Tap Ball 101: Daily Training Challenges

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Trying to figure out just what is going on? What to focus on first? Where to begin? Well, here to help as usual. Bouncing by with some of the Basic Mechanics of the New Tap Ball Event.

In this post, I will be going over that additional Prize Giving Option in the Menu. The Daily Training Challenges.

Daily Training

Completing Daily Training will bring a lot more goodies into your silly lil game as you complete each one. The really cool thing on these is there is NO TIME LIMIT on when you can start them. In other words, you can wait 10 days and then finish 10 in a row (depending on Character required, but you get the idea). The ONLY TIMER is the 24hrs to complete each task to get a Bonus.

Let’s take a closer look and get into more details on it.



First things first, the Daily Training will NOT show up until AFTER you have completed Meet My Trophy Life Part 5 and around Balls of Glory Part 3. Just look for the ! on the Soccer Ball & Mit Icon and see if you notice the Stop Watch Icon. Meet My Trophy Life Part 7 will actually prompt you to Complete the Daily Training Challenge.

In the Lower Right Corner of your game, there is the Soccer Ball & Mit Icon. Tap on it to go into your Event Menu Pop UP. Look for the Stop Watch Icon Tab and tap on it. You will see the Daily Training info.

Mit with Soccer Ball Event Menu IconStop Watch Icon

As you play along, you will also eventually see a Stop Watch Icon pop up in the Top Right Corner of your game. This will take you right to the Daily Training Challenges. (This Triggered for me in my game around Balls of Glory Part 4 & Fickle Fans. )


Once you are in the Daily Training Screen, you will see a few different areas of Interest. Let’s take a look at them all.

PRIZE LIST: You can scroll on through to see all the Daily Prizes that you can win by completing each Daily Training Challenge. Tap on the one lit up and unlocked to see the details linked to it below.

REWARD: This is where it will tell you what you can win by completing the tasks below for the Daily Prize you currently have highlighted and tapped on up above.

COMPLETE IN: Here you will see that it will take 24hrs to complete the current task in order to get the Bonus in addition to the Daily Prize. This will start to countdown as soon as you trigger the task below.

BONUS: This is what you will win in ADDITION to the Daily Prize if you complete the tasks assigned BEFORE the 24hr timer runs out.

PAY DONUTS…: This is how much it will cost you to rush the current set of tasks for the current Daily Prize item and instantly complete it.

DIRECTIONAL ARROW: This is the tasks you will be required to do for the Daily Prize you currently are looking at. Take a close look as some require you to do the task MORE than once.

Day 3 Daily Training

Example For Day #3

PRIZE LIST: Brain & Nerve Tonic

REWARD: Brain & Nerve Tonic

COMPLETE IN: 24h 00m 00s

BONUS: 800 Foam Fingers


DIRECTIONAL ARROW: Make Mr. Burns Brew Tonic, 0/3


Daily Training Do It

As soon as you tap on “DO IT” and start that very first Task for the Challenge, the timer will begin to countdown. You can keep coming back to check how many hours, minutes, and seconds you have remaining to complete it.



Daily Training 24 Hour Timer

The ONLY thing you will miss if you do not complete the Daily Training Tasks in the 24hrs is you will NOT get the Bonus listed. So if you really need that Bonus to help towards your Personal Prizes… completing all the tasks within the 24hrs will be very beneficial.

You will STILL get the Daily Prize regardless once the task is completed.



Stop Watch Icon

Two different things going on here. First, you will only have the Daily Prizes open one at a time. So every morning (about 8GMT/4AM Eastern) you will have a new task open. ONLY ONE A DAY WILL UNLOCK.

However, if you have NOT completed the day before it will still remained lock and will not unlock until you complete the Days in front of it.

In other words, you can’t just skip from Day One to Day Five. You will have to do every single one day by day by day … in order. And if it is Day 7, you can’t jump ahead to Day 8, 9, etc.



Here is the list of the Day, Task, and Prize. NOTE: This information is as of the day of THIS post. EA may change it at anytime during the Event. 

Some of these tasks will be completed by the Character in their “Sports” Costume. So keep an eye out for those.

1 Apu Sell Tap Ball Merchandise, 2hrs (x2)  ico_june2015_revive_02
2 Referee Homer Work on the Stadium, 5hrs (X2) stadiumbleachers01front_menu
3 Burns Brew Tonic, 4hrs (X3)  ico_june2015_tonic
4 ~ Tap Ball Win (X2)  stadiumlightsfront_menu
5 Celebrity Group Sing National Anthem, 3hrs (X5)  unlock_dredericktatum_boxing
6 ~ Tap Ball Win (X2)  ico_june2015_revive_02
7 Pin Pal Apu Work on Bowling Machine, 4hrs (X3)  bowlingpinsetupmachine_menu
8 Soccer Lisa Work on Balance, 2hrs (X6)  Lugash
9 ~ Tap Ball Win (X3)  stadiumbleachers01front_menu
10 Soccer Lisa Fill Soccer Balls w/Air, 3hrs (X4)  soccernethome_menu
11 Brainiac Group Analyze Tap Ball Statistics, 2hrs (X4)  ico_june2015_tonic
12 Milhouse Fret About Field Day, 6hrs (X2)  unlock_milhouse_fitmilhouse
13 Referee Homer Work on the Stadium, 5hrs (X2)  stadiumbleachers02front_menu
14 Fit Milhouse Order Unnecessary Fitness Gadgest, 4hrs (x3)  stadiumlightsfront_menu
15 ~ Tap Ball Win (X3)  lowblowboxing_menu
16 Youngster Group Play Real Football, 2hrs (X10)  footballtargetbigtire_menu
17 Tap Ball Players Group Sign Autographs, 4hrs (X8)  ico_june2015_tonic
18 Comic Book Guy Watch Kung Fu Movies, 4hrs (X4)  unlock_comicbookguy_kungfu
19 Brainiac Group Analyze Tap Ball Statistics, 2hrs (X7)  stadiumbleachers03front_menu
20 Comic Book Guy Attempt High Kicks, 2hrs (X5)  ico_june2015_revive_02
21 ~ Tap Ball Win (X3)  ico_june2015_tonic
22 ~ Tap Ball Win (X4)  ico_june2015_soccerball_lg
23 Lisa Hide Cats, 2hrs (X5)  Crazy cat lady babble
24 Celebrity Group Sing National Anthem, 3hrs (X5)  ico_june2015_soccerball_lg
25 Referee Homer Work on the Stadium, 5hrs (X2)  ico_june2015_revive_02
26 Tap Ball Players Group Practice, 4hrs (X20)  ico_june2015_tonic
27 ~ Tap Ball Win (X5)  ico_june2015_soccerball_lg



Many of these tasks are asking you to use a Character Group. It is NOT the one listed in your Characters Section in the game. It is actually a specifically coded one into the game (similar to past Events). Here are the lists you will need.

Note: Some of these will unlock DURING the Event. So you will not have access to them until you Win them in the 3 Acts, Personal Prizes, Daily Training, or Donut Purchase.

Tap Ball Celebrity Braniac Youngster
Ballet Ralph Abraham Lincoln CBGuy Bart
Baseball Jasper Arnie Pye Cecil Terwilliger Database
Boxing Drederick Tatum Booberella Crazy Cat Lady Dolph
Crazy Cat Lady Bumblebee Man Database Gino Underdunk Terwilliger
Fit Milhouse Chester Lampwick Dr Hibbert Greta Wolfcastle
Football Nelson Dr Nick Frink Hugo
Furious D Drederick Tatum Hank Scorpio Janey
Jockey Bart Duffman Lisa Jessica Lovejoy
Kung Fu CBGuy George Washington Martin Jimbo
Lugash Kent Brockman Sideshow Bob Kearney
Ned Krusty Sideshow Mel Laura Powers
Pin Pal Apu Lurleen Skinner Lisa
Referee Homer Miss Springfield Martin
Soccer Lisa Mr Teeny Michael D’Amico
Softball Mr Burns Roger Myers Jr Milhouse
Tennis Marge Sideshow Bob Nelson
Toreador Grampa Sideshow Mel Ralph
Wolfcastle Rod
Sherri & Terri
Squeaky Voice Teen




In my game, it was just a matter of WINNING 2 Tap Ball games. This even included a Single Player Game. So just as long as it says you WIN at the end, it should check it off.



ico_june2015_revive_02 ico_june2015_tonic

When you win items like the 4-Pack Obesotade or the Brain & Nerve Tonic (came in 3’s) those will go immediately to your totals.

stadiumbleachers01front_menu stadiumlightsfront_menu

When you will additional Decorations like the Bleachers & Stadium Lights, you will notice they will show up in your “Amateur Shop” to craft now. Here is the cost for the 2 so far.

Single Bleacher: 900 Amateur Bucks, 2x4base

Stadium Lights: 1650 Amateur Bucks, 3×3 base but VERY tall. Lights turn off and on when tapped.

unlock_dredericktatum_boxing unlock_milhouse_fitmilhouse

When you unlock a Character Skin, we assume you do need the Character themselves to put it on. We will know by tomorrow when Drederick unlocks how that pans out in “available to play Tap Ball” and will Update this post on it.


There you have it. You now have an idea of what to expect each day and who to possibly keep available so you can get started on these tasks right away.

What do you think of the Daily Training Challenges so far? Any Prizes you are looking forward to? How are yours coming along so far? Getting them done in 24hrs? Let us know.


241 responses to “Tap Ball 101: Daily Training Challenges

  1. I earned crazy cat lady buy don’t see her either in my game or in my inventory ( since I haven’t bought her). Any thoughts?

    • There’s nothing to get. It just unlocks the ability for her to play Tap Ball. If you don’t have her (ie if you don’t own her) there’s no prize.

  2. Anybody else notice that since today’s update the daily tasks have vanished? Can’t get to them from wither the stop watch on the main screen or by tapping on the stadium.

  3. billymagnumfod

    I unlocked cat lady but I didn’t have her previously so she isn’t showing up. But shouldn’t she show as locked in my inventory? Since they are just outfits? Same thing with the coach. But drederick and jasper (I have neither character) both show in my inventory as locked.

    • Cat Lady and Lugash are like Ned. It is just that Character. Nothing Special. No Costume. Just their Original Selves. It only unlocked the option to use them to Play Tap Ball, still gotta spend donuts to buy them. Sorry.

    • The outfits will show as locked, but when you only unlock the option to use a character, not an outfit, nothing happens if you don’t have the character.

  4. I’m babysitting someone else’s town and yesterday I sent Lisa on a 24-hour task without thinking, so I can’t do her daily task today. If I start it tomorrow and complete it within 24 hours, will she still get the bonus AB/pennants? I know she’ll get the prize, but I’m worried that I’ve screwed her out of getting the bonus, too. 🙁

  5. Thomas Simpson

    Do we really get the Cat Lady? Or just a skin that needs a purchase of her beforehand?

  6. I just noticed that there are 9 event days left, but only 7 day’s worth of daily tasks. Wonder what will happen for those last two days? And d doesn’t that mean it’ll be harder to earn the Act 3 prizes, since we won’t have the event currency (whatever will replace hats for Act 3) bonus that you get for finishing the daily tasks for two of the days?

    I was going to keep playing daily tasks for more bonus round chances during this act, but now I’m not as sure that that’s a good strategy…

    • My guess, those two days are a buffer for the people that have to play catch up with the daily tasks.

  7. Just had an idea!!! I won’t start my daily task for today immediately. I’ll do it then the act 3 hits the game to get a heads up for the in game currency. I’ve already collected overtime bonus twice and 700 hats away from another one which I think I’ll be able to get by playing throughout the day.

  8. A/B/W – Any chance there have been some additions to the list of Braniacs since the last time you published it? For example, I think at least a couple of the Terwilligers should be on it, and maybe Blue Haired Lawyer?

    I’m one Brainiac short of being able to do the next Daily Task without having to use any of my Amateur Buck earning characters to do it, so it would be great if there was an addition to the list of a character I already have!

    • The list is current as of this event. 😉

      • Thanks, Bunny! Funny thing is, I was *sure* I was one Braniac short and I’d have to do another round for one of them to finish up, but when the group was done, I got the daily prize! So I don’t know if I’m having trouble counting now or if the game was being “generous” or what.

        I do think it’s silly that none of the Terwilligers are considered Braniacs though. Bob and Cecil both seem like kind of Wile E. Coyote Super Genius types. And if Dr. Hilbert is in that category, why not Dr. Terwillger?

        Yeah, yeah, I know…nothing you can do about it, of course. But do you agree in principle?

  9. What is the daily training activity for today? I’m trying to figure how far behind I am.

  10. Alicia (Origin ID: tappynoob)

    You said you can only do one task per day… But can you ‘catch up’? I mean, if you missed a day or 2, can you then do 2 tasks in one day (if time permits)?

  11. I few days back, I unlocked the Baseball Jasper and Boxing Dredrick Tatum.
    Both the characters are placed in my inventory, in a locked way, as I cant use them.
    Can U guide why its happening?
    I am at currently level 37. Do these characters need any building to be unlocked. All other characters are doing fine uptill Act 2 Skin of Marge.

    • If you don’t have the basic premium character (ie Tatum and Jasper) the costumes will be locked in your inventory until you unlock them..

  12. I have completed the Tire obstacle and onto next item, but have not seen the Ture Obstacle in my town!! I have looked into every knock and cranny, Inventory and u name it, it is not in town!! I’ve gotten such a headache looking for it that I can hardley think straight! What am I missing?? 😁 👍 help!! 😃

  13. Any idea how to get tomorrow’s 16-hour’s worth if CBG tasks done without setting an alarm to awaken at some ungodly wee hour of the morning to get started (I’m on ET)? Seems pretty impossible for most non-insomniac people to do…

    • Start it in the afternoon to start the timer and finish it when you wake up.

      • Good point!!

        I kept thinking that I had to finish one per day, but I forgot it’s okay to fall a bit behind if you get then done within 24 hours of starting and hopefully (I can’t remember the list off-hand) there will be another of those super-quick ones (like the youngsters yesterday) that will let me catch up, day-wise.

        Thanks, Wook! 🙂

  14. Hey,

    For today’s task, it’s to have Milhouse order unnecessary fitness gadgets… I’ve got the task listed twice, one pays out Amateur bucks, the other does not, but it looks like it’s not taking the one that pays out as completing the task 🙁

  15. I am playing behind….so just unlocked millhouse but I don’t have him anywhere.

    He’s not in inventory or attached to the character and he’s not on my list of tap ball players. Any suggestions before I contact EA?


  16. My game was struck at Milhouse. I cannot play daily game to go on the next prize. What should i do? Have anyone meet the same problem after update version?

    • No. No error. Milhouse is today’s prize. You can’t advance further than the actual day. Once tomorrow hits a new prize will unlock….that’s why it’s called daily training. It’s a new prize each day, not a new prize all at once.

  17. Hi! I didnt receive one bonus points even after completing the task in 12 hours. The next thing that bothers me is that i didnt get the price number eigth. I just received the 800 points but the simpson price wasnt even in the inventory…..is strange…is like if i have miss it for a kind of bug. Help me please to solve those issues. Thanks !

  18. Got sick and tired of answering questions about Lugash yet?

    Seriously though, any clue what the soccer balls in the daily prizes are? Haven’t been able to find any info online as yet


    • That is because they are NOT live in the game. So until they go live, we will not elaborate on them. Our site Guidelines are very specific on NOT posting spoilers as EA can and has changed the game mechanics TOO many times to count during Events. So until it is verifiable aka Live in our games… we won’t post the details. 😉

      There are rare Exceptions, like the Daily Training Challenges, but as you CAN see those in the game anyway right now… we posted the details. 😉

    • Lol – your post is deeply ironic, since I think there have been almost (but not quite) as many people posting that question as posting the Lugash one! 😀

      • I thought the exact same thing 😛

      • Not including my own I saw 1 comment about Soccer Balls with no answer vs 7 related to Lugash, wasn’t aware so much had come before it…clicking older comments has shown me what a fool I’ve been :$

        • No worries – I was just poking a little fun. I have to remember that not everyone dedicates themselves to obsessively reading just about every post and comment on this site like I do….some people actually choose to have a life instead! 😉

  19. Is Lugash’s not a skin?

  20. What do the soccer balls that are won on days 22, 24, and 27 do? Are they just decorations, or possibly required for a future task (a la the rakes for SSB)?

  21. I have completed the daily task for lugash but I did not earn him at the end. Have I done something wrong or just a bug?

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