Addicts Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread. No new Simpsons tonight.  Instead the Oscars will be on (not on FOX though)…will you be checking them out?  Which movies this year were your favorites?

The Casino update dropped in Springfield this past week, what are your thoughts on the event?  Having fun so far?

Baseball is back!  And teams will be playing their first Spring Training games this week.  Anyone else as excited as I am?

So who checked out Fuller House this weekend?  Anyone else binge watch like it was 1995 all over again?

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


863 responses to “Addicts Open Thread


    Did anyone else notice the card up Homer’s sleeve in this screen.
    I wonder if that’s a clue to the method Homer will use to let us cheat when we get the house of cards


    🎆 🎈 🎂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY CIARA 🎂 🎈 🎆

  2. Happy birthday to you, Ciara! Hope all your birthday wishes come true!💐🌹🌹🎈🎈🎈

  3. Arghghh. ..I can’t remember what it was Ciara said about making money fast? Was it Homers 6 second launch ship task …what was the other one? Anyone recall?

  4. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Ciara! (Not sure if you’re still reading this thread, so I posted a similar message on the most recent article, too.)

  5. (Hoping EA isn’t monitoring this post…)
    What the heck is with all the donuts lately! Not that I’m complaining, but just purchased the Casino wives after toiling an’ saving, that was only a coupladays ago, but with finding Maggie, friendly tapping, daily bonus and finally a Sideshow Popnut I’m back up to 25!!!!
    As I said not complaining but EA is being remarkably generous after years of stinginess 😉

  6. Happy birthday Ciara!

  7. At last!!! Finally managed to make it to level 2 crafting! & now only 9 to go to make level 3…

    Admittedly I’ve done it by not crafting a thing as yet nor have I saved any tokens for Act 2 which may come back to bite me on the butt! But then got another 3 bonuts so I’m happy 😄😄😄

  8. It’s snowing. 🌨☃⛄️ It was suppose to be 50-60 degrees this weekend. I know it’s not over yet but come on heatwave! 🌨🌦⛅️🌤☀️🌞🔥

    • I’ll swop. Tomorrow’s forecast for me is around 38-40 degrees Celsius (100-104 Fahrenheit – I think) 😅😅😅

      • I’ll meet ya in the middle! 😄

        • To make it worse we’ve also got a berg wind today (a katabattic wind similar to the Santa Ana) so it’s not even nice sitting in the pool!

          Hopefully the wind dies down later on and then, once I get all the leaves out, it will be nice in the pool and I can cool down a little!

    • I’ll split it with you David, supposed to be 85 by mid week here so divide in half and we will both have nice weather! Arghhhhh when I moved to FL didn’t get to 85 till mid June now mid March!

  9. I was looking into doing some XP farming with Rat Trap trucks but according to my math, it doesn’t really seem like I would earn a lot.

    I have about $15 million. At $150K per Rat Trap truck, I can buy 100 trucks. They pay out 15K XP. My multiplier is just over 200%, so I would actually get 30K XP per truck. So 100 trucks would earn about 3 million XP.
    My current level up requirement is about 3.4 million. Spending all my money on trucks would not even level me up one time (well, it would push be over, because my bar is about half way full right now). So I’d get 3 donuts.
    If I spend 5 donuts for the XP Collider, I would earn 15 million XP and be able to level up about 4 times, which would earn 12 donuts, for a net of 7. I earn 7 donuts every couple of days now just doing daily tasks, Where’s Maggie and the monorail.

    Is that right? Why do I read about people doing this and earning 20, 50, even 100 donuts? And that’s when they are at the max of 10 million per level.
    I did have about $30 million when the update hit, but I spent half of it on land. Even so, if I had spent it all on Rat Trap trucks and used the XP collider I would only be able to earn about 24 donuts, minus 5 for a net of 19. Are people doing this with billions of dollars instead of millions? I thought 30 million was a lot of money. I have a big house farm, tons of wailing walls, and a pretty big multiplier. I earn a couple hundred thousand every day.
    Should I just wait until I have 100 million or more so that the cost of the XP Collider doesn’t affect the total as much?

    • Your forgetting your bonus multiplier (including all of those SH buildings)!

      • I included my 200% conform-o-meter multiplier in my calculations above. I did forget the secret SH multiplier. I have no idea what that is. I’m at 850 million on SH and all my buildings are out.

        • You can do the math for the original buildings using the info near the bottom of this post:

          Plus, you get a bit more for any private islands that are level 2 or above, but I don’t know what the exact percentage is for those.

          As you can see, with all of the buildings out, that’s a significant increase in your XP multiplier!

          • Doing a little single-building tapping, it looks like I earn about 4x base XP. So I’m guessing I’m getting another 100% just from SH. That makes this endeavor a little more interesting. I do think I’m going to wait until I either have more money, level 60, or something comes up that I really want the donuts for and I get get enough of a boost from truck farming.

            • I’m holding out until there’s a new level, since there’s bound to be something over $1M that we have to buy anyway and I might as well get to multiply the XP from that!

      • Ok, wait a minute. If my bonus multiplier (not counting SH) is 200%, then a single truck doesn’t double from 15K to 30K, it adds 30K to the base 15K for a total of 45K XP. So my calculations are all wrong.
        Without the XP collider, my total XP would be 4.5 million, and with the XP collider, the total would be 22.5 million, or about 6 levels, which would be 18 donuts total, 13 donuts net after paying 5 for the collider. That’s slightly better, but still not incredible. Again, I earn this in about 4 days right now.

        I was hoping for incredible.

        I guess in order to figure out what my SH bonus is, I need to buy a single truck (or a single something). Or turn off the IRS and tap a single building.

        • I sent you a link to an article that has the percentages for each of the phase 1 SH buildings. Figure on another 1% per private island past level 2 and you should be pretty close on figuring out what your XP multiplier is. The Collider multiplies by 5 the total amount of XP you earned, after your bonus mulitpiers are applied.

          Yes – it won’t earn you a boatload of donuts, but, for about 15-20 minutes work and a bunch of cash you’ll never be able to spend anyway, it’s a pretty good return on investment.

    • I haven’t done this myself but am keen to try it.

      The way I understand it , it works best if you do it immediately a new level hits and your XP level up resets to its lowest. Then you will level up for less so can do it more…

      However, I would be nervous spending all my money doing it. It might make more sense to wait for level 60 to hit at some point and in the mean time build up your cash back to at least 30 million again before considering it? I have just over 80 million and would be prepared to use about 40-50 million doing this but I like having a buffer of at least 30 million in case new land or expensive items arrive that I must have immediately

      But never having done it yet I am no expert… 😊😊😊

  10. A neighbor of mine has this building in their town – I have no clue what it is?? Any ideas?

  11. So I have 2 games and have just unlocked Lucius Sweet for both today. For my primary one I stored him once I was given the option to then released him into my town later and got no players club points. In my secondary game I did not store him and got my points. Do any of you think it’s possible to get those points back or should I just wait for the Act 2 to start to gain them?

  12. Happy Thursday ♡

    …have fun gambling dice! Always been my first choice at the casino ☆☆☆☆☆

  13. Craig (ibuylow2014)

    Not thrilled at all with the Dice Den. Played about 10 tokens there and got negligible chips. So, I went back to Gaming Moe’s and got 50 times more chips on the first pull than I did on 10 rounds of dice. Sorry, Cletus

  14. Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions and thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Any bluestacks user with unusual crashing after the casino update?
    I mean every 5 minutes or so. Before the update, I was able to have tsto running on the background constantly while I’m working on other stuff on the pc. Sometimes 6 hours or more without any crashes.

    2. I saw multiple monorail station pieces in some town. I mean a lot more than what we were given during the event. Is there a recent sale that I’m not aware of? Or…please be this…a copy button that I don’t know of? I looked for info but can’t find it.Would love more of those trees and flags from Pride event. I got a couple of each, thinking that I’ll stock up later, but then I got really ill and missed out on pretty much the whole event.

    G’day to my wonderful neighbours! I read a couple of weekly thread during neighbour purging to get some familiar names. I have such good luck finding great ones from this thread. So yea thanks for having a spot for me. And thanks Addicts team for the great site.

    I hope I explained it ok. As a non native speaker, yea no worries with irl conversation, but writing is a different story!

    • Not sure about the Bluestacks but I the extra pieces may be from a glitch a couple weeks back that allowed tappers to duplicate items like monorail track, etc. Unfortunately the window closed on that opportunity.

    • Was it MY town where you saw the Monorail extravaganza ?
      🚝 🚝 🚝 🚝 🎲 🎲 🃏 🙂

      • Ya Lee I think it waw. And couple other towns as well 🙂

        • Cool,
          sorry you missed that glitch,
          and nobody would know that English is not your first language if you hadn’t told us

          🎲 🎲 🙂

          • Sorry if this is double post. All good Lee 🙂 From what I read yesterday, EA fixed it in a day or so. Ta for your kind words about my English. I failed preliminary IELTS test in writing TWICE and barely had enough score to get to Uni here. It was 2 decades ago but still scarred me lol.

          • Frustratement as well for missin’ the glitch, I never managed to acquire the Railyard (kinda would like to expand the Monorail) and have been longing for it to reappear, much jealousmousness to all that complain about challenges with it and the scrap heap activities…

    • Hey neighbourino!

    • You did very well explaining your questions. Probably better than some native English speakers. 🙂

    • BlueStacks user here. Have crashes, but none more than usual, I find BlueStacks goes in spurts, you’ll crash like 5-10 times almost back to back and then nothing for hours. I’m guessing it depends on their peak hours.

      • Mine is very unusual. Big change from being able to stay in the server for hours on end to getting booted out every 5 minutes or so 🙁

        • May want to install the latest version (if you are still using 1.0) that may fix the issue, but yeah sometimes it goes like that for me also, fine for hours, turn to watch a couple minutes of tv, come back and game is offline.

          • Will try that then. Fingers crossed it will fix it. It’d be good to have tsto running in the background again so I can quickly switch between work and play without having to log in. Thanks for your suggestion 🙂

  15. How do you know when a neighbor has visited your town? Before this casino update, you saw the friend symbol and it told you their name when you tapped on it. But with this update, I’m not seeing anything letting me know I’ve had visitors. Does anyone know how to tell? Thanks!

  16. How are so many people so ahead of me? I mean, I know there are some much more hard-core tappers out there, but there’s only so much better one can do by playing more frequently for this event! I generally get in 3-4 casino collections a day, keep up with the wandering gamblers for about 12-13 hours a day, do my 90 neighbor taps (until tonight – got home late from book group and didn’t want to reset the timers so late)….just don’t know how there are folks who have already starting to get multiple rounds of bonuts!

    I got Britannia and am only less than a quarter of the way to Lucious (judging by the progress bar…to tired to do even basic math). Granted, I have about 30 tokens I haven’t spent yet today, which should help, and I am also a little over a day ahead of the calendar, so I’m not worried that I won’t get Lucious, but I just don’t know why so many folks are so far ahead of me…

    • For me, it’s 5 casino collections every day and since I only sleep about 6 hours a night I’m not losing out on many gamblers, either. I also have Paris Texan, which I know you don’t yet, and Tuxedo Krusty. Not sure if you were playing when that came out. Other than that, I’m not sure if I’m doing anything else different.

    • my guess is, in addition to what david said, others have all the premium characters that can gamble at the casino. i’m working towards my second round of bonuts now, but i was still trying to unlock lucious sweet yesterday when people were saying they had already gotten multiple rounds of bonuts in.

    • HandsomeHank8

      I wonder same thing especially since I’ve been tapping like a fiend! Only thing I can guess is donuts. I don’t spend donuts to rush, I hate that because at end you really don’t have anything extra for your money, just get it faster.

    • Don’t worry Sandra, I don’t think I’m ahead of anyone, need about 6,000 chips for Britannia
      🎲 🎲 🎰 🃏 🙂

    • Not too sure this is the answer, but I’ve noticed this with recent events, when it becomes “live” it seems I have at least 12-16 hours or so before majority of my neighbourinos are updated. It’s not much but an extra day of tapping might help to explain. For me, I know (finally can see neighbourinos 😉 I’ve not been any more than 4 taps a day, and am ahead of you, but can’t really see another reason. I know you have to be tapping more than me, you usually are ahead of me in past leaderboards…

      • Nah – I started this event with a few hours of when it dropped.

        Don’t get me wrong…I’m a little more than a day ahead of the calendar, but to see so many folks earning multiple bonut rounds already is discouraging.

  17. I decided to give Quick Thoughts another try and got into a survey about gaming. Even got some questions about Tapped Out. Finally something I can answer!

    • I cashed in my second $10 from QT and bought a truckload yesterday. Just wish there hadn’t been taxes applied to my purchase (not sure why it should be taxable) – it will be annoying to have to record the extra $1.24 posted to my credit card. I was actually kind of surprised when I got the receipt, because, during the purchase process, there had been no indication that tax might be applied, unlike when I make purchases through my Kindle…shame on Apple!

      • I’m up to $5.60. I was hoping to be able to cash it in and take a shot at the Platinum Scratch-R. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, or if it becomes available again later.

  18. Hi all, hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the event so far! 😀

    High pain level this week plus lots to do equals not much energy for typing, but been reading the comments in the threads. 🙂

    Wanted to post a quick request that I’ve been wanting to ask for over a week now-
    I had 5 friend requests pending, and 2 dropped off, so I’m down to 3. (Look at me, I can math.) Anyway, I’ve had a couple of inactives finally reach the 4 week mark which is my cutoff for neighbors who used to play frequently but don’t anymore and aren’t people I know from here, so I wanted to know if the requests are from anyone here, as I like to give Addicts friends priority. 🙂 Please let me know if one of them is you, so I can add you right away! (And if either of the two who dropped off see this, feel free to send another request if you still have availability. I love Addicts neighbors, I think we’re the best 🙂 )

    Thanks, and happy tapping!! 😀

  19. HandsomeHank8

    Hey everybody! Happy hump day!
    I got Lucious Sweet last night (yeah). Three blocks away from level 2, boy those blocks are hard to fill. Almost done with redwood tree will be today, close to first round of bonuts! Tapping away in SH, but don’t think I will finish to help with event!
    I’m loving all updates in neighbor towns.
    To top it off my jeep is running again, not that I’ve gone anywhere, but sooooo nice to know I can.

    • Good to hear, you’re sounding a bit more cheerful!

      • HandsomeHank8

        Thank you cube. Friends I’ve made on this site really help me!
        It was a good day both in SF and in real life, one whole day and no one was mean. Not to mention I got eight straight hours of sleep which doesn’t happen very much. Sleep makes more of impact on our body & well being then we realize!
        Hope you are well. Happy tapping!

        • Sleep make a HUGE difference for me in terms of how much pain I feel and how well I’m able to weather unpleasant or frustrating situations. When I’m tired, what would otherwise be minor annoyances can seem like MUCH bigger deals. (Same goes for me when I’m hungry, too.)

    • Glad you got wheels again,
      I was trying to get my head around what you said on another thread that the store is 8 miles away, I’m just a townie, I’ve never lived more than 5 -10 mins walk from a store
      🎲 🎲 🐩 🐶 🐕 🍫 ☕ 🚙 🙂

      • Yeah it’s a bummer not being able to walk anywhere except in circles. When we first moved here was nice only 8 houses on our block which is 1.5 miles long, now most of street is filled with houses grrrrr. I knew eventually it would happen but not that fast. I wanted more country feel and quiet without neighbor’s, so the appeal of living in middle of nowhere is not like it was. They can’t put any stores closer as this is coded homes only, probably time to move which I hate!


      I like all of your boardwalk ideas Cindy,
      and I’m stealing this one 🃏 🙂

  20. Another week of mostly metal tasks on the monorail! This can’t be random, with almost all the metal earning characters working at the casino

    • I was thinking the same thing. I already have the prizes, but I want more bonuts!

    • I have a theory that they’re always mostly metal tasks overall, but usually we don’t notice it as much, since metal is normally the easiest to churn out. I’d be willing to bet that EA hasn’t made any changes to the cycles to increase the metal – they’ve just made it painfully slow to get it, because they’ve taken away most of the labor force.

      • I think you’re probably right, but it seems to me that they should assign projects based on the amount of each resource you have available. To me that seems like a no-brainer, unless they’re purposely trying to make it challenging. It always seemed like the projects were assigned based on the number of workers you had in each center when you turned in the previous project. So if you had 6 people working on glass and one each on plastic and metal, you would be most likely to get a mainly glass project. But my experience (and other’s that I’ve seen here) during this event has pretty much put that theory to bed.

      • I think it might vary from week to week. Last week I got my bonuts with only a few hours to spare. This week I will either get them tonight or tomorrow morning.

        However, last week i only had Burns & Hippie making metal most of the time (until panic set in and Lisa & co had to abandon the casino to help out!). This week I have had Burns, Hippie & Krusty making metal but even with the extra help it’s gone a lot faster then last week and really does feel like I’ve had more glass and plastic jobs….

        But who knows…

  21. I have been playing TSTO only on iPhone for the last 3 years. How much, if at all, will my game play experience change if I switch to an android Tablet? Do you think I would be disappointed?

    • Not much. I use both an Android phone and iPod and don’t notice much of a difference between the two. Now of course the Tablet experience will be bigger, so you’ll see more of the game at once..which is always nice.

    • it won’t change at all, you’ll just be wondering why it took you so long to make the switch… 😉

  22. Happy Wednesday ♡

    …ok I am a bit miffed I can’t get another platinum scratcher today! Need to win ☆

    • uh oh…i think you caught Apu’s scratching bug. Careful that’s how he lost the Kwik-E-Mart…and got it back

    • I warned you that your old gambling addiction would take hold again,
      You’re out of control
      🎰 🃏 ♣ ♠ 💗 🙂

      P.S. did you say the

      🎲 🎲 Cletus’ Dice Den 🎲 🎲

      starts tomorrow Alissa?
      🎲 🃏 🎰 🙂

    • Did you ever have a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop down your way?
      or anyone else, do we still have them in England ?

      Now I’m thinking about my favourite dessert….. Chocolate sponge with a gallon of whipping cream, (like black forest gateaux but with quadruple the cream)

      Also thinking it could be a takeaway night
      Shrimp curry
      Egg fried rice
      Sesame prawn toast
      Sweet & sour king prawn balls
      🍤 🍜 🍚 🍛 🙂

      • Hi Lee, stop already, I’m still on bland diet😖, I have boxes of my favorite Sees Candy (yummy chocolate) in pantry, can hear them screaming at me for past couple of days!
        Day after tomorrow I can have calcium again, can’t wait for a cup of coffee and piece of chocolate!
        Happy hump day everyone!

        • Hi Cindy, hope you’re feeling a bit better today,
          🐕 🐶 🐩 ☕ 🍫 🙂

          • Hi Lee, thank you for your concern.
            Weather has been nice so can go sit outside in sun with me two lil ones and watch them run like crazy which helps. I feel sad for them when they are stuck in bed all day, but they won’t leave my side when I’m sad or hurting. They are the best doggies!
            Plus getting the jeep running again really helped, I hate feeling trapped. I live in the middle of nowhere FL 😎 closest store about 8 miles away so when I say trapped, I can’t walk anywhere, not right now anyway?
            I also shut myself off from outside world, for a break to calm down & center myself. Did a lot of tapping! Day after tomorrow I can have calcium again, I can almost taste that coffe and chocolate! Finished the one med that was causing headaches which also helps!
            Hope you are well on your side of pond. How is your shower doing any tips you got here help?
            Cheers, must get to bed 15 past 1:00 am here!

  23. Er…
    Um, ah.. errr.
    A/B/W, Is there a non-social-networking method of uploading images, can we still email these (please ;)?

    • Of course, for showoff. For social networking i was referring to bitmojis 🙂 But other stuff you can email or you can use dropbox.

  24. Kinda weird, it’s nearly 12:30am here (3/2/16), and I know we have that time difference thingy, but cheers for quick moderation!
    Had a great TSTO day (sorry if it sounds like bragging Sandra, only wanted to share ;), reached the 115 donuts for the alternate wives, which took me up to the bronze statue for placement. I received 3 donuts after Maggie was discovered, 3 from neighbourinos, and 10 for completing the donut bonus of 15 tasks!
    I have been liking this event, and a few neighbourinos have probably noticed my increased activity, I put it down to being on the night shift now (2pm-10pm). I’m about to ccomplete one of the two feckin’, filth flarin’, foo fightin’, flim flammin’ SH tasks (the private island lvl 5…) and nearly ($1million to go…) have my last inspirational (the chocotower).
    I don’t have many good days but TSTO (and our addicted ones here) has been cheering me up lately…

    • lol only because i’m sitting at my desk at work going through emails trying to get through my first cup of coffee…

      • Ta with muchness Alissa!
        Looking at my warm cup o’ milk and fluffin’ up the pillows, staring at the ceiling and ZZzZzzZzzzzz..zzz.—Z-Snork!-ZZzzzzz …

    • That really *was* a good day…congrats! 🙂

  25. Query for old TSTOAddicts and new!
    And pre-apologies to our illustrious moderators…
    How long have you been posting here, specifically AWOT, and also, I know it maybe hard to recall, but do you have any “where the heck did soanso go???” queries (may be able to be answered by long-time TSTOaddicts?).

    • I only started playing in Feb 2015. I found this site pretty soon after. I got all but five or six neighbors from the add me thread or Open Thead here. I lurked and read for a long time and only started posting in the comments a few months ago. And who or what the heck is a saono? 🙂

    • Not really sure how long I’ve been posting here, but around a year and a half. It was sporadic at first and really only been a few months since I’ve become more of a regular on the AWOT.


    For Ellie G…………
    This is how it looks when ready to pay out 💲 🙂

    • That’s awesome! I hid my wailing walls behind buildings and items that don’t generate any money so the high school has five or six dollar signs when ready and the Popsicle tower looks like it pays money. 🙂

  27. These three Springfield Heights items sitting on the taskbook of my B game are really getting on my nerves. One wants me to place the lake and the other two were recently added for the two new buildings to be upgraded to level 5. I don’t think I’ll ever complete them due to the horrible grind. It was bad enough to complete them in my A game with all premium characters being able to help. Oh boy… I hope that EA will remove them one day as they are basically redundant with the symbols hovering over the corresponding buildings.

    Other than that I’m happy with the Vegas event. Completed Act 1 in my A game yesterday, allowing me to spend the days before Act 2 on finishing up various lingering questlines such as Treehugger Lisa, Lucious Sweet, the newly purchased Johnny Tightlips and the Vegas Wives.

    My freemium B game is also well ahead of “the calendar”, about to finish the prize track tomorrow. As usual, the event is quite easy to complete without any premium stuff – as long as you play multiple times per day. The 4h interval is fortunately quite reasonable.

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