Turbo Tappin’ Monorail Event: Worth a Shot

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Act 2 of the Monorail Event is live and in full force in our games. With the New items comes some New Questlines.

This time around the Questline is a bit different. These don’t just pop up after each is completed, but it is like a Main Questline that seems to follow the Personal Prizes for Act 2.


Let’s take a look at the Worth a Shot Questline.

Once you earn 4,450 Duct Tapes (Prize 1)

Worth a Shot Pt. 1
Cletus starts

Place Tetanus Terminal- 6s Build Time
Place Monorail Track Pieces (x3)- (any 3 Track Rails will work)


Once you earn 36,850 Duct Tapes (Prize 4)

Worth a Shot Pt. 2
Cletus starts

Place Tetanus Terminal Pieces (x4)- (place the 4 Terminal Pieces you just won)


Once you earn 65,100 Duct Tapes (Prize 6)

Worth a Shot Pt. 3
Cletus starts

Place Tetanus Terminal Pieces (x4)- (place the 4 Terminal Pieces you just won)


And that was all I saw for the Worth a Shot Questline  Not too long, only 3 parts and VERY short.  It’ll take you a while to get through this Questline as it unlocks as you earn Duct Tape. So no worries on completing it quickly.

What are your thoughts on this lil Questline? How far are you on it? Did you jump ahead and get the Hippie already?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

40 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Monorail Event: Worth a Shot

  1. Ya hate this that’s what happens when they get greedy and launch multiple events so close together lmao i dnt care who you are with there’s gonna b bad lag if there’s to much goin on in your game developers know that come on but they stil keep slapping more buildings we dnt need in our inventory but moor some reason can’t put these buildings back in like wtf and how bout the fact with these events we got 2 b on all the time 2 reach these prizes so im gona quit my job and play this 4 a living is that the goal here

  2. I am with my fellow Tappers who are finding this Event would be more fun if they were less glitches taking place (I don’t see EA doing enough to stop the various glitches, I think many Tappers will either not complete Part Two OR will give up on this Game App – a shame as I hate losing Neighboreenos)!

    I hope Halloween 2015 doesn’t suck (you hear that EA?)

  3. These glitches are ruining my game play. Burns & 3 other main characters will not come back out of storage. I’ve done everything you guys suggest to do. EA is too hard to get ahold of. Sad… Monorail is so cool! Do I need Burns now for story line? Should I have the glass recycling? Best & worst event EVER! I am 35 & watched the Simpsons since it first came on TV. I’ve played this game since it came out. Wishing EA would fix this badly. Thank you guy & gals for your awesome work!

  4. Hi Bunny; Your post reply to me in the early hours of your morning was very helpful; But has now been shortened considerably (to the point that others may find it truncated) Just wondering why this happened?

    On another note there was a 4 hour tram driver strike in Melbourne today. Lots of commuters stranded. It sounds like a Homer thing, but really happened!

  5. Can you connect the stations or will the trains collide?

  6. I used my tetanus terminal as a connection to a fenced off section in my springfield including the brown house, Muntz house and Cletus’s farm. I wish I could make it bigger and further away from the central station but land expansions are so pricey, any tips on making quick money since trying to make a house farm is a waste of time and money now.

  7. This site is so awesome ! I was trying to find out how many track pieces will there be in all by the time this event ends. I visited one of my friends and their track goes around their town and it’s quite large.

  8. Anyone has any design/themes for the Tetanus Terminal?
    I have a hillbilly/farmer neighborhood and a dark part of springfield that mach the theme, but i think the terminal is way to big for a hillbilly/farmer neighborhood and to “dilapidated” in a city. Any suggestions?
    – Danny

  9. had a weird glitch while placing tetnus station ,while dragging across screen it changed to a white building with trees and back again.

  10. Thank You Bunny! Not being a Simpsons watcher I sometimes wonder if my thoughts on design & the actual show are at loggerheads. I just feel that this monorail should be a link to the central city, as it is where I live. They had tramworks this weekend on my line & the traffic gridlock was amazing for a very outer suburban location. I believe the Number 86 tram route (where I live) to be the longest in the world.

  11. Can I ask a stupid question? Are the monorail tracks supposed to actually circumnavigate your city & look useable? I’m from Melbourne Australia where a tram network is part of the public transport system. I’m trying to integrate the monorail within my town, just like it does where I live in reality. Is this possible?

    It’s lucky I never wanted to be an engineer, as my track layout seems screwy at best. I’ve never got one of those lazy S shaped tracks I see in other’s towns & having a couple of those would be so useful. I’m up with the questline so far.

    • They can go on the Roads, so you can make them look very industrial and city like. Or… you can have a teeny track in the corner. That is the Beauty of these games. Create and customize in a way that fits YOUR wants. 😉

    • there is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers 😀

  12. One of my friends has their tetanus terminal on their squidport, and monorail tracks in the water linking the main springfield up to springfield heights. They also have so much track it loops their entire springfield and loops all the water. Any idea how they got the terminal on their squidport and the tracks in the water, or do you think they are using some sort of cheat?

    • I will say this… it does not seem the items are in places they should be. 😉

      • Hah, I’ll say! I thought it looked super cool so I wanted to try it and was disappointed that it wasn’t a thing. I was hoping for a glitch like getting concrete under buildings that only want to sit on grass.

        He/she also has a Mall-o-rail that I haven’t seen anywhere else, so that made me go “hrm…” What’s that smell? Something fishy…

      • Mall o rail station is a definate cheat/hack because it’s not in the game till act 3 ….bet your neighbour has also got a polo field and a red car that’s not in the store yet …it won’t be cool when EA terminates their game ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝


  13. Any idea what makes your train longer or shorter (number of segments between head and tail)?

  14. Anyone else not get the Tetanus large square? It has half house on top, porch on bottom one side (right end of picture in story above).

  15. Any one else keep getting plagued with more and more metal only tasks? I haven’t been able to use my plastic all day and I’ve submitted at least six rounds of either just metal or metal and garbage.

  16. I added more track this morning. I have all three terminals connected with track in between each one. My number of rats went up to 13 at each terminal. I am now getting a total of 39 rats that pay out 390 duct tapes. Woohoo!!!!!

  17. I think this act is easier…even on vacation, with more limited tapping, I’m already slightly ahead on the calendar, whereas, in Act 1, I had some catching up to do for the first few days.

  18. I have 37250 duct tapes and I have the first terminal station pack.(Worth a Shot Pt. 2)
    Personally I think they can do more on this quest line by giving cletus some new jobs or use tracks in the quest line.

  19. All the questlines are pretty cool.
    I just feel dumb sometimes for not leaving enough space to include the newer additions that come with the quests because of running out of room.
    Which incidentally leads me to a separate question…it’s about Springfield Heights; Does the other 1/2 of the land open up at any specific time that you are aware of?
    After the Billionaire Haven is obtained?
    I am seeing other friends that have their Monorail stations in Springfield Heights and starting to realize that it was a pretty smart idea.

    Keep up the great work, it is awesome that you do such a great job on the small details as well as the monumental ones.

    : )

  20. Cheryl. . Slack4cher166

    Anyone else having problems this afternoon ? I can’t play at a all. It opens up then immediately freezes ? Any advice welcome 😥

  21. The tetanus terminal looks absolutely amazing (albeit a little big). Cant wait for the extra parts!

  22. Just want to say thank you for all your excellent work in keeping us informed. It does help me! I’m continually amazed at the creativity of the game designers. Developing my own city is one thing (always want more land and donuts), but as a player I have great admiration for the gifting and talent of the designers of this crazy world we tap in.(no comment on the crazy world we live in.) Cheers.

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