THOH 2015 Calendar: Act One

Hey there Spookereenos!

Got your campfire ready? Didn’t forget the Graham Crackers and Marshmallows, did you? And of course, you better not forget the Chocolate! Now that we are all comfy cozy n warm next to the burning bright pretty fire flames, it’s time for Spooooooooky Stories!!

The Treehouse of Horror Halloween Event has come through the Ghostly Portals and into our silly lil games. You know what that means? RUN!!! WE ARE ALL GONNA GET KILLED!! EVERYONE FOR THEMSELVES!!!

errr… I mean… time to Earn Stuffs to Get Stuffs. Now of course that means you are stressing on just HOW you are going to do it. Well keep your Spirits High as I am bout to offer up the daily goals for you… IT’S CALENDAR TIME!!


Kang Pirate


As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER Act One releases so you can factor in time you will need to send Characters on tasks, get Buildings, and fully launch the New Event. I will also be stopping it the night BEFORE Act One ends, as it will give you enough time to focus on all the other last minute stuff.

Again, do not panic. Remember that it is slow going at first so you may “appear” to be behind, but as you progress in Act One you will start to see that you are getting more and more and more each day. So just go at a pace that fits you, but remember the more you play the more you will get.

THOH 2015 Calendar Act 1

Now you have a basic daily breakdown for 13 days based off of approximately 714 S’moresindicator_smores a day.




S'more Counter

I see many of you concerned on your S’mores counts in your game. I just wanted to clarify something for you… it is AS INTENDED. 😉

Basically the game is showing you ONLY the countdown for that particular item you are earning for while in the Act 1 Prizes. NOT the total amount you have collected to date.

I think this is a way of letting you know just how close you are to gettting that particular prize. The total amount will still show on your S’mores counter in the Lower Left Corner in the main game screen, but when in the actual Act 1 Prize Screen, just the amount for the current item you are on will show.

Pirate Kang S'mores Count

Crafting Resources: /180
Spooky Cabin: /360
Pirate Kang: /1620
Model Donut: /2880
Gate to Nowhere: /4230



Here’s the rundown of the prizes available during Act 1 that you can win by just playing the game and collecting S’moresindicator_smores.

ico_priz_thoh2015_currencybundleCrafting Resources- 180 S’moresindicator_smores
(50 Bones, 50 Brains, 50 Bunny Ears, 50 Snake Eggs)

spookycabin_menuSpooky Cabin- 540 S’moresindicator_smores

Kang PiratePirate Kang- 2,160 S’moresindicator_smores

Model DonutModel Donut- 5,040 S’moresindicator_smores

Gate To NowhereGate to Nowhere- 9,270 S’moresindicator_smores



So far I have not seen anything along the lines of a Bonus for getting all the Prizes. Could be due to other things or other options in the game. For now, no Bonuts (Bonus Donuts) for completing collection.


There you have it. A Calendar of S’moresindicator_smores to keep you on track for all 5 Personal Prizes.

What do you think of it so far? Where are YOU in the game? How are your totals coming along? Craving some S’mores now? Let us know.

211 responses to “THOH 2015 Calendar: Act One

  1. Sorry if asked already, but will our resources disappear with act 2, should I but a bunch of trees and things or hang on to my eggs, brains, etc?

  2. I’m disappointed too! I’ve been keeping 10 kids cooking s’mores all week! Yet I’m thousands from completing act 1. 🙁 Don’t know what else I could have done besides get up in the middle of the night to tap!

  3. Not gonna make it. I always have in the past few years, this time a combination of real life and the (totally lame) fact that you do not get smores from friend actions means I did not make the final prize. That was total B.S. The game has seemed way too much of a unpleasant and unrewarding GRIND since the clash of clones update, and the last 3 have been the worst IMHO. I’m afraid I shall bid adieu soon.

  4. Will there still be a chance to get the gate once Act 1 is over? i.e. make up the time during Act 2?

    • It doesn’t look like it. From what I can tell, and most likely suspect, you’ll be able to purchase any Act 1 prizes you didn’t get for donuts once act 2 starts. So collect as many s’mores as you can, because the more you have the lower the required donut amount will be.

  5. Sigh I’m not going to make it. This is happening more and more on these events. I just get too busy and not at good places to duck somewhere and send kids for s’mores. Ah well maybe next act…

  6. I am also a day behind, but I hope with grinding today I can get the Gate to Nowhere.

  7. I’m an entire day behind on smores. These recent events are happening too close together and require spending too much time in order to get all of the prizes. I’ve been playing since the game launched and will likely stop playing soon. What seems like an improvement is actually forcing an obsession. We have jobs and can’t spend 10 minutes every 4 hours clearing nightmares in order to keep pace.

  8. I can’t unlock a nightmare( bunnies). Can anyone help me?

  9. 1 day and 10 hours to go and 200 s’mores missing. i didnt think i’d make it in time, but i added Database 3 days ago and he’s helping with s’mores now, too. And with the upgraded campfire at level 16 nightmares spawn much faster. its basically 1.5 levelupgrades a day at this point and its only going to get faster if they keep the 200 nightmares update cycle.

  10. Ugh I started out AHEAD, and got the donut model like 4 days ago, but I’m still about 1200 s’mores short of the gate. I’m likely not getting it.

  11. I am lvl 35 freemium player and have 9 kids, all of them have been working in this event task since the start( even as far as getting up at night to give them the next 4h job) but still there is no way I am gonna make it to prize 5 in time – is this normal, are these events made only for lvl 50 players??

    • No it just takes a lot of grinding…it’s much easier if you have more kids, yes. But it’s not just for level 50 players. Lower level players can succeed to just takes more work

      • More work will not do this. there is just how far you get with ther limitd amount of children that can work.

        according calculations, you need to be at least level 36 to make this event. (working 24h/7 on the event)
        5 tasks/day requires 10.21 freemium (or equivalent) kids {repost from EA forum}
        you can tap all day but if you have only 6 kids you will never make to the gate in time, at level 32 you can unlock Rod and Tod, but even then if you had not the luck to get Squicky voiced teen and Kearny unlocked from Mystery boxes you are doomed to failure.

        I just hope the gate will be craftable later on. if not then this is just a way to make many younger player feel helpless and lose the drive to keep tapping.

        • Don’t forget the wildcard…which is nightmares. The nightmares you spawn in your town (at a rate of 1/15 minutes at level 1…) also will give you s’mores.

      • Here the full run down of event currency, so you can see that it’s impossible.

        >>>Maximising Event Currency
        Main quest rewards: 1100 s’mores
        Campfire spawn: 1903 s’mores*
        Daily play bonus: 1850 s’mores**
        Needed from kid tasks: 4429 s’mores
        1100 + 1903 + 1850 + 4429 = 9282

        Freemium kids provide 6 s’mores for each task at the campfire (4 directly and 2 through nightmares) plus 2 more nightmares from the kid telling the story, so …

        3 tasks/day requires 17.24 freemium (or equivalent) kids
        4 tasks/day requires 12.85 freemium (or equivalent) kids
        5 tasks/day requires 10.21 freemium (or equivalent) kids

        * Campfire spawn rate is based on one upgrade per day using the chart provided by tapperino_forums (hope i got your name right )
        ** Daily play bonus for all 14 (13.5) days of Act One
        *** Nightmare spawning decos are not included in these calculations
        **** One premium kid is equivalent to two freemium kids and Sherri & Terri are equivalent to four freemium kids

        again repost from EA official forum, all credit goes to AOFIGO009

        It's all good to say that if you try hard you can achieve everything, but the hard truth is, that this time you just can't. I think there will be many younger players very upset, some might quit. I am LVL58, and only got the gate today, but I see friends who even get up in the middle of the night like peppermint said in her post to get the extra tap in, without knowing that they are doomed to fail, just because they started the game 6 month later then me and are not in the above a certain level cap.

        for some this event was just impossible.

      • Man Kouryuu, that was super depressing, but I needed to see that to know I’m not crazy. I’ve been playing for years, this was an impossible goal if you don’t have the kids past rod and todd.

  12. Damn. I wish i had 4 more days till act2. Now there is no way i can get the gate to nowhere. 🙁

  13. I only just got the donut model. I feel I won’t be able to get the gate. Help!

    • Try to make your kids create S’mores round the clock and be in your game as much as you can to clear every Nightmare you possibly can.

      • My A game was locked out for a full 24 hours at the beginning and I am ahead of schedule to get the gate (not by much), but my B game is behind!! I’ve been playing like a freaking crazy person and I’m still only at 7378….I have no idea how it got so behind-I noticed the problem on Weds. Ive been playing since April 2013, haven’t had this problem before. I’ll be sad if I don’t get the gate in both games.

        • It is just a matter of how YOU use the resources available and how many kids you keep sending to Make S’mores to get extra as well as how fast you clear the Nightmares to get more from them.

      • Update 24 hrs later: I’ve compared my 2 games. I am nearly 1100 smores away from the gate in my B game. That’s too far away. The odd thing is I am level 12 campfire on my B game and only level 11 on my A game. How is it possible to be further ahead in my B game yet only be 200 smores away from the gate in A game. This is all rhetorical I guess, but something does not feel right.

      • Stephanie,

        The reason probably is because you kept to one nightmare ( or less than the other) in the lower level one

    • Just tap every 4hrs. That’s what I’ve been doing since the day it started. I’ve had the gate for the past 3 days.

  14. ************

  15. All my crafting resources work fine except the snakes. I am always shortchanged. anyone else having this problem?

    • Snakes are not a crafting resource, snake *eggs* are. (I’m not trying to be nitpicky…just want to make sure you’re looking for the right thing.) In summary, snakes (which are represented by a snake head on the campfire progress bar) are nightmares, and they give you snake eggs when you snake eggs when you tap on them. Snake eggs can be used to craft stuff with.

  16. is there any benefit to holding on to formless terrors? some of my neighbors have hundreds, and I’m not sure if I should be saving mine too.

  17. What is the bonus? I am at 7000 and i want to know..

  18. How did you get the total of 714 s’mores per day?

  19. I unlocked the Gate to Nowhere last night and am playing just for campfire upgrades (along with the shopkeeper’s challenges and monorail tasks, of course). I was really enjoying this event, but at this point it seems like I’ll just be forced to slow down the pace. Is there a maximum upgrade level for the campfire?

  20. With 12 kids, I just may barely make it to the last prize. This will be surprisingly tight.

  21. Does anyone know if Bunny Ears, Bones & Brains will be “currency” for act 2 prizes, or should I spend them all before act 1 ends??? Thanks!

  22. Just unlocked the Shopkeeper’s Challenge you can win 20 doughnuts for completing.

  23. Any tips on how to quickly get s’mores. I’m Somehow a thousand behindafter being on track for the first fiveish days.

  24. Wow, I’m way ahead!

  25. I need more smores if I expect to complete the event in act 1 please send me more,it would really help

  26. So is the number on the date of a calender suppose to mean how much I am suppose to begin with or how much I will approximately end with at the end of the day?

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