TSTO Black Friday 2015 Deals to Come

Update: In your games you can see what’s to come, when it unlocks and for how long.  That’s a good guide for what’s available over the next 2 days.  However, keep in mind MORE stuff will hit (That’s not currently showing) on Monday 11/30.  There will be something that’s new, for those players (like Ryan) that have everything…and then there will be some returning items (from events past).  (but Springfield Falls will NOT be returning for those holding out hope)
My best advice is if there’s something you’ve been wanting now is the time to get it.  Some of you may be holding out for the returning stuff…but don’t hold out too long.  You don’t want to miss your chance to get something you’ve been wanting.  We’ll post a list of what’s returning from Events past on another post, just so we don’t have spoilers here for those that don’t want them.
Thanks for your patience guys and thanks for helping each other in the comments.  This really is an awesome community 🙂  -Alissa

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Turkey Day…or average Thursday.  Personally we had a crazy eventful day that ended up with a certain Tiny Addict way over stimulated and lots of day time sleep missing.  Hopefully that means she’ll get some good sleep tonight though! (you can check out photos of Miss. Riley dressed for Turkey Day here)

Anywho…it looks like EA will be doing some Black Friday Deals tomorrow (11/27)…and because we’ve got a lot going on here tomorrow I wanted to give you guys a place where you could discuss the deals with each other (I’ll do my best to approve comments ASAP on this thread).  Here’s some basic info from EA via their Facebook…

2015-11-27 03.55.35 2015-11-27 03.55.41

So similar to last year, it looks like these will be hourly deals.  With new items unlocking each hour.

Tomorrow (Friday) is a day filled with my husband and I decorating our house for Christmas and celebrating “Friendsgiving” with some close friends of ours.  So I will try to get on here at some point tomorrow morning and give you guys a list of what’s coming and when…but for now consider this post a place to share information about the items with each other.  Community involvement 🙂

Remember you can view Should I Buys for all existing items in the store here…

Ultimate Premium Guide

Share your thoughts about Black Friday, your Thanksgiving feast, premium items you’re looking for and more in the comments below!  You know we love hearing from you!

394 responses to “TSTO Black Friday 2015 Deals to Come

  1. I was first considering Sherri and Terri but after much deliberation changed my mind and got Akira and Dr Nick. Lots of great deals but I had limited donuts to work with.

  2. I was at 99 characters in my town, and really wanted number 100 to be a character I liked a lot. So even though Akira may be a better deal, I went with Dr. Nick. I didn’t have near enough donuts to get Disco Stu, otherwise it would have been a hard choice.

    The only character I’ve shelled out a lot of donuts for was Jasper. And while he has helped some, in hindsight I wish I’d gotten Otto instead, because I like his character more.

    Oh well.

  3. Which of these is the best to buy Akira or Dr. Nick?

  4. Oh man! I have been waiting for Luann and the Cracker Factory and I missed it. So frustrating that these items are on available in 1 hour in increments. I wish there is a way to get whatever items are available during this window at anytime within the 2 days!

  5. Im having problems getting my comments posted..they never show up on the board and i am signed in.

  6. As a long time freemium player I’ve known I’ll never have it all. I’m ok with that. My first wish list was short (but sweet!):

    Otto, at the time I think this was the most affordable “building” and character combo and my first premium purchase.

    Luann, some really fun visual tasks, and Milhouse needs his mommy!

    Barney, as Alissa says in the SIB, and I completely agree with, “it’s Barney”!

    I’ve had all three in my game for over a year and I’m happy that I do. After those three I didn’t have any set list of wants but I did pick up a few things along the way (Jasper, Akira, the Aztec Theater). Then with the office of unemployment and the ability to send everyone off at the same time I wanted all the tasks available so my new list started with the pet shot to open up tasks for Mr. Teeny and Stampy. Shorty’s for Helen Lovejoy and Krutylu Studios for Princes Penelope. And with some of the latest level updates bringing some really classic characters my list was rounded out with Belle and the “back house” and Molloy.

    Since the pet shop was offered in last years sale I thought there was a good chance it would be again and Shorty’s with a 10-15 donut rebate seemed like a possibility in my mind. I didn’t think the newer characters would be offered but there was always a chance. Alas, only Krustylu was and I did get it. But now that I’ve purchased all available land and I’m just banking money at this point, I’ve mostly been sending everyone on 24 hour tasks so having all the shorter tasks is less of a priority. Even though Jub Jub is “fantastic” and “everywhere you wanna be”, he just doesn’t have the pull that some of the other characters do. So my list kind of turned around with characters I like moving ahead of opening tasks.

    I’m also considering Disco Stu. He’s a character I like, but really wouldn’t consider for 180 donuts, 105 is much more reasonable. Right now I have just enough donuts to get Stu and either Belle or Molloy. Or I could get Stu, the pet shop and Shorty’s. Or Marge’s mom, since she’s limited time. Or I could get Belle or Molloy and save up for the other. Or or or…so many decisions so few donuts! 🍩🍩🍩🍩

    Wow, I’ve really rambled on for much longer than I intended. If you’re still with me I hope you’ve gotten something you wanted and happy tapping! 😀

    • If you like Disco Stu enough, I’d probably get him, cause as you say, he is great deal (I’m considering buying a few donuts to get him myself). I, like you really like Belle and Molloy, but they will be around at the same price after this event (and they may even be on sale one day).

      • Thanks for your input. I’ve got about six and a half hours to decide but I’m probably going to get him. The rest can wait.

        “Did you know that disco record sales were up 400% for the year ending 1976? If these trends continue… A-y-y-y!”

  7. I don’t really want to weigh in on the heated discussion going on further down the page. I have enough conflict in my regular life and try to come here for some reality escapism. So I’ll just say that spoilers are not the end of the world, especially for a game😊If you spoil my tv shows, that’s another story!
    On another note, I got SLH yesterday and am sorely disappointed. I knew he was an NPC so that was expected. But he doesn’t even have a Bart questline! What gives! Not even some dialogue welcoming him into the game. They really need to look at some of the things that were added back in the beginning and reevaluate how they’re used. Like the soundbytes used for certain characters are pretty lame, and Snowall II and SLH need tasklists! I never would have bought him at 150 donuts either, so his regular price should be lowered too.

  8. Does anyone know whether the teleporters come in pairs or whether I have to plan on spending 50/30 donuts each? That would mean the difference between having to buy some more donuts or not…

    • It’s a pair. You are going to love them!

      • Great – thanks! 🙂

        Hey, are they unique or can you buy more than one pair? If you can get more than one pair, how does it work when you set them all up?

        • Buy for 🍩50 get 🍩20 rebate…net cost 🍩30.
          don’t know if they’re unique or not, if you can have more than one, …..presumably each pair would work independently of the others 🙂

    • Yep , there are two, Alpha and Omega, originally 50 donuts for the pair.

  9. Does anyone know if they will put Miss.Springfield up for grabs?

  10. Been debating on posting this, but here goes.
    With all due respect, our Hosts are nuts. They have “A”, “B”, and some “C” games. They moderate, read and respond to most queries, blog about current and upcoming events, research upcoming events and more. On top of that, they do the same for ANOTHER game (can I mention Famly Guy here?).
    Add to that work, commute, family/friends, new job, school (I remember the studies, composition writing, 19+ years of education)

    Now, I am retired and I don’t have the verve to work THAT hard at this GAME. I suspect that, with the advertisements, some form of renumeration occurs. But I wouldn’t want to work that hard for such, presumeably, minuscule income – most of which is, probably, spent on donuts so that they can compose intelligent prose on various events and characters.

    I have my passions, but then, as I have said, I am retired. And I spend far less time on mine then “our” trio does on theirs. As I do not understand that level of motivation, I can only posit that our hosts are nuts.
    (With all due respect)

    • They are not nuts, they are addicts. Not just ordinary addicts like many of us frequenters of this website, not even hardcore addicts like few of us who play nonstop at all hours of the day and comment on every post, but unlike any of us save them 3 (yeah, I’m excluding Mark) they are the ultimate addicts!

    • No, you may not mention family guy here, but Stewie and Brian truly are the the funniest thing on TV 🙂

      • Correct me if I’m wrong Lee, but haven’t you played that other game? Do you still or have you given it up? I’m just curious. 🙂

        • yes I did play the other game but just don’t have time for both, plus it crashes too much, I probably check it once a month or less, but when it crashes 3 times every 20 mins…..I just give up, shame because it’s a lot of fun 🙂

  11. Yeah I have saved up 458 donuts from leveling, monorail, maxing out events, and Frink’s INSANE Offer (I got Duffman and Theater).

    High Priority
    – Cracker Factory w/Luann (Got this morning, Hello Feet-a-pita)
    – The Happy Sumo w/Akira

    Medium Priority
    – Stu’s Disco w/Disco Stu (Heck of a deal)
    – Springfield Observatory (Concerned there may be some combo deal with Frink in the future)

    Low Priority (can only get one)
    – Rancho Relaxo w/Don Vittorio
    – Sherri and Terri (I’m leaning toward S&T since they get used in events)
    – Frinkasonic MHV

  12. I sent Lenny on a 2 hour “hunt turkeys” quest and I got a notification “Thanksgiving Easter Egg 1/3”.

      • Sandra, was it you who wanted teleporters in the sale, and if so, do you know what time to visit the store? 🍩 🙂

        • Yes, it was me!! I’m not 100% sure…I think I saw something about it somewhere (and it was not a very convenient time, IIRC), but I’d love it if you could tell me what you saw for that. (Any chance it’s available twice, like the other stuff?)

          • It doesn’t appear to repeat, unfortunately. Jet engine bike is in that time slot 12 hours later. It is on offer for 3 hours, though. So, starting at 3am for you it will end at 6 am. Maybe you can lose a little sleep sometime during that period? 😐

            Someone else answered your question about them coming in pairs. But just to confirm, they are listed as “Teleporters: Teleporter Alpha, Teleporter Omega”, therefore a pair.

            • That will make the third alarm setting… Still tired from having to get up at 6-something this morning, but at least I have the day off today. But tomorrow, I have to work, so it sucks that I’ll have to awaken in the wee hours of the morning to get these. But I’ve been REALLY wanting the teleporters, so I’m not gonna miss this opportunity!

              • Yep, it’s insane, especially because they placed it on a common work day, Monday!

                It’s just midnight for me, which I encounter too easily. But I don’t usually make it to 3am, so I feel for you. And, uh, what’s 6am? I’ve heard of 6pm… 😮

          • Naturally, I’m ready for bed an hour shy of Cyber Monday. *twiddles thumbs*

        • Oh, and Lee, do YOU remember whether the teleporters come in pairs or if I have to buy the two of the separately from one another (in other words, 60 net donuts instead of 30)?

          • Sure you’ve seen the official post on it now Sandra,
            The teleporters are available Monday ….they come as a pair….
            Purchase for 🍩50 get 🍩20 back (net cost 🍩30)

            Only thing is, not sure of the time, so stay near your device …..I’m also a bit worried that these things usually start at 8am GMT which is like 3am for some of you guys ……so they couldn’t do it in a limited time slot or too many people would miss out …..just keep your eye on it 💗 😇 🍩🍩 🙂

  13. I slept through the apple tree but I scoured my town and found I already had one. That was close

    P.S. Love that I’m that big of a whale to get a shout out!

  14. So I couldn’t buy anything with my lousy 20 donuts, so I bought a mystery box… AND GOT 30 MORE DONUTS 😃 Now I have 44 donuts! Now I can buy something probably!

  15. Is the SPRINGFIELD SIGN worth the 170 doughnuts then a 40 doughnut rebate? I’m aware there is a nice bonus increase, but does the benefit outweigh the cost?

  16. Can someone tell me how to contact EA I have looked all over their website. Every time I purchase doughnuts my game crashes. Thus I am missing out on the Black Friday deals 🙁 thanks

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