Returning Premium THOH Items Available in Store

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So, as many of you have noticed, we’ve received several returning THOH items in our stores this morning.  Since we’ve covered all of these at one point or another, I initially wasn’t going to write a post about them…but after the confusion some of you had last time returning items were released I figured better safe than sorry.

So let’s quickly recap the 4 returning items….

talkingkrustydoll Tapped_Out_Cauldron Tapped_Out_Freak_Mobile baddreamhouse

These items leave the store on November 10th


Item: Talking Krusty Doll
Donut Cost: 60 Donuts
Unique: Yes, only 1 per Springfield
Available Until: November 10th, 2015
What Does it Do: It’s a tiny NPC that roams around your town.  Has some animation when tapped.
Should I Buy?: Post can be found here


Item: Cauldron
DOES NOT Come with Witch Marge
Donut Cost: 25 Donuts
Unique: Yes, only 1 per Springfield
Available Until: November 10th, 2015
Bonus %: 2.25% on all cash and XP
What Does it Do: Nothing without Witch Marge.  Otherwise just a decoration for Springfield.  Does earn a high bonus %, worth the investment for that.
Should I Buy?: Post can be found here


Item: Freak Mobile
Donut Cost: 60 Donuts
Unique: No.
Available Until: November 10th, 2015
Bonus %: 0.75% on all cash and XP
What Does it Do: For this event it will earn you extra Zombies.  After that nothing, other than the bonus %.  (which isn’t that great)
Should I Buy?: Post can be found here


Item: Bad Dream House
Donut Cost: 85 Donuts
Unique: Yes, only 1 per Springfield
Available Until: November 10th, 2015
Earns: $500,45xp/24hrs.
What Does it Do: Not a whole heck of a lot unfortunately.  Usually it only gets animated at Halloween.  (it has been animated during other events too…like Stonecutters)  This year, in order to animate it you do need Devil Flanders. There are tasks for several members of the Simpson family to sleep there (12hr task), that will animate it. Otherwise it’ll just sit and look pretty..and earn some income every 24hrs.
Should I Buy?: Post can be found here

Here’s how it looks animated:

Animations Bad Dream House

And that my friends breaks down all of the returning items in the shop today.  Just remember all four of these items leave our towns on November 10th…so be sure you make your final decisions before then!

What are your thoughts on the returning items?  Anything you’ll pick up?  Did you pick something up already?  Any recommendations to other tappers?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

120 responses to “Returning Premium THOH Items Available in Store

  1. Any thoughts about buying the drive in theater??

  2. No witch Marge with the cauldron?
    still a good bonus, but dk about buying that anymore….

  3. Wait, so the tasks at the bad dream house are only available during halloween events, and they don’t even pay at a premium rate? They’re there just so we can see the animation? I bought the house, I think it’s cool and everything (haven’t seen the animation yet), but can’t agree with some of EA’s decisions. I mean, what’s the point of having temporary tasks there for characters who are all required for the event’s currency-earning tasks? 🙁

  4. In not understanding what’s going on with the wailing walls. In my town the wailing walls give cash and the spooky walls give the exp. Bonus so what are people talking about? I’m way confused

  5. Well, I made a mistake, I bought the cauldron before I found this post, because I searched the site and found the should I buy page for the cauldron, which says it comes with the witch Marge skin, which I really want. I see now it doesn’t come with it. Not so cool without the skin.

    • Yea, always keep in mind to check dates on those older posts. Also, if it comes with a skin or character generally that skin or character would be shown in the store with the item. Here’s how it would have looked if it came with witch marge

      But at least if Witch Marge does come back you’ll be able to do all her tasks now 🙂

  6. Gilbert Garcia Jr

    Still holding out for Booberella, though I guess my hopes for having her for Halloween day are now dashed. Oh well.

  7. Already have everything in the game. Only things I’ve missed out on when I first started playing was the robot dog and all the whacking day stuff. Hope they bring those things back eventually so I’ll have all the characters.

  8. Knowing an update was coming based on the number of times I had to re-download my entire game yesterday (yes, I’m one of the “lucky” ones that has to download everything every time), I waited til 3AM (central time) for it to happen, and lo and behold, my most coveted item was waiting for purchase. I’ve been waiting 51 weeks for… Bad Dream House!!!! Purchase made at approximately 3:00:07. 😉 I’m officially content with this event now. Everything else is just gravy. 😀

  9. Any chance we’ll get to buy the cemetery? I don’t want the pet one. This is my first Halloween event, and it’s ok IMO. I’m not a big Halloween fan in general. I mean c’mon now here!

  10. So if I don’t have devil flanders the BDH tasks still activate? Guessing that’s why the info on flanders is etched out?

  11. I’m super excited to see the Bad Dream House available! I love the animation & have been coveting it since the first time I spotted it in a neighbours town.
    I broke down & bought a golden scratcher hoping to win enough donuts to top me up so I could buy the pet semetary last night. I was pretty bummed that I was still short. That was until I saw that fab spooky house!
    After finishing this week of challenges I’ll have enough for a Bad Dream House of my very own!! So stoked!!!!

  12. Did the frink mobile pay out xp & $$ before the update?

  13. I will probably buy the Bad Dream House, because i love the raven.

    • I’m pretty sure it doesn’t come with the Raven this year, because the Raven was available as a standalone purchase earlier in the event.

  14. I think the Bad Dream House might look nice next to the Maison Derriere.

  15. I miss the kinds of prizes we used to get. Remember what we got for the Wacking Day event back in year one? Springfield Stadium, the Arena and Drederick Tatum, we don’t get anything like that anymore. Mostly weak NPC’s or some kind of fencing product. I appreciate all the free donuts this time and a free House of Evil, but it’s not as good as it once was. Maybe I’m just getting old.

    • I agree Joe I’ve been playing since the beginning. I loved the zombies and loved toilet papering my neighbors 😝 But I’m hanging in there for Maggie 😊

    • Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. 😉

    • Heck no, that motel and stadium and arena are THE best prizes ever awarded, other than Barney and the Bowlarama, but I am an android player and didn’t start playing until Whacking Day. I remember logging in every 30 mins to whack snakes and lay eggs in my neighbor’s land. It was tedious, but you could draw designs or your initials. Man, that was the best event EVER!!!!!!! I loved the tents, the Whacking Day sign, which looks great at the prison entrance, btw. **sigh** Memories.

  16. How big is the Cauldron?

  17. Getting harder to play, so slow at times, havent seen anything to craft that I dont already have or want, roll on act 3 or even better christmas lol

  18. I buckled and brought the house ☆

    …figured with a few more weeks of bonuts why not!

  19. I got everything except Krusty. I’d been coveting most of these items in other people’s towns since I started playing earlier this year. Krusty is funny, but it’s not worth it to me to spend donuts on an NPC.

  20. Oh man, I’ve been waiting all year for the bad dream house to come back but the fact that there’s no way to animate it year round is making me hesitate……

    • The task ‘Sleep at BDH’ is on the Simpson family members’ and CBG’s menus but they are at the top. It would be nice if they remained after the event.

    • Minimoosi- my advice would be, don’t hesitate!! If you miss out, you’ll be bummed you didn’t grab it while you could. Often during events when we tap neighbors’ buildings, it’s one that becomes animated, so you’ll have it active during those types of events as well. If it makes you sad to not have it animated, you can always store it between events. Plus, when Halloween rolls around next year, you’ll have it animated through the whole event (hopefully) and you won’t have to wait 3 long weeks like we did this year to have your very own animated BDH in your town.
      Take the plunge! If you really love it, 85 donuts is a small price to pay versus 365 days of regret. 😉

      • Thanks for the advice, EA. 😉 That your next slogan?: “Buy it now to avoid the next 365 days of regret!” 😛

        (Your advice is good, just thought I’d point out that it also can be taken in that humorous way.)

      • You make some great points kat! She who hesitates is lost, right? BDH, come to mama!

      • Lol @ simp7fan!! Yep, I pretty much think that’s EA’s new slogan. Sort of like how Gil “deals” aren’t really “deals” except maybe once or twice a year, just another “get it while we tell you it’s hot” offer. 😉
        You know, there’s a fast food chain whose slogan is, “You gotta eat.” It’s sort of like, “Well, yeah, our food’s kinda gross, but you’ve got to stick something in your pie hole, right?” I’m thinking that if a slogan like that works for them, maybe I should pitch this one to EA. 😉
        minimoosi- congratulations on purchasing one of the most sought after pieces of real estate in Springfield!! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! And btw, Willie also has a temporary 12-hr task there, so you can use him if you want to keep the Simpson clan free. 😀

  21. I think EA split up Witch Marge and the cauldron to squeeze more donuts out of the players. Since the cauldron is here, I think we will be seeing Witch Marge in act 3.

  22. Off subject, but I’m hoping someone else has experienced this problem and can offer advice.
    At least once a month, my game logs me out and I have to answer the Age Question and re-enter my email and password. Once I do that, the game starts downloading just as if I was a new player. It downloads the whole 370 updates from the beginning. This takes forever! Once it’s done, my game is the same as the last time I played, but it’s taking up twice the amount of space on my phone. I have to completely delete the game and load everything again.
    Anyone else dealing with this, or have any ideas? I’ve messaged EA, but haven’t heard anything back other than “link your game to your fb.” That is literally the only thing they will tell me.

    • Stormscout- first, I apologize, but I have to get this out of my system:
      OK, I feel better now.
      Once a month? It sucks, I know, but I literally have to do this 3-4 times per day any time there is an update, a patch, anything… So that means during events, it’s at least 3-4/day times 3-5/wk at approximately 430MB and 30-40 minutes each time.
      EA told me the same thing, and my account is already linked up to FB. So if you’re hesitant to do so, don’t bother, as it’s not the fix.
      Does my delirious laughter make sense now? 🙂 Not mocking your pain at all, simply just losing my mind from soooo many downloads. Whee!!! 😀
      I know it doesn’t fix the problem, but hopefully it makes you feel a bit better about it. 😉
      I hope it sticks to once a month for you, or you find a solution! But if not, welcome to the Worst. Club. Ever.
      If anyone has any ideas on fixing this, please let us know!

      • Mine just started this about 6-8 weeks ago. I love the game, but if I had to do this 3-4 times per day, everyday, the app would be permanently gone!!
        I haven’t even been able to log in today at all. The stuff just won’t download. I’m stuck at update 177 out of 370. I’m ready to put my phone through the wall!!

      • Stormscout- I’m AMAZED my iphone hasn’t flown through a wall yet. When it gets stuck on a download, it’s just insult to injury. I feel your pain. The last couple of days have been even worse than usual, so, apologies to my neighbors that I haven’t been checking in on my normal hourly basis. Seriously, I hope we’re able to figure out the fix to this and that you don’t end up an inch short of complete insanity like me. Best of luck!! 😀

  23. I hope my comment can make it past the filters…

    So, EA teases us with the Luann costume but does not offer it now, but probably next Act. Now they “tease” us with the cauldron and again…when will they be finishing this release? I think there’s a fun aspect to having these skins on the lead-up to Halloween.

    “If” these are offered after Halloween…tell me what is the point? Only point with Witch Marge is her speed up crops task, but we’re missing out on an increased output of gummies when partying during this time.

    Lastly, if the cauldron is 25 donuts…then that would have to make Witch Marge 50 donuts (unlikely) or 65 donuts (also unlikely) based on previous pricing of the combo. So, if we know that it has to be 75 to 90 donuts for her skin… then EA is overpricing her and the cauldron as separate items, with a combined total of at least 100 donuts, more than it’s ever been. I know, we don’t need the cauldron (except for the 12 hour task, a visual one) but it really feels a bit like price gouging.

    Now the question remains….will I be getting Witch Marge alone, or should I get the cauldron while it’s being offered? *sigh*

    • Nope filters picked it up…you’ve been flagged 😉

    • Witch Marge pays for herself overtime by the increased number of times you can grow Triffids in a day, which increases XP (not insignificantly), which ultimately results in more bonuts. Plus, she has a great 8-hour animation! Since you’ll need the cauldron for her 12-hour task, unless you have another premium skin for Marge, if pick that up, too. (Normally, I’d have said it was worth it just for bonus multiplier, but that’s been severely devalued by the wailing walls option).

      Just my $.02!

      • I appreciate your feedback. I am definitely getting the skin. It’s the cauldron that’s the issue. Marge has her own 12 hour task, so I could live without Witch Marge’s 12 hour task. Most likely I’ll be taking her out just to do the crop task anyways, everything else would just be butter. And I totally agree with you on the multiplier.

        • Premium payout for Witch Marge’s 12-hour task, though. And the crop speeding task is only 4 hours, so you might not want to use that overnight.

          (I swear, I don’t earn any commissions from the sale of cauldrons! 😉 )

          • I have thought of that. But, 8 hour tasks also work for overnight… 😉 Even so, I don’t think a single missing premium task will hurt my money outcome what with the other 70+ characters still making their money. I’m trying to be okay with this, so stop temping me, EA… I mean, Sandra. 😛 😛

            • But what will Witch Marge stir without her cauldron?? Have you thought about *her* needs, or are you just focused on your own?

              (Just call me “Gil” 😉 )

              • I have thought about that…and I’m thinking she doesn’t need to be a witch at all. 😛 Sorry, Gil/EA, you’re just making it worse. 😉


    • I think you were “on the money” with 75 donuts, maybe that should be
      “on the donuts”

      But let us not speak of it, for ’tis not in our game 🎃
      Wait and see what act 3 brings

    • If Luann costume is 80 donuts and Witch Marge (no cauldron) is 75 donuts….it is a huge rip for EA to sell the 2 separately. Luann costume should come with the acorn costume for ol Kirky. Has the ghost pirate ship been released yet? I feel like I’m not seeing everything as it becomes available.

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