Tapped Out Event Walkthroughs: King-Size Homer

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Thanksgiving Event hit our devices recently and a fun little event rolled out with it.  An event filled with a series of prizes, with the final prize being King-Size Homer!  Of course King-Size Homer comes with his very own questline, something to keep you playing after you unlock all the prizes…

While we’ve had the Turbo Tappin’ version of the questline up for a while now, we know some of you like the full dialogue versions just in case you missed something while tapping along.  So let’s take a look at the full dialogue version of King-Size Homer’s questline now…


The Fat and the Futilest Pt. 1
King-size Homer starts

Homer: Hey, look at me! I’m enormous!  The jiggling fat is mesmerizing.
This is terrible, Homie. Can you even move yourself around?
Not without a lot of effort. And effort is the one thing the fat man avoids.  Like every great person of girth, I will preserve my dignity by riding around on a tiny scooter.
Make King-Size Homer Ride Around Town- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Mr. Burns: Smithers, please tell me that lard-filled balloon I just saw riding around town doesn’t work for me.
 I’m afraid so, sir. Homer Simpson.
Mr. Burns:
 I won’t have fatties around the plant. They always turn out to be wise-offs or union men.
It’s against labor regulations to fire a man because he’s overweight.
Mr. Burns:
 I suppose it’s against labor regulations to drop him through my trap door.
 No, but I don’t think he’d fit.
Mr. Burns: 
Damn it, Smithers, you’re the one who told me to save money by going for the medium diameter trap door!  I guess we’ll just have to let him work from home.

The Fat and the Futilest Pt. 2
King-size Homer starts

Bart: Dad, do we really have to go to the beach? First off, you’re wearing a Speedo, and second, I can’t even see it because of your fat folds.
 Yes… I’m definitely… wearing something… under my fat folds.
Make King-Size Homer Let it All Hang Out at the Beach- 6hrs, Earns $225, 55xp
Bart: Hey everyone, check out the white whale that beached itself!
It’s so sad and ugly. Grab it’s flesh bags and roll it into the water.
 I’m not a white whale, I’m a lightly tanned fatso! Don’t treat me like an animal.
 Like an animal is also how we treat fat people.

The Fat and the Futilest Pt. 3
King-size Homer starts

Marge: Homer, this is ridiculous. Your mass is so large you have two small moons orbiting you.
Homer: Marge, that’s offensive fat-shaming.  It’s not my fault that God made me a man who chose to get gigantic so he could work from home.  I’m going to find a fat support group on the internet.  No matter how crazy your ideas are, there’s always 200 people online who’ll agree with you.
Make King-Size Homer Chat Online with a Fat Support Group- 16hrs, Earns $500, 125xp
Bart: Hey Homer, you learning anything from your online fat support group?
Yes. Nothing puts on weight like freemium gaming.

The Fat and the Futilest Pt. 4
King-size Homer starts

Homer: Marge, my dinner! Something happened to it. Something awful!
 I made you a salad.
 But I’m a growing boy! I put on over fifty pounds just today. I’m going to the place where they support and love the chronically obese: Krusty Burger.
You were banned from Krusty Burger because the sight of you was scaring other diners into wanting to eat healthier.
Also, you couldn’t fit through the door.
They foiled me with their normal-sized doors. But they can’t keep me out of the drive-thru.
Reach Level 7 and Build Krusty Burger
Make King-Size Homer Walk Through Drive-Thru- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Squeaky Voiced Teen: I’m sorry, sir, but the drive-thru is cars only.
Are you saying I can’t eat here because I’m a person?
Squeaky Voiced Teen: 
I’m saying you weigh as much as a truck, and you’ll damage the pavement.

The Fat and the Futilest Pt. 5
King-size Homer starts

Marge: Homer, I’ve been hoping you’ll come to your senses and lose some weight, but it just isn’t happening.  So I have no choice but to use extremely wifely measures.
If you mean you’re going to deny me sex, when I’m this fat that’s a little redundant.
 I’m going to nag you.
The ultimate weapon!  Well, do your worst.
Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Make Marge Nag Homer About His Weight- 30m, Earns $40, 10xp
Make Homer Get Whipped into Shape- 30m, Earns $80, 20xp (requires Mr. Burns)
Lisa: Mom, your nagging worked! Dad is thin again.
Actually, I didn’t nag your father. I nagged Sky Finger. That person can do anything.

This completes the King-size Homer’s questline…

What are your thoughts on King-size Homer’s questline?  Thoughts on the Thanksgiving Event?  Have you earned King-Size Homer yet? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. thecrimsonslash

    I’m saving my 13 donuts for Christmas (I’m going to use the Christmas free donuts with the 13 ones).

  2. I was wondering where the work at home station for fat Homer is? I saw a blurb about it but don’t see it in the shop. Help?

  3. Christmas 2014 was released on December 3rd 2013 was released on the 10th and 2012 was the 5th I think. So I’m gonna hope for the 3rd. 🤗

  4. Kim (kimberlyah794)

    Alissa, I know you are basically running things by yourself right now and that you have your beautiful bundle of joy to care for. Is there anything we can do to help you in running the site? Even just temporarily until Bunny or Wookie get back? I’d be happy to lend a hand, even if it’s just helping moderate comments.

  5. Anyone else constantly checking for the Christmas update? Err..can’t wait lol 🙂
    Is anyone aware of the time it might begin rolling out, even from previous years

  6. For the task let it all hang out. Is he supposed to be behind the mountains?

  7. Not sending anyone to do anything longer than a 2 hour task until after 6 p.m. EST. I’ve learned my lesson.

    • Actually you can send nearly every character in a long mission, even if you feel an event might start, since you can interrupt their missions by putting them or the building where they’re on task back in the inventory. The only ones you should not send to a long mission are Homer and Lisa, because they can’t be put in the inventory and their missions are usually outdoor. Plus, they’re the ones who usually start events.

  8. it is strange to not have an event going… but working madly on my monorail pieces while nothing else takes up time.

    • Monorail for me too, as well as trying to get Springfield Heights upgraded enough to unlock whichever character comes with it. Guess we all have to wait another week til Christmas 2015 event starts, so you’re right, it passes the time.

  9. id like to ask if the giveaway winners have already been announced or if you are still going through and checking them?

  10. This skin is out of this world! So cool. Hilarious tasks! I enjoyed the brief turkey day event! Can’t wait for the Christmas event to unfold!

  11. I have a question, I buy Luann in black friday, and her Walkthroughs stops after the Bee Man fights, but i know there is a something else, that gives me acess to that food truck in Krustyland. Sorry for bad English

  12. We earned him last week. It was nice to have a few days to spare. My other half and I weren’t sure how busy Turkey Day was going to be this year, so good thing we unlocked this skin on Thanksgiving. I love that the audible quotes are lifted from the King-size Homer episode itself. This skin has quite a few of them this time around.Cool to see EA going the extra mile like that. Although I wish Homer would stop asking for cake. He’s making me crave it too.

  13. alex - aabcampos2

    Tomorrow: level 60 or christmas ?

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