Springfield Heights 101: Maximizing Real Estate Points

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Springfield Heights has arrived in Springfield and finally there’s some decent expansion going on!  Loads of new stores, mansions, decorations and a ton of new land…all just beyond the mountains!

This is a fun update, designed to take a while.  So DO NOT RUSH IT!  It’s here for the long haul, and not going anywhere.  So take your time, enjoy it…don’t make yourself crazy with rushing everything, because I guarantee you you will get stuck at some point if you keep rushing.

EA has phased this expansion to have new stuff released as time moves on.  So not everything for Springfield Heights is currently available (you’ll notice this if you go to Other Springfield, you’ll see some buildings there not currently available..like the Plastic Surgery Center).  More is coming…so pace yourself and remember to have fun.  I know it’s tempting to get everything done immediately, but there’s no prize for finishing first.  Heck the quicker you finish the less you’ll have to do (since I promise you will get stuck at some point if you rush).  Remember it’s a marathon…so relax and have fun with it!

Anywho, now let’s talk about something you’re all eager to know more about…Real Estate Points!  How do you get them?  What do they do?  And how the heck can you get more of them and fast?  Well, as always we’re here for you.  So let’s break it all down, with some tips and tricks you can use to earn more!


As always let’s start with some basics….

What Are Real Estate Points?

Real Estate Points look like this ico_heights_realestate_lg and think of them like XP (or even Event Currency).  You accumulate them for doing various tasks, builds, upgrades etc in Springfield Heights and in return you can unlock more character tasks, more upgrades, more decorations and earn prizes from Red Blazer Realty!

It Says I Need 1.5 million ico_heights_realestate_lg to unlock the next decoration, If I “Use” Them Do I Lose Them?

Nope, not at all.  Real Estate Points, unlike the other currency (ico_heights_furniture_lg ico_heights_coffee_lg ico_heights_smartdevice_lg ico_heights_yogamat_lg ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg ico_heights_goldawards_lg), are cumulative.  You will never “spend” them.  They’ll stay a cumulative total for the life of TSTO…so everything you do in Springfield Heights that earns Real Estate Points will continue to add to your Real Estate total for the life of TSTO.

What Do I Used Real Estate Points For? 

Real Estate Points are used for a couple of different things:
-To unlock new items in the store:

2015-07-23 16.36.27
Various items in the store will remain locked until you earn enough ico_heights_realestate_lg to unlock them.  Similar to XP in Springfield..how you’re required to be at a certain XP level before items in the store unlock.

-To unlock new character tasks at the currency buildings (Furniture Store, Coffee Shop, Institute of Tech, etc.) in Springfield Heights:

2015-07-23 16.38.06

Character tasks will be locked until you reach certain ico_heights_realestate_lg requirements….

-To earn new prizes from Red Blazer Realty:

2015-07-22 20.59.49

How Do I Earn Real Estate Points?

You’ll earn Real Estate Points by completing some questlines, buying items in the store and purchasing/upgrading Condos, Mansions, Office Buildings and Valet Parking.  (we’ll cover this all in detail in a bit)

So now that we’ve covered the basics.  Let’s break it down and give you some tips to earn more Real Estate Points at a decent rate, especially if you’re stuck.  

First thing I’m going to tell you…the Key to Earning More Real Estate Points is continuously spending/earning the Springfield Heights Currency  (ico_heights_furniture_lg ico_heights_coffee_lg ico_heights_smartdevice_lg ico_heights_yogamat_lg ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg ico_heights_goldawards_lg).  Earn it and spend it wisely.

For example…expanding your land won’t earn you any Real Estate Points BUT you should expand your land enough to unlock the currency buildings in Springfield Heights.  Be smart about it.  Don’t unlock all the land, just clear a short path to the next building.  Try to find the quickest route, ie the least about of currency required, to get there.

However, spending currency to buy items in the store and upgrade condos, mansions, etc WILL earn you more Real Estate Points.

So just be smart about what you spend and how you spend it.  Think before you tap.

So now, you’re stuck.  You’re at 750k ico_heights_realestate_lg but you need 1 million to progress, what do you do?

You’ve got a variety of options.

First you should know that Cookie Kwan as an 8hr task that will earn you 1,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg each time you complete it.

In addition to her task (and some stuff a little easier and quicker) you can purchase items in the store for Springfield Heights Currency.  (look at what each item costs and how many ico_heights_realestate_lg it pays out when purchased..there are some good deals)  Here’s a breakdown of what each item in the store (as of the first release…as I said EA will be adding more as the weeks progress) costs and earns in ico_heights_realestate_lg:

fancyfencese_menu  Fancy Fence– 10 ico_heights_furniture_lg (+1500 ico_heights_realestate_lg)

fancywall_menuFancy Wall- 15 ico_heights_furniture_lg (+3000ico_heights_realestate_lg)

mansionclassicpalm01_menuPalm Tree 1- 25 ico_heights_furniture_lg (4500 ico_heights_realestate_lg)

mansionclassicpalm02_menuPalm Tree 2- 25 ico_heights_furniture_lg (+4500 ico_heights_realestate_lg)

Small Plant- 5ico_heights_furniture_lg (+1000 ico_heights_realestate_lg)

Deluxe Cond0- 15 ico_heights_furniture_lg…can only have 10 in Spingfield Heights.. (+200k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

shpromenadegate_menuSpringfield Heights Gate- 50 ico_heights_furniture_lg (+75,000ico_heights_realestate_lg)

fancylamppost_menuFancy Lampost- 30 ico_heights_furniture_lg (+5000 ico_heights_realestate_lg)

bellagiofountain_transimageClassy Fountain-ico_heights_smartdevice_lg (+22.5K ico_heights_realestate_lg)

mansionclassicmainbuilding01_menuClassic Mansion- 10 ico_heights_coffee_lg (+300k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

fancyparkade01_menuValet Parking- 1o ico_heights_smartdevice_lg (requires 1.85 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+400K ico_heights_realestate_lg)

mansionmodernbigbuilding_menuModern Mansion- 25 ico_heights_coffee_lg (Requires 6.2 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+600K ico_heights_realestate_lg)

fancybusiness01_menuBusiness Center- 20 ico_heights_smartdevice_lg (Requires 3.75 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+500kico_heights_realestate_lg)

Classic Garden- 10 ico_heights_coffee_lg (Requires 1.85 Million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+30k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

fancytree_menuFancy Tree- 5ico_heights_yogamat_lg (Requires 2.5 Million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+15k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

Jet Ski- 200ico_heights_furniture_lg (Requires 3 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+300k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

Modern Awning-  50ico_heights_coffee_lg (Requires 6.2 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+150Kico_heights_realestate_lg)

goldenfancytree_menuFancy Gold Tree- 200ico_heights_furniture_lg(Requires 10 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+300k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

goldenpalmtree_menuGold Palm Tree- 150ico_heights_furniture_lg (Requires 8 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+200k ico_heights_realestate_lg)

Small Gold Plant- 100ico_heights_furniture_lg(Requires 8 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+150kico_heights_realestate_lg)

vineyard_menuVineyard- 5ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg (Requires 10 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+22.5K ico_heights_realestate_lg)

Gold Mailbox- 5ico_heights_goldawards_lg (Requires 28.2 million ico_heights_realestate_lg) (+37.5K ico_heights_realestate_lg)

The premium items also earn loads of ico_heights_realestate_lg.  Check them out in the store to see what they’ll earn. 

You’ll notice that a few of the items in the store are Condos, Mansions, Valet, Business Center etc. and they pay out a TON of ico_heights_realestate_lg. This is KEY.  My best advice for earning a TON of ico_heights_realestate_lg is to BUY BUY BUY the Condos, Mansions, Valet Parking, Business Centers etc.  You’re allow 10 of each per Springfield Heights.  They’re inexpensive, they earn you a TON of ico_heights_realestate_lg…oh and they can be upgraded to earn you even more ico_heights_realestate_lg.

Start with the Deluxe Condo, since it’s the first one you’ll be able to unlock and just start buying.  Each time you build one you’ll earn 200k ico_heights_realestate_lg (so for 10 of them that’s 2 million, JUST for buying them).  And upgrading will only earn you more.  Then move onto the Mansion and other items.  Each one will earn you more ico_heights_realestate_lg.

Let’s break it all down…

Note: You will need questlines to unlock these.  The questlines will trigger as you continue to complete the main questline.  So if it hasn’t trigger for you yet, DO NOT PANIC.  It just means you didn’t finish the right Springfield Heights questline yet in order to trigger it.  Just continue to progress through the questlines and eventually it’ll trigger. 

Starting with the Deluxe Condo..

fancycondo01_menu Costs: 15 ico_heights_furniture_lg
Build Time: 8hrs
Earned for Building: 200,000ico_heights_realestate_lg
Limit: 10/ Springfield Heights
Level Up Costs/Rewards:

Level Requires Points for Completing 
2 10ico_heights_furniture_lg 1ico_heights_coffee_lg 500Kico_heights_realestate_lg
3 40ico_heights_furniture_lg 25ico_heights_coffee_lg 1.1 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg
4 75ico_heights_coffee_lg 25ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 3.1 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg
5 60ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 25ico_heights_yogamat_lg 7.1 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg

Next up the Classic Mansion:


Costs: 10 ico_heights_coffee_lg
Build Time: 8hrs
Earned for Building: 300,000ico_heights_realestate_lg
Limit: 10/ Springfield Heights
Needed to Unlock: Getting Classy Pt. 1
Level Up Costs/Rewards:

Level Requires Points for Completing 
2 25ico_heights_coffee_lg 15ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 750Kico_heights_realestate_lg
3 50ico_heights_coffee_lg 25ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 1.64 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg
4 75ico_heights_coffee_lg 50ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 4.63 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg
5 75ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 75ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg 10.6 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg

The next option to unlock will be Valet Parking:


Costs: 10 ico_heights_smartdevice_lg
Build Time: 8hrs
Earned for Building: 400,000ico_heights_realestate_lg
Limit: 10/ Springfield Heights
Needed to Unlock: 1.85 million ico_heights_realestate_lg and Show-vroom Pt. 1
Level Up Costs/Rewards:

Level Requires Points for Completing 
2 20ico_heights_coffee_lg 20ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 1 millionico_heights_realestate_lg
3 30ico_heights_coffee_lg 30ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 2.2 millionico_heights_realestate_lg
4 30ico_heights_smartdevice_lg80ico_heights_yogamat_lg 6.2 millionico_heights_realestate_lg
5 40ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg 80ico_heights_yogamat_lg 14.2 millionico_heights_realestate_lg

Next on our list is the Business Center:


Costs: 20 ico_heights_smartdevice_lg
Build Time: 8hrs
Earned for Building: 500,000ico_heights_realestate_lg
Limit: 10/ Springfield Heights
Needed to Unlock: 3.75 million ico_heights_realestate_lg and Above the Clouds of Springfield Pt. 1
Level Up Costs/Rewards:

Level Requires Points for Completing 
2 25ico_heights_coffee_lg 20ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 1.25 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg
3 50ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 25ico_heights_yogamat_lg 2.75 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg
4 50ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg 25ico_heights_yogamat_lg 7.75 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg
5 125ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg 50ico_heights_goldawards_lg 17.75 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg

And finally (at least for now) we have the Modern Mansion:


Costs: 25 ico_heights_coffee_lg
Build Time: 8hrs
Earned for Building: 600,000ico_heights_realestate_lg
Limit: 10/ Springfield Heights
Needed to Unlock: 6.2 million ico_heights_realestate_lg and My Cubical Dream Pt. 1
Level Up Costs/Rewards:

Level Requires Points for Completing 
2 50ico_heights_coffee_lg 20ico_heights_yogamat_lg 1.5 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg
3 25ico_heights_coffee_lg 30ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg 3.29 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg
4 30ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg 15ico_heights_goldawards_lg 9.26 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg
5 30ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg 20ico_heights_goldawards_lg 21.19 Millionico_heights_realestate_lg

So basically…Condo, Mansion, Valet, Business Center Farm.  Get as many as you can and yield as many ico_heights_realestate_lg from each as you can.  That’s the best (and quickest) way to earn more ico_heights_realestate_lg.

The downside?  Each one takes 8hrs to build.   But as long as you continue to grind currency you’ll be able to continuously upgrade and earn more ico_heights_realestate_lg to unlock more tasks and prizes!

And there you have it my friends…the details behind Real Estate Points and how to earn them quickly when you’re stuck!  Follow the methods above and you won’t be stuck for very long!

What are your thoughts on Real Estate Points?  Have you been farming for them already?  Are you spending your currency wisely or just buying everything you can?  What are your thoughts on Springfield Heights so far?  Are you taking your time, or rushing through it?


262 responses to “Springfield Heights 101: Maximizing Real Estate Points

  1. I seem to have maxed out all my buildings even tho I’m nowhere near the allocated number. For example I can only get 5 business centers, 1 island etc. I’m still $40 million to M reaching the $1b and the only things available in the store are eg tennis court & exotic pond. I’ve reachex out to EA Help but they told me I should trawl the forums. Hopefully someone here can shed some light! Thanks!

  2. I only can buy 1 parking lot and one business centre
    They are no more avaiable in the market
    How is it possible?

  3. Number 1 can make coffee cups in a 2 hr job, do any other characters make Heights goods?

  4. Am buying real estate like the classic mansions, but when I upgrade I get the building add-on’s which take up alot of space. Can I store the add-on’s in inventory without reducing my real estate $$$ amount?

    • You can store them…yes. Store – No penalty…except for earning power.

      • Thanks! More land to put purchases! ☺️

      • Hello, what does “except for earning power” mean? And can we store everything the game allows to store and just place it again when the game asks for it? Like, a building, add-ons or not, is not required for my taste and is not required for a task (like upgrade to level…). So, if I store it, I lose and miss nothing of the progress (like real estate points) that I need for Springfield Heights, because, when the time comes, that a building is needed for a quest/upgrade, the game will tell me, so I just can place it again for the time it takes to solve the new quest / do the required upgrade, correct? 🙂

        • What I mean, is that a building, when placed in your town, earns money/XP/ and may or may not have a bonus earning percentage that multiplies all earnings. If it is in storage, it yields nothing, and may reduce your multiplier %. The rest of what you posted is fine. You cam pull/place at will with no detriment, as long as a building isn’t needed for a task.

  5. I have upgraded everything! All the parking, business centers… blah, ALL THAT. And I’m stuck at 876 million. The only way for me to make more real estate income is by making docks, benches, tennis courts or pier railings. Which only gain less the 10,000k a piece. I STILL HAVE OVER 100 MILLION LEFT. There’s nothing left for me to do besides clear land and just farm 100,000 tennis courts. If you have any tips please let me know bc this is bullshit

  6. I’ve upgraded all my buildings, bought a load of extra estate earning bits but still at least £50m away from finishing. How do I reach 1 billion?!?

  7. How much does the points go up to 2 billion or more? Because once all buildings get upgraded when you buy more items and cookie kwan 8 hour task, would they all still give real estate points?

  8. I finished all the upgrade quests, and now I can’t upgrade anymore private islands or deluxe condos. Anyone else have this problem, or know how to fix this?

  9. My store no longer carries any of the “big ticket” Springfield Heights builds (specifically both the classic and modern mansions. So, I am stalled at 838 million. Is anyone else having this issue? I have abundant SH currency but there is nothing left in the store for me to spend it on other than ornate pier railings or the similar small items.

    • Have you upgraded all your buildings? You can get 10 of each: classic mansion, modern mansion, condos, parking garage, office building… and upgrading them to Level 5 should get you past the billion mark.

      • No, I haven’t because the mansions are not available in my store anymore. I have only two of each. All the other structures I have maxed out on numbers and upgrades but not being able to buy additional ones has left me stalled. Literally the only SH items for purchase in the store are the tiny decorations for the ornate pier.

  10. pra que serve o metal reciclado ?

    • Not sure what you’re asking. Tried to translate this with google but it only said “to serving the recycled metal?”. Hopefully we can help you out.

    • El metal reciclado es para intercambiarlo por rieles para el monorail (tren). Despues de 5 intercambios te dan 5 donas. si eres nuevo no lo tienes ya que fue un evento limitado y no hay manera de comprarlo.

  11. Sorta stuck at at $350 million. Any suggestions on how to hit $500 milion and higher?

  12. I buy the promade gates. For 50 couches you get 75k real estate. I must have dozens in my inventory

  13. I stopped buying decorations at 1.4 billion. I have a ton of small gold plants. They make a nice road median alternated with bonsai.

    I wish I could extend the monorail into sh through the tunnel or over the boardwalk.

    • Erik Eastham eeastham

      I’m pretty sure we all wish that. Why those tracks can be placed in lakes but not the ocean is beyond me. Get this fixed tapped out and I’m sure plenty of us would spend precious donuts on a heights monorail station.

  14. So how do I ACTUALLY get sh?????
    At what level or was it an event?? Because it’s still on my map but I can’t click on it, I have expanded to the sh sign and I can click on the furniture store and it makes a sound. (And the coffee shop + pharmacy)

  15. I’m having an issue accessing the SH store. I want to buy things with couches and coffee cups to help my real estate points go up. But the only time the SH store comes up is when I have a quest to buy something (like the parking lot or condo). When I go to the regular store I can only buy buildings with Springfield money or donuts. No items with couches or coffee cups show up. I feel like this was really confusing but I need help (:

  16. I have been sitting atop the SH Leader Board for a long time. Is there any benefit to being number one? I have 1,250,188,000 points. That ought to be worth a bonut or two.

    • No bonuts… just whatever feeling being up there give you plus the extra character. I will never get there because I refuse to upgrade all my buidings without the option of picking what each looks like. Maybe some day.

      • i made the mistake of upgrading all of my condos to level 5, but thanks to the SH building glitch, i was able to get rid of ALL of them and rebuild/clone the levels i wanted. i also used the building glitch on the classic and modern mansions, not only for the hidden xp bonus, but also because those were the ones i could level up (and thus build up sh points) without altering their appearance. seems like the glitch still exists, at least to some extent, as i stored a level 5 classic mansion recently and had it turn into a level 5 condo after i did some neighbor visits. maybe you can get that working in your favor, if you are so inclined…

        • Nah… I don’t really NEED a Hilton clone in my town.

          • bro you’re #32 on my leaderboard, you know you want that feeling that being up there gives you! 😉 i’m at 17 myself, so i wouldn’t know either…. we should ask maborder, who is #1 on my list by almost 100mil, followed by trillspots and some people that i don’t think comment on here.

  17. Hiya,

    I know we’re in the middle of the Halloween event, but I’ve been having some issues with SH and was wondering if anyone else has come across them. I currently have 10 Deluxe Condos built (2 at each level). When making space in my town, I placed half on them in my inventory but now they are stuck there / grayed out with a message below that says ” *Formula Req” Additionally, in the build menu, I can build more Deluxe Condos for only 2 chairs, and the limit counter ( x / 10 ) isn’t there.

    Any ideas?


  18. Once in springfield heights, my business building was lit up and I could see shadows in it working. I don’t know how I did that. Does anyone know how to activate it?

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