Last Call for 4th of July

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that it’s the last few hours for the 4th of July goodies, as they’ll all be leaving our stores in just a few hours (end time is 0800 GMT (4am EDT) on July 9th).  So make your final purchases before time runs out!

Here’s the list of what’s going…

Uncle Sam Bunny

patrioticboxoffireworks_menuPatriotic Box of Fireworks- $5,600.  Shoots off Fireworks when tapped.  Can have as many as you want.

presidentialestate_menuPresidential Estate- 85 Donuts.  Earns $175, 18xp/6hrs. Should I Buy Post

watergatehotel_menuunlock_richardnixon Scandal-Gate Hotel- 150 Donuts.  8×13 in size. Earns $55, 5xp/1hr.  Comes with President Nixon.  (Nixon is voiced)  Should I buy Post here

Tapped_Out_American_FlagAmerican Flag- $5,600.  Buy as many as you want.

100px-Tapped_Out_Liberty_bellLiberty Bell- $50,000.  Unique.

lincolnmemorial_menuLincoln Memorial- $100,000.  Unique.

holoflagpillar_menuHolo-Flag- 15 Donuts Making it’s comeback! Should I Buy here

ico_thoh2014_crafting_hovercopterHover-Copter- 70 Donuts.  From Halloween 2014…it was free then.  Honestly save your donuts, it’s not worth it.  Here’s a review of what it does..

Tapped_Out_Pinwheel_fireworkPinwheel Firework- 40 Donuts. Adds 2% bonus.  Animated when tapped.

Tapped_Out_Crate_of_fireworksBox of Fireworks- 60 Donuts.  Adds 2.25% bonus.  Animated when tapped.

Tapped_Out_Lisa_statueLisa Statue of Liberty- 75 Donuts.  Adds 2.75% Bonus.  Unique.

all american apuAll American Apu- 30 Donuts.  Skin for Apu.

Recap of returning 4th of July items Should I Buy Post here.  (Pinwheel, Box of Fireworks, All American Apu, Statue of Liberty Lisa)

fireworksbarge_menuFireworks Barge- 80 Donuts. Adds 2.75% Bonus.   Unique.  Should I Buy Post here

giuseppesworkshop_menu unlock_giuseppeGiuseppe’s Workshop- 95 Donuts.  Comes with Giuseppe.  (was free last year)  Should I Buy Post

lincolnscabin_menu Abraham-LincolnLincoln’s Cabin- 150 Donuts.  Comes with Abe Lincoln.  Should I Buy Post here.

George Washington cut cherry treeyeoldecherrytree_menu Ye Old Cherry Tree- 180 Donuts.  Comes with George Washington.  Should I Buy Post here.

Nighthawk Diner TSTO Rex Banner Banana KaboomNighthawk Diner- 90 Donuts.  Comes with Rex Banner.  Should I Buy Post here

And that’s it, so if you’re thinking about making any last minute purchases, be sure to do so before time runs out!

What are your thoughts about the 4th of July stuff?  What did you pick up?  Where have you placed it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “Last Call for 4th of July

  1. shawtymclittle

    I know it’s off subject I love LOVE love bunny! Too cute! 🙂

  2. I managed to get Lincoln at the last minute. Cost me all my donuts, but I made it! I wish characters like him didn’t come with a building so they could be cheaper. I would have bought all 3 presidents if I could have!

  3. Whoops!! Didn’t mean to put email Addy in my post!! 😁 I cannot find my Tire Target Item!! Can’t think of the right name for it right now!! I have done all the “jobs” for it and am on next job item!! I have checked everywhere for it!! Mahalo!!

  4. I have the majority of the items and am not sorry abt getting them!! Especially Nixon!! I was in hospital giving Birth to oldest son,(42 yrs ago) and watched the Watergate thing going on!! I love making “Schput” abt Nixon! Loving the items for this game!!

  5. I have lost my doughnuts and no matter what I do its not come back please how do I get them back

  6. Boo…since the limited time timer was only under Nixon I though everything else was sticking around a little longer. I bought Nixon before everything left but I missed out on the other stuff I wanted to get. I would have also bought Presidential Estate, Fireworks Barge, Lincoln’s Cabin, Ye Old Cherry Tree, and Nighthawk Diner. Maybe EA does not want me to buy and spend donuts…Oh well, c’est la vie.

    • barleecreations (canid88)

      I’m also in the same boat, I had no idea. I had been waiting months to be able to get Lincoln, I was just four donuts way thinking I still had today.

  7. I got quite a few things: Washington, Lincoln, Nixon, Giuseppe, and Rex from the premium and Liberty Bell, Lincoln Memorial, and several boxes of patriotic fireworks from the freemium end. Since the tap ball stuff has mostly not interested me, I felt like I could splurge on some of the holiday stuff.

  8. Has anyone had a problem when buying the clay facade set? I spent 50 donuts on it last night and can’t find it anywhere. It’s not in my inventory or on my stadium. Donuts are gone and no clay set. The set is still available in my store and wouldn’t it go away since there is no need for more than one?

    • Tap on your stadium entrance, you should see an option to move left or right and change the appearance. If it’s still not there contact EA

      • That makes perfect sense but I must be doing something wrong. All I get is the play tap ball menu.

      • Contacted EA. Their help system was easy to use and fast. They replaced the 50 donuts and I tried again and this time it worked. I love the new skin!

  9. I just wanted to mention the dialogue between the 3 presidents is hysterical. Well worth getting them for that alone.

  10. barleecreations (canid88)

    Oh on!!! I’m going to cry! I missed get Lincoln, I didn’t know it was ending last night I thought it was ending today. :'(

  11. If I haven’t finished the 4th of July quest line before the events over can I still continue it?

  12. I got George Washington and Rex Banner. I wanted to also get Abraham Lincoln, but will save my donuts for future purchases.

  13. Karlos | throwrugktj

    I was suuuuper tempted by Nixon and the Scandal-gate Hotel…

    I just got minor surgery and have been spending a lot of time lying in bed and playing with my Springfield, and I bought myself a Store Full of donuts as a little present to myself to help with my convalescence.

    So, for once, I had enough sprinkles, but I spent most of them on Premium characters that I never had before but could play Tap Ball — Drederick, Lugash, Crazy Cat Lady, Jasper, and Furious D. So I still have some left over but I’m saving them until Act 3 just in case there’s something awesome yet to come.

    If there isn’t, I might buy the Powers’ house after the event, or wait to see what the next level brings.

  14. Omg there is going to be a futurama mobile game :0

  15. Not sure where to post this but I unlocked the tennis marge skin but it has not appeared in my game I’ve already checked my inventory and it isn’t there and have checked marge also doesn’t show her up on the tap ball upgrade board either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  16. I would spend donuts on a bunny : D

  17. A tiny glitch! I had 10 amature bucks left to upgrade a player, when I tapped it, it said 0 donuts Will be used if you want to upgrade. Of course i upgraded and no donuts where taken from me ☺

  18. Hello again do you think that they will give us a little something something like in the post you said they’ve done it the last couple times. Cause I’m on the fence I like the copter but kinda pricey but I spend doughnuts here and there like I got the night hawk dinner but maybe the free thirteen doughnuts was the treat this time? What do you think? Thanks.

    • That was the treat…

      • Ok Thank-you again I thought after that I decided to go with the fireworks guy.I figured that for twenty doughnuts more I got a building plus a character the copter is cool and maybe Gil will have a deal on it at some point but I read the post and picked him up and I’m liking it more and more. And for ninety five doughnuts it’s a much better investment since I don’t have unlimited sprinkles. So I appreciate the information you guys/gal’s put out there. But his earnings I think might need to be updated. But again Thank-you and have a good day / night.

  19. Ciarathomp988

    Only thing I got was like 20 of the fireworks since they weren’t premium. I’m not American so nothing really caught my eye. Would’ve been nice to have the hotel though, my Springfield doesn’t have one.

  20. I try to avoid Cospiracy Theories, BUT,
    reading all the gnashing of teeth posts regarding being a few donuts short of being able to,purchase July 4 items before they disappear …… Well …..
    10 free donuts did not occur for many, but will be awarded tomorrow, AFTER the deadline to purchase July 4 items.

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