Springfield Heights Update is Here!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well…looks like Springfield Heights has hit our tapping devices!


This is an in-game update, so nothing to download from the App Store (unless you didn’t remove Tap Ball yet).

As always we’ll be back with more…but for now know that Mr. Burns starts things off.

Also, it looks like you have to be at least Level 30 to start this expansion.

And from what I can see so far…the expansion looks similar to Squidport…just beyond the mountains, no new screen (like Krustyland)

Details below the fold…

Images will be coming…going through content first.  Updating this post as I go so keep checking back frequently for updates.  

First thing you’ll be prompted with, after some dialogue from Mr. Burns, is to Build Burns Slant-Drilling Co (7×10 in size).  It is free (and takes 6s).


You’ll then be prompted (again from Mr. Burns) to build Red Blazer Realty (7×7 in size)…unlocking Cookie Kwan! And Red Blazer Realty is FREE…. (also a 6s build)

modernredblazerrealty_menu unlock_cookiekwan

Cookie will then start the next part…HERE is where you’ll clear a Tunnel to Springfield Heights.


This will require Homer.  (and takes 6s)

2015-07-22 20.45.06

Once you’ve cleared the Tunnel you’ll unlock Springfield Heights (and again…it’s part of Main Springfield.  No screen changes)…

2015-07-22 20.45.23

2015-07-22 20.46.10

And here’s the basic Guild to Springfield Heights…

2015-07-22 20.45.26

First thing you’ll see once you open up Springfield Heights is the Furniture Shop (this will already be on the land).  The Furniture shop is where you’ll produce Furniture (currency for Springfield Heights) to continue to build/upgrade Springfield Heights.

2015-07-22 20.45.47

You’ll have to send various characters on jobs to produce furniture.

2015-07-22 20.53.30

And you’ll need furniture to produce a Deluxe Condo (which is the next part of the questline).  A Deluxe Condo requires 2 pieces of Furniture, and takes 2 minutes to build.

Ok at this point you’re going to unlock several things….first you’ll see that Red Blazer Realty is the “hub” for prizes during this expansion.  Did you notice on the Guide it said to Accumulate Real Estate Points for exclusive prizes.  Those Prizes are all at Red Blazer Realty…

2015-07-22 20.59.49

2015-07-22 20.59.58

So now let’s break down some of the nitty gritty…

First thing you’ll notice once you’re in Springfield Heights is..Cash is not accepted!  Strange huh?  Rich section of town.  No cash.  Nope, this you’ve got to work to earn all new currency and various forms of it.  Which is kind of nice because now everyone is on the same playing field….

So just what is the new currency?  There are several forms..

ico_heights_furniture_lg Furniture- Get from the Furniture Shop.
furnitureshop_menu The Furniture Shop is free, and the first building that will be unlocked for you in Springfield Heights.

ico_heights_coffee_lg Coffee- Get from the Coffee Shop.
coffeeshop_menu The Coffee Shop is Free and you’ll unlock it as you expand your land in Springfield Heights.

ico_heights_smartdevice_lg Smart Device- From Springfield Heights Institute of Technology.
instituteoftech_menu Springfield Heights Institute of Technology is Free and you’ll unlock it as you expand your land in Springfield Heights

ico_heights_yogamat_lg Yoga Mat- From LA Body Works
labodyworks_menu LA Body Works is free and you’ll unlock it as you expand your land in Springfield Heights

ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg Pills- From Pharm-ER John’s Pharmaceuticals
pharmerjohns_menu Pharm-ER John’s Pharmaceuticals is free and you’ll unlock it as you expand your land in Springfield Heights

ico_heights_goldawards_lg Gold Award- From Springfield Heights Theater
heightstheater_menu Springfield Heights Theater is free and you’ll unlock it as you expand your land in Springfield Heights.

So currency (one form of the above) is used for everything in Springfield Heights.  From buying land, buying items in the shop, upgrading buildings…everything.


Many are commenting wanting to know how to get more storage for Furniture, Coffee Cups, Smart Devices etc…

Well it’s simple, you unlock more characters.  Under locked characters in each building you’ll see it says increases Storage.  Here’s an example from the Coffee Shop with Lisa:

2015-07-23 01.05.18

As you can see in the circled area, if you unlock Lisa it’ll increase your Coffee Storage by 30.  In the top right corner, where the arrow is pointing, that shows your current storage.  So if you increase it by 30 as it sits your overall storage will be 50.  Make sense?

Note: You may need to increase your Real Estate Rating to unlock the ability to unlock the character for more storage.  Look at Grampa in the image above, you see how it says requires 2,250,000 Real Estate?  You need to achieve that level before you can unlock the ability to unlock Grampa and increase your storage.

So the key to getting more storage?  Unlocking more characters in that area.

Real Estate Points

Think of this as XP for Springfield Heights.  Real Estate Points look like this ico_heights_realestate_lg and are earned in various ways. You’ll earn them for completing the questline, buying items in the store, etc.  And just like XP it’s cumulative.  So you won’t spend it, instead you’ll building it up.

So what’s it for?  You’ll use accumulate Real Estate Points to unlock prizes at Red Blazer Realty (See images above).  Real Estate Points will also unlock more characters to complete tasks for currency.  Using the Coffee Shop again as an example, you’ll see that Grampa requires 2,250,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg in order to unlock the ability to unlock him to do the tasks at the Coffee Shop:

2015-07-23 01.05.18Real Estate Points are also used to unlock more items in the store.  As you earn more, you’ll unlock more items in the store to purchase.

The Store

Loads of stuff in the store for Springfield Heights…

2015-07-23 01.14.11And the cool things are items are interchangeable with Springfield.  So you can put Springfield Heights items in Regular Springfield and Springfield buildings in Springfield Heights.  

As mentioned above, more items will unlock as you earn more Real Estate Points…

fancyfencese_menu  Fancy Fence– 10 ico_heights_furniture_lg (+1500 ico_heights_realestate_lg)

fancywall_menuFancy Wall- 15 ico_heights_furniture_lg (+3000ico_heights_realestate_lg)

mansionclassicpalm01_menuPalm Tree 1- 25 ico_heights_furniture_lg (4500 ico_heights_realestate_lg)

mansionclassicpalm02_menuPalm Tree 2- 25 ico_heights_furniture_lg (+4500 ico_heights_realestate_lg)

mansionclassicsmallplant_menuSmall Plant- 5ico_heights_furniture_lg (+1000 ico_heights_realestate_lg)

fancycondo01_menuDeluxe Cond0- 15 ico_heights_furniture_lg…can only have 10 in Spingfield Heights.. (+200k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

shpromenadegate_menuSpringfield Heights Gate- 50 ico_heights_furniture_lg (+75,000ico_heights_realestate_lg)

fancylamppost_menuFancy Lampost- 30 ico_heights_furniture_lg (+5000 ico_heights_realestate_lg)

bellagiofountain_transimageClassy Fountain-ico_heights_smartdevice_lg (+22.5K ico_heights_realestate_lg)

mansionclassicmainbuilding01_menuClassic Mansion- 10 ico_heights_coffee_lg (+300k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

fancyparkade01_menuValet Parking- 1o ico_heights_smartdevice_lg (requires 1.85 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+400K ico_heights_realestate_lg)

mansionmodernbigbuilding_menuModern Mansion- 25 ico_heights_coffee_lg (Requires 6.2 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+600K ico_heights_realestate_lg)

fancybusiness01_menuBusiness Center- 20 ico_heights_smartdevice_lg (Requires 3.75 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+500kico_heights_realestate_lg)

mansionclassicgarden_menuClassic Garden- 10 ico_heights_coffee_lg (Requires 1.85 Million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+30k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

fancytree_menuFancy Tree- 5ico_heights_yogamat_lg (Requires 2.5 Million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+15k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

jetski_menuJet Ski- 200ico_heights_furniture_lg (Requires 3 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+300k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

mansionmodernawning_menuModern Awning-  50ico_heights_coffee_lg (Requires 6.2 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+150Kico_heights_realestate_lg)

goldenfancytree_menuFancy Gold Tree- 200ico_heights_furniture_lg(Requires 10 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+300k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

goldenpalmtree_menuGold Palm Tree- 150ico_heights_furniture_lg (Requires 8 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+200k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

goldensmallplant_menuSmall Gold Plant- 100ico_heights_furniture_lg(Requires 8 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+150kico_heights_realestate_lg)

vineyard_menuVineyard- 5ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg (Requires 10 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+22.5K ico_heights_realestate_lg)

goldmailbox_menuGold Mailbox- 5ico_heights_goldawards_lg (Requires 28.2 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+37.5K ico_heights_realestate_lg)


Premium items end on July 28th…

incubatorthinktank_menuIncubator Think Tank- 100 Donuts (+1.5 million ico_heights_realestate_lg)

columnmansion_menuColumn Mansion- 120 Donuts (+2 million ico_heights_realestate_lg)

More will unlock as the weeks unfold….

When Does it End?

This is a permanent expansion…so it doesn’t end. Take your time, go slow and have fun.  It’ll still be here in a couple weeks! Heck it’ll still be here in a couple of months!  So pace yourself and remember to have fun.

What I can tell you is it looks like new content is planned to release each week for the next several weeks.  So MORE stuff should be added to the store etc as each week unfolds.  Should be fun!

Squidport Tiles

SqP Tile 7

The previous limitations on Squidport Tiles have been lifted and you can now create MORE Squidport Tiles if you’re maxed out!  So get to expanding those boardwalks…

Update: You can create 50 more tiles than the previous max.  However, if you’re seeing it say you cannot create more tiles…think back and try to remember if you used the tile glitch in the past.  If you did, it’s likely you’re already more than 50 tiles over the previous limitation, so it won’t let you create more.

Springfield Heights Tunnel


It’s kind of in an awkward spot for many of you.  As of right now it CANNOT be moved.  That doesn’t mean it won’t be able to be moved in the future, but for right now you cannot move it.

And that’s it for now my friend!  We’ll break all the details down in more specific individual posts, so for those still confused be on the look for those.  But all the basics are in this post…hopefully it’ll help get a lot of you rolling with it!

What are your thoughts on Springfield Heights?  Are you excited about all the new additions?  What’s your favorite feature? How do you plan on laying out your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. This one is taking forever. I max on coffee and other material. Cookie only able to do 1,000. And I am sitting at 771,602,000. There are no new items to buy and only this I can do is waste space on tennis court and open market. Disliking this event.

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