Tapped Out Premium Walkthroughs: Mr. Burns and the Sepulcher of Evil

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So yesterday saw the arrival of a “creepy” Halloween Gil Deal for the Sepulcher of Evil.  For 225 donuts this large evil decoration could be yours.

We broke down the pros and cons of this Gil Deal yesterday, and one of the pros is that it came with a questline for Mr. Burns.  It’s a 5 part questline full of some fun and humor, with an awesome task for Burnsy at the Sepulcher of Evil.

So let’s take a look at the walkthrough that appears if/when you purchase this Gil Deal…and just what Evil Mr. Burns has planned!

burns read necronomicon

Book of Machinations Pt. 1
Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Now, what evil shall I summon first?  I know!  I’ll open my trusty Necronomicon, close my eyes and point to a name at random.  I call forth….I hope I’m pronouncing this right….Khnasec!
Make Mr. Burns Summon a Forgotten God- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp
Mr. Burns: Now, my amorphous servant, fly into the night sky, tumult in your wake, and bring about dystopia such as this planet has never seen!
Khnasec: Nah, I don’t wanna do that.
Mr. Burns: But…you’re…hellspawn.  You love chaos and pain.
Khnasec: Yes, I like doing stuff like that.  I just don’t wanna do it for you.
Mr. Burns: But I summoned you.  You are my slave.
Khnasec: True.  But I’m Khnasec the Insubordinate.  My whole deal is disobeying orders from my superior.  So…
Mr. Burns: Useless!  Just go away.
Khnasec: Nope.  I’m staying.
Mr. Burns: SHUT UP!
Khnasec: La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!

Book of Machinations Pt. 2
Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: That was a lesson learned, I have to be more careful in choosing which nightmare to summon into my presence.  I shall leave the choice to an advisor….Whose name I shall pick out of this hat.
Make Burns Pick a Name From his Hat- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

Book of Machinations Pt. 3
Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Homer Simpson.  I need you to consult my book of evil and find me a name….
Homer: I don’t need a book, I can come up with names for you.  Let’s see…Burnsy…Spot-head…Skeletor…
Mr. Burns: No!  I need you to read and research the Book of Evil and find a suitable entity to do my bidding.
Homer: Read and research, huh?  Would you be cool knowing my 8-year-old daughter did the work, or do you want me to pretend that I did it?
Mr. Burns: Bah, I’ll do it myself!
Make Burns Search for an Occult Terror- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Book of Machinations Pt.4
Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Oooh, what a vast and varied selection of evils! The challenge is choosing just one!  Ah, but Swr’glthun the Star-Eater…This is a demon after my own heart!  I’ll have to put extra security around the heart valve.  The entire organ repository for that matter. Still….I summon him!
Make Burns Summon Swr’glthun- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp
Mr. Burns: As your summoner, I command you to achieve what I could not…Obliterate the sun!
Swr’glthun: As my master wishes! There.  It is done.
Mr. Burns: Um…I’m sorry, I still see the sun.  It’s right there.
Swr’glthun: Yes, but the process of annihilation has begun!  It will no longer bother you in just 5 million years.
Mr. Burns: Excellent!  Until then, let’s act as if nothing is going on.

Book of Machinations Pt. 5
Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Now, what other trouble can I stir up…
Make Mr. Burns Read from the Necronomicon-  x3. 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp.  Will spawn nightmares each time. 

And that my friends concludes this short little questline for Mr. Burns!

What are your thoughts on the questline?  Did you purchase the Sepulcher of Evil?  Passing?  Glad you at least got to see what you’re missing?  If you did purchase it, where have you placed it in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


35 responses to “Tapped Out Premium Walkthroughs: Mr. Burns and the Sepulcher of Evil

  1. Off topic for a sec, any of you guys at addicts know if Count Burns is gonna be released because i missed it last year?? I finally have enough donuts to get the skin & coffin and really really want it..

  2. Woohoo, tentacorp ist built, got the monorail bonuts and the last shop keeper challenge is on its way. I may even be able to take the weekend off.

  3. Not sure if this portal works with it or if it looks too futuristic.


    • I dig it. It’s a little busy with everything on top of itself but looks cool. Honestly though, as long as it make you happy… that’s what matters.

    • You missed out on my tip of adding extra gargoyles $7,500 in the shop, I’ve now seen it done in a neighbour’s town and they fit well with the sepulcher

      🎃 🙂

      • Still working on it. Design won’t be complete until the event is over. I’m sure some gargoyles will get worked in. Just curious if the old portal looked ok with the more ancient looking new designs

  4. I’m still debating purchasing it.. It looks great, and I have about 450 donuts.. I then checked how much a boatload of donuts is now, and the Australian prices have gone up considerably over the last week or so (apple put up all their prices because of the crappy Aussy dollar dropping in price).. so now a boatload is $160au dollars (about $115us), or a truckload is $80.. So now i’m really debating whether to purchase it or save my donuts for something else that may turn up in Act 3. It does look good though, just stupid expensive.

  5. Love the new mobile site! It looks so clean on my phone. 🙂 annnnnd…. still unsure about this purchase. Besides any of the ships (or anything west of squid port) have there been anything else as expensive as this in terms of decorations ?! I keep almost buying it just to see what it looks like in my space and damn it looks good… but the sprinkles! it’s a tough one!

  6. This site looks odd now. Not sure if the bug was fixed yet or not. I posted a comment about 20 minutes ago and i dont see it yet. For me, this page is still acting buggy and it looks too different. Think im going to stop visiting for a while. No offense to the addicts but its a ( its not you, its me) kinda thing. Im not one who does well with change.lol Nor am i patient. Once again- just me. Thanx addicts for all you have done.happy tappin to you all.

  7. Nice job on the shiny new mobile site! Everything looks super clean. I don’t love the new buzzfeedy ad thing, but I suppose that’s the modern Internet.

  8. Good evening might not be the right place but was wondering do I still need to collect gummies now that I’ve collected all the prizes for this week

  9. Yes it’s expensive but realistically you have two options
    Have these overpriced items that people like myself are willing to spend some cash on. Or the could keep giving away doughnuts and making these items prizes, give everything away then we would have to deal with ads popping up every few seconds. Or the game becomes unprofitable and EA pulls the plug and all we have left is our screenshots to remember.

    • Ryan makes a nice point and a very true one at that. If nobody spends the dough, the game gotta go.. I am so very thankful that our Springfields arent attacked by ads and all that mumbo jumbo!! Lol- that would be a nightmare in itself.

    • I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but you do realize this game is one huge ad for FOX right? By playing this game they are actually pulling you into watching The Simpsons show broadcast by FOX as well as luring you buy The Simpsons merchandise, which at the end of the line becomes cold hard cash for The Fox Broadcasting Company.

      Another explanation is that FOX need viewers to watch the show, more viewers mean higher ratings. This is what keeps The Simpson on air for so long (remember this is their 27th season…). FOX needs EA to create TSTO to keep people interested in the TV show, so as long as The Simpsons show is still on air by FOX, I highly doubt that FOX/EA is going to pull the plug on this game.

      • That’s good for FOX but they aren’t EA. Granted there is a symbiotic relation, if EA doesn’t cash in they won’t keep it around for FOX’s sake. Corporations aren’t know for doing favors.

        • Actually I was responding to your argument which was, “give everything away then we would have to deal with ads popping up every few seconds”. So basically my counter argument was that EA does not need ads for cash inflow since they have FOX to back them up financially. There is a reason we have “Tie-In episodes” in our game where at the end of each quest there is a pop-up saying “Don’t forget to watch The Simpsons on Sunday 8/7c on FOX”. You think EA is doing it out of their kind hearts, I don’t think so. There is money involved and it’s called a marketing budget and FOX has lots of it. So for this game, if EA somehow turns red in their accounting books, there will always be FOX to bail them out, as long as the show is still on air.

          So that’s why I’m sticking to my statement “so as long as The Simpsons show is still on air by FOX, I highly doubt that FOX/EA is going to pull the plug on this game”.

  10. Off topic but these updates for patches are too much of a tease just now! I was still hoping for a late week level update so I got my hopes up a bit much there when a download started. I should have tentacorp tomorrow so was hoping for something until act 3 starts 🙁

    • Same here. I just got tentacorp this afternoon, and so when I saw the update, I thought it was going to be a level update that I could work on until the 3rd act starts.

  11. I waited but saw Burns at the alter of one of my neighbors and gave in. I love that I can see him reading the Necronomicon (I really hope that’s permanent). I am making a maze from the bramble bushes incorporating the portal and other altar. I need to buy more land.

  12. Glad I got to see what I’m missing, although I’d still like to see the mugshots for Khnasec and Swr’glthun 🙂

  13. I waited only a few hours, but then I bought it. It is SO freaking cool and looks great with the portal and the gods and the other altar-like thing! I saved SH area for Halloween and put all those god-awful SH buildings in storage right from the beginning. I am waiting to see what comes up in Act 3 before I permanently set
    up the area, for now I’m just playing with it. Loved he deal with the wailing walls and got them along the cliffs on the beach in SH.

  14. Given the price for this decoration, I would have expected it to come with a premium character, and a demon would have been an obvious choice. Actually the price of this should have come with both of the referenced demons.

    I wish it had been priced better because I think it looks really cool and I would have bought it.

    • I believe your right this is sopposedly to be on sale from Gil well I think I’m gonna pass if it had one with the above mentioned demons and a premium carter yes I would have bought it but it didn’t. There is something I’ve seen in my neighbors town in front of act one final gift. It really looks cool in front of this final gift but I don’t see it for sale in our Halloween shop or regular items it bonus items it’s not available.

  15. If it was maybe 100 or less I would do it. 225 is too steep. Took me a year to save 250!

  16. MaidenOfTorments

    Doesn’t anyone know if there is a way to determine what crafting materials you get back when sending nightmares to a neighbors town? I seem to get only one type that changes the next day.

  17. Oh gawd…I love it! I want it! But no ooooh so much donuts ☆ please make it a prize come on EA pleeeease ♡


    I think it’s good but I wish he summoned an actual character DEMON.

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