Viva Springfield: Share Your Casino Inspired Design Ideas!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Viva Springfield…the Casino update has arrived!  With all new Vegas inspired buildings and decorations it can be pretty daunting trying to find the prefect place to put everything.  So I thought what better way to help design your Casino area of Springfield, then with input and shared ideas from each other!

So post screenshots of areas you’re working on.  Something you’re particularly proud of, something you need some input from others on or just something you’re completely lost on.  Have fun and share ideas with each other, that’s what makes the TSTO Addicts community so great!

Personally I’m working on my own Vegas Strip in the lower section of my Springfield, on the new land added with this update.  I’ve already added a Monorail “stop” to the strip..and hope to build it up more as I unlock more casinos and decorations…for now here’s what I’ve got:

2016-02-28 01.53.13

Like I said it’s a work in progress.  I need more stuff.  But I’m slowly working on it.  I’ve got the general idea of what I want to do so far…

Oh and a heads up…we’ll be doing a Springfield Showoff of the Casino update in the coming weeks.  So start laying out those towns and getting them prepped for their glamour shots!  We’ll put up a post when we’re ready to start gathering your images for Showoff, so for now just keep designing.  (please don’t send them in now, they’ll just get lost in the shuffle)

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  1. Thanks for this information but my question is are casino games fair?


    Here is what I have so far…not sure if I’m happy with it or not. It all depends on whether or not I’ll be able to earn enough walk of fame stars and fountains for the design I have in mind. I also left space for the additional buildings we will be getting in the next act.

  3. Check out my casino…a real Vegas Strip @ philipedez1

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