Where Did THAT Come From – Springfield Heights

Welcome to the Lifestyles of the Springfield Rich & Famous… errr… well, to a site writing about a new rich people expansion in TSTO. In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

So the Springfield Heights expansion brought us lots of new items with confounding leveling up of buildings, real estate values and tap-tap-tappery.  Of course, it also brought lots of new stuff to find in the Best. Show. Ever.  I’m sure by now we’ve all spent lots of precious time tapping away at the various tasked buildings of Springfield Heights.  Since SH dropped in the game, I’ve been trying to slowly reveal the origins of the items for y’all but realized, we never even mentioned what the heck Springfield Heights even has to do with the Best. Show. Ever.  I thought it’s be fun to do just that.  As a bonus… we’ll also find the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology, the Springfield Heights Gate, the Entrance Sign and the Classic Hot Tub.

Institute of Tech Completeshpromenadegate_menu

ico_cat_springfieldheights_2015Classic Hot Tub 

So even without knowing the Simpsons TV Series, I’m sure we all figured out that Springfield Heights was the rich and ritzy portion of town.  The first mention I remember of this portion of Springfield was as one of the softball teams that Homer and the Power Plant boys beat on their way to the championship in “Homer at the Bat” (S3:E17). All that’s shown is a pennant but the seed for future stuff was sown.

Springfield Heights Pennant Simpsons

Of course, a fuzzball like me would remember SH because it was mentioned in my favorite episode, “Marge vs. the Monorail” (S4:E12). At the grand opening of the Springfield Monorail, all sorts of celebrities come to the shindig. Leonard Nimoy (RIP LLAP), Dash Calhoun, Krusty (that baby sure looks like him), Lurleen Lumpkin (fresh from a stay at the Betty Ford Clinic) and “one of those loveable highschoolers from TV’s Springfield Heights 90210. He’s cool, he’s sexy, he’s 34 years old. Let’s hear it for Kyle Darren.”

Kyle Darren Springfield Heights 90210 Simpsons Monorail Episode

So we know it’s a rich enough area to spoof another show about rich kids going to high school played by actors who aren’t teenagers.  We finally see a building from the Springfield Heights in “Much Apu About Nothing” (S7:E23).  After Apu graduated from Caltech (aka Calcutta Technical Institute) and was accepted for graduate studies in the U.S., he left his parents and beloved child fiancé Manjula to attend Springfield Heights Institute of Technology.

Springfield Heights Institute of Technology Simpsons

While there, he studied under the tutelage of the brilliant Professor John Frink. The Frinkiac 7 may be cool but Frink was wrong about computers getting 10,000 times larger, twice as powerful and super expensive. Despite this, he may have been right about computer dating “eliminating the thrill of romantic conquest.” Apu’s PHD thesis was completed in 9 years… 200,000 precisely ordered punchcards comprising the world’s very first tic-tac- toe program. Only the top human players could beat it. Basically all this supports the acronym for the Institute and you gotta love Frink from the 1970s.

Springfield Heights Institute of Technology Frinkiac 7 Simpsons

This also explains Frink’s task at the S.H.I.T. if you didnt already know about it.  The next and first real look at more than one building in Springfield Heights was in “Tis the Fifteenth Season” (S15:E7).  Oh Christmas…nothing like the spirit of the season. In our favorite show, it’s time to start decorating AND to start shopping. Thankfully for Homer, Burns mistakenly gave him a Joe DiMaggio rookie card which gets him lots of Christmas money. The Simpsons can afford to shop at the rich people’s mall… the Springfield Heights Promenade. That’s definitely the new sign in our games… do we have to make a mall now?

Springfield Heights Promenade Simpsons

Also a theater in the background. Not the one in TSTO but I’ll be the first to admit I can’t find any reference for the TSTO version. Springfield Heights Promenade also has stores like Abercrombie & Rich, Get Your Picture on a Rembrandt, The Prodigy Barn, Victor’s Secret, and Things Unnecessary. Aww man, now I want a personalized talking astrolabe for the Christmas Event!

Springfield Heights Promenade Stores Simpsons

So there’s a rich people mall but that doesn’t jive with TSTO unless we build one up there with different stores.  That’s ok though because “Double, Double, Boy in Trouble” (S20:E3) shows us the most we ever get to see of SPringfield Heights.  When Bart switches places with Simon Woosterfield, he’s off to live in Springfield Heights… a place full of McMansions and a McDonald’s.

Mansions Springfield Heights Simpsons

That sign certainly looks like the one at our mountain entrance without the racist joke.  This would also be my guess why we have mansions in SH.  Too bad none of ours look like these.  I guess you could always use the additions to try and attempt this but I wish we’d gotten different color options.  You could always put a teeter totter next to one of your mansions and wish Bart and Burns could play on it.  Maybe the Woosterfield Mansion is on EA’s sheet of future SH stuff.

Springfield Heights Teeter Totter Simpsons

And while it’s not in Springfield Heights, you might recognize a certain classic hot tub from this same episode at the Ski Lodge in Aspen.

Springfield Heights Classic Hot Tub Aspen Ski Lodge Simpsons

And that is that for Springfield Heights my friends.  They have a softball team, an Institute of Technology, a mall and a bunch of mansions that don’t look like the two we got to build.  Some assume the wealthy class of Springfield live there (Burns, etc.)  and I guess I can follow the logic, but it’s never officially said that that is the case.  We can’t forget there’s also a rich district called Waverly Hills too.  Anywho… what did you think of all of it?  Build a mall?  Got any cool images of your rich district to share?  Sound off in the comments and stay classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

48 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Springfield Heights

  1. I moved all my mansions into SH, burns, wolfcastle etc and then infront of the tunnel entrance i built a high end shopping and film studio district so its like waverly hills,


  2. Did you guys (and gals) know there would be a Springfield Heights expansion? Way to go you clairvoyants!

  3. Thank you Wookie for addressing the biggest annoyance for me with SPH is the fact that the majority of the buildings we have in the game have absolutely not relevance to the show!! Why EA decided to do this is beyond belief. SPH makes my blood boil when I think about the crappy effort the developers and designers have put into this. Even the graphics seem like they drag/lag compared to scrolling over our actual Springfield. And since when was there a tunnel in the real Springfield connecting SPF to SPH? It doesnt exist in the show so why make us play it in the game?!
    If only EA would admit they screwed up and just wipe out SPH and give us some free land expansion back in Springfield to compensate.

    • This makes your blood boil? Really? I can understand not liking it, but, in the scope of things going on in the world, that reaction seems a little disproportionate.

      • Of course my blood is not boiling, if so i’d be dead! Sorry, was I meant to comment about the ongoing wars, world poverty etc? In the scheme of THIS GAME, yes, SPH is my biggest annoyance.

  4. Did anyone else end up listening to Good Charlotte after the opening line? 😀

  5. Great guess work with this post Wookster! Timing couldn’t have been better!

  6. EA must realise nobody enjoys Springfield Heights. I have been playing since 4th of July 2013. I think this is the time to blow-up Springfield and re-imagine our towns.

  7. I have a question – is it normal and everyone has it that after you reach Billionaire’s Heaven you can not buy anything from “Springfield Heights-Menu” ? In fact I don’t see it in my option. Could it be real? WHY? I still want to buy something but in fact I’m blocked. It’s strange…Thx for your answer.
    pzdr – KW 🙂

  8. Wow, what an exciting surprise! New building, Flanders putting up Christmas decorations, and Lindsey Naegle!!

  9. Was this post a coincidence or are you addicts the greatest psychics alive! Haven’t touched SH in months….quite loathe it TBH. With the new expansion I guess I’m back sitting on my overstuffed chair with my cell phone and a latte watching the golden globes while digging my feet into a cozy rug. Then a few xanaxes from Dr Hibbert will calm me from ALL THIS TAPPING!!!!

    • lol I like to think we’re good at predicting 😉 (but honestly pure coincidence. Post has been sitting in drafts since before Halloween hit…just decided today would be a good day to post it lol)

    • Yikes – didn’t know there was an update! (Just wish it had been tomorrow, instead.) Guys I should go update my game!

      Oh, and on the subject of the Springfield Heights Promenade…to me, a promenade should be outdoors (generally next to water) and doesn’t have anything to do with stories, so I set mine up near the shore in Springfield Heights. Guess I don’t care that the “real” one is an upscale shopping mall…

      • the SH promenade is an outdoor upscale shopping mall, a la the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA. yes, we have outdoor shopping malls here in california… 😉

  10. Weird! All this talk of SH and a SH expansion/update just dropped!

  11. How did you know that SH would be the hot topic of the day?
    Great job!

    • lol truthfully this post has been sitting in drafts since before Halloween. And last night when setting the post for early this morning something about SH was calling to me. Pretty funny 🙂

  12. I gotta agree with a few of you on the S/H topic. Seems like they dropped it in our laps without having done all the math. Like the idea was larger than what it has since become. Kinda seems they know not which direction to go with it. I don’t mess with it myself because it’s not how I like spending my tap time.

    • Itake back my previous statement! Lol!! I literally just got the second chapter to S/H after thumbing it down minutes before! Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?!!

  13. I am so thoroughly sick of trying to finish SH…

    …IT is a real chore and once I’ve got the billionaire character I will demolish it and use the space for something much prettier I think.

    See what I did there? ; )

    • I agree, I haven’t even bothered with it in months. I’ve added other things to the area but as for progressing in heights I haven’t really progressed at all. I have however been using Chun or whatever her name is to do the 1000$ task every single time I click her. But getting only 1000 heights money doesn’t really make a dent at all. And it’s the only free way to do it. Unless I cheat and get the last two items with a mod lol which I didn’t want to do, I’m not that desperate to get a character I haven’t even seen before.

    • It’s OK …you’re allowed to abbreviate ……The place where Apu makes phones…..Springfield Heights Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T.) 🙂

      • HAHAHA that’s classic, I never noticed but you’re so right. The whole SPH area should be renamed S.H.I.T 😉

  14. Any idea when we will get the Christmas update ?

  15. I’ve reached the billionaire level, and I still have some buildings left to build, I think. Since I hit that level, I can’t see the Springfield Heights menu option anymore. Is this because I’ve hit the big B? Has this happened to anyone else?

  16. Any idea when the Christmas update is coming ?

  17. Grinding Springfield Heights has become one of the least enjoyable parts of the game to me. It was fun at first, but then it just wore on. My last two freemium-player donut purchases were for Frink and Disco Stu (Black Friday) so that I could speed up this chore. I won’t lie, they have been super helpful. And as a completionist, I feel compelled to max out every building because they are there, and to fill each cache to capacity so the floating pills and yoga mats disappear for good. I may finish before the Christmas event….

    I did trick out a Classic Mansion and a Modern Mansion just for fun, and to hide things behind. But the rest of the buildings live in storage.

  18. Something that has occurred to me to wonder… there’s all that empty space *behind* Springfield Heights, in-game. My initial assumption was that they might eventually allow further expansion of SH into that area… but then again, could that possibly be where Waverly Hills is going to end up?

    • You know, I had a dream about that space the other night. Weird, I know… but in my dream, they open it for another expansion, but not for Springfield Heights. I don’t remember all the details, but it did look nice though. I have had my dreams come true in the past, good and bad ones, so I’m kind of hoping this one comes true either for SH or something else. But EA was probably trolling me in the dream, who knows LOL.

      • Sometimes dreams do come true!

        • WOOT! 😀 Yes they do, and I was getting really bored of dealing with it. Yet, I still haven’t gotten the Billionaires Playground yet :\

          • I like the expansion and am about to hit the billion after laying off a few months. Monorail is complete and circling town, regular bonuts coming in, Thanksgiving is over and I’m even nearing the Krusty Off-Shore Oil Rig!

    • I would much prefer Crackton over Waverly Hills…

  19. Fully transformed or just the graphic glitch ?

    If it is the latter: That happens from time to time the more items you place in your city. And as far as I can see only happens with items that you have multiple of. Happens to me with trees, cars, that donut boy building thing (and the mountains that cut the normal Springfield and heights). All stuff I have more than one of. If you scroll away from it and scroll back it should fix itself.

    Sad News for all German tappers: The voice actor of Homer Simpsons died 🙁

  20. One of my Itchy and Scratchy signs had a weird glitch where it turned into a TP’d Jebediah Springfield. Has anybody else seen this?

    I’d post the picture, but don’t know how.

    • Glitches are very common. Sometimes I get hundreds of the same item/building appearing. It should clear when you scroll away and scroll back

      • Scrolling away and back almost never works for me, I have to enter the editing mode and shade out decorations and/or buildings and then it goes back to normal.

    • Does it persist, even beyond a re-sync? Because I’ve observed that on very rare occasions, the graphics for one object can get temporarily swapped out for the graphics for another object — usually in a rather mangled fashion. I’ve found that if you scroll far enough away from it, it’ll usually right itself when you scroll back. If that isn’t working for some reason, “re-syncing” the game (by doing something like swapping between your neighbors screen and your Springfield) will almost certainly fix it.

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