Turbo Tappin’ Monorail Event: Ray Patterson

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Monorail time in Springfield!  Yes, the Monorail is now in Springfield….as well as a whole lotta garbage.  Loads of Springfielders can help collect junk from town…but one Sanitation Worker is introduced via the Act 1 Prize track to help you earn more junk in Springfield.

Ray Patterson is a character you can earn via the Act 1 Prizes to help with the event.  And once unlocked he comes with his own questline.  For those of you that have earned him already let’s take a look at his short questline now…



Once you win Ray from the Prize track you’ll have the option to store or place him in your town right away.  Remember, if you choose to store him you’ll have to go into your inventory to pull him out…once in your town his questline will start up.

King Trash of Garbage Mountain Pt. 1
Ray starts

Make Ray Explain How He’s Not a Garbage Man- 5m, Earns $10, 3xp

King Trash of Garbage Mountain Pt. 2
Ray starts

Make Ray Explain How He’s Not a Lobbyist- 5m, Earns $10, 3xp

King Trash of Garbage Mountain Pt. 3
Ray starts

Make Ray Leave Mayor Quimby a Bribe- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp

King Trash of Garbage Mountain Pt. 4
Ray starts

May Ray Skip the Trial- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp

King Trash of Garbage Mountain Pt. 5
Ray starts

Make Ray Pickup Trash- x10.  Pickup Trash at the Dump.  Earns 10 Junk each time and takes 30s.  

And that’s it for Rays’s questline!  Not too long, only 5 parts and VERY short.  It’ll take you 16 minutes to complete from start to finish,…loads of 30 second tasks.

What are your thoughts on Ray?  Have you won him yet?  Are you close?  Thoughts on his questline?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

143 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Monorail Event: Ray Patterson

  1. I can’t believe I’m just noticing this, but I can’t get him to do his one hour task at the Kwik-E-Mart. What do I need to do to unlock that or fix a glitch?

  2. Hey guys ! thanks for getting me through this event ! I sadly missed Ray Patterson (that’s what happenes if you don’t follow Bunny’s calendar …) and am now considering buying him for 90 donuts … do you or anyone else here have pictures of him doing his two outdoor tasks ? 🙁

    • I have the files pulled but didn’t convert them yet. But we’ll have them up on a post before the event ends. (we’ll cover all the new characters tasks) 🙂

  3. In the second act why can’t I keep going on the duct tapes it always says it’s full come back tomorrow

  4. I need help. LV 56 & I’m an avid daily player. I have 23 friends & I want 2 add 18 new friends but it says no more friends. I’ve got to kick out some players to add the new ones & I don’t want that. Also, my tasks for plastic & metal are most of the time the Red. I have 135 plastics but it barely shows up 1 time a day. I’m also getting frozen out of spending them cause mine freezes up after about 10,000. I read that we should get 7500.00 extra 2 spend each day but after 4-5 times of picking the prizes mine is frozen til 3 am. Right now I have 2 wait 12-16 hours before I can spend again starting at 3 am. According 2 what I read on this site I should be getting to spend 37000.00 but I’m only getting 10,000 before it freezes up. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!!! I love this game & play it all day. I’m homebound due to cancer & an immune disease so this keeps me occupied which I really appreciate. Happy Tapping !!!!!!! 😃

  5. How is it possible to get more track (rails) for Monorail?
    I completed all the act 1 tasks, but fumbled in the final hrs of getting Mr.Ray Patterson. Will there be more rails available to earn or purchase?

  6. I was so close to get ray but do to the hours I work and the lack of sleep a person can lose by playing TSTO especially the events I didn’t get him…but since he just has a very short quest line I’m not really that mad anymore but I hope I can make it to get the hippie..

  7. Hi is there any way to reset all characters dialogs?

    • Reset? Do you mean to start the questlines from the beginning if you tapped through too fast? If so, nope. Once done… you are done.

  8. 7k away for me, probably wont get him, but ive been doing all nighters for the event to get him. I’m not going on a 72 hour marathon to just give up though! I’m going to stay up until the event expires until I have to!

    That, my fellow tappers, is tap addiction…

    I probably need help…

  9. ****

  10. So I have a question. How is everyone getting extra track pieces. I have seen some of my neighbors wit alot of track pieces, but mine are just enough to make a small oval. Don’t really want to spend donuts on the krusty stuff. Is that the only way to get them?

  11. wildthornberry88

    Just got him this evening. too late for extra track pieces maybe but I was worried I wouldn’t get the last prize at all so there’s that at least.

  12. I need 10667 more blue prints for ray ugh looks like i wont be getting him 😔

    • I’m right there with you. I didn’t get the update until 4 days into the game. I’m happy that I’ll get everything else, but disappointed about Ray. Maybe the game will take an extra day to update 😕

    • About 10,000 away for me too :.( My tablet updated about 4 days late. I hope we will get an extra day or something.

      • You shouldn’t wait for the forced update, you can choose to update as soon as it’s available……… 4 days is a lot to lose 🙂

        ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝

    • You’re not missing much, after a quest that takes 20 mins he collects trash, but not any metal or plastic ♻ 🚝 🙂

    • I’m feeling it too! I was on vacation and missed the first few days of the event, I’ll make it to prize 8, the station pack before the event ends but that’s it. Freemium player so I won’t use donuts. Would really be digging those extra track pieces more than the character. Hopefully act 2 will provide more track options.

  13. I am so mad right now. I was so close to getting Ray, then my game crashed and went bonkers. I contacted ea, they fixed the problem but my progress was lost!! :/ u guys have any idea if ray can be bought with donuts?

    • Most likely…but we won’t know 100% for sure until Act 2 hits

    • I also had a problem with my game, and lost about a day and a half of progress. I lost 10,000 blueprints and the plastic storage plant. When I contacted EA they were able to put back to the point where I was previously in the game because they had a back up of my game from earlier in the day. You could try contacting EA again, different reps seem to be better than some 😃

  14. I can’t seem to get Ray’s one hour task to unlock. It says it requires a Kwik-E-Mart, but I have several in my town. Any suggestions?

  15. Hi, does anyone know if the bonus tracks all straights pieces?

  16. I got Ray today. I think I could have gotten him last night…but I don’t know how to math (90 x 6 = 540…not 90 x 1 = 90), apparently.

    I’m up to the 7k goal for bonus track pieces. I’ll get my 5k blueprint bonus in the morning, then only need to add less than 2k to get the next one. There’s probably some calculation as to how many I can possibly get before our last day is over. I will just guess that I can get 3 or 4 more.

    So far I have a long track from my station to my Tap Ball stadium. I don’t forsee getting this track looped around my entire town (even inset a bit). I feel sad for the people with huge tracts of land…

    Lastly, the drawing of Ray’s face seemed odd to me. The smile nearly connects to the cheek line. It’s not that close when he’s frowning or mad, but his default is a smile.

  17. Just opened up my game this morning , bleary eyed and needing a caffeine hit badly . Could do without Scots Willie flashing his chest at me when he finishes his “Take a break from raking leaves” task. Love the animation though .

  18. Hi. Not sure where to put this but my game is constantly crashing when i am trying to clean up rubbish from neighbours dropping in my town. Is anyone else having this problem. If someone has asked it already I am sorry but it does take a little bit of time to go through all the posts.

    • It’s going around. Try storing the buildings and replacing them, that’s been helping some. If it’s still not working contact EA.

  19. I’ve got plastics recycling in my beta town……still waiting for Lisa to reappear in my main town so falling behind there..anyway how do I exchange the plastic projects for blueprints?

    • As you clear some projects more plastic ones will appear.

    • Can’t believe you’ve had Lisa locked in the house ….that’s been over a week since you first mentioned it ….they definitely should compensate you with some track and/or donuts

      Real bad luck 👎 👎 💩 💩 🙅 🙅

  20. So I got on to send Homer on his last conductor trip and it is gone from my list. I’m positive I only sent him 2 times. Did I miss out on anything? I did get updated and finally got my missing Spuckler. Moe’s to do list is gone also. Nice.

  21. Surprised this hasn’t been mentioned yet, although it may have and I just didn’t see the post. Is anyone else wondering why, if you still have land to unlock, and you get Lisa and/or Homer to “clean up Springfield” it doesn’t count toward the junk total? It is still junk either way if you are cleaning it up.

    • I’m curious as to what this means. First, this isn’t about Ray, correct? It’s just about unbought land? What “junk total”? I don’t see one in my game…

      • The trash you use as currency for projects should include the stuff you pick up when Homer or Lisa is on the “clean up Springfield” 6 second task (is what TSTO addict is saying)

        Don’t confuse things, there’s normal junk, and EVENT junk

        I don’t think it matters much…..I’m sure everyone has a full junk pile


      • Oh, so it WAS related! Thanks. My bad.

        I think it would have been good for the totals to start higher after Homer’s questline event tasks to pick up trash. So, like, starting with 150 trash instead of zero. But, that’s in the past now.

  22. You will have good weather, it’s way far away still. I sent u email, don’t get caught up in all the hype once u get here. Everyone makes a big deal and most of time where you are going is ok. Parks will also sound alarms if heavy rain is heading towards parks, they stop rides 15-30 minutes in advance. Might want to invest in rain poncho for whopping couple of bucks. Other than that 90s everyday with short showers in afternoon, you might like out & parks might not be so crowded due to weather. All all the lil monsters oops kids are back in school here. Have fun

  23. Since I won Ray Patterson, I don’t received blueprints from my friends when I put junk in their city, only money. Do you have the same problem?
    (and sorry for my english)

  24. Hi Alissa,
    First part of this is totally unrelated, but wanted to make sure u knew this, keep an eye on weather. Hurricane out in Atlantic heading for Caribbean Sea cat. 3 at moment. Doubtful it will end up where you are going & sure you or Hubby is aware.
    Ok now for related topic, I got Ray last night night was so excited to be able to get more rails! That is till the amount of blue prints went up😝 that’s for EA as I know they read this! I too want my monorail to go all the way around or at least 3/4. Seriously what’s with all the round pieces. I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to use them! I need straight! Here I am complaining, but not to this site just venting!
    MRI on back was worse then my wildest imagination so now I’m a grump! Guess should go make “grumpily stew”!
    Glad we have update & still working on SH to pass time, Doc said read, watch movies/tv, She laughed cuz my only reply was can I play my game?

    • Yea we’re watching it 🙂 Should have good flying weather when we’re leaving…

    • Totally agree ,I’ve got far too many curves , nowhere to put them . Feel for you being laid up .Same here , at least another 3 months . Apart from endless trips to the hospital for tests ( not sure I’ve got much more blood I can give , they must have had an armful out of me these past two weeks ) my main source of relief is TSTO and the monorail. Maybe the docs are missing a trick and should start prescribing it to patients ? All the best and keep on tapping ,

  25. stop giving me curvy pieces, you bonus rounds! i need to go straight. straaaaaaa-ight.

    • I agree! I know exactly where I need to go. The pieces that I have been given will not take me there… maybe I will end up in Middle Earth!

  26. When act 1 ends will we still be able to finish the 1st act until we unlock act 2 or is it a done deal?

    • We won’t know for sure what will happen until Act 2 hits, unfortunately. My guess is they’ll stick around and you can buy them with donuts. (as what happened with Tap Ball) But we’re not 100% sure and won’t know how it will play out until Act 2 hits.

  27. Happy “glitch” happened to me when I got home from work. I got my 5 daily play bonus of blueprints (which then gave me enough for Ray Petteron) and then I got another daily bonus (cash) so I only have to wait four more days til my next fifth day bonus. Even better than that, after getting Ray Petterson, my project center “re-set”. I maxed out my blueprints earlier this afternoon and now I can complete more projects today and earn more blueprints. I lost none of my resources or cash or anything else. Really liking the “rewind” or “fast forward” the game gave me. I hope others can experience this as well.

  28. Meh. That’s my thoughts on Ray. Just Another money earner like zutroy

  29. Obviously EA couldn’t afford the rights to voice him, but it’d be really neat if when you tapped him Moe said “He’s right, he’s not one for speeches..”

  30. I like him.. I got him last night. You earn an extra track piece for every extra 3000 blueprints you get after unlocking him

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