Black Friday To Cyber Monday Sales ***SPOILERS***

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Many times we state we only put up Spoilers when we feel there is a specific need or good reasoning behind it. The main issue is EA can, has, and will change their minds on us and the information when it goes live may be different then initially “teased” to us. Well, I think this is one of those times that we can put some up. 🙂

That being said, I also know MANY of you just want to get an idea of what Buildings, Characters, and Decorations may be coming up on the remaining Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sales. I have compiled a list of those “teased” items, just beware these are indeed Spoilers and due to early release on the info… what you actually see in YOUR game may vary on item and timing. Always double check YOUR list that pops up in YOUR game for the most accurate information on how these sales will play out for YOU. 🙂


Tapped_Out_Community_Prize_Donuts Truckload_of_300_DonutsBoatload_of_2400_Donuts


First up… the main idea of these sales…

  • These are items you do NOT already have in your game OR they are items that you may be able to get more than one of (like a Premium Tree). If you already have the item in your game, you will see skipped blocks of time where the item would have been. If you have ALL the items already, you may not even see a Sales list at all… or a very very limited one.
  • These sales are based on YOUR Region and time zones, so I will not be listing time frames as there will be too many variables. Check YOUR game for the times of release for YOUR Sales.
  • This is a list based off of the information at time of this post. EA can change that information at anytime before the Sales go live in your game.
  • You will still have to pay the FULL Donut Price of each item, then you will get the Donut Rebate amount back with purchase. So make sure you have the FULL Price worth of Donuts in your game or you will not be able to purchase the items.
  • EA general start time is 8GMT (3AM EST).



All these items are on sale for ONLY ONE HOUR, so make sure you get the items you want while they are available.

These are just a recap of the Sales I saw per MY Games. Most items repeated around 12hrs later. These are also the “spoiler” lists of possible things to come. Actual live lists may vary so double check your game for your offers. Check your game too for your Regions time of release for the items.

WAVE 1&2- Friday

Santa’s Little Helper 150donut 75 75
French Waiter 50donut 10 40
Duff Party Liner 100donut 30 70
Lugash’s Gym w/ Lugash 175donut 40 135
Stilletto Sculpture 40donut 8 32
The Mayflower 100donut 30 70
Tetherball 20donut 3 17
Krustylu Studios w/Sideshow Mel 140donut 35 105
Funzo Mania (3 Pack Funzos) 180donut 75 105
Lard Lad Donuts 110donut 30 80
Shiva Statue 40donut 8 32
Springfield YMCA w/Coach Krupt 120donut 35 85
*List Repeats


WAVE 3&4-Saturday

Unfinished Shed w/Chester Dupree 150donut 75 75
Apple Tree (Wave 3) 15donut 5 10
Juggler 60donut 30 30
Whale 300donut 90 210
Ferris Wheel 120donut 35 85
Cracker Factory w/Luann 150donut 40 110
Springfield Sign 170donut 40 130
Boardwalk Fountain 75donut 15 60
BBQ Pig 60donut 12 48
Powell Mansion 120donut 35 85
Lisa Lionheart Display 50donut 10 40
Rocket Car w/Lampwick 120donut 35 85
*List Repeats Minus Tree
Orange Tree (Wave Four) 15donut 5 10


WAVE 5&6-Sunday

Stu’s Disco w/Disco Stu 180donut 75 105
Itchy & Scratchy Billboard 40donut 8 32
DMV Limo 50donut 12 38
Dr. Nick 90donut 25 (shows 15) 65
Mt. Carlmore 120donut 35 85
Rancho Relaxo w/Don Vittorio 130donut 35 95
Film Set w/McBain 120donut 35 85
Sherri & Terri 150donut 40 110
Hot Tub 60donut 12 48
Springfield Clamphitheater 145donut 40 105
Murderpuss 30donut 8 22
Happy Sumo w/Akira 100donut 30 70
*List Repeats


Kwik-E-Mart Central Office will arrive in your game after some dialog for purchase of 145 donut Donuts. Per info we see, it is set to stay for 24hrs 48hrs . Will confirm once it hits our games on Cyber Monday (11/30).


Along with the Cyber Monday Kwik-E-Mart, we are entering “Spoiler” Territory. These are the items “listed” to arrive on Monday-Tuesday. Again, something we are unable to verify the accuracy of until it actually hits our games live. For now, this is the “Spoiler” list of items to come. These so far are shown for sale ONLY ONCE and on sale for 3hrs each.

Teleporters (Alpha & Omega) 50donut 20 30
Cremo Bot 30donut 8 22
Super Collider 70donut 15 55
Frinkosonic MHV 35donut 6 29
Jet Engine Bike 30donut 8 22
Frink’s Robot Dog 60donut 15 45
Springfield Observatory 75donut 15 60
Robby the Automaton 40donut 8 32


There you have it. Some returning items and items most sought after brought back into our games for some great sales and bargains.

Any favorites you have been wanting and will pick up? Any items you just suggest anyone pass on? Which ones are the best offers in your opinion? Other offers you wish you had seen? Let us know.


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  1. Debbie Dovenbrink

    I am sorry, I just saw that there are not only postings from 2017, but also from 2015 in here, so this thread seems to be about a 2015, not the upcoming 2017 event. If this is the case, you can delete this and my previous question below in this 2015 thread.

  2. Debbie Dovenbrink

    Will these items be available in mystery boxes only or can they be bought directly via donuts?

    • Some of the items can be purchased right now for donuts, but at a much higher price point. On Black Friday,the items shown above will only be available in the Mystery Boxes, so it’s a mystery what your donuts will get you.

  3. Whatever happened to “Stupid sexy Flanders” and the ski lift? I’ve been waiting for that to come back for over 2 years!!! I finally have enough donuts and its not on the premium list any more.

  4. Pretty good deals.
    My daughter got:
    Dr. Nick.

    I got Dr. Nick for my A and B towns.

    Thanks EA !!!!!

  5. Does anybody other than the character “the Collider” have a task in the super collider? And is there any chance of him being made available again? Do they ever reintroduce freemium prize characters from past events? Was already disappointed that when I bought the super collider it didn’t come with the black hole, would be more disappointing to find out that none of my characters have tasks there.

  6. Bought Disco Stu (finally) and also wanted Sherri and Terri, but did not want to set my alarm clock for them (4 AM), since I have huge sleep deprivation 🙂
    But in the middle of the night I woke up spontaneously… and the twins just came on the market. Woohoo!

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