Addicts Questions Corner: THOH 2015 Act 1

UPDATE 830PM EST: A simple & quick update hit. Hoping it helps those locked out from Daily Reward issue. Let me know.

Hey there Screamereenos!

Bouncing by with some Clarification and help to all the Q&A that keeps repeating in the Comments. Most was already answered in the Main Posts, but I will place them here too to have one point of information.

So take a peek at ALL the info below before asking, and see if it is already answered. 🙂

store panel

First up, the Main Post Rundown for Event is HERE




Yes, this has been disabled and most likely will be for the Event. I assume so it will not interfere with the Event Tasks. So don’t anticipate using it anytime soon unless EA finds an alternate way to put it back into play for the Event.




Many of you think you are missing S’mores, you are not. There is a very simple explanation to this. You are seeing TWO S’mores Counters.

Main S’mores Counter: This is what you will see as the OVERALL TOTAL of S’mores you have collected so far for Act 1. Lower Left Corner of your game above your XP Meter.

S'more Counter


Individual S’mores Counter: So that you are aware of how many S’mores you need per prize, there is an Individual Counter that will show as you reach each and every Prize in the Act 1 Screen.

Pirate Kang S'mores Count

Crafting Resources: /180
Spooky Cabin: /360
Pirate Kang: /1620
Model Donut: /2880
Gate to Nowhere: /4230

Now total them up… 180+360+1620+2880+4230 = 9270. The EXACT amount you need for Act 1… Act 1 Calendar HERE.

You are NOT missing any. No worries. Just a way to help you see where you are on earning each item. Nothing more.



This one is a tricky one, but I want to do a quick breakdown on it. First let’s take a quick look at the Basics.

WHAT Nightmare is the Portal Needing? : Look at the Counter on the Upgrade Screen and see WHAT Nightmare Image is next to it. Then make sure you have the Kid tell a Story that triggers that Nightmare to come from the Campfire. You can see in the image below… it asks for the Zombie Nightmare and has a Zombie Icon next to the Counter.


Spooky Campfire Nightmare Upgrade

Check for that Icon and see WHAT it matches…

charactersets_martin_wizardMartin- Unlocks Zombieszombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2ico_thoh2015_tappablezombie_md
charactersets_lisa_saxophoneLisa- Unlocks SnakesSnakeico_thoh2015_snakeheads_md
MilhouseMilhouse- Unlocks Bunniesbunny 3ico_thoh2015_tappablebunny_md
BartBart- Unlocks Skeletonsskeleton_front_walk_image_2ico_thoh2015_tappableskeleton_md

In short, as you go through the Questline watch the pop up on the Campfire, if the Kid Story swapped the Nightmare to something else… make the appropriate Kid tell their story again to swap it back to WHAT Nightmare you need. It is instant.



I am seeing an influx of reports on the Daily Prizes Pop Up causing an issue in Players games.

Basically you get the Daily Pop Up for coming back to the game for 5 days in a row, for some reason it allows you to collect twice. DO NOT COLLECT TWICE!!

If you have already and are locked up, light up the EA Forum and also contact EA for help.



Just as with previous Events, you will only get payouts for so many Event Neighbors and then the Event Payouts stop and just Cash & XP return.

I am currently working on this and all the Neighbor Visit info in another post, for now know that if you are hitting Cash & XP… you’re MAXED for the day.

If you don’t see anything to tap in a town, it is a good chance they are not fully updated yet and ready for you… so skip them for now and give them a few days to fully update. Check also Main Neighbor Screen. See where their counters are. That may be a good indication.

LOTS more Neighbor info coming.



I am still working on this one and will Update when I can. There is usually a MAX amount of Nightmares you can have wandering your game at one time. I am verifying it with a few tests in my game, once complete I will let you know the exacts.




The game is requiring those that already have it to craft another Spooky House for the Questline. I hope this is an oops and will be fixed. If not, we still need to let EA know to fix it so we dont wast resources we already went through last year’s Event.



Another High Impact Event is upon us… that means MAJOR RAM drain for most devices. Help your device handle it all.

Here is our list of Basic Tips to try…

Memory Drain. It is a big issue in highly outside animated Events. This is why keeping 4500 items in game helps among other things. Help your device when this hits really hard, like this Event.

  • Disable Monorail. If you played last Event… Pull the track pieces away from the station to prevent it from moving around your game or when Neighbors Visit.
  • If this happens while Neighbor tapping… see if it is ONE Neighbor crashing or specific ones, they may be having issues getting in too. So “hide” them and don’t visit them until they can fix it or replace them if concerned about your game play.
  • Store NPC’S and any other animated items not in use.
  • Don’t push the 4500 limit. If you do, expect the game to slow and more “texture” glitches to name a few things
  • Keep non essential Characters on indoor tasks or store them in your inventory.
  • Play ONLY this App. In other words kill all other Apps that are running BEFORE launching this one. Anything in the background while this is going (Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, etc) will take Memory away from the app as they fight over the availability.
  • Give it space, LOTS of space. Like 2-3GB of empty space on your device. Insane I know, but highly active Events take a lot and so do the game files.
  • Run on highest stable internet connection as possible. WiFi usually works best, and also doesn’t wipe out your Data Plan

Remember, if you are having trouble getting in your game… so might your neighbors. Memory Drain impacts more than just you. So help you and your Neighbors or they may not visit if your town crashes their game each time.

Outside of that. EA knows how big this one is pulling on the Memory Drain. Hopefully they can make some cuts to help combat it too. Until then, try the tips to see if it helps. In the meantime, keep reporting to EA the Crash Issues.


In short, check the site to see if it is a known issue, ask for help if you need it and we will do what we can, outside of that… try the Basic Troubleshooting and reach out to EA if needed.

Basic Troubleshooting HERE

Contact EA HERE


There you have it. A rundown of some of what is currently going on in the game.

Did this help you? Have any tips to add for other readers? Any help to offer? Let us know


439 responses to “Addicts Questions Corner: THOH 2015 Act 1

  1. So I leveled up 30mins ago and it says
    Item collection
    Some text like collect extra resources(something like that and it has present drawn in the box)
    And when I want to collect it(I press OK button)the game freezes and crashes me out of the game.I tried everything but I don’t want to start all over because I am level 57.Guys please help me.

  2. i'vegotaspringfieldproblem

    My issue is with the campfire stuck on level 9 to upgrade to level 10. I have 199/200 Zombies and Upgrade now! is at zero donuts but will not advance! Anyone else experiencing this issue? Thanks for all that you guys do to make this game AWESOME!

    • Try going to Krustyland and back. If that doesn’t work you’ll have to contact EA. I’ve had a couple other readers report the same issue..

  3. my town won’t even open! i’ve tried everything, has anyone experienced this before? I’m missing out on all the halloween events

  4. Sorry. I wanted to write : The same goes for all other nightmares.

  5. In the morning when I open the game to replay, there are lots of rabbits around the campfire. But when I tap hands over it, they disappear definitively and there are not more than rabbits generated by the campfire . The same goes for all other resources. Is it a bug?

    • Have to clear the bunnies before you clear the handshakes. When you clear the handshakes plus those bunnies being there makes it so there are too many terrors in your town, so some disappear.

  6. Anyone can’t change the kids into Halloween costumes? Alternate options don’t pop up at all.

  7. I’m supposed to make Milhouse tell story so bunnies would starting to spawn from campfire, but he is not in opnions, just Lisa and Martin. Why?

  8. For some reason i cant do house of evil shopkeeper challenges. I have the house, i just cant do any. HELP!

  9. I just placed the. house of Evil, it says challenges start Monday (today) but I have a blank box and the rush button is overtop of the blue bar (screen is messed up) anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?

  10. Do you think realistically there is likely to be a fix for the duplicate Spooky House issue? I’m holding off on crafting for now, but not seeing much encouragement on the thread you’ve linked to.

    It’s even stranger that the game recognises I’ve already got one (from last year), asking if I want to craft another, yet the task is incomplete.

    I’m doing well on crafting supplies and could craft it almost 3 times now, but it’s the principle gosh darn it!

  11. Has anyone else noticed completing stuff but resources not being counted? This happened to me last week (s’mores count and crafting counts weren’t increasing). Fixed with a reinstall, but now I’ve noticed that the monorail blueprint count hasn’t increased now, frustrating when so close to the bonuts. Have tried to contact ea but just get a loading screen for live chat which never gets me anyone to talk to…

  12. Ive been dealing with this glitch for a while now where I’d complete something for an event and not get the reward instantly. For example, right now I’m trying to upgrade my camp to lvl 3 and it says I have all the snakes I needed but it wont upgrade. Its literally says “completed” but when I tap on what lvl 3 needs in order to get to lvl 4 it doesnt show me. I didnt get the spooky shed it comes with until I switched to go to krustyland. Even when I switched back to springfield it still didn’t upgrade my camp. Its a bit hard to explain, I don’t know if im saying it correctly.

  13. Hello,
    I’m wondering. Will crafting resources we won be reset at the beginning of act 2 either we can keep them for the next act ?
    Thanks for all your information 🙂

  14. I’m wondering; will the zombies, snakes, skeletons & bunnies we accumulate in Act 1 be used in subsequent acts? I’d hate to lose all of them I’ve collected when Act 2 rolls around!

  15. Glad to see the IRS building working again. Yaaaaaaay.

  16. I have looked and haven’t seen this but I have a feeling I am just missing it. Does anyone know why some snakes are green and some are orange? Sorry if this has already been answered. And many thanks to the wonderful job our addicts do keeping us straight on all the in and outs of TSTO.

    • Just two variants… they are the same snakes we had to whack once upon a time during the Whacking Day event… a little retro nod to TSTO past.

      • Thanks,I was wondering. I was kinda expecting multi colored bunnies ala Easter but purple is my favorite so all good. 🙂

    • From what I can tell, orange snakes are spawned from the kids finishing roasting marshmallows, while green snakes are what’s usually spawned from the campfire. Haven’t noticed any difference of the effect of those two different kinds. Orange ones sure are easier to find, though!

  17. I’ve noticed when I’m tapping on nightmares in friend’s towns, they aren’t spawning any resources for me, just cash and friend points…
    Is this normal?? :/

  18. When I unlocked the Model Doughnut I chose to store it instead of place it cause I was in the middle of something. Now I can’t find it in my inventory. Checked every area. Anyone else run into this problem?

  19. One thing I do like about this event is that we aren’t being forced to choose between upgrading the campfire and crafting items. At least that’s how I’m interpreting it. I do wish that tapping nightmares during neighbor visits would add to the nightmare count needed for upgrades- then you could prioritize towns who are currently producing the particular nightmare you need. If I’m explaining myself properly.

    The moonwalking zombies are hilarious.

  20. I was just wondering for the event if there were any tricks to making the collection tapping easier. I have put the campfire on my boardwalk at the seaport, however the snakes and zombies and all that wander aimlessly around my massive springfield and do not gather i one area. is there a point I can make them gather at so I don’t need to look all over for them?

    • Some have suggested limiting how many roads you have since they tend to use them. A tip I use to find them is the build menu. I make everything transparent and then go looking… much easier to find them this way.

    • One alternative is to not go looking for them and letting them come to you. If you keep your game focused on one place (I like to pick a spot with roads, but not a lot of buildings), they’ll drift on over to that spot of their own accord.

  21. Did anyone else lose the ability to send all characters on quests via the Unemployment Office? Ever since Halloween update the feature is not available. That was the best upgrade I’ve seen since playing,Mehta a time saver!! I want it back!

  22. Thank you. I was under the impression that ny update was not completed properly regarding the campfire and s’mores. After reading this I know exactly what’s what now, so thanks again.

  23. I just downloaded TSTO on my husband’s Kindle HD. It is 32G. He has 29G free. The game still lags. Towns are taking up to 30 seconds where they used to take only a few even the Level 58 neighbors. It’s not a memory issue. Have you all had lots of complaints about lagging? Think I will get in touch with EA.

  24. Anyone else being forced to update each morning… The same huge 747.9 mb one? I’m going on three days now! I contacted ea but haven’t heard back.

    • Most people reporting this seem to be iOS users. Seems something in the iOS system may be causing an issue with the game. All we can offer is basic troubleshooting like uninstall/reinstall until EA figures out what is causing it.

  25. Thank you Bunny!
    (EA has a ENOUGH to patch just for Act 1 Halloween Event)
    Back to Tapping! 🙂

  26. I set Lisa spawning snakes but when I later tapped mausoleums the snakes disappeared and zombies started spawning instead. When I tap on freakmobile, snake log or graveyards the spawn seems to mess up sometimes as well.

  27. Probably missed this posted somewhere but did you know you can build more to squidport pieces now.

  28. I am currently in level 5 camfire upgrade but I never received the spooky tent. I did the basic troubleshooting already, but I still didn’t get it. Does anyone experience this? Thank you for responding.

  29. Is anyone else having a problem with the snake logs making all other nightmares disappear from their town? Any time I click the snake logs (or accidentally have them in the radius of a click), my other nightmares disappear 🙁 Seems it sometimes happens if I manage to have a click (usually accidental, sometimes just not fully thinking since I first noticed it) near the campfire before clearing all existing nightmares, too… They don’t show up in my total or elsewhere in town from the logs for sure, and at least not in the total for every other time it happens… I’ve lost way too many nightmares from this! (which sounds funny… Lol)

  30. is it a known issue or a a limitation foract one …

    i currently have the Problem that i can’t upgrade my campfire beyond lvl 5… when i go to the upgrade screen the progress bar is full… the donut button says “done” but nothing happens… if i click on the donut button it tells me to spend 40 donuts…. i did all of the Basic Trouble shooting stuff except reinstalling…

    anyone experiencing the same?

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