Where Did THAT Come From – Pin Pal Apu

Hey hey tap ballers! In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


So with the Tap Ball Event, all sorts of new stuff has appeared in our games. we got new skins for characters and one of them was Pin Pal Apu.  But what does our favorite Hindu in a bowling shirt have to do with the Best. Show. Ever.?  When and where did he actually appear? Let’s chalk up our paws, grab our bowling balls and find out in the Simpsons TV Series.

“Team Homer” (S7:E12)

You know… this whole Tap Ball event is pretty interesting. EA pulled items from all over the Best. Show. Ever. for it. Lots of great stuff but it was pretty hard for me to contain my excitement with this free skin. Not only did we get it early, it’s from an amazing episode.

When Moe closes early due to slow business, him and Homer are off to Barney’s Bowlarama to hang out. Unfortunately, it’s league bowling night. Thankfully Apu wants to bowl too and Otto is around trying to win a lobster harmonica out of the grabber game. They decide to form a team and are initially thwarted by the $500 entrance fee, but that’s not anything to stop Homer Jay. He manages to get the cash from an ether-addled Monty Burns who mistakes Homer for the Pillsbury Doughboy aka Poppin’ Fresh and gladly writes him a check.

Apu, Moe, Otto and Homer do well in the bowling league until Burns discovers he’s paid for it. Monty insists on joining the team. Unfortunately, Monty is a very bad bowler. Homer is about to kick him off the team when Monty unveils a gift… uniforms. Thus, the Pin Pals cement their place in Simpsons history and we get Pin Pal Apu.

Pin Pals Apu Simpsons

Of course, the team was the Pin Pals when they just had white shirts with the name written in black marker on the back, but it’s the iconic light green jersey we remember. One of those things that makes you feel happy when you see John Waters wearing it in “Homer’s Phobia” (S8:E15) or in Homer’s closet in “Three Gays of the Condo” (S14:E17).

Pin Pals Simpsons

Just seeing a photo of the Pin Pals at Moe’s Tavern in “Moe Goes From Rags to Riches” (S23:E12) is enough to evoke nostalgia for a fuzzball like me.

Pin Pals Simpsons 2

The Pin Pals are still at it too in “Penny-Wiseguys” (S24:E5). Otto may have had a psychotic break but they found a new anchorman in Dan Gillick, also known as the character voiced by Steve Carrell who turned out to be Fat Tony’s accountant.

Pin Pals Apu Simpsons 2

So there’s some appearances by Pin Pal Apu in The Simpsons. The most exciting thing for me about this skin is the new character list for Pin Pals. Could this mean future skins for Homer, Moe and Burnsy with bowling humor? What do you think of the new skin? Did you like the classic episode of MAD t-shirts, tye dye school uniforms and bowling? Sound off in the comments and good luck in your next tap ball game.

19 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Pin Pal Apu

  1. I wish I had Barney / Bowling Alley
    I think some Bowling Skins on Simpsons Characters (who get to visit said Bowling Alley) would be neat 🙂

  2. It’s funny how Homer’s Pin Pal uniform makes appearances in two more episodes after it was completely torn to pieces by Mr. Burn’s hounds when Homer broke into his mansion to steal back the trophy.

  3. Well I find Apu’s ball polishing task totally hilarious… recalls the equally hilarious ball polishing scene from ‘the Big Lebowski’… John Turturro as bowler ‘Jesus Quintana’… good times!

  4. I really hope they do fill up the Pin Pals collection with skins for Homer, Moe and Mr. Burns. Even Otto can get one even if he didn’t wear the jacket in the episode.

    Also still wished Capital City Goofball was changed to a Playable Character for this, cause a sports mascot in the Sporting Event is a must have and he’s the most recognizable one from the show. If the “Mutant Rabbit” can have tasks, so should CCG.

  5. They have to coordinate with fxx, because all the time when events release or new items, seem to go along with what episodes are showed on fxx at the same time. You guys notice that?

  6. Pin pal Apu has a locked task for some bowling place… hopefully it comes in 2 days as a fremium with more skins 🙂 but EA is also likely to sucker us in with 1free pin pal then provide the rest via a premium building option.

  7. Apu pin pal is great but his ball polishing animation is in a tie with Lugash doing cartwheels for Worst. Ever.

    But, in case anyone doesn’t know, you can put a bomb shelter right on top of people so I have him hidden under that.

  8. Since Burns already is going to get “SoftBall Burns” it would be weird getting Pin Pal Burns in the same event. Same with Homer since he is already a referee. Thus the only one that is plausible for this event is Moe. Besides I don’t remember Moe in any other Sport other than when he was the Sexy Basketball Girl Mascot (in a breif moment in some episode).

    It would be great to get John.

    But maybe they may include the Holy Rollers and the other team (which I don’t remember their name), there was a team with Bumblebee man, Sea Captain, Cletus and Apu said “They begged me to join thier team, Begged Me!”

    I also have been pleading for a certain Smooth Talking Bowler (who has been in the opening credits for years until they updated it). Marge using “Homer” the bowling ball could also be a skin but since she is going to be in her Tennis Uniform I doubt we will see that either.

    • Do you mean Jacques from Life on the Fast Line, who tried to seduce Marge?
      It was a nice Season 1 episode 🙂

  9. I’m assuming EA is planning a little Pin Pal mini event since they started the Pin Pal character collection group. That would be fun. Maybe some quests and new tasks at the Bowlerama!

    • Like Sidekick Milhouse in “15 Valentine’s day event and the “Vigilantes” character group, and shortly after, Superheroes event?
      I got him at Valentine’s day event, and I got surprised when it was made into a premium character in Superheroes event.

  10. And that was the episode where Mr. Burns drilled Hans Moleman’s head, after hallucinating him as a leprechaun, and drilled his head for getting “lucky charms”, Moleman replied “Oh no, my brains!”

  11. Reblogged this on robert4650 and commented:
    And yes i hope also we get the rest of the pin pals skins, that you would be super cool!!

  12. a change of subject for just a sec – i cannot get on to my silly lil game now for 2 + hours does anyone know whats happening??? i have tried everything from refreshing my mobile to uninstalling/installing the game and so on…

    • could be your internet connection. Could also just be your area of the origin server. You can try to contact EA and let them know what’s going on…

  13. I hope we get the rest of the Pin Pals too!!!

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