Housekeeping Note: Missing Comments

If you’re having trouble viewing the comments the direct link to them is here:

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Many, many, MANY of you have commented today that you can’t see any comments on posts.  This is a WordPress bug.  I’ve spoken with them several times, and they’re working on fixing it (they were FINALLY able to duplicate the issue tonight).  However, until it’s fixed there’s not a whole lot I can do…and it’s not just annoying you, it’s annoying me too.

So here are a couple of temporary solutions…

You can try commenting on the post, many readers have said commenting will bring the comments back. (even if you comment is just a 🙂 )  However, it’s only a temporary solution, once you close the page they’ll disappear again next time you open it up.  So you’ll need to do it again.

The other option is to go directly to the comment thread on a post.  You can access that by doing a /#comments at the end of any of the posts web address.  For example the calendar post would be:

That should directly load the comments for you.

I’ll also try posting this direct comment link at the top of each post, for quick access.

Hopefully WordPress will have this fixed soon…I know it’s making us all a little crazy!

Thanks for your understanding!


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  1. Sandra Dennison

    This morning the task is to upgrade 2 fighters. Since mine are all ready upgraded, I don’t know how to proceed. I tried healing one to no avail. I feel like I must be missing something and I would appreciate your help. I did look to see if anyone else commented but couldn’t find them. I realize now they are missing.
    Also, reaching a few of my neighbours has been impossible since the beginning of this event. Thank you. You must be superwoman

  2. Are they taking down this site???

  3. Trying to see comments

  4. D’oh! Stupid WordPress.

  5. Alissa, this must be driving you mad, the very last thing you need when you’ve got so much else on your plate. So here’s hoping for a quick fix from WordPress, and meantime a great big thank you to you and to Bunny for getting all that information out there so fast!
    Hope you are somewhere managing to find some recharge time in between all of this and the demands of your very own tiny addict!

  6. This is crazy! I have not been able to see any comments at all, all day!

  7. This comments fiasco is getting bad. Could this be the end of TSTO ADDICTS? Will Word Press be defeated? Will the Sky Fingers 👇prevail? Stay tuned to see what happens next!!👹

  8. I can see all comments on every post.
    But only when i access the website via my phone. When i go with the computer i dont see them.
    Maybe it also works with other users.

  9. I can see all comments on this post and every other one. When access the website via my phone. When i use the computer then i can’t.
    Maybe it also works for others…

  10. Adding “#comments” didn’t seem to do anything on my end. Not a problem as adding “comment-page-n”, where n is a number, does work. Comments loaded fine without trickery on this page, though. Strange.

    I’m liking the smaller comment sections, btw. Sure, now there’s like 40 pages of comments instead of 5… but that works for me. Before it would stall and sometimes wouldn’t load. Now they usually load. (Yeah…they still stall. 🙁 )

    I also, begrudgingly, like that no comments appear… Sorry, sane people. It just makes it easier to post a comment or reply if I don’t also have to wait for the comments to load (like I said, they stall the loading of the page) before I post mine just to have it all refresh and start the loading process over again. One less full page load, the better. 🙂

    • Matthias Fritsche

      I can see all comments when i access the website via my phone. When with computer there is nothing.
      Maybe it also works for other users.

    • I personally preferred the fewer pages and more comments per page. Now if I want to see if anyone replied to my message from 3 hours ago, rather than it being on the first or second page, I have to go back about 10 pages.

      But if fewer comments per page solves the headaches WordPress is giving my favourite Addicts, than by all means fewer comments it is.

      • Since you have a wordpress account, there’s a bell in the top right corner which will have an orange circle on it for new notifications. It’ll show you all likes and replies 😊 Before I had a wp account I used to do the same thing and search through alllll the pages to see if anyone had replied lol.

    • I strongly dislike the shorter comments section…takes forever to page through the comments, since, for each page, I have to scroll down, tap ” Older Comments,” and then check to make sure it really did go to older comments (sometimes, it just scrolls to the top and, when I scroll back down, I see that it never really loaded the next page). Compared to the number of times I post a new comment (not a reply), I’d rather have to do a tad more scrolling to do that, than to have to keep reloading new pages.

      But a more significant disadvantage to fewer comments per page is that it makes it even less likely that Moe casually readers will see comments/responses that have already answered a questing they might have…. I’m willing to bet that most people are more willing to scroll to the end of one page than they are to bother to go to a second page. This will just increase the work for our already over-taxed moderators (and their unofficial “helpers).

      • Okay, okay. Twist my arm will ya? I changed my stance! Uncle!

        I only liked them because of loading, but if I could have quick loading for posting and separately have the full comments section, I’d love that.

        I use the WordPress “sidebar” for personal replies. I don’t have to refresh the page and I don’t lose my place. I would love a more advanced template that worked that way on the actual page. Now THAT would be mobile friendly. ☎ (no, no,…) 📱 (that’s better)

    • Thanks, none of the other workarounds were successful but adding “comment-page-n” like you suggest is working for me!

  11. still no comments… stupid flanders… i mean wordpress…

  12. Hi Alissa,

    I’ve no idea if this has been mentioned before, but the direct comments link does not bring the comments up. It only adds the ‘leave a reply…’ option to allow me to comment.

    Also, there is a difference between this missing comment visual and the missing comments on the posts – with the direct comment link the ads and assorted links on the bottom of the page (Flickr, Twitter, add me pages, etc.) are all present. If I select the title of a post to view the post instead, the ads and the links are missing – it’s a complete white out under the post (seasonally appropriate but still frustrating).

    P.S. I know you have no control over WordPress removing the template you used to have but I’ve tried to get used to the new format and, nope, I still really dislike it. Having to scroll to the very bottom of the page for the quick links is frustrating (it’s not so quick anymore), and the search function for your site is also located down here 🙁 (there’s a search function at the top but it doesn’t search your site only). And the pop-up ads are only eclipsed by the missing comments in raising blood pressure, argh. Rant over now. Thanks for listening. Your site’s still the best obviously as I keep checking despite these little frustrations.

    • Alissa is working hard with WordPress to sort out all of these issues…we just have to give it some time. Also, I think she’s said that she does plan to go back to the old format, once the bigger problems have been solved and she had the time to do so.

      But, yes, we’re still frustrated, and nobody more so than Alissa!

  13. …..still can’t see comments

  14. (For you lucky few that can see the comments/whenever this is fixed)

    I tried every trick and nadda. I have the day off today and I might be checking once in a while but am going to try to resist.

    If neighbors noticed I used Monorails to spell out “SNOW” before the update hit, when the update hit I took away the “S” to say “NOW”. Now that this comment thing is happening I changed it to “NO CMT” with an added “:(”

    To clearify No CMT is short for “No Comment” not No Country Music Telvision or the nearly hundred other variations of CMT… Or is it?? ;p

    Now back to the game and channel surfing :p

    • Oh fewf, thanks for the clarification. I was afraid CMT (Country Music Television) was down. Their holiday special is about to air.

    • If you can see this comment by some fluke, just subscribe to be notified of comments by email. You’ll get a ton of them, but you’ll see all the ones that were posted after you subscribed!

  15. maybe switching to disqus would be cool to avoid this problem… mostly cuz it’s hard for me to follow the wordpress comments haha #selfish

  16. How do you earn presents to drop in other towns??

  17. .

  18. here is the direct wordpress url to view/reply to the comments on this post:

  19. 🙂

  20. >:( :/ 🙂 😛

  21. Tappa tappa tappa

  22. Can’t see others’ contents yet, so apologies if this is a repeat…

    1. The “#comments” thing doesn’t work. In fact, on the Turbo Tappin thread, I could see the comments when I first accessed it, but, when I tried it with the #comments thing, the comments actually disappeared! But why did I try the #comments thing when I was seeing the comments in the first place? That leads me to….

    2. Another comments problem…I could only see 10 comments at a time (at least for that Turbo Tappin thread). The number of times I had to use the “older comments” link was getting ridiculous! So, I had to give up after about 10 times (only 100 comments) and never made it to the end/beginning. I hope this problem gets resolved when they fix the other one!

    • Hmmm…on this post, once I commented, I could see 15 comments per page (which is still fewer than I think I could see before).

    • In response to 2 WP changed the settings for us to 10 per page to see if that helped the load issue. I’ll be changing it back as soon as I can

      • Oh, good to know…thanks!

        Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have helped (as I’m sure you’ve deduced).

        Sorry you’ve had to deal with all of the WP crap on top of a new event, just when things are busiest for you in your personal life. 🙁

        Speaking of which, how is little Miss R.? Is she still behaving herself and taking nice long naps so mommy can get important TSTO stuff done? 😉 And are you own now? I can’t remember when you said your husband had to head back to work….

        • lol Miss. Riley Roo is good. Sometimes she takes naps and sometimes she just wants to be held. So posts are tending to be a little late lol And yup on my own now..hubby went back the Monday after Thanksgiving. Thankfully my sister is a stay at home mom, so we’ve been hanging out to keep my mind sane.

          • Good to hear you have that support! 🙂

            So, have you bought a tablet stand so you can tap with one hand while you change a diaper with the other? 😉

            Oh, and BTW….make sure someone checks the P.O. Box in a few days…(I’m guessing that someone is Bunny, since the box is not in New Jersey or California.)

            • lol i’m used to doing 5 things at once, so the tapping with one hand etc is something i’m used to. It’s more how much my brain can function at this point lol

              And will do 🙂

  23. .

  24. Hello tsto players!
    If you need a neighbour, you can add me: fuccboiindustry

  25. I must be missing something.
    I have been tapping like crazy since this event started.
    I keep moving down in my neighboreeno ranking.
    Is there something special I should be doing to get bows?

    • I think some of that depends on how many friends you have leaving you presents.

      • Yup. Feeling a bit Millhouseish. :/

        • I keep advising people on the benefits of having a full boat of neighbors, and this is one of several reasons why.

          On the flip side, I’m feeling guilty about all of the neighbors who have left me gifts that I haven’t been able to reciprocate yet. (But, dear neighbors, rest assured I’m keeping track and will do my best to repay folks over the long haul!)

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