12/2 In-Game Update: Springfield Heights Round 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well it’s not Christmas, but EA has dropped an update in our laps today nonetheless.  As Springfield Heights Round 2 hits our games…

2015-12-02 18.30.32

This is an IN-GAME update…so there’s nothing to download from the App Store.  This should automatically download for you direct to your game once you start up TSTO.  If you don’t see it (you should see the downloading update screen) try hard closing and restarting TSTO, you can also restart your device.

Cookie Kwan will start this off (should auto-start) for you.  As always, I’ll be back with more info as soon as I go through it…

So as mentioned above Cookie will kick things off with some auto-start dialogue…

Cookie: This tunnel to Springfield Heights is ruining the curb appeal.  It’s too bad there’s no possible way to move a tunnel.
2015-12-02 18.41.41

Cookie: I’ve got some prime real estate- available for one day only!
Homer: Woo Hoo!  Stuff on sale!
Cookie: It’s not on sale.  The rich don’t need discounts.
Carl: What about government subsidies?
Lenny: Yeah, and there’s the whole “too big to fail” situation, too!
Cookie: Sure, the rich want free stuff.  But when they spend it, they like to pay full price.
2015-12-02 18.41.55

Lindsey Neagle: Is that 50 cups of coffee in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
2015-12-02 18.42.04

At this point you’ll unlock a new questline for SH (which Cookie will start as well) and a whole bunch of new stuff in the shop!


First the premium SH items have made a comeback for the next 36hrs…so if you didn’t pick them up last time and wanted them, now’s your chance:

poloclub_menu Polo Field House- 200 Donuts.  Should I Buy 

plasticsurgerycenter_menu  Plastic Surgery Center- 80 Donuts. Should I Buy

incubatorthinktank_menu Incubator Think Tank- 100 Donuts.  Should I Buy

columnmansion_menuColumn Mansion- 120 Donuts. Should I Buy


A couple of changes/additions to Springfield and Heights 


2 new strips in Springfield Heights…going away from the ocean


2 new strips in Springfield!  Bottom of the screen, furthest from the mountains.

You can also change the look of your SH upgrade-able buildings!  Just tap on them and you’ll be able to change to whichever facade you prefer… 🙂

2015-12-02 21.27.13


Now onto the new free stuff…

First there’s a new currency in Springfield Heights…Ads ads

Here’s what you should see to start

beachsuite_menuOcean Suite- 20 ico_heights_yogamat_lg.  +60k ico_heights_realestate_lg

exoticpond_menuExotic Pond- 20 ads +120k ico_heights_realestate_lg

elegantgrillElegant Grill- 10ads +60k ico_heights_realestate_lg

ultraluxuryyacht_menuUltra Luxury Yacht- 200 ico_heights_smartdevice_lg +900k ico_heights_realestate_lg

claytenniscourt_menuClay Tennis Court- 10 ico_heights_goldawards_lg +150k ico_heights_realestate_lg

gonefission_menuGone Fission- 85 Donuts. +35million ico_heights_realestate_lg

Then there’s a whole bunch of stuff that will unlock as you move through the questline…


A NEW CHARACTER!  Lindsey Naegle!

You’ll unlock Lindsey once you unlock the Marketing Agency, on the new land plot.

marketingagency_menuMarketing Agency- Unlocked via land 15 ico_heights_goldawards_lg .  Once unlocked you’ll get Lindsey Naegle.  The Marketing Agency will also be how you earn Ads ( ads).


Ads- To earn ads you’ll need to send characters on tasks at the Marketing Agency (just like all of the other SH currencies).  Each time you send a character on a task there it’ll cost you TWO ico_heights_furniture_lg AND TWO ico_heights_yogamat_lg and takes 16 minutes.  The yield is 1 ads for Freemium characters and 2 ads for premium characters.  Here’s a list of who can go:
Blue Haired Lawyer
Lindsey Naegle
Skinner (increases storage by 10)- Costs 40 ico_heights_furniture_lg and 20 ico_heights_yogamat_lg to unlock
Martin (increases storage by 30)- Can only unlock AFTER you unlock Skinner. Costs 60 ico_heights_furniture_lg and 30 ico_heights_yogamat_lg to unlock.
Carl (increases storage by 50)- Can only unlock AFTER you unlock Martin.  Costs 80 ico_heights_furniture_lg and 40 ico_heights_yogamat_lg to unlock.
Lenny (increases storage by 100)- Can only unlock AFTER you unlock Carl.  Costs 100 ico_heights_furniture_lg and 50 ico_heights_yogamat_lg to unlock.



Here’s a look at the items you’ll unlock as you move through the questline..

exclusiveresort_menuExclusive Resort- Requires 20 million ico_heights_realestate_lg.  Costs 10ads Unlocks after SH Pt. 10 (Can build 10)

operahouse_menuOpera House- 150 Donuts. Requires Unlocks after SH Pt. 11

eliteyachtclub_menuElite Yacht Club- 20 ads.  Earns 120 millionico_heights_realestate_lgUnlocks at SH Pt. 12

privateisland01_menuPrivate Island- 40 adsRequires 7.5 Million ico_heights_realestate_lg.  Unlocks after SH Pt. 14 (can build 3)

mountainlodge_menuMountain Lodge- Unlocks after Lodge a Complaint Pt. 8.  This is a “prize” for completing the Lodge a Complaint questline

ornatepier_menuOrnate Pier- 15ads.  Requires SH Pt. 12. Earns 90kico_heights_realestate_lg (like Squidport.  Can build tiles via tapping on the pier…similar to Squidport tiles)

ornatepierbench_menuOrnate Pier Bench- 10 ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg +45k ico_heights_realestate_lg.  Unlocks after you unlock the Ornate Pier

ornatepierrailingse_menuOrnate Pier Railing-ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg +4,500ico_heights_realestate_lg. Unlocks after you unlock the Ornate Pier

ornatepierpost_menuOrnate Pier Post-ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg +9,000 ico_heights_realestate_lg Unlocks after you unlock the Ornate Pier

Christmas Teaser…

You’ll see a short questline pop up from Ned after you start the SH questline.  This is a teaser for Christmas, here’s a look:

The Proclamation of Decoration
Flanders starts

Flanders: December’s here!  That means the Lord’s birthday is right around the corner!
Rod & Todd: Yay!!
Flanders: Get decorating, boys!  We’re gonna party like its 4 to 6 B.C.  The Bible’s a little cloudy on the actual date.
Make Ned Decorate his House- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp

2015-12-02 20.39.26

So it looks like Christmas will be starting up next week….

Who’s ready for some snow?!

And that’s it my friends.  The details of Springfield Heights Part 2..

What are your thoughts on part 2?  Excited for new land?  How about Lindsey joining Springfield?  Thoughts on the new items added?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


437 responses to “12/2 In-Game Update: Springfield Heights Round 2

  1. I want to restart AKA nuke my Springfield so I can redesign it. Does anyone know what happens to Springfield Heights and Krustyland? Would I have to unlock the Heights again or redo the quests for Krustyland? Thanks!
    My username is daddelongleg

  2. They only have us 36 hours 🙁 ugh. I was moving and unable once again to get the premium buildings.

  3. Hi can I check how much hidden XP percentage does each upgraded private island give?

    • I don’t have a quick way too do it

    • Wait until you have two white houses ready for collection. Make a note of how much XP you have. Collect one of the houses. Make a note of how much XP you have now. Then store or put out one of the upgraded private islands and collect the other white house. Compare the yield between the two.

      • Oh yeah. I actually did something like what you mentioned. I think it is worth 1.5 percent per island. By the way, thanks, I am surprised you still read this old thread!

        • I subscribe to the comments for all of the posts I comment in, so I get an email whenever there’s a new comment in that post. 🙂

  4. I have got the app for The Elite yacht club but can’t place it. How do I put it in?

  5. Why so few craftable SH pier tiles?? I need more! Any idea when they might increase the #?

    • Probably not for a little while. And I think the limitation on numbers has to do with performance issues. They’re trying to prevent people from having too many items..

  6. It says in the post you can build 3 private islands and I bought one at the start of the event and they’re gone from my store. I never was even offered the opera house which I’ve gotten no where with EA on. Was the island limited time? I have 1 resort and it says I can build 10 more

  7. If you unlocked Number 1 and get the mountain lodge, he has a 60m task that yields 15 lattes.

  8. Not sure where to ask this..looked at other posts and couldn’t find anything about it. I hope you can point me in the right direction. Just happen to notice that number one from the stonecutter shays an hour task for 15 coffees or lattes. Is there anyone else that has tasks like this?! Thanks for all you do!!!

  9. Does the Ornate Pier come with buildings? Or can we just put buildings on it?

  10. Do the new SH buildings give you the hidden XP bonus?

  11. I have to wait until Monday to contact EA. Still no opera house

  12. Honestly … after I’ve gotten all the other SH things leveled up, I’ve boxed them and placed houses that earn money/xp instead. That’s what i’ll be doing here too probably. I’m mostly a freemium player so I need all the xp/% items I can get.

    • If you need all the XP you can get, I suggest bringing those Springfield Heights buildings out of storage, since they each have a significant hidden XP bonus multiplier. As a freemium player, XP is even more important than cash.

    • Totally agree after you get your 2 billion why keep these buildings that give nothing in return? They take up valuable land which I can use for buildings that return $$ and/or XP.

  13. The aquarium animation in the Exclusive Resort is pretty cool. However, I was disappointed when I realized it’s not actually transparent. My train went behind the building, but you could not see it through the tank. Now there’s an upgrade that I would work for!

  14. I find it peculiar that the pier tiles attached to the Elite Yacht Club and the Private Island are standard Squidport tiles, instead of the new Ornate Pier tiles. Does that mean that those two “buildings” are up-gradable, and will *eventually* have Ornate tiles?

  15. I suspect the Christmas event will be as underwhelming as the last Halloween event. It looks like most of EA’s efforts have gone to Springfield Heights. And, again, instead of launching Xmas sooner and build up excitement to the holiday, it’ll likely linger on way past the New Year.

    • I don’t think your argument has much merit, but I’m happy to see folks have more modest expectations for the Christmas event than the Halloween event. Back when everyone was wildly over-anticipating the Halloween event, I posted that I was concerned about how everyone’s expectations were so high, and that they were just setting themselves up for disappointment, since it would be hard for EA to ever meet those expectations. And, sure enough, most people were disappointed (as I thought they almost inevitably would be). The players I felt the most bad for were the ones who hadn’t done a Halloween event before…they just kept reading everyone’s big buildup and then were disappointed when it wasn’t as as mind blowing as foods had said it would be.

      So, I’m all for people having more modest expectations of the Christmas event, and hope that EA ends up disproving the unfounded theory that you just set forth.

      • I don’t know. I agree with Anthony. I have been playing for two years now and I was also disappointed with the Halloween event for many reasons – especially not being able to send the kids out on visual tasks with their costumes, and absolutely nothing good to buy for long time players. I am tired of the 3 act cookie cutter circus and I want those gift bags and better community interaction/prizes back. And I would like holidays to start around the time people generally decorate and begin anticipating in real life (like Dec 1 for Christmas), and end just shortly thereafter (i.e. from Boxing Day on, I want to be able to enjoy some downtime tapping away Christmas, but by around Jan 4 – get rid of it!!).

      • It was my first Halloween event, but don’t feel bad for me. I heard similar high expectations for Monorail, too. Seeing how people hated Tap Ball before it even started, let’s just say I had good experience not following along blindly with people where they wanted to lead me. So, while THOH was a bit disappointing, it was because of EA and not because of commenters. In the case of Xmas, I’m ready to be disappointed but only because of what I have actually seen from EA when it comes to events. (That is, their ability to fail well, not that they can’t do well. I hope for the latter but brace myself for the former.)

        For very new newbies, I’d say your statement stands well if this is their first or second event.

  16. Spotted a mistake: “Elite Yacht Club- 20 . Earns 120 million”
    It earns 120 000 only.

  17. anyone else notice the shacks and tents can no longer go on squidport boardwalk pieces? I have a few already there and went to try and move them around and now they can only go on land. Only my game or has something changed?

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