The Great Donut Caper: Missing Donuts and Other Issues with Springfield Heights

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with another bug/glitch report for TSTO…this time related to the Springfield Heights update.  Because one centralized placed where you guys can report your issues and see that you’re not alone in them…is better than issues scattered all over various posts…and feeling like you’re the only one with the problem.  🙂

Before we get into it just a note, yesterday I went over some issues that were happening since Tap Ball was removed, some of these are still going on.  So if you don’t see your issue covered in this post, try checking out yesterdays crash report post to see if it’s covered there.  (You can view yesterday’s post here)

So now, let’s tackle some of the common issues we’re seeing popup since Springfield Heights hit our towns including (but not limited to): missing donuts, land errors, missing currency and more!  So let’s dive in shall we?


Let’s start with the big one…MISSING DONUTS!


There are LOADS of reports from you guys in the comments about your donuts going missing since the launch of Springfield Heights.  And from what I understand EA is inundated with complaints about the missing donuts.  Good.  Keep flooding them. The more reports they get, the quicker it’ll get resolved.

So here’s the deal with the missing donuts….yes they’re really missing. No you’re not going crazy.  EA IS aware of the situation and is currently working on a patch for it.  Hopefully the patch will hit in 24-48hrs.  In the meantime I still recommend contacting them and letting them know what’s happened in your game, just in case the patch doesn’t work at least there’s proof you contacted them.

So basically you’ve got two options at this point:  1- Contact EA (which I recommend doing) or 2- Do nothing and wait till the patch hits.

You can contact EA here


Land Error


Some of you are reporting seeing this message in your game (or some version of it): “Land Error Contact Support”.

If this happens to you first try uninstalling/restarting your device/reinstalling TSTO.  See if this helps clear it (could just be a bad file).  If that doesn’t work, you’ve got to do what the message says and Contact EA.

We have seen a few reports of this, so if you’re getting it you’re not alone.  But from what we can see you do have to contact EA to get it cleared.

You can contact EA here


Missing Springfield Heights Currency
One of these (ico_heights_furniture_lg ico_heights_coffee_lg ico_heights_smartdevice_lg ico_heights_yogamat_lg ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg ico_heights_goldawards_lg)

Seeing reports from a few of you that you’re randomly missing Springfield Heights Currency.  You’ll have 200, not buy anything and then be down to 180.

If this is happening to you…stop and think for a minute.  Ask yourself if you’ve recently crafted Smart Devices.  Each Smart Device you craft requires 2ico_heights_furniture_lg and 1ico_heights_coffee_lg.  So if you’ve recently acquired some smart devices…that could be why your currency has gone missing.

IF you don’t have any smart devices, heck if you haven’t unlocked the Springfield Institute of Technology…then stop and think if you recently unlocked a character to complete the task to get items.  Remember after the initial 1-2 characters in each building it requires Springfield Heights Currency to unlock more.  So that could also be where it’s going.

IF you don’t have an smart devices, if you haven’t recently unlocked any new characters to get currency…then contact EA.

You can contact EA here

Sending Characters on Currency Earning Tasks And Not Getting the Right Payout In Return

Seeing reports from a few of you that you send characters on a currency earning task that should yield 5 (for example) coffees, and you’re bank is only increasing by 3.

If this is happening to you follow the same procedures for the missing currency above…check to see if you created any smart devices or unlocked any new characters inbetween the time waiting for the currency task to complete.

IF you don’t have an smart devices, if you haven’t recently unlocked any new characters to get currency…then contact EA.

You can contact EA here

FPs Missing from Clearing Handshakes

Handshake Tab     

Seeing reports from a few of you, and noticing in my own town, that when you tap on handshakes in your town they’re not dropping FPs (Friend Point FP) like the used to.

First, it’s not every building.  Some buildings are still awarding them, but it is most of them.  Not sure if this is a permanent change or just a bug that’ll get fixed with the next download.

For now my recommendation is to just sit tight with it and see what happens.  But if it’s really bugging you contact EA.

You can contact EA here

I Can No Longer Spray Paint A Neighbor

Spray Can Icon Tagged Spray Can Mop Icon

It’s not just you.  It looks like, at least for now, Vandalism Actions have been disabled.  So you can no longer Spray Paint Moe’s, Town Hall or Springfield Elementary.

I have a feeling this has something to do with a vandalizing glitch that caused games to crash.  So I have a feeling it will come back up eventually.  So for now just sit tight…


And that my friends completes the first Springfield Heights Glitch/Bug report.  The biggest issue is those missing donuts, and I can assure you they’re working no restoring them!  So let’s hope they’re back soon!

Have you experienced any of these bugs?  Did you contact EA or just waiting to see what happens?  Any other bugs you’re seeing not covered here?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

386 responses to “The Great Donut Caper: Missing Donuts and Other Issues with Springfield Heights

  1. Last night my store of 140 gym mats disappeared. I didn’t use them.

  2. How do I get Springfield heights?

  3. Hi! Not sure if I missed this somewhere, but did the Springfield Heights items available for purchase go away? (ie options to purchase palm trees with chairs is gone) I’m at level 60, there are just a few random decorations I can purchase with pills and trophies. Thanks!

    • Expand your menu…you’ll see the SH icon, looks like the SH brick sign. That’s where they are

      • Hi. I still can’t see it. Just wanted to clarify that I’m in the right place: click on the icon with the hammer and saw, then in that screen it says ‘the store’ at the top, if you scroll to the right there should be something you can click on to go to Springfield Heights. That’s how it used to be for me, but it’s gone now. Maybe it’s an EA issue? Thanks for your help!

        • Hit the arrow next to the icons on the left. That’ll expand the store, from there click on the SH icon

        • You’re not in the right place…you need to go to where you were, but, instead of scrolling right, tap the yellow arrow (between the icons on the left and the area you were scrolling in) to open up the categories view of the store. The Springfield Heights icon is the last one on the right in the top row.

  4. I had 69 donuts and I did not buy anything but they were brought down to 48 and I can’t speed any jobs up please help

  5. Hello. I’ve been missing doughnuts and was just directed to this site. I am 20 short. How can I have this resolved.

    Thank you,

  6. I just started this event yesterday. Today I should have earned the flying car. The task “Real Estate Mogul Pt. 2” says “Reach 25M Real Estate 25M/25M Done!” but also “Place Flying Car 0/1” then a blank space. No “Do it” or anything.

    Tapping on Red Blazer Realty, it says I have 28.3M (ish) / 25M, and the blue bar has just continued on and gone over the side of the popup window. I’ve met the requirements, it just hasn’t unlocked, and the blue bar seems to be just going up and up.

    I’ve contacted EA but I just wondered if this was a common issue or if anybody knew of a fix?

  7. I keep getting the notification for new neighbours, however, they are not showing up anywhere else.. I can’t access their towns and do not have any friend requests showing. Any thoughts??

  8. Unrelated to the Springfield Heights update, but has anyone else had the issue (iOS device, or other) of TSTO not responding to taps on the screen? Occasionally I cannot tap on anything, drag the screen, or even touch notifications from other apps that come down from the top of my screen. Sometimes flipping the device 180 degrees fixes it, sometimes it doesn’t. I usually end up closing the whole app and re-opening it and then it’s fixed. More of a nuisance than anything, but wanted to know if others see it too. FYI – this has yet to occur on ANY other app on my phone; only TSTO gives me this. I suppose I’ll submit a bug to EA to see if they’ll address it?

  9. Nothing of the Basics Wortes. The Problem stays the Same on all my devices! 🙁

  10. I have a huge Problem going on: All(!!!!) the Houses including their characters in about the top right quarter of my springfield are missing and back in the Shop. There I would have to buy and Build them again including the Premium buildings! Anybody Else hacking this problem?!

    • Even worse: now I noticed that its not only the buildings but including 95% of the decoration in that top right quarter too!!! So it has just left the streets and pavement there and nearly everything else is gone!

    • Try some basics to see if they will go back. If not, contact EA

      • Hmm, I’ve been trying to connect with EA for 6 days; I get through the online chat portion where someone decided to escalate the situation, receive an email from a specialist, verifying if problem still exists and instructing me to reply to his email, which I do only to receive the message that their mailbox is full and to try again. I’ve tried and tried to resend again and again now over five days and still get the same message that their mailboxes are full. Needless to say my problem is not at all being addressed, please advice.

      • Thanks Bunny… But I’ve chatted with the chat line numerous time through my open ticket. I’ve copy and pasted my non receivable email text into the chat line, and the chat person has said will forward that text to a specialist, I then get an email from a new specialist asking to hit reply, and again their emails are full, I’ve done this three times now…. Seems something is not working at EA at least this week.

  11. Can anybody help me, I paid for a boatload and tray of donuts which hasn’t payed out yet, tried restarting my game and tablet. Tried to contact EA, but I’m not American so I am having trouble getting through… If anybody has an email for EA, maybe that would help.

    Add me on Origin; sebestamatt

  12. New information, Pt3. was able to clean up the dumped garbage in my Springfield any place except the Nucular Reactor. tapping on any of those three elements would immediately crash the game, so I tried shutting down the iPad, nope still same problem, I finally boxed it all up and then replaced it, I’m happy to say the issue is fixed by this.

    Although my first question still stands about he limit caps on friend blueprint interactions, as I am still not gaining any from dumping garbage in friends towns.

  13. Hey there me again, Looks like my game is now crashing when I try to clean up my town. This just started. out of no where.

  14. I bought two classic mansion. Tried to buy a third one but seems to have disappeared from the store. I though we are allowed 10 of them.

  15. More info, I just hit Friend level 5* (Its level 6 sorry) and was awarded Stampy. After I got the Stampy notification, I noticed this started to happen.

    Also I had already made the daily challenge in my Springfield before I started. and got Stampy.

  16. Not sure about this, but I’m level 18 and have ben visiting neighbors for the extra blueprints, except now they have stopped giving me extra blueprints. I can still dump trash and get FP from that, but no extra blueprints are bing awarded for that. Is there a cap on this too?

    More info, I just hit Friend level 5 and was awarded Stampy. After I got the Stampy notification, I noticed this started to happen.

    Thanks ID: B8TINGU

    • It maxes at 90 actions/day. So you can only visit 30 neighbors and tap 3 buildings in each and be awarded blueprints.

      • Thank you sorry about all the posts, panic was setting I must have missed you posting this when I posted last. Also very sorry if this is not the place to post for the Monorail event stuff. I’m a little new to this.. thank you

  17. I cant get into my game amymore on my android phone.
    Havent got ipad around to test.
    Since a few days it started crashing when clearing garbage on a specific building.
    So decided to reinstall it but that locked me out. As soon as it start downloading tje update it crashes.. Tried several times, reboot, … No fix.. Played for 1.5 year on this device so it should be ok..

    Not much i can do i guess?
    Now im losing precious time for the event :((

    • May not be ok. This event is a GIANT memory suck on your device. If it’s older it may not support it…also varies depending on what you have on your device.

  18. I have a problem since the monorail update with Marge and a mission named “Actions speak louder than quietly whining”. It says -141/1 I ve done the 24hs task once and now its -140/1 it seems like I have to do it 141 times to get the reward and end the request. Any clues what should I do?

  19. It appears that when the Monorail arrived, the Springfield Heights Store has disappeared. I can still produce coffee, etc but, I have no way to spend it. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Have you tried scrolling on the menu? Scroll left/right to move past the monorail screen. Also you can expand your menu and tap on the heights icon, which looks like the red brick sign by the tunnel.

      • Thank you! Have a great night!

      • OMG Alissa…I heart u! I feel stupid cuz I thought I had to use only Cookie’s task to gain SH points…was totally freaking. I know this was for another tapper but Thank you so much!:D
        PS: Still have some glitches (crashing,negative track quest,missing *some* donuts) but at least it’s not over– that’s a lot of funds to accumulate! :)I almost got ZIff’s Mansion (I’m slow) thanks again

  20. I’m getting “Sorry, hoarder. Can’t store this” when I want to put any of the Springfield Heights bldgs in my inventory. And I don’t mean the bldgs that produce Springfield Heights Currency, but those new (garish) bldgs. Anyone else having that issue???

  21. I have this problem – but – i had 10 of the condos – 4 at max, then 2 at one lower, 2 more at one lower and the last two at one lower.
    i stored them so i could redesign and build.
    Now – in my inventory it has has a locked item with the number 2 on each and says *formula req. I haven’t built any more condos like the player below, but i’d like to start using my condos soon.

    Danielle | August 1, 2015 at 3:14 am | Reply
    Help ! I stored some (8 to be exact) of my deluxe condos and still have 2 placed. Now my condos are locked in my storage they say *Formula req. underneath the picture in the storage box. also in the store it says I can buy another condo but then I would have over the limit of 10. Is this just another glitch we have to wait for an update for?

    I ended up storing all the delux condos (my last 2) it locked those up so I built the 11 deluxe condo stored that one now I am able to access all of them again. And I have 11 placed in my Springfield.

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