Where Did THAT Come From – Ice Cream Man Homer & Ice Cream Truck

Note from Alissa: Just a little reminder that the Gil deal with Ice Cream Truck and Ice Cream Man Homer will be leaving our stores tomorrow…so if you’re thinking about picking the combo up be sure to do so BEFORE tomorrow (8/5) morning when it leaves our stores.  You can find the Should I Buy on the combo here

So Gil popped up and offered us another deal for 120 donuts. At first you might be thinking what the heck EA? How about you fix your glitch donut stealing issues first before you ask us to part with our real world money for your pixelated offerings and I completely understand those feelings.  I do have to say though… of all the things Gil has ever offered, this one is amazing.  Basically my favorite other than Truckasaurus.

You see… way back when this blog was in its infancy and TSTO was only on Level 35… we were already talking about the ice cream truck. Level 35 included the popsicle stick figures of Patty & Selma and Disco Stu which prompted discussion about the episode they came from. In fact, one of our early frequent tappers who has now disappeared into the ether of the net (where are you Jamminfrog?) asked ME to write about it. Of course, I only wrote a little but I actually like my words so I decided to tweak them and use them for this origin post. Bonus is I have FXXNow two years later so I can offer better images. Without further ado, here’s the origin of both Ice Cream Man Homer and his Ice Cream Truck.

Ice Cream Truck unlock ice cream homer

“Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)” (S18:E7)

In typical Homer fashion, he becomes the ice cream man through some hijinks. After being fired for leaving work (to chase the ice cream truck), Homer gets a cold and tasty treat from his buddy Max (who states Homer is his best customer lol). Of course, Homer pays for his Butter-crusted Choco Rocket with a hundred dollar bill and the resulting change-making gives poor Max a heart attack. At the funeral, Max’s wife sells Homer her husband’s ice cream truck.

Max's Ice Cream Truck Simpsons

Homer pimps out the truck (well, Otto does) and then gets “dressed in a most unusual way.”  Thus begins a new profession for our favorite TV dad.  For the first time in his life, Homer is excited “to pedal his frosty wares.”

Ice Cream Man Homer Simpsons

The rest of the episode revolves more around Marge’s folk art, but there are some great shots of Homer’s sweet truck. The kids chasin his truck and divorced dads falling for his ploy to expolde broken families. The best though is Homer careening out of control and destroying Marge’s Popsicle stick people exhibition… classic Homer.

Ice Cream Man Homer Simpsons 2 Ice Cream Man Homer Simpsons 3

I love this episode so much, I even wrote an entire post in September 2013 just showing images from it to prove that the Best. Show. Ever. is even funny without sound. What do you think of the offering? Agree its one of the better “New” episodes? You’re probably not gonna get me to not be happy about this Gil Deal considering it’s been a want for almost 2 years. I even didn’t mind the price but I was thankfully unscathed by EA’s recent debacle so I may have a different opinion than some. The best thing to me is this statement I made in one of the 2013 posts.

“I agree 100% with jamminfrog that EA should add this vehicle for us but not before EA starts putting vehicles on the streets!”

Well EA, thanks for the add at the exact time I mentioned.  You’re welcome. That’s it for this post friends… sound off with your thoughts and as always much love to all you classy tappers.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

17 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Ice Cream Man Homer & Ice Cream Truck

  1. Julie (jsander321)

    I missed buying this! 😟
    My phone died so I’m behind a day in my game … So bummed!
    If this ever comes back, it’s on my list to purchase!!
    In the meantime, I’ll tap and play the little jingle in my neighbors town that has this. It’s cute!

  2. It would have looked better if the kids were lined up outside of the ice cream truck . I like to see the people moving around town .
    See ya bye . 🌞 💎

  3. This was a cute episode
    Yes its great to see the Ice Cream Truck (finally!)
    A shame its Premium Only (vs Earned for Krustyland)
    Double Bummer we’re losing Tappers (new zone is an epic fail, EA)!

  4. I am not a premium player (although I have dropped about $50 on sprinkles over the years). But I just couldn’t resist this amazing vehicle. Thanks so much for the write up, Wookiee! I loved the episode, love the truck and love te four- hour animation. Long live the Good Humor Man!

  5. I’ve never seen this latter day episode. Does the TSTOA team want to come up with a best of the best list of all Simpsons episodes? I would then get the cherry picked best episodes to watch (and then not be disappointed by anything that shall not be mentioned…). 🙂

    • Oooooh… that’s certainly an idea for a time EA isn’t hammering us with content to write about. Let’s see what we can do.

      • Yay, my idea wasn’t laughed at! (I mean, mostly, as you say, due to being hammered with content.) Thanks for considering!!

  6. Also the origin of popsicle stick Disco Stu and Patty and Selma!! The decorations that literally don’t make sense placed anywhere besides (kinda) outside the wax museum? If anyone has thought of a better placement I’d love to hear it!

    • I placed some on the back edge of Stu’s disco so it looks like they’re on the roof… as for P&S… I dislike them and their popsicle incarnations so no placement at all. Bunny actually wrote about their origin way back in 2013 as well as them being referenced by me.


    • One of my neighbors has placed popsicle stick Patty & Selma in front of Spinster City Apartments. 😉

    • Behind my power plant I have a nuclear test site complete with bombed out Brown houses, dead trees, piece of $crap car, and other debris. The popsicle stick figures make great victims- the body chalk outline even mirrors Disco Stu’s pose. It’s seems only fitting since I lived most of my life in New Mexico, home of White Sands Trinity Site, birthplace of the atom bomb and current home to the Isotopes.

    • Patty /Selma are next to my popsicle stick tower witch is at the Calmwood Mental Hospital .
      Disco Studio is at the Sprawl *Mart on sell for $19.95.

      See ya bye . 🌞 💎

    • I like the nuclear waste land idea. And the popsicle stick tower makes sense too, but I don’t have any aspirational buildings as of yet, I still have so many other things I want to buy first. And I agree Wookie, don’t really like P&S either, especially when they make fun of Homer! I have a soft spot for him lol he reminds me of my dad.

    • I put Patty & Selma’s by the DMV, but I’ve got an army of Disco Stus guarding the entrance to Boxingham Palace.

  7. kingofstillwater

    I just want to say that my friends list is full and for those who wanted to follow me, I will accept your friend request later when a slot becomes available. Sorry

  8. Jumped on this right away and no regrets! Love the look, the sounds, the animation and the great outdoor tasks.

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