Christmas 2015: Weekly Challenges Week 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

New Christmas weekly challenges have restarted today!  So let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do for 5 days during week 2 to earn bonus prizes and 20 bonuts!


Sorry these weren’t up before today’s task started, but I like to just double check with what the files are saying and what my game shows.  Just as an extra “ok it’s on track”.  

2015-12-14 14.57.24

Here’s what’s in store for us this week…

Day Task Earns
Monday 12/14 Drop Presents in Friend’s Town (x5) 300 craftingbows
Tuesday 12/15 Collect 10 Loyalty Stamps Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_2
Wednesday 12/16 Craft a Prize 200 craftingornament
Thursday 12/17 Tap 50 Merrymakers 200 craftingbows
150 craftingornament
Friday 12/18 Drop Presents in Friend’s Town (x5) Bart_Snowman

And when you complete them all within the week you’ll earn 20 bonuts!

2015-10-16 16.14.45

Remember all new tasks unlock at 5am your local time….and you have until 4:59am your local time next Monday to complete the challenges and earn the bonuts.  More details can be found on this post..

And there you have it my friends, the challenges to earn you 20 bonuts during week 2!

What are your thoughts on the Daily Challenges?  Did you earn your 20 bonuts last week?  Think you’ll get there again this week?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

97 responses to “Christmas 2015: Weekly Challenges Week 2

  1. Having same issue, any thoughts to a remedy?

  2. Has a solution been found for this issue? Also, I don’t have the option to work on my gingerbread house anymore. I am stuck on level 4.

    Thanks! Happy Tapping

  3. I’m having the same issue.

  4. Anyone else have a problem with the Day 1 task for week 3? I already built the “Christmas trees slightly irregular” and can’t complete the task. Please help, I don’t want to miss out on the free 20 donut bonus…

  5. Anyone else have a problem completing this week’s Day 1 task (construct and place the “Christmas Trees Slightly Irregular”)? I already did this yesterday and now cannot complete the task. Is there anything I can do? I don’t want to miss out on the 20 bonus donuts, please help.

  6. Hi everyone ! First time posting.. I didn’t know about this gold mine of a site. I can’t believe the time and luv you put into this site. Thank you. Now to my problem. I finished the challenges for this week but c find the orphans any where. Sorry if this has already has been covered. Has. Any one run into this problem? Any suggestions? Happy holidays to all. 😂

  7. Hey just have a question about this week’s challenge the first is to craft the odd Christmas tree thing. I’ve already done that and have tried storing it and still haven’t gotten my bows for completing it..

  8. How do you place your Bart snowman? I’ve completed my day 5 task but I don’t know where it is!

  9. Question.

    On today’s merrymaker task, it’s not counting merrymakers tapped in friends towns. Is it supposed to be your town only merrymakers?

    • Probably…I’m not EA so I don’t know for sure what they were thinking with it. But if it’s working in your town, it’s working.

      • I wasn’t trying to insinuate you were ea, but common issue do circulate often in community fan sites and was asking to see if I should expect it to continue. It’s not a huge deal as it means I had to wait an hour instead of immediately completing it and I was asking out of personal curiosity alone. I apologize if such questions are frowned upon here.

        • I think you’re completely taking her response out of context and reading way too much into it that is really unnecessary. Main reason we have our Addicts Guidelines… especially “Words don’t show emotions”. Take a look at them some time. They’re very helpful. 🙂

          She’s merely saying we aren’t EA, so we don’t program the game, so we can’t answer every single question with 100% clarity unless we see it in our personal games … as we’re not them. She’s being honest and not giving you a false answer, but instead providing you the only answer she can to your question. I would have said the same.

          If it only works towards those tapped in your town, I’d go with that. If you find neighbors count too… awesome.

          Many times the answers lie in just playing the game. 😉

          You asked a question, she was only merely giving you an answer. Don’t read too much into someone’s help. 🙂

          • I was just apologizing because she seemed exasperated, while trying to clarify my intent. Nothing more than that, bunny.

            • not exasperated, and didn’t think you thought we were EA. I was simply saying exactly what Bunny said. I’m not EA so I can’t speak for certain so to what their intent is…only what I see in my own game. No biggie. 🙂

  10. I debated on what to craft – that which I wanted (now) or something cheap which I needed (now).
    I chose the latter and crafted a bell. Zippppp went my currency, received a bell and I was asked if I wanted to craft another. “No”, I responded. And i received notification that the prize was placed in my inventory.
    So I looked, and two MORE bells were in my inventory.
    So I received 3 bells for the price of one.
    If only I had chosen to build a Chalet.

    • The crating prize for bells and lamp posts is supposed to be three, that’s what the ‘x3’ by the name means. ☺️

      • I did not notice that statement – thank you.
        Anxiously awaiting to see what other prizes will soon be revealed.

  11. I look forward to and love the daily/weekly chllanges! I check and finish those first before anything else. I’ve been playing and building for over 3 years and have NEVER sent a dollar on donuts. I’m proud of my Springfield and Springfield Heights! Merry Xmas Everyone!

  12. I cleared my Hot Squishee stand this morning, before looking at the challenge, so it didn’t take those into account! Fortunately, I have lots of kids and they’re short-ish tasks!

  13. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but is anyone else having problems with collecting today’s loyalty stamps to earn the light? Every time I collect the number is going to minus.. On the countdown to collect the stamps for the light I’m currently at -75/5 😰.. Has anyone else been experiencing this or is it just me..

  14. I’m trying to do the day 2 loyalty stamps but mine keeps saying I have -20/5! What does that mean!

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