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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  No new episode of The Simpsons tonight, but the Thanksgiving Event is still finishing up in TSTO.  What are your thoughts on the Thanksgiving Event?  How about the Black Friday deals?  Pick up anything good that you’ve been wanting?  Anything you’re still waiting on?
How was your Thanksgiving? Do anything fun and exciting?  Or was it just another Thursday for you?
Sunday Night Football tonight features the Patriots at the Broncs.  Something you’ll be checking out?  Did your team play earlier today?  How’d they do?
How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Get any Christmas shopping done?  (only 3 weeks left)

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!



372 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. What are the little white action symbols for next to some character jobs?

  2. I dont know if anyone commented on this but I just noticed recently that people are almost the same size as the buildings. The cars are too. Were they always like this?

  3. Ok, personally I love the new SF Heights expansion, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this but….need more WATER! At least in the SF Heights zone. Their boardwalk is going to look puny compared to the main SF, unless I replace the wooden blocks with the new boardwalk tiles, which wouldn’t look right going into the non Elite zone….

  4. I am upset that my other “tapping” started their Christmas (sorry I meant “Holiday”) event befor TSTO. I think that’s enough of a vent!

  5. I got a new iPhone a couple days ago and just used it for friend visits. (I usually play on a two year old iPad.) I went through my 39 friends in about 5 minutes. Wow!!!

    • I recently got a new phone too, just got round to downloading the game today, as I was nervous just having it on one device, and remembered your comment, yes I think slightly quicker loading neighbour’s towns, however, forgot about Homer putting on pants….that’s sure to happen at the most embarrassing moment 🎄 🍩 🙂

  6. Thank you kind people who answered my question! This site is out of site! K, that sounded a bit disco You all are very nice
    and I’m happy to have found this great place! I love the Simpsons and am thrilled with this game so it is awesome to have a spot like this to go where others agree! Kinda like the show Cheers! Only not

  7. I am extremely pleased with my purchase of disco stu as I got a little bonus story line with a forgotten stone cutters outfit I had in storage. ..which was nice! ☆

  8. WordPress related question: I’m supposed to be able to see my post if I’m logged in, right? I logged in, replied to Alf below, but I can’t see my post. I know it’s pending moderation because it has generated the link to my comment, but I don’t see it. Am I doing something wrong?

  9. Lee’s countdown to Christmas has begun!

    …can he keep it up I wonder? I’ll be visiting daily to see ♡☆

  10. *****

    • Please refrain from discussing hacks on this site. They’re a violation of EA’s terms of service and if caught they will shut down your game.

  11. Does anyone recall how long Christmas event 2014 was and what day it began? I am greatful to anyone who can provide me with an answer/s! ❄⛄

  12. All this Christmas excitement and anticipation has me excited with anticipation! Lol! It will be my first Christmas event and from past walkthroughs I’ve seen on YouTube, it looks very fun. Does anybody know when EA might put it out ?🎄+🎅=🎁

  13. Anyone else having an issue that when Gil’s store pops up when you log in that you cannot see buildings that have completed generating money. This issue has been since the cyber Monday update on my iPhone 6

  14. Bring on the white snow!!!!! I’m ready! 🎅🎁🎄thanksgiving was fun but ready for Christmas hoping it’s just as good this year

  15. I’m so glad Black Friday is over. I got some goods but just am so tired, with the checking on the correct hour and trying to maximize donuts and all. Now that I don’t really have enough donuts to get anything good, I don’t even have to worry (because I can’t afford it anyways). I hope the next event won’t require playing at certain hours (especially not at 1am) because I still am in need of a break in the game, and also because it’s just bad form to require it.

    I ended up not getting SLH. I got Luann and Akira, hot tub, two trees, and the teleporters. Not doing anything special with the teleporters yet. Most likely will when I finally move my dump.

  16. Well I just upgraded the last building I think looks good at the max level on Springfield Heights and am still more than $100m short. Do they downgrade if you put them in inventory? I wish we could change the design like the radioactive man sculpture

    • Hello Brynforbes – they do not. Once you have collected their value you can store and they still count towards the total. I have a single level one through four for all the buildings and 6 level fives (or I will when all these events slow down!)

    • No, they keep their level, even if you store them.

  17. What happened to snow plow Homer. I no longer have that skin nor the tasks associated with it? Anyone else missing theirs?

  18. I’d really like it if we had an option to identify any characters that have finished their tasks and are waiting for them to be collected… My towns getting quite big, and i’ve got approx 130 characters, so when you’re strolling around your town trying to tap them all, i’m finding now with the number of characters and the space in my town, a few times I havent collected all characters money/tasks and so they’re still in the town with a thumb up over them. But unless you see them, you dont know they’ve finished the task. Would be great if the little icon up the top left of the screen would show any remaining characters to be collected from tasks..I know you can go into City Hall and view who’s waiting and who’s not, but sometimes that’s not the easiest to view/use when crafting all people’s tasks.

    • I’ve had the same idea. Maybe we need to create a visual so others (EA) know what we’d like to have.

    • That’s what I thought the Drone pet was for but alas it does nothing,

      But I guess you can use City Halls census, just don’t send anyone away until you clear it. If that helps

    • You can use the unemployment office, but it has limitations. You have to have everyone on a task, but not the same length of task as those finished but unfound. If you repeat the same lengths over and over the job manager will just show how many are on that task length.

      Say you had 100 characters (for ease of demonstration) and sent all on 24hr jobs. When they were finished and you tapped, let’s say 97 thumbs, and then sent them on 12hr jobs the job manager would say 3 finished 24hr jobs with a “go to” button. After you clear one and sent them on a job you can then use it to locate the rest.

      Far from perfect but it does help. If there was a true finished task locator I would love it!

    • I definitely agree. I’m very OCD with my task sending. If I’m sending all my folks on 12 hrs and I accidentily send one on an 8 hr, I actually store the building to fix it.
      So it’s always annoying seeing someone with a thumb half way through the day who I missed in my morning clean up.
      But when I’m clearing my tasks, I start at the very bottom left corner in SH at the beach/mountain meeting point, then I quickly go up and down like a zig zag pattern. Hope that makes sense. It usually gets every body. But you do have to go fast to make sure a quick character (Legs or Louie) doesn’t end up in a section you’ve already cleared.
      And ya town hall is not practical for every day use. I couldn’t imagine scrolling through all my characters and trying to see who isn’t waiting for a task twice a day.

      • It’s actually not that bad…the trick is not to try and read all of the words. I scroll through the character list just looking at the ends of the lines for any gaps in the “…to do.”s. You can scroll through pretty quickly that way, only stopping when you see a gap (since most tasks aren’t as long as that “Waiting for something to do” line), and then using the Go To button to quickly go over and clear that task.

        But I’m certainly open to getting something that would work even more easily! 🙂

        • I don’t mind doing it once. But once you send that character, you have to go allll the way back to the hall and scroll through the whole list again. My thumb gets sore! Lol.

        • You can always “store” and “shuffle” your taporder of characters, prioritising key tasks, especially for events, or even when in “downtime” mode and you want a regular tap / character cycle (f’instance aiming for the Springfield Heights stuff).

  19. I had same glitch as others, logged out and back in and fixed.

    Missed a few items I was after but bought YMCA, I’ll wait for Christmas event and see what comes.

    Alissa, glad to hear you’re getting your sleeps in when you can. We’re going to spend time with our little ones for Christmas and look forward to my snuggles.

  20. For those who picked up Akira, you can take advantage of one of his quests to send everyone on 1h premium tasks, well, forever. If you don’t send Akira on his 2h task.

    I’ve got about 70 characters. I may not get bonsai for a while, but those can wait while I make bank.

  21. Luke Shredwalker

    Is it correct to have the jet engine bike at 40 donuts with a rebate of 8? If that is so, the net donuts spent would be 2 more than the original price which is 30 donuts!

  22. Hey guys, been wanting to join the Tapped Out commenting fun for some time now. My other half and I are big Simpsons fans and this is our one stop for all things Tapped Out. She likes the show and the game enough to get up and tap every morning around 5:30 or so, and to buy me donuts around the holidays. I’m totally blind, but tap vicariously through her. Lovin Turkey Day 2015, but can’t wait for the Christmas 2015 event. If only they’d make “Magaggie” a playable character and give Snowball and SLH jobs this Christmas. Since they made Sideshow Bob, my favorite character, playable this year, maybe Maggie isn’t too far off. As far as non TSTO related stuff goes… It’s very cold here in TX, can’t wait for Star Wars episode VII in less than three weeks, and looking forward to getting to chat with all of you via comments. Okay, that last one was kind of TSTO related.

  23. Ok, I’m ready to brainstorm about Christmas and then be saddly disapointed when the event arrives.

    Last year we had a H.L. Elf invasion so this year would it be Sharp Toothed angry reindeer? Or Snowmen whom need thier Hats knocked off them to disapear? Maybe just penguins, Mutant Giant Snowflake Flakes (since EA likes to create things that never appeared in the show anyway, why not?), Jack Frost, Krampas, Nutcraker Battle, maybe a Snowball fight stadium?

    I’m sure mostly character/building skins and NPCs

    Still hoping for Hanukkah and Rabbi K., collecting candles for the Menorah or playing with a dreidel, and such

    Or maybe Alissa Hoping for Toys comming alive and running around, or a parody of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and we need to collect bells for Angels.

    Maybe we have to collect all the things from ‘A Partridge in a Pair Tree’ song. Go to the Jewelery store Five times to collect Golden Rings,

    As always would LOVE to see Maggie, so how about the Build-A-Thing building make Bobo look-a-like bears.

    …I’m done now [these are just my hopes or ideas, I have no idea what EA is up to]

    • I haven’t read the comment yet, but had a less than helpful reply.

      “Hey, everybody! Lets go out and fail at something!”

      That is all.

    • Rabbi K would be a great addition. I’d also like to see Try-N-Save security guard Don Brodka from Marge Be Not Proud.

    • I don’t have anything to contribute, being my first Xmas on here, but I would love to see penguins!! Then, to buy one! I’m glad I still have 60 donuts, just in case. Snowball fight a la TapBall sounds kinda cool.

      You got me more primed than EA managed. 😀

    • Oh and maybe the Christmas Future episode but as it being something that slipped my mind, I think it just as unlikely as anything else I mentioned.

  24. Anyone else have a glitch were you can’t see the symbols above the people and places that are ready to harvest? Right now my town doesn’t show any of them, but if I tap on ones that I know are done, I still get xp/cash.

  25. Craig (ibuylow2014)

    Picked up some premium stuff with all the donuts EA gave us over the last couple of months

  26. I’ve finished my Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping in TSTO – picked up the Springfield Sign, Film Set and Super Collider. The first two were on my long-term list so had to take advantage of the discount. Bought the Super Collider to add to my science park area and because the Collider has a task there, really like that animation. I know most are disappointed that it didn’t come with the black hole but I don’t mind.

    Love the new banner, really feeling that Christmas mood 😀

  27. Love the new banner! Alissa, it kind of looks like you’re trying to save Bunny from the “evil” but smiling Wookiee. 😄

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