus a beautiful friendship begins. Homer believes they’re spending too much time together but it’s so hard for Marge to make friends with an oaf of a hubby like him.  Marge sticks to her guns and goes out again with Ruth again.  Ruth picks up Marge in her sporty convertible. Funny that she talks tough and inserts a cassette tape (remember those?) it’s just “sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere”. Ruth changes the tape and the ladies are off to the sounds of “Welcome to the Jungle” by GNR.

Mr. Powers Car Ruth Powers Stolen Car

Homer realizes he has no reliable friends and leaves the kids with a babysitter… Lionel Hutz who conveniently was going through the family’s garbage. 8 bucks, two popsicles out of the freezer and a banged up old bird cage… sounds like a deal to me.  Ruth and Marge enjoy hanging at Shotkickers first.  Their next stop is an underground dance club called the Hate Box. The two run into Joe Quimby and are then off to shoot at precious antique cans. To fill out the night, they take in the view of Springfield from the Springfield Sign.

the hate box simpsons view of springfield from sign

Unfortunately for the ladies, on their ride home, Police Chief Wiggum notices a small left tail light and tries to pull them over. Ruth informs Marge that her car is stolen and hits the gas with Wiggum in hot pursuit. Ruth explains she evened up her lack of child support from her deadbeat ex-husband by stealing his ride, hence why our new decoration is Mr. Powers’ car.

wiggum ruth powers stolen car

So basically here’s where Marge goes on the lam.  Ruth and her become involved in a high speed police chase.  I always get a kick out of this because so many police cars are after them and Marge remarks that all the Springfield police must be after them.  Too funny because we rarely see that many cops in Springfield on other occasions.

Mr. Powers Car Ruth Powers Stolen Car Police Chase

The two rebelling women almost make it to the state line but are cut off. Marge decides not to let their journey be stopped and swings the car right to keep going. Uh oh… looks like they’re unknowingly headed straight for the Grand Chasm.

Mr. Powers Car Ruth Powers Stolen Car Police Chase Grand Chasm

As they careen towards certain death, Homer thinks it’s intentional (did I mention he was in Wiggum’s car the whole time?) and tries to dissuade the dual suicide by apologizing to his wife for all his shortcomings… basically the whole marriage up to that point. Marge hears they’re headed for the chasm and Ruth and her brake just in time. All ends well for the duo except Marge getting a $2,000.50 fine.  50 cents for shooting the antique cans and two grand for mental anguish… THE END.

So that’s that my friends.  Our new freemium car costs $170,000 and is from a classic episode revolving mostly around Marjorie Simpson. I’m stoked this was included in all the Level 54 goodness and have it parked right by the Powers house.  What do you think of it? Sound off below and much love from the fuzzball.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

8 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Mr. Powers’ Car

  1. Marge: I dunno, these are highly trained police officers.
    *Ruth switches off car lights*
    Wiggum: Oh my God it’s a ghost car!


    Wiggum: Describe my position? Oh jeez, um, I see trees, rocks, asphalt. I am directly under the sun…now

  2. alex -aabcampos2

    Great job!

    and that about this homer ballet? what it does ?
    Too curious to wait the ISBuy post 🙂

  3. You can place it in the road!! Woohoo!! Finally a car on the road!! 😀 (Hint, you have to pace it first, then place the road under it)

    Happy Tapping!!

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