Turbo Tappin’ THOH 2015: Midgalaxy Crisis & Where No Probe Has Gone Before (Kodos and Kang)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The 2015 THOH Event hit our devices recently and with it arrives a whole bunch of new quests.  Main quests and side quests, loads of things to keep us all busy tappin’ away over the next few weeks!

We’ve covered the main and basic side quests for Act 1 in our Turbo Tappin’ post here, but within those side quests there are even more quests.  A web of quests if you will.  Once you’ve completed part of A Proper Rigellian Thanksgiving, which is a a crafting side quest, you’ll launch another series of quests involving everyone’s favorite Aliens…Kodos and Kang!

So let’s take a look at these Alien quests now….


The Following questlines are NOT critical to completing the THOH Event.  They’re essentially side quests, that if you’d like you can ignore.  They will not hinder your progress in moving onto Act 2 when it hits.  The only questline you need to complete to move onto Act 2 is The Call of the Campfire (including the little quest at the end with Homer and Marge titled The Unspeakable).  

These questlines will appear after you’ve completed A Proper Rigellian Thanksgiving Pt. 3 (crafting Hugo).  If you already have Hugo these will start after you’ve completed A Proper Rigellian Thanksgiving Pt. 2 (Crafting the spooky house)….

Midgalaxy Crisis Pt. 1
Kang starts

Make Kang Ponder His Character- 6hrs, Earns $350, 90xp

Midgalaxy Crisis Pt. 2
Kang starts

Make Kang Crack the Whip- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp
Make Homer Hide in the Brown House- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Midgalaxy Crisis Pt. 3
Kang starts

Make Homer Play Dead- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

Midgalaxy Crisis Pt. 4
Kang starts

Make Kang Activate the Beacon- 10m, Earns $26, 7xp

If you have Kodos the following will start at this point…

Where No Probe Has Gone Before Pt. 1
Kang starts

Make Kodos Demonstrate Superior Technology- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

Where No Probe Has Gone Before Pt. 2
Kodos starts

Make Kodos Develop New Probe Technology- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Where No Probe Has Gone Before Pt. 3
Kodos starts

Make Kang Chase Laser Dot- x2 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp

Where No Probe Has Gone Before Pt. 4
Kodos starts

Make Kodos Refine Probe Technology- 24hrs, Earns $1,000, 225xp

Where No Probe Has Gone Before Pt. 5
Kodos starts

Make Kang Probe Homer- 36hrs, Earns $2,065, 525xp
Make Kodos 8-Hour Evil Laugh- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

And that completes the Alien side quests that’ll popup during Act 1!

Again these quests are NOT critical to moving onto Act 2 and you can completely ignore them if you’d like.  It will not hinder your progress on the event itself.

What are your thoughts on the Alien side quests?  Thoughts on the questline and dialogue?  Thoughts on THOH so far?  Enjoying the web of quests that keep popping up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

97 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ THOH 2015: Midgalaxy Crisis & Where No Probe Has Gone Before (Kodos and Kang)

  1. Any thoughts on if the crashed ufo will be available? Just when everyone finally gets their own 24 hour task we get a new character (for some) where the 24 hour task “building” is not available.

  2. I don’t suppose play dead becomes a permanent task? I just think Homer looks hilarious lying “dead” in the street.

  3. Does this quest get you Kodso? I got the doughnut girl and in the little collection it shows kodos? Thanks,

  4. I just got a new quest for Homer called “The one that got away”.

    Does anybody what this is about? Is it an episode tie in?

  5. Has anyone had a Lisa seducing Homer event? An event icon showed as Lisa winking and I think she wanted Homer to do something. Unfortunately I chose Kang event because I thought I could go back to her event after 8 hours. Lisa event disappeared! Does anyone know about this?

  6. Alien Side Quest is pure Lol Lol Lol (Pirate Kang ‘arrrr’) !

    I have Hugo / Spooky House from 2014, but I still had to Craft a Spooky House to get Hugo & Bart to continue the Side Quest !

    So, EA deserves applause AND criticism (come on, EA, you better do something to compensate long time Tappers!)

  7. So to clarify, the “Rigellian Thanksgiving” quest asks you to craft the Spooky House & Hugo, which unlocks the other quests (Midgalaxy Crisis & …No Probe…).

    I have the Spooky House & Hugo from last year. “Rigellian Thanksgiving Pt 2” (craft Spooky House) is still in my queue, but I was able to complete Midgalaxy crisis.

    Is there a quest line for Hugo in there that I’m missing if I don’t craft the Spooky House?

    • aaaaand as soon as I hit send I see the post on the “My Brothers Keeper” quest. Please disregard my questions.

  8. Well my first THOH and its pretty AMAZING! Aaaaaaaand just hit level 58 finally!!! Aaaaaand almost got Hugo too!! Just need Kodos to make her appearance in act 2 for the icing on the cake 😁👽👻

  9. Pirate Kang is magnificent!! Don’t miss him/her/it….OK EA, all is forgiven, and whoever thought of Pirate Kang deserves a large bonus.

  10. Have both Hugo and the Spooky House from last year, both questlines associated with their completion started for me by now. Since I am not a big fan of the Spooky House and don’t need a second one, I’ll save my eggs for the next act.

    What a difference a year makes. Last year, I had just started playing TSTO a few months earlier and had five kids iirc, so I struggled to get all the prizes for Halloween 2014. This year it feels like I have an army of kids. LOL

  11. Is it true Kodos is available for crafting in Act 2 or Act 3?

  12. ****

  13. Why arent we given chance to get Kodos?

    • Ok…you’ve got to have patience.

      This is a LONG event (it doesn’t end until November 17th). We’re only on day 3. There are 3 acts where they’ll roll out various prizes/crafting items and things you can buy. So just because you don’t see it this very second doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Again it’s Act 1. 2 more to go. If they threw everything out immediately what would be the incentive to keep playing in 4 weeks? PATIENCE. 🙂

      • Last year you got Kudos by purchasing the laser cannon and shooting her down. Didn’t have enough donuts last Halloween so crossing fingers that they do the same this event so I can get Kudos, a crashed spaceship, and the laser cannon.

      • Kudos to that poster 🙂

  14. Happy to say that the Midgalaxy quest line started without crafting a new Spooky House, I currently have both ‘A Proper Rigellian Thanksgiving Pt 2’ and ‘Midgalaxy Crisis Pt 2’ in my task book.

  15. Me too! I don’t have Hugo or the spooky house, but I’m on Midgalaxy Crisis Part II regardless. Must be unlocking out of order or something.

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