Springfield Heights 101: New Land Costs

Hey there Hoppereenos!

So… you all were really bored with nothing to do,  right? Didn’t need a break at all? Not one bit, right? Well… HA HAH!! I guess EA thought otherwise. The lil teaser Upcoming New Area we teased yesterday with my Kindle image just hit our games (7/22).

With the New Area in our game, there comes New Land. WOOHOO!! I will break down in this post just what it will cost you to unlock this New Land. Let’s take a peek.

Springfield Heights New Land

First off, this may seem daunting. But just think of it as a new game addition… like Krustyland & Squidport. This WILL take you some time to do. Unless you really really really plan on spending a whole lot of donuts to speed through all that is needed to complete it. Take your time. Enjoy the New Land and all it has to offer.



Here is the basic breakdown of the New Land Area starting from the edge of the New Ending Mountain Range to the Mountains separating Springfield Heights and Springfield as well as from the Ocean to as far in as the Land goes currently.  (Tap on Image to see it larger scale.)

Land Map

Land Item Icons



ico_heights_smartdevice_lgSmart Device

ico_heights_yogamat_lgYoga Mat


ico_heights_goldawards_lgHollywood Trophy



Unlock Requirements

2015-07-23 01.05.18

Just to give you the heads up, there are MANY requirements along the way in order to be able to move forward and Unlock this New Land.

  1. You have to Unlock the Building that drops the items needed
  2. You have to clear the Land to get to the Next Building and its drops
  3. You have to Increase your Storage at each Building location to match what the Land Requirement is.
    1. For Example: If the Land calls for 20 Yoga Mats, you will first have to unlock all the Land in front to get to the LA Body Works that drops the Yoga Mats.
    2. The Buildings start with 10 Storage, so you will have to wait to gather enough Real Estate to Unlock the necessary Characters to Increase the Storage to 20 Yoga Mats in Storage capable. You will NOT be able to use donuts to bypass this Storage option. (More on this in another post.)


Free Items


The New Land not only comes with several Free Buildings for use, but also many cool Decorations too. All of which you can move around and decorate to your liking. Like Trees, Minnow Pond, Flowers, Benches, and more.

One of those cool new items is a really cool looking Staircase along the Springfield Heights Beach. You can actually tap on this and move it around to any other Beach Area on the Springfield Heights side. It will NOT be able to go into Springfield.


There you have it. A cool New Springfield Heights and much much more New Land opportunities for design. WOOHOO!

What do you think of it all so far? Have you unlocked much New Land yet? How do you like the staircase? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions below.


158 responses to “Springfield Heights 101: New Land Costs

  1. I have got all the land that seems available in springfields heights by following through the tasks and there is no more land labelled up to buy but when I look at other friends they have more land than me. How do I get access to all the other land?

  2. I cannot get any more land because I have bought all the land on offer. Problem is that I have too many structures now to fit into my tiny Springfield Heights. Why isn’t more land available to purchase?

  3. Sabrina Cushing

    Is there an update to this map that includes the ad block rows? I am at the line the starts with 80 Ads to purchase the block of land closest to the mountains and was curious to know if there is more land to purchase beyond this row. Thank you for all of the time you put into this site! Much appreciated.

  4. Reach level 30 to unlock Springfield high

  5. How do you unlock more storage on Springfield high?

  6. I bought the closest squares of land to the Marketing Agency (15 awards and 65 pills), but still it doesn’t allow me to buy the land where the Agency is! It looks like there is no new land for me to buy, although I can see the agency.
    Anybody with the same problem?

    • Did the questline tell you to buy it? You can’t buy it till the questline triggers you to

      • Yes, I m on Level 59, Springfield Heights Pt. 10. “unlock Marketing Agency”. It is like no new land was given to me after the latest update

        • Nothing in Springfield either? If that’s the case i’d try the basics (hard close/uninstall/reinstall) and if that doesn’t work contact EA

          • Are they sure 15 trophies are in their stockpile?


          • All solved! I deleted and installed again the game… But It didn’t work… Fortunately, this morning was a new update, and the problem was solved! Thanks for your comments and help!

  7. Does anyone know why this is happening or what to do about it- I bought land today then the Gil black friday update appeared and I can no longer buy land. Also my Springfield Heights icons are gone as well .. The coffee cup , yoga mats etc.. ? Thanks : )

  8. Some neighbors SH has a second tunnel into the western mountains. How do you unlock that?

  9. How do we unlock the area?

  10. Uuughhh I NEED more land in SH!!!! What’s the deal. I’m on level 57 and getting very bored.

  11. I accidently deleted the Institute of Technology instead of moving it and I don’t know how to get it back can someone help

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