Springfield Heights 101: Furniture & Coffee Shop

Hey there Hoppereenos!

With the New Springfield Heights in our games, there are a lot of lil details that I am sure many of your are trying to figure out.

One of those being the “Storage” Capacity and Character Tasks that take place within the New Buildings. Tasks to help you gain Material Items needed to unlock New Land as well as other Buildings.

In this post I will breaking down 2 of the first New Buildings. Furniture & Coffee Shops.


First up, some Basic details.

Land: You are going to have to work at this. That is fine. It is meant to take a LONG time as it is here to stay. Much like Squidport. No rush needed. So it may take you some time to earn the appropriate items, gain Storage, gain Materials, gain Real Estate… all to be able to unlock the Land surrounding the following Buildings. To get an idea of the shortest/cheapest route to go in order to get to each one, use the Land Map Guide.

You can find the Land Map in the post HERE.

You can find some tips to gain Real Estate HERE


Now on to the Buildings…


To get to the Furniture Shop, you will have to start the New Questline and get to the point where Springfield Heights is Unlocked and the Furniture Shop can be accessed. Springfield Heights Pt. 3.


Now that you have access to the Furniture Shop, the collection of Furniture can begin. Here are some Basic Stats…

Starting Storage Capability: 20 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg

Characters Available to Unlock: Homer, Otto, Mrs Krabappel, Ned Flanders, Rev Lovejoy, Luigi

Starting Characters (Unlocked with Building): Homer, Mrs. Krabappel, Otto

Task Time: 30 Seconds


As you can see, these Tasks will go really fast. So you can have a LOT of Furniture done in no time at all just by the few you start with. My suggestion is to first invest in a Deluxe Condo so you can Unlock Ned too as soon as you can.

Speaking of, let’s look at the Break Down for WHAT you will need to Unlock each Character to be able to use them in the Furniture Shop too. The more you Unlock, the higher the Storage goes up, the more you can progress in the game (as you will need those higher amounts for Land, Buildings, Decos, etc).


Character Task Time Reward Unlock Requirement Storage Increased By
Homer Test Bean Bag Chairs 30secs 1ico_heights_furniture_lg 1XP Unlock Furniture Shop ~
Otto Buy Imported “Water Pipe” 30secs 2ico_heights_furniture_lg 2XP Unlock Furniture Shop ~
Mrs. Krabappel Look For Handy Men 30secs 1ico_heights_furniture_lg 1XP Unlock Furniture Shop ~
Ned Flanders Sneak Bibles Into Drawers 30secs 1ico_heights_furniture_lg 1XP 200K ico_heights_realestate_lg & 2ico_heights_furniture_lg 30 (50 Total)
Rev Lovejoy Pickup Bible Donations 30secs 1ico_heights_furniture_lg 1XP 1Mico_heights_realestate_lg & Flanders Unlocked & 10 ico_heights_furniture_lg 4ico_heights_coffee_lg 50 (100 Total)
Luigi Steal-a Meatballs 30secs 1ico_heights_furniture_lg 1XP 2.25Mico_heights_realestate_lg & Lovejoy Unlocked & 20ico_heights_coffee_lg 10ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 100 (200 Total)

As you can see, some of the items required to just Unlock the Characters Tasks will come from other Buildings. Just more to show you that this will take time. Unlocking Land, Upgrading, Unlocking Buildings, and Earning Materials. 



The Shortest/Cheapest way to get to the Coffee Shop is purchase the plot of Land ABOVE the Furniture Shop for 3 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg. Then you will need an additional 10 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg to Unlock the Land under the Coffee Shop. So, save up 13 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg to access it.

Coffe Shop Map

FYI: I looked at this way as an overall… as the 3 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg Land patch needs to be unlocked to go to Institute of Technology & Pharm-ER John too (see bottom of post for next Building). So it can be done now… or later… but it will still need to be unlocked eventually to get to the other Buildings. If you were ONLY going to Coffee Shop then you can use the free space. I looked at it as all Buildings as a whole. 😉


Now that it is Unlocked, let’s look at the Basic Stats…

Starting Storage Capability: 10 Latteico_heights_coffee_lg

Characters Available to Unlock: Squeaky Voice Teen, Comic Book Guy, Mr. Burns, Lisa, Grampa Abe, Legs

Starting Characters (Unlocked with Building): Squeaky Voice Teen, Comic Book Guy

Task Time: 2 Minutes


This one has some pretty short tasks as well. So do as many as you can to keep gaining the amounts to continue going. In the meantime, let’s take a look at WHAT you will need to Unlock the Character Tasks in the Coffee Shop. The more you Unlock, the higher the Storage goes up, the more you can progress in the game (as you will need those higher amounts for Land, Buildings, Decos, etc).


Character Task Time Reward Unlock Requirement Storage Increased By
Squeaky Voice Teen Clean Espresso Machine 2m 2ico_heights_coffee_lg 3XP Unlock Coffee Shop ~
Comic Book Guy Binge-Watch TV on Free WiFi 2m 1ico_heights_coffee_lg 2XP Unlock Coffee Shop ~
Burns Buy Gold Flecked Latte Macchiato 2m 1ico_heights_coffee_lg 2XP Unlock Coffee Shop & 750K ico_heights_realestate_lg & 5ico_heights_furniture_lg 10 (20 Total)
Lisa Recite Poetry for Annoyed Patrons 2m 1ico_heights_coffee_lg 2XP 1Mico_heights_realestate_lg & Mr Burns Unlocked & 15ico_heights_furniture_lg 4ico_heights_coffee_lg 30 (50 Total)
Grampa Abe Try To Order Plain Black Coffee 2m 1ico_heights_coffee_lg 2XP 2.25Mico_heights_realestate_lg & Lisa Unlocked & 40ico_heights_furniture_lg  5ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 50 (100 Total)
Legs Review Latest Work in Obituaries 2m 1ico_heights_coffee_lg 2XP 2.85Mico_heights_realestate_lg & Grampa Unlocked & 50ico_heights_furniture_lg 20ico_heights_smartdevice_lg 100 (200 Total)

As you can see, some of the items required to just Unlock the Characters Tasks will come from other Buildings. Just more to show you that this will take time. Unlocking Land, Upgrading, Unlocking Buildings, and Earning Materials. 



You are going to need the Smart Devicesico_heights_smartdevice_lg next, so I would suggest to start heading over towards the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology.

The Shortest/Cheapest way to get to the Institute of Technology is to purchase the plot of Land ABOVE the Furniture Shop for 3 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg. Then once you got the Coffee Shop Unlocked, go the opposite way to the 6 Latteico_heights_coffee_lgPlot. Then up into the Institute of Technology for 6 Latteico_heights_coffee_lg.

Institute of Technology Map


There you have it. An overview of what you can do as soon as you Unlock a Building along with what to look forward to as you progress through Springfield Heights. Just take your time. No hurry. Enjoy the New Area.

What do you think of all this? How many Buildings have you unlocked? How many Characters? Like that they used mostly Freemium Characters for tasks and just a few Premiums? Let us know.


160 responses to “Springfield Heights 101: Furniture & Coffee Shop

  1. My furniture storage is full. How can i use the furniture up?

  2. To get debrus and stuff click homer and or lisa and have them do it. It gives you 30$+xp+ its only 6 seconds.

  3. Bonjour a tous voila j’aimerais achète otto mais depuis que je lais gagner avec les mission noël avec le train je ne le voix plus a lâcha avec les donus pour le débloqué complètement pourrie vous m’aider svp merci.

  4. How do i get rid of debris in Springfield heights ?

    • Do you mean the little bushes and stuff that some of the land in Springfield Heights has on it when you buy it? If so, just store it in inventory, like anything else you don’t want to have out in your town.

  5. What are the requirements to order a sea salted latte with the sea captain

  6. Hello,

    It seems like the Springfield Heights thing is old news, but I’m still obsessed 🙂 I’m trying to find out if more special characters can add items while not necessarily working the shop (so like to get coffee our typical guys work in the coffee shop and get their rewards, but “The Number 1” can earn coffee by working in the ski lodge for an hour. Can anyone else do a job like this? Say, earn pharma by visiting the hospital or something?

    • All I can think of is Number One, the stuff you can earn from the Googolplex, and then the pills from the chili cauldron. Cookie Kwan earns towards your money level but not resources also.

  7. Cynthia Geddings

    I am trying to finish my daily quest. I need 80 furniture and I’m maxed out in furniture any idea where I can get rid of it?

  8. I recently blow up my Springfield and starting placing every thing back, when I go to the furniture store it won’t let my characters do any building, it says I need to unlock more storage, it’s says I have 1/0 chairs at the top, any ideas on how to solve this, all the others are are at full capacity and I’ve unlock all the land and my value is £481.73 mil, because of this problem I’m unable to continue with this part of the game

  9. My storage seems to be at capacity some times for the furniture and coffee shops so I send the characters on other non-SH tasks and then all of a sudden my storage is under capacity. I can’t figure out what is doing this, I haven’t purchased anything with furniture or lattes when this happens!

  10. I’ve gotten to a point where it wants me to purchase a decoration with yoga mats but there are no decorations available for purchase with yoga mats!!

  11. I’ve been sending Comic Book Guy to get Lattes all day, and yet I haven’t gone up from a total of 5 Lattes. Is this something that’s been happening a lot?

  12. Ok. This is the dumbest, stupidest thing I’ve seen yet. I need 3 lattes to upgrade the mansion but I can’t make anymore because it says my storage is full and to either get storage or spend resources. I can’t spend anything and I can’t increase storage because to increase storage, if I’m understanding it correctly, I need to get the real estate value to a higher level by upgrading which will in turn unlock an additional characters da increase storage. So how can I increase the storage if I can’t spend the resources needed ? This is ridiculous

  13. OK stop me if this has been covered before, but I couldn’t find it anywhere… Am I the only one having a constant problem with Otto returning to the furniture shop to restart the task? When I collect, and then go to send everybody back, this stoned out bus driver wanders aimlessly around the building for 5-6 seconds before finding his way back in the door he just came out of. I like to keep the furniture going and knock out a lot real quick in between collecting from my normal town. Otto gets out of sync with the others and messes it all up! Anyone else have issues with this “dude”?

    • Yup… problem is he celebrates after finishing the task and if you don’t wait the 3 seconds or so for him to be done, he gets distracted. If you wait, he’ll sync right up with everyone.

      • Grampa Simpson has the same issue after finishing order a black coffee, if you wait for him to stop looking around for a couple seconds he doesn’t have a pathing problem like Otto.

        Thanks The Wookie you helped me figure this out for Otto and Grampa going out of sync every time 🙂

  14. Under Heights Theater, i can’t seem to unlock Agnes. I have enough points, but says: Requires Krusty’s Slot. Can anyone tell me what that is, or how i require it ??

  15. Will any of the characters be able to work in more than one building? For example, would any characters be able to do tasks at both the Coffee Shop and the Theater. I don’t think this is the case, but I thought I’d at least ask anyway so that we can strategize which building we need them in most.

  16. how long will the springfield heights addition be available, or is this a permanent addition to the game?

  17. First impressions are that they’ve got the furniture and the coffee the wrong way round.
    I’m getting too much furniture but never have enough coffee.
    After building 8 jet-skis yesterday, built from surplus furniture, I now have only 2 people getting furniture and that’s enough. But it feels like even 100 people getting coffee wouldn’t be enough.

    • By the way, yesterday I played like a true addict, but there’s no way anyone could play like that every day. I think I’ll be ignoring SH most of the time, just working on it when I have a day where I can devote many consecutive hours to dull, repetitive tapping.

      The advice to “take it slow” simply won’t work. The amount of coffee needed to increase storage, upgrade buildings, buy land and use to get other items is totally mind-blowing. If you’re a “log in once a day to collect, fire and forget” player, SH will cause you to tear your hair out, have a breakdown and quit the game. And that’s a best-case scenario!

      If you’re a “take it slow” kind of player, my advice would be to ignore Springfield Heights completely. I can’t see how it could work for you.

      • Keep playing – it does seem to work out. Play SH when you have some time to do some mindless tapping, like when you’re watching TV or something. I’m still way behind most folks (84th on my leaderboard), but I can see how it really does work out as you go along. (BTW, I’m doing fine with coffee cups right now…it’s mobile phones I’m currently struggling to accumulate!)

  18. Anybody know how to add storage to LA BodyWorks ? I can only get Moe to max out at 10 but need 15 to get the Pharm.

  19. Unlocking Lisa also requires 1M real estate currency.

  20. The only problem I have with the new stuff is whatever you call the upper left hand thingy where you can get your characters to to things. (Sorry. Brain dead right now). If one of my heights building wants attention, I can’t skip it to get to my characters. Really frustrating. I don’t have the resources right now to get oscars so the icon for it never leaves and I’m back trying to hunt down my springfielders old school to get them working. Non-character icons should have their own pop-up thing and not be mixed in the character one.

    • The icon only shows up if there’s something to collect or if there’s a character free who can work in that building, so it’s a good indicator that there’s something to pay attention to. But if you tap the icon twice it’ll scroll past this building to the next character/building task in the queue – one tap on the icon takes you to the building and a second tap on the icon should take you to the next task needing attention (the character tasks usually). Unless you have to collect from the building. Then it’s three taps (first to collect, second to open, third to move to next).

    • That’s rubbish for you. Makes it impossible, I bet.
      I’ve suffered many, many times from accidentally selecting characters instead of buildings and ended up inadvertently sending them on jobs. A separate icon to toggle through SH stores would stop that too.
      I’m sure they’ll do it at some point, but I guess it won’t be imminent!

  21. All the building upgrades need coffee and there’s no way to make enough without being on the game for hours. I liked the heights at first but losing its appeal fast.

    • I found that after grinding on this a few days you get to the point where you are spending furniture & smart devices on decos because you are at max, so it gets easier because you can focus on getting the other items to upgrade real estate without having to constantanty churn out more latte and SDs. For example, I’m focused on upgrading my office complex so I make as many trophies as I need (which require pills) and then stop making more while I work on getting the pills I needs while occasionally making more furniture, SDs, Matt’s and latte. Hope this makes sense, but since this is not a timed event, I’m grinding a lot less and enjoying this more. Otherwise, I think it would be easy for anyone to burn out trying to keep up.

  22. 30s furniture tasks is the only way to get them?! that’s friggin stupid. what am I supposed to spend 50 hours sending people to do 30s tasks all the time?? should I quit my job? why not add longer tasks for more furniture? many people do not spend hours straight playing but rather pop in for 10 minutes a few times a day to set characters to task..these players get screwed by the current setup

    • I find the best thing to do is build furniture while watching a show so you don’t have to concentrate on the game.

    • Honestly, after one day of playing I realise that the furniture isn’t the painful bit. Just wait until it dawns on you how much coffee you need.

    • Relax – you can still play for just 10 minutes here and there. First of all, you can amass the maximum amount of furniture in that time. Second, it looks like, after a while, you don’t need furniture to progress (or at least not too often). Third, this isn’t a timed event, it’s an expansion, so you can play it as slowly as you want.

      I’m 84th on my leaderboard, partly because I didn’t start SH until I was forced to upgrade and partly because I’ve wanted a bit of a break after the last event, so I’m not playing as hard as I would during an event or something (I’m mostly doing SH tasks while I’m sitting around watching TV or something), and I’m okay with that, because this isn’t really a race. I’ll get there when I get there (wherever ” there” is), and won’t let myself get frenzied into playing in a way that I’m not in the mood for right now. So, just play how YOU want to and relax, okay?

  23. I also am not liking this event. When you upgrade a mansion of some sort they just keep giving you things that aren’t necessary. I upgraded my modern mansion to level three and got frustrated because of it. I end up putting it all in. Storage and it is even wasting space there!

  24. I noticed that when i log out and come back one of my latte is gone. I haven’t spent it (only up to 20 storage). When I log in I only have 19. Has anyone else noticed this?

  25. Just started the whole thing up in my B-Game, and saw that you missed something in your list: to unlock Burns in the Coffee Shop, you need at least 700.000 real estate points, and for Lisa 1 million. You only listed the furniture / latte requirement.

  26. Hey guys I haven’t seen it mentioned so I thought I’d give you the heads up. After years of being maxed out ion the boardwalk there are new pieces available! Just click on the squidport arch. It looks like the new piece is going to take 3 days to be available but after all this time it’s worth the wait.

  27. Am I the only one not liking this event? I’m really considering quitting, the grinding is killing me. No fun at all. 🙁

    • There’s no need to grind because it’s not really an “event” – there’s no time limit or end date. Just play SH when you’re sitting around watching TV or something and, the rest of the time, do the regular Springfield stuff.

  28. Lol. I just started because I was trying get my last net from event which I’d I wish the task time was 10 mins instead of 30 secs lol I have other games I play on my Ps 4 hehe

  29. Does anyone know if buying Disco Stu increases storage? (Aka, is there a shortcut to buying the pharmacy?)
    TIA! 🙂

    • No. See the list above. Only unlocking a set Character specific for that location in a specific unlock spot has any impact on storage. Nothing else will change it. Premium just adds extra “helping hands” for the Tasks.

  30. I’m liking this event, but I wish the various Springfield Heights tasks for characters would show up in the character task menu. For example, when I click on Homer to see his task list, it should show me his Furniture Shop task. The way it’s setup now, it’s like the task belongs to the building rather than to the character. If this were a timed event, I’d be going nuts. Since it’s here for the long haul, though, I’m OK with it.

    I also used some donuts I’d been saving up to buy Bumblebee Man, which I’d been thinking about for a while. I was debating between him and Otto. But since Otto’s SH tasks is in the Furniture Shop, and furniture is the SH equivalent of the Brown House, I opted for Bumblebee Man. Plus he adds a 24-hour task at the Channel 6 Studio, which is nice.

    • Plus I love some of Bumblebee Man’s lines, especially, “Dios no me ama!” (I feel that way, too, sometimes, lol!)

      • I love Bumblebee Man – my favourite is the ‘woodpeckero’ bit. It’s how I speak Spanish!

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