Addicts Housekeeping Note: Site Theme

I enabled the mobile theme for the site again, hopefully this helps some of you who are having issues viewing the site on your mobile device.  If you’d like to go back to the desktop version scroll to the bottom of the site and select view full site.  Hope that helps!  

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note to let you know I switched the theme back to the old, original Addicts theme.  I did this in hopes that it would help with the comment issue, I don’t think it will…but if it does I’ll be thrilled.  Plus, I know a lot of you (Sandra…) were really wanting us to go back to how it originally was.  So…it’s back to how it originally was.

Fingers crossed that this works for the comments!

108 responses to “Addicts Housekeeping Note: Site Theme

  1. Thank you for all that you do here. I have so enjoyed your hard work and efforts so that we can have an easier, less complicated experience with Tapped Out. It’s been so much fun and grateful for your part in this. I noticed yesterday, I was having a tough time trying to maneuver through your website, it is not very user-friendly. Not sure what was done but it is frustrating and I had to give up. The ads get in the way also and because the x on the corner to close them are so tiny, it keeps taking me to the advertisement opening a new browser. I find it hard to navigate as well because of this, every time an ad slides in front and prevents me from reading the page. I’m using a mobile device and it used to be so easy and I was so happy before this, I hope others aren’t having the same problems viewing your site. Please put it back to how it was, I love your website and want to be able to use it again. Other sites are not as good as yours, thank you .~ Maggie

  2. I can see all comments until I post one. Once I post the comments disappear 🙁

  3. thankyou for bringing back the ‘ole site theme’!!!

  4. Yay I can see comments again!
    If it helps, on the new style that you just switched off if I clicked the “X comments” at the bottom of the post I just got taken to a full page version of the post with no comments visible.
    If I posted a comment I could then see one page of comments, but if I navigated away from the page and back again comments would dissapear.

  5. The new theme is terrible on mobile. Why don’t you use dynamic style sheets to adjust with the screen size?

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