Casino Event 101: My Chip Count Doesn’t Match

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by with some help and clarifications on the main “issues” and questions we are seeing during the new Casino Event.

In this post, I am going to go over and Clarify WHY you see TWO Chips Totals in your game as you progress. There is not an issue, nothing is wrong, just a way of EA telling you how much you have for specific areas.


Let’s dive into the details…. 


In the main pop up for the Personal Prizes, you will see how many Chips you will need to earn for each item individually. That means you are ONLY seeing the Chips needed for just that one item. NO OTHER TOTALS.

Here are some examples…

Burns Fountain costs 6800 Red Chips INDIVIDUALLY, you only see the INDIVIDUAL cost in the Personal Prize screen for the Burns Fountain. 

Individual Red Chip Count Burns Fountain


Magician Milhouse costs 21600 Red Chips INDIVIDUALLY, you only see the INDIVIDUAL cost in the Personal Prize screen for Milhouse. 

Individual Red Chip Count Magician Milhouse

This will help you to know just how close you are to getting that one item. Nothing more, so everytime you move on to the NEXT prize you will ONLY see the amount needed for that prize.

If you want to know your complete total, exit the Personal Prizes and look in the Lower Left Corner of your game. The Overall Chip Count is there.

Here are the INDIVIDUAL AMOUNTS again from the Calendar post.

burnsfountain_menuBurns’ Fountain: 6800 ico_casino_redchip_lgRed Chips

ico_priz_casino_impulsewedding_lgImpulse Wedding Chapel: 15900 ico_casino_redchip_lgRed Chips

charactersets_milhouse_magicactMagic Act Milhouse: 21600 ico_casino_redchip_lgRed Chips

ico_priz_casino_britannia_lgBritannia Casino: 27300 ico_casino_redchip_lgRed Chips

luciussweet_victory_pose_image_5Lucius Sweet: 29600 ico_casino_redchip_lgRed Chips



As you progress through the Event, ALL your Chips with gather and collect to your Overall Total Chip Count in the Lower Left side of your game screen. This is every Chip you have earned to date. Prizes and all.

Here is an example.

I just started and have only earned 200 Red Chips Overall to date in this part… so 200 Red Chips show in my total.

Overall Red Chip Count 200

I have earned EVERY PERSONAL PRIZE in this test game, so my Overall Total will show EVERY SINGLE RED CHIP EARNED to date for those Prizes and then some.

Overall Red Chip Count 101600

This amount will NOT match the amount in the Personal Prizes as this is, as I noted, the OVERALL TOTAL. EVERY CHIP EARNED. Those amounts are adding every time you get a Red Chip.

Here is the Math of what you may see as you earn each prize

Burns Fountain is 6800 ico_casino_redchip_lgRed Chips

Add to that total the NEXT prize (15900 Red Chips)…

That means you will have earned up to 22700 Overall ico_casino_redchip_lgRed Chips by the time you get the Impulse Wedding Chapel

Add to that total the NEXT prize (21600 Red Chips)…

That means you will have earned up to 44300 Overall ico_casino_redchip_lgRed Chips by the time you get Magic Act Milhouse

Add to that total the NEXT prize (27300 Red Chips)…

That means you will have earned up to 71600 Overall ico_casino_redchip_lgRed Chips by the time you get the Britannia Casino

Add to that total the FINAL Act One prize (29600 Red Chips)…

That means you will have earned up to 101200 Overall ico_casino_redchip_lgRed Chips by the time you get  Lucius Sweet and you will have all 5 Personal Prizes.

6800+15900+21600+27300+26900 = 101,200




Individual Red Chip Count Impulse Wedding Chapel



Overall Red Chip Count 200



Individual Red Chip Count Lucius

OVERALL EARNED TO DATE TOTALOverall Red Chip Count 101600

The two will NOT match (except right at very start to the first prize) so don’t worry when they do not. If you want to verify your total, just add.


There you have it. A breakdown of just one of the many things you will see during the game. If you want to know how much you have earned to this day, check the overall Total. If you want to know how much more you need to earn for an item, go to the Personal Prize screen.

Did this help you to understand the two totals better? Make sense? Still confused? Let us know.


86 responses to “Casino Event 101: My Chip Count Doesn’t Match

  1. Is anyone else having problems with the Club Card points? I bought BOTH the Vegas Wives and the SleepEasy motel and was supposed to get 855+755 Club points and got NEITHER which really upsets me since that is one of the main reasons I splurged for those…HELP!!!

    • Because first..the sleep eazy motel does not award the club points. It’s the skin for Miss. Springfield that does. So what you need to do is go into your inventory and take out the skin for Miss. Springfield, the cat hostess one. Once you use that in your town you’ll get the points. Same applies to the wives…once you activate them in springfield the points are awarded. Remember club card points are not chips. It’s a totally different thing

  2. I’ve been playing very consistently (logging in almost every hour) since the launch of the casino update. However, I only have about 10,000 chips, and I see many of my neighbors with more than 100,000 ships. What am I doing wrong? Is there a quick way to gain a lot of chips?

    • Are you sure you’re looking at your full chip count and not your chips to the next prize count? The full chip count is in the bottom left corner of your main Springfield

      • Yeah. I’m level 59. Playing every few hours, and I haven’t even unlocked The new Millhouse skin.

  3. If I remember correctly it was not like that in previous events. There was only one counter and after getting one prize you needed to add the left part from whole gained and the final prize. It was pretty faster to get prizes then. Instead now everything earning prize starts from 0 and let me say that the whole counter from the beginning sounds a little useless then. Moreover, this is the way to keep players spending a lot of time just to earn chips. Personally I don’t like it. It’s a game not the reason of my life (fortunately) and I struggle a little when it becomes hard to earn even the third prize when the other players are already done since ages….LOL

  4. Fun event but annoying to not just have the chips progress the same

  5. I’ve been playing religiously since the casino update debuted, but I only have 8600 chips. I log in at least once every hour or so, as long as I’m not sleeping. A lot of my neighbors have 25000+ (one has 87000) chips. Am I missing something here?

  6. How do you earn chips?

  7. What is the “tap and hold for area…”function?

  8. Thank You Bunny!

    Very important post to tsto addicts (definitely helps clarify poker chip counts) 🙂

  9. I’ve noticed that my friend can send Krusty to collect currency at Burn’s Casino, but I can’t on mine. Does anyone know why that is?

  10. I have the same problem. Part of my casino chips are lost…

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