Monorail Takedown Preparation

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note to let you know the Monorail Takedown is live in the files.  So what does that mean?  Well it means nothing really at this point, other than we can expect it to hit app stores later today.

Remember this will be an APP STORE UPDATE, so it won’t automatically remove from your game.  If you decide you don’t want to remove the event right away, instead you want to try for that last prize, be sure to TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES.

So to sum up…

-The Takedown update is currently in the files
-We expect it to hit App Stores today between 12pm-2pm.
-If you don’t want to remove the event just yet, make sure you turn off your automatic updates.

Once the update hits we’ll be back to let you know what’s changed and what to expect.  Until then keep tap, tap, tapping away…


69 responses to “Monorail Takedown Preparation

  1. I miss my possums.

  2. Hey,

    So I got the railyard and everything was working fine, but now I have 35558 blueprints but no payout of 3 mystery track pieces at 30000? Has anyone else experienced that?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. I didn’t hit ANY of the prizes the monorail update. This is the first time that I didn’t hit at least one. I had to collect so much metal while glass and plastic stayed maxed out. It became really frustrating. If this is going to be the new way of earning( collect x amount and trade like SH & metal, glass, and plastic for monorail ) I think it may be time to give up on this game. It’s also annoying that it seems like I’m the only one who couldn’t keep up! Errrg😠
    Thanks for all the info and advice along the way. It really helps to have someone post all that you do no matter what crazy time updates hit, your right on it 😀

    • I had to spend crazy amounts of donuts to get prize 1, but I started late. The others I only just managed to get but that was pretty much hourly playing and I found it tedious and time-consuming, despite the fact that I don’t have anything to do at the moment so have the time to spare. I’m not keen on the format either, same goes with the heights challenges; if it was all 30s/1-5m then it would be fine but it just takes so long… Not surprised people didn’t manage to get everything.

    • I gave up on the event. Too time-consuming, and real life caught up with me. Frustrating. 🙁

  4. I’m somewhat confused. The update info says something about treasure turning to trash; what does this mean as the Railyard is permanent and can earn track and ‘bonuts’ every day? To clarify; will the depots stay, will the characters still be able to do jobs for materials, and will the final prize on the Daily Bonus now always be B&W or blueprints, or will the mystery box return (I can’t remember seeing it on my bonus today)? Tbh in a way I was hoping this would all end for good as I found by the end of act 3 the whole thing to be tedious and time consuming, especially with Heights and Krustyland to deal with – I’ll point out that after about 2 years out I started playing again just before the monorail update, and joined the event halfway through act 1 of monorail once it forced me to update (I didn’t want to update due to all the reviews saying it broke the game & was bugged), so I’m behind on a lot of things, am only at level 38 or so. I’m not downloading the update yet, going by what I’ve read here.

    • Because items you earned are nothing now. Like bells and whistles. The track is same as the Rail Yard post we put up stated. Earn what you can in 7 days before it resets. Check the post for more.

      • So the depots will stay for good, and characters will do jobs for materials to exchange for track pieces? I’m still collecting bells and whistles from friends and possums (ahead of the track), will this then stop once I’ve downloaded the update? And does the Daily Bonus revert back to the mystery box or will it be blueprints from now on? If I had gotten the info I needed from the post then I wouldn’t have commented!

  5. Ugh wish I would have read this first , downloaded update from the ios Ap store & can’t even open the game, This was the worst event in terms of buggy & crashing , called EA more times in 1 week than I had in 3 years & looks like I’ll have to do it again 🙁
    My game had always been pretty bullet proof but since SH & the Monorail seems like they added way too much content without server capacity. Hope they can fix this before Halloween as for me it was barely playable & now the thought of missing bldgs & characters…….again …double ugh !

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