One Word: Plastics (Turbo Tappin’ Rage Against the Rail & Plastic Depot Info)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well we were treated to a brand new Monorail Questline this morning…Rail Against the Machine!  In this questline things start to go a little haywire for the Springfield Monorail..and some of you may notice smoke coming out of your Monorails.  No worries though..just keep following along with the questline and everything will be ok.

One key element that comes out of this new update and questline is the Plastic Depot will now unlock!  Yes another place for you to turn your junk into “treasure” and add yet another element to the project board.

So let’s break everything down from the Plastic Depot to the Rail Against the Machine questline….


So let’s start things off with a quick overview about the Plastic Depot…

The Plastic Depot will unlock at Part 2 of Rail Against the Machine (see below for questline details) and it works basically the same way the Metal Depot works.  You turn junk into plastic.

Just like Metal each turn through the Plastic Depot requires 100 ico_mono15_junk_lg.  So for every character you send to the Plastic Depot you’ll need to have 100 ico_mono15_junk_lg available.

Each turn through the Plastic Depot takes 2hrs, so twice as long as the Metal Depot.

And each turn through will earn you 10 ico_mono15_plastic_lg for Freemium and 15 ico_mono15_plastic_lg for Premium.

And finally, here’s a list of characters you can send to earn Plastic:
Milhouse 10 ico_mono15_plastic_lg
Cletus 10 ico_mono15_plastic_lg
Uter 15 ico_mono15_plastic_lg
Skinner 10 ico_mono15_plastic_lg
Martin 10 ico_mono15_plastic_lg
Comic Book Guy 10 ico_mono15_plastic_lg
Jesse Grass 15 ico_mono15_plastic_lg

Plastic will work just like Metal and Trash…in that you can turn it in at the Project Board in exchange for Blueprints:

2015-08-19 14.02.04

The one KEY difference is the Cap for plastic is much lower…
Your Plastic Depot CAP is 100.  There is no way to increase this. 
So once you hit 100 and you’re maxed out, you cannot increase it you can only spend it.

And those are your Plastic Depot basics…


Now on with the questline…

Rail Against the Machine Pt. 1
Homer Auto starts 

Make Lisa Open a Monorail Window- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp

Off Track
Homer Auto starts

Complete Projects on the Project Board- x5 

Rail Against the Machine Pt. 2
Auto starts once you complete Off Track

Place the Plastic Depot
Sort Through Junk to Find Plastic- x40.  Costs 100 Junk and takes 2hrs.  Earns 10 Plastic Freemium and 15 Premium. Here’s who you can send:

Comic Book Guy
Jesse Grass

Your Plastic Depot CAP is 100.  There is no way to increase this. 

Rail Against the Machine Pt. 3
Homer starts

Make Conductor Homer Air Out Bitey- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Rail Against the Machine Pt. 4
Auto starts 

Reach Level 12 and Build Bart’s Treehouse
Make Bart Put a Penny on the Monorail Track- 30s.  Earns $3, 1xp

Getting Back on Track
Auto starts

Complete Projects on the Project Board- x5 

Rail Against the Machine Pt. 5
Homer starts

Make Conductor Homer Conduct the Monorail- x3. 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

And that’s it!  A short little questline with some fun dialogue and interesting twists in the game.  It won’t take you very long to complete, as the most important thing is starting to churn out that plastic.

What are your thoughts on today’s little update?  Thoughts on the Plastic Depot?  Remember today’s the first day where your Blueprint Count increases to 9,000…so you should be adding even more to your Blueprint total.  What do you think of the questline?  Worried about your Monorail smoking?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

302 responses to “One Word: Plastics (Turbo Tappin’ Rage Against the Rail & Plastic Depot Info)

  1. I’m completely thru all the Depots etc, and am to the place where I’ve got and have had 3-4 days waiting to collect more tracks!! I’m wondering that it is saying that all my jobs r done and have possibly till Monday nite/Tues morning at 1 a.m . To wait for the next weeks items to appear! It says for me to go to Project Board and Tap on it and then go to Sabastian waiting at The RAILYARD, and turn my Resourses in for BluePrints , but all 4 of the Jobs r completely FULL, and it doesn’t let me hand them in, even tho it says to turn the Blueprints in!! But I do notice at the Bottom of the “box”, it does say I have completed all the “items” in other words, so it means then I am through with collecting Rails until the “new Week” begins?? Does this make sense in how I’m trying to describe this to you?? Your Heads may be “Spinning” after u read this!! 👍😂.🐼 Mahalo!!🌴

  2. i got the quest to make Homer sleep for 8 hours. is that part of this?
    came after letting Homer conducting the monorail three times.

  3. Joesil Williams

    Im on act 2 and my monorail still doesnt work what should i do? Am i the only one with this issue

  4. problem with plastics. I’m on project management plastic pt 1, and all of my characters show full, but won’t allow me to do any jobs, just metals and cogs.. what am i doing wrong?

  5. I’ve maxed out on plastic and the game isn’t giving me ways to spend it. It keeps bringing up cans. Also, 210 doughnuts for the guy I missed in Act 1 is kinda high.

    • Keep clearing projects. More keep coming and they randomly cycle through. The cost is based off where YOU ended. I believe if you hit prize 9 he started at 400 Donuts to buy out. Very standard for the prizes to be a buy out of 300-500 Donuts, so you must have earned close enough to be halfway there.

  6. If you allow me to ask, sorry if I missed it in some point but, there is any way that I can get the last prize after ther 9 hours (now) left? I’m close but I don’t think I can make it .. Thanks!

    • Our thoughts are they will be available for purchase with donuts..beyond that we don’t know much else. And we won’t be 100% sure until Act 2 starts

      • Ok, then .. Thanks! Anyway, I’ve made progress, maybe I will be able to get Ray. Less than 3000 blueprints to get him. Good night 🙂

    • Rush your premium characters through metal and plastic with donuts, and use the others to gather junk in order to keep up. You’ll spend fewer donuts than buying the prize directly.

  7. I’ve tried to find an answer elsewhere but there are too many comments to read through….if you have already answered this, please point me to the post! I’ve noticed in some towns my friends have brown houses smoking with the roof blown open….I want one!! What is that? And next, I’ve also noticed something super cool…if you visit a friend with no available actions, the counter in the bottom left that shows your blueprint total doesn’t appear, so instead of having to search thru the town, you can skip over to your next neighbour. That’s all…thank you!,

  8. After the third donut quest it quickly showed a second message after the first confirmation one. Anyone catch what it said?

  9. I notice it’s been noted a few times that the blueprints earned for the extra tracks not careying over properly when earned over whatever increment you’re going for. For example, I just got 5000 blueprints for my 5th day playing in row, approx 2000 of which went towards getting an extra track, but the other 3000 has just vanished! This is very frustrating esp given I’m 99% sure we’re not going to be happy with the amount of track we end up getting after the event. Is EA aware of this bug? Are they planning to give us some sort of compensation for this? I’ve probably lost close to 5000 blueprints from this bug which is potentially another piece of track!!! Love to know if you guys have heard anything, thanks 🙂

    • I would say contact them..see what they say.

    • I’m pretty sure this isn’t a bug, since it’s the way this sort of thing has worked in almost every event. Part of the strategizing you need to do is to keep track of the number you’re at, and then plan your blueprint collections so that they achieve the target number as closely as possible, so as not to waste took many blueprints. Shi, for example, if you only need 529 blueprints to get to a target of 5,000, collect from smaller projects until you reach 5,000, and then collect the big project you’ve had sitting there while waiting for the target number to reset.

      It’s an added game strategy feature, not a bug.

      • Haha, I guess that’s one way of covering up a bug :-p do you work for EA?

        That’s a good idea tho, I will try and be more diligent with my collections!

        • I definitely do NOT work for EA – if I did, I’d have a LOT more premium items! (You also wouldn’t see posts from me complaining about things in this game which, trust me, there are.)

          I’ve just played enough events now to see what appears to be the “norm” and it kinda makes sense to me to make that a strategy thing, so this game just doesn’t become a mindless tapping thing or a just another town building game, like Sim City or something. It also helps separate the “pros” from the “noobs,” lol! 😉

  10. Has anyone noticed if one of the three options on the project board is more likely to give you a job to hand in plastic bottles? Or are you more likely to get a project that requires plastic bottles after finishing a large project? I’ve been doing smaller projects hoping that the next to come up would use some of my bottles, but it’s not working very well and my plastic depot is full most of the day.

    • my experience is that it seems pretty random…

      • scratch that. the further i got into the bonus track rounds, the more plastic was required…. much more, but maybe that was must my experience…

    • I had the opposite of tapebelt. I barely used any plastic all the way through yesterday. Pretty frustrating that I had a full section of plastic, but couldn’t use it and had to keep doing metal tasks

  11. Unrelated, but am I just not lining my streets up correctly, or are my characters just not programed to wander the heights?

    • They’re usually not gonna go there unless something’s there pointing them there…(like a store etc)

      • Thank you I started to move things up there but it felt so empty I moved it all back down. If it’s not good enough for my Springfielders, it’s not good enough for me. I’ll just use it as a dump and a holding spot for buildings I’m not sure how to design yet. Thank you from saving me from putting all that work into designing it. Gotta put all those identical giants I can’t store somewhere.

  12. I’m up to 10,000 on the extra tracks the last five tracks I’ve gotten have been curved. Is it random? I really want straight ones at this point.

    • Yea i’ve been getting different once in my a and b town

      • have you gotten any of the s curve tracks that we haven’t earned from the prizes yet? i’m at the 9k mark, and so far i’ve gotten 5 straight and 2 curved for my bonacks (bonus tracks.. just doesn’t have that same ring as bonuts, heh)…

      • Wish it gave you a choice, …
        I got 4 straight & 1 curve … at the same time somebody else got
        5 curves ….also I’m looking after Mrs. Lee3472’s game this evening, and she got 1straight, 1 curve, & 3 shorts in the last 5 pack (don’t think she’s gonna get Ray)


      • lee you sure about that? wife shoulda gotten 2 straight tracks, 2 short tracks, and 1 curved from that last pack.

      • Not 100% …wasn’t my game, so I didn’t really care!
        but I’m sure there was only 1 straight

    • Too bad we can’t trade… I’m only getting straight pieces and I really need a couple of curved ones right now!

    • I got 11 straight pieces and no curves or S pieces.

  13. I just started the “Ahead of the Track” overtime quest. My counter read 1/3000. I then collected my weekly bonus of 5000 blueprints. I was given a nice piece of straight track. Yet my blueprint counter reset to 0. What happened to my 2001 blueprints? Are they scattered amongst the 1’s and 0’s?

    • Sometimes that happens when it runs WAY over like that…i blame the 1s and 0s..someone probably slipped in a 2 😉

    • When you hit a prize, the counter stays at zero for the next prize.
      So if you’re going on your 5th track and have 4,500 pieces you want to get as close to 500 pieces as possible. If you get 5,000 pieces, you just wasted the remaining 4,500.

  14. Hey guys I collected plastic but I can’t get rid of it like the metal I’m I missing something? Thanks

    • Eventually a project will appear on the project board that requires plastic. Just might take a few turns through..

    • I’m sorry let me ask does it happen after Homer chases the possum around?

      • I apologize I should have just been more patient because now they have accepted to plastic bottles that has collected just as you said. So again thank you very much for your help I appreciate it have a wonderful day. And sorry for being and anxious pain in your neck.

  15. My train looks like it has crashed and the front carriage is wrong way round. At first I thought it was part of the game for barts task. And now I can’t take the scenic tour anymore. Ah well….,,

  16. I have three buildings that were tagged with garbage and whenever I click on them the game crashes. The rest of the buildings work fine. Since it is three buildings I assume it was just one person’s clicks. Anyone else having the same issue?

    • Hi Joe. I’ve had that happen with a couple of buildngs. You can store them, and that resets them. You lose the blueprint, but that’s a small loss.
      Here’s the weird part: The second time this happened to my game I only had three tagged buildings. The first two were tagged by “Frink.” So the third was most likely “Frink” too. It was the third that crashed the game.
      I read the posts here about who “Frink” might be — and I don’t know if anyone found a definitive answer. “Frink” might be a surprise programmed by EA, or a stranger visiting your Springfield as their Other Springfield. So it’s probably not one of your neighbors.

      • Dexter, my thoughts on who “Frink” is, is that it’s one of your own neighbours who’ve subsequently logged out of FB after visiting your town. I’ve a FB neighbour who regularly ‘disappears’ from my neighbours list (I’m guessing their kids are also playing TSTO on the same device….) and for whatever reason they logout of FB from TSTO. I get a lot of “Frink” related bonuses from buildings.

        I’ve also had the crashing occur with 3 buildings that were tagged with garbage and you’re right, storing them and then ‘rebuilding’ them removes the problem.

      • Interesting theory, Doive. You might well be right. I’ve only got a couple of FB neighbors — mostly Origin neighbors — but it’s possible. I wonder if anyone with no FB neighbors is ever tagged by “Frink.”

  17. Hans, Dr. Nick, Jasper & Barney are the last characters remains to be purchased from The Addicts Top Ten Lists – so, I think I will pass on purchasing current Event characters (Plastics, Metals and I presume Glass) that I do not have, although Uter is calling me.

  18. Hmm apologies if this has been asked or posted elsewhere, but is Ray’s questline like, really short? I just finished sending him to pick up trash x10 and nothing came up after that.

  19. How can i best put my station extension. Do you put them with the monorail station or are they a spert station do you understand what I say.
    And are there some examples????

    Sorry for the bad english. ^_^

    • Check the flickr page, linked top right on this page …there’s pictures of various set ups …… but you can build yours any way you like,

      Thanks to Lee3472 for sharing such great screenshots, on the flickr page, splendid job 🙂

  20. I had fun airing out bitey 🙂

  21. Plastic Depot/Rail Against the Machine – I should be enjoying this new Depot & Quest, except EA decided to pull another one of its Network errors (again)!

    So close to finishing Part One , but (again) Network is down (this isn’t fun EA)!

    • I know you never respond to anything you post, so i probably shouldn’t bother replying. the game has been up for me all morning though, so any network errors you are experiencing are probably on your side.

    • Sorry – I don’t think that’s EA’s fault. Most of the time, the network errors are on the user’s end, not EA’s. You can tell when the problem is with EA when there are a gazillion posts about it in a short time frame around here; otherwise, assume the connecting problem is on your end.

  22. I’m sure plenty of other addicts have figured this out, but in case some have not, hat I have been doing is this:

    For the dump, metal plant and plastics plant, I get as close to the max as possible… So, ie, 1975, 195, 95 – without sending any more characters to said tasks until I have done those numbers… Then I send ALL possible characters to tasks respectively at those places so that I get as much as possible over the limit. That way I have a head start on my next day!

    on average, I go to bed with dump at 2200, metal plant at 240, and plastics at 135

  23. I have to say, this blueprint cap is cramping my style. Even with the higher cap AND waking up with a migraine today, I still hit the cap (less than 3000 BPs from Ray Patterson, too) by lunch time.

    • I am worried about that, too. It would be nice if there was no cap on the last prize…it makes no sense. I’m about as far away from Ray, too. *sigh* (I haven’t hit the cap, yet…just worried.)

      • Nope…didn’t make it. Just 1200 bp away. My calculations are that even with 90 bp from friend visits and 720 from possums…I’m just going to have to wait until the cap resets. Unless my friends love me a lot and…. Nope, still won’t have enough. *waits 10 more hours*

  24. aaahhh !!! 🙂

    bart just did his penny thing on the monorail track and now I have to do 5 project board tasks….but….i finished and completed m y project board tasks already (completed) until 4am tomorrow. so now i cannot get passed this part of the quest until at least 4am tomorrow. i guess i will just build up all my plastic, metal, etc… until then.

    • Thankfully I only completed two projects before I had Bart go on his task… Hopefully that means I can get 5 more done before a cap hits (or win Ray and then play the game as intended!)

  25. Another quick question. I think I know, but wanna be sure.

    If I don’t hand in projects today, the remainder of the 9K I don’t use up goes into tomorrow. i.e. If I only use 3K today, tomorrow I can hand some into til I hit 12K. Correct?

    I have my 5-day bonus of 5K BP’s, wanna max its usefulness.


  26. Hi! Thanks for your super-helpful blog! I’ve been searching all the recent posts for an answer, but haven’t found it. For the first few days of the monorail event there was a daily task to hand in projects at the project board and the reward was Donuts! I thought this was supposed to last the entire event, but last weekend it disappeared. I guess it was too good to be true. But, why isn’t anyone complaining? Makes me think I’m the only one missing out on the pink sprinklies. Is it true; did the donut reward leave the game many days ago?

  27. My monorail train keeps disappearing and resets homers conduct monorail task and it resets my possums every time I enter the game..any ideas?

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