TSTO Monorail Event: New Premium Items in Store

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well early this morning EA swapped out the Act 2 premium items for some new ones to launch us into Act 3.  (remember Act 3 officially starts tomorrow morning at 4am EDT)  There are a few new items and one HIGHLY requested old one that have made their way to our stores, so let’s take a look shall we?


First up the new stuff…

Once you start up TSTO this morning you’ll see a little dialogue appear between Bart and Milhouse…

Milhouse: Hey Bart!  If you could have one wish, what would it be?
Bart: A million wishes.
Milhouse: No, it’s not that kind of wish.  No recursion, and overreaching will result in ironic and unpleasant consequences.
Bart: Oh, so like the AD&D wish spell.  In that case, I’ll go with what I wished for when I blew out the candles last birthday.  Giant Mechanical Ants!

2015-09-03 13.48.25

Four different versions of the Mechanical Ants will appear in your store…all available for purchase for 60 donuts.  Here’s the rundown on the ants in your pants store…

robotant_chompy_menuMechanical Ant Alpha- 60 Donuts.  Adds 0.75% bonus to all cash and xp

robotant_daffodil_menuMechanical Ant Beta- 60 Donuts.  Adds 0.75% bonus to all cash and xp

robotant_killer_menuMechanical Ant Gamma- 60 Donuts.  Adds 0.75% bonus to all cash and xp

robotant_nippy_menuMechanical Ant Delta- 60 Donuts.  Adds 0.75% bonus to all cash and xp

Each Ant is 3×2 in size.  They ARE unique.  So once you purchase one of them you can’t get it again.  (i.e. if you purchase Alpha, it will no longer appear in your store).

If purchased some more dialogue from Bart will appear…and a 10hr task will permanently unlock for Bart with the Ants.

As far as what the ants do…well they don’t do anything unless they’re on task with Bart.  Otherwise they’re just stationary.

And now onto the returning item…the most REQUESTED item in TSTO that people have wanted to come back since Christmas 2012.  Initially only released to Tappers who used iOS devices…the Mapple Store is back! (which means Springfield Falls will now go to the most requested item)…

mapplestore_menuMapple Store! 90 Donuts.  Earns $300, 30xp/12hrs.

Yes the item that many of us thought would never make a return has come back to Springfield.  So if you want it, get it now while you can.  Because who knows how long it will disappear for next time…

And that my friends is the rundown of the details on the latest premium items to hit our stores.  Grab them while you can (if you want them) because they’ll be leaving Springfield soon!

And yes, before you ask we will have Should I Buys up for these items…

What are your thoughts on the premium items?  Which ones have you picked up so far?  Any impulse buys?  Anything you’re still debating over?  Thoughts on the Mapple Store coming back?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

97 responses to “TSTO Monorail Event: New Premium Items in Store

  1. I bought the mapple store and the mechanical ant…. Love them both! The ant is awesome!!!

  2. I can pass on the Mechanical Ants, but the Mapple Store (90 Donuts ain’t too high) looks tempting (I agree about the Springfield Falls – I’d rather have one of those vs the meh Decor during Easter)! 🙂

  3. The old gray mare is worth 2% bonus at 40 donuts, as opposed to the ants which are .75% at 60 donuts each. As much as I am a fan of THEM, practicality has to win out for this freemium player. I’m sure the ant animations are pretty cool though.

  4. Has Project Management: Glass come up yet? Now that it’s act 3

  5. I am mostly primed for the next Act, even though I’m very tired (unrelated to the game). I reached the 10,000bp bonus track piece. 11k was too hard, so I wait for 1am!

  6. Errrrrr I keep getting the Bart screen and have gone through reinstalling the app, I’m just a few thousand from completing act 2 and with this I’m not gonna get the final prize 😡. What can I do about this!!!! I’m super bummed out about it

  7. Woo Hoo!!!! As a dedicated completist I thought we’d never get the Mapple store, particularly on Android devices, but there it is, and I splashed out the sprinklies without a second’s hesitation. Now I have absolutely everything.

    And some extra goodies as well, most of all my most wanted building and character, Maison Derriere and Belle. Just hoping the quest line gives us burlesque girls, the men of Springfield slinking around, and Marge on the bulldozer. Singing the “We put the spring in Springfield” song is probably too much to wish for, so I’ll just have to do it myself!!

  8. The jobs in the Mapple Store don’t pay premium rate? Now that’s lame. No, actually, I’d consider that an inconsistency and a bug.

  9. Plastic never opened for me. All I have are garbage and metal. Was there some vital instruction I missed? I give up on monorail. There is no way, with the time allowed and the amounts of duct tape awarded, I can get the hippie. 20, 000 duct tapes in 6 hours? Not possible by any math. And I’ve been working this for days, between trying to tap off the revolting fumes. The prizes are dull, dull, dull. I don’t want monstrous stations NO ONE WILL EVER USE overpowering my Springfield. It’s like the multiple ugly buildings no one even pretends to live in in Springfield Heights. How do I toss this useless crap in the trash. Obliterate the monorail rather than store it? Ugh! I’ve hated every single thing since the monorail started ESPECIALLY THE ENDLESS CRASHES AND FORCED REBOOTS. Send Homer to the showers and let him claim it was all a terrible dream.

    • You need to do the questline to get that. In order to get the questline for glass you need to finish the one for plastic. In order to get the one for plastic you need to finish the metal one…

  10. Me, I’m getting severe plastic blocking trying to get to my 13,000 duct tape bonus track. Every project today has required plastic. Ok, nearly every. In typically over maximum on both metal and glass.

    And my daily 5k bonus hit, probably over flowed like 4k on what I needed.


  11. I coveted the Mapple store so hard for so long. And now that it’s here I’m like meh. Go figure. I hope Springfield Falls is next.

  12. Lol this is like one of those “if you were born in the 80’s then you definitely remember this” kind of posts lol…I’ve been playing this game for so long!!

  13. CHA-CHING! Fastest dt I ever pulled! Been saving my sprinkles for this and hopefully Springfield Falls! Fingers crossed!😉

  14. Wow, I just found out that you can ride the monorail in your neighbours’ towns! How awesome is that???

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