Christmas 2015 Calendar: Act Two

Hey there Snowflakes!!

Enjoying the Event so far? Gettting the hang of what to do in the town yet for Act Two? Lots of cool new stuff hitting the games… and more still to come. I know I am excited!!


Before Sandra and BigPhil start yelling at me, better get the Calendar up, right? Bunch of demanding lil brats! (Psshhh you know I love yah!) Well here is your WORST. CALENDAR. EVER! BAH! HUMBUG!! 😉 😛


A few quick FYI’s


As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER the Act releases so you can factor in time you will need to send Characters on tasks, get Buildings, and fully launch the New Event. I will also be stopping it the night BEFORE the Act ends, as it will give you enough time to focus on all the other last minute stuff.

Again, do not panic. Remember that it is slow going at first so you may “appear” to be behind, but as you progress you will start to see that you are getting more and more and more each day. So just go at a pace that fits you, but remember the more you play the more you will get. These are totals you want to reach by the end of each day if possible.

Act Two Calendar Xmas 2015

Now you have a basic daily breakdown for 13 days based off of approximately 2712Tapped_Out_MistletoeMistletoes a day.



Here’s the rundown of the prizes available during Act 2 that you can win by just playing the game and collecting Tapped_Out_MistletoeMistletoe.

yourrembrandt_menuPicture on Rembrandt- 2850 Tapped_Out_MistletoeMistletoe

abercrombierich_menuAbercrombie & Rich- 10250Tapped_Out_MistletoeMistletoe

landofchocolateshop_menuYe Olde Chocolate Shoppe- 19250 Tapped_Out_MistletoeMistletoe

buckinghammotel_menuBuckingham Pay-less Motel – 27450 Tapped_Out_MistletoeMistletoe

unlock_comicbookguy_festivusFestivus Comic Book Guy- 35250 Tapped_Out_MistletoeMistletoe




YES! The “BONUTS” (Bonus Donuts) keep on coming. Once you have collected the 35250 Tapped_Out_MistletoeMistletoe needed for the Personal Prizes, you then will get the chance to earn some more for a Bonus Gift.

My Bonus Gift Rounds were 4000 Tapped_Out_MistletoeMistletoe

Once you reach the 4000Tapped_Out_MistletoeMistletoe , the 3 Donut Box Pop Up will appear and you have a 1 in 3 chance to tap a box and get 3 Donuts. If you do not get the 3 Donuts, you can pay $150,000 to try again until you get the 3 Donuts you want.


There you have it. A Calendar of Tapped_Out_MistletoeMistletoe just for my fav Tot, lee, ryan, and my penpal in Cali. Oh and I suppose the rest of you just might want to peak at it too. It may come in handy or something. 😉

What do you think of it so far? Where are YOU in the game? How are your Mistletoe totals coming along? Getting the hang of it all yet? Let us know.


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  1. So excited for act 3. I know it’s gonna be based a round Maggie.

  2. I’m so excited to find out that Maggie is now a character and what act 3 has in store for us. EEEEEEEHHHHH

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