Scratchers, Cat Hostess & Chippy Oh My!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A few new items went live in our games this morning…and you guys are clamoring for the info.  So let’s get right to it and break down the quick details of the Platinum Scratchers, Hostess Miss. Springfield & Chippy!

charactersets_missspringfield_hostess Charactersets_chippie2016-03-01 11.58.33

Before I get into the post…first a note about Players Club points.  This is REALLY important, so please pay attention.   Players Club points (ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel) are NOT awarded until the item you unlock or purchase is placed (and built) in your Springfield.  So if you won a prize that’s a building, you won’t unlock the associated points until you place it in your Springfield and it has been built.  If you purchase a character, like Cat Hostess Miss. Springfield the points will not be awarded until Cat Hostess Miss. Springfield is unlocked in your town.  So don’t freak out you didn’t get the points..check to see that the item is in your town and NOT in your inventory.  

Now on with your regularly scheduled post…

Let’s start with the Platinum Scratchers.


These have been in the files FOREVER.  They’re basically a more expensive version of the Golden Scratcher, with higher donut payouts.  So yes, these cost cold hard cash..not in game cash, actual cash from your real life pockets.

When you enter Springfield today you’ll see this popup from Apu:

Apu: People are winning so much at the casino that no one wants to waste their money on my lottery tickets.  Preying on human gullibility is the only way I stay in business.  Or wait… what if I tried to provide a great customer experience?  No more gouging. To say “Thank you, come again” and *mean* it.  Eh, maybe I’ll try and lure those idiots back with a fancier Scratch-R.

2016-03-01 11.02.16

The Platinum Scratchers are $7.99 each (USD, your country may have a different cost).  And the minimum prize you can win is 100 donuts..and the jackpot is 1,000 Donuts!.

You’ll find them in your Kwik-E-Mart, just like the other Scracthers…

2016-03-01 11.57.12

But you’ll notice they’re only available for 3 days…so they are limited time and will leave Springfield on March 4th.  So if you wanna try your hand, buy now before they’re gone!

Here’s the prize payouts:

2016-03-01 11.58.33

I purchased one and won 115 donuts..

2016-03-01 11.58.46

Not very exciting…at least for me anyway.

And a quick reminder…For $4.99 you can purchase 60 donuts and for $9.99 you can purchase 132 donuts.  So At a minimum of 100 donuts, it’s not a bad return.  Also, remember the Golden Scratcher only costs $0.99 and the Jackpot there is 100 Donuts.

My Opinion… If you’re a premium player it’s worth spending the $7.99 to see what you get, at least once.  If you’re a freemium player who never buys donuts or the $0.99 scratchers…why would you buy these then?  And if you’re the player who casually buys $0.99 scratchers and occasionally $9.99 worth of donuts it may be worth it to try this out, but I can’t speak for you or your finances.

And now for the new stuff in our stores….

Two new premium items arrived today.  Chippy and Cat Hostess Miss. Springfield.  (and a rebate deal if you don’t already have Miss. Springfield)  Let’s quickly break them down..

2016-03-01 14.28.37

Charactersets_chippieChippy- 50 Donuts,   awards 60 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel..when you PLACE him in Springfield.  If you store you won’t earn the ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel.  You MUST see the character unlock message first and then you’ll get the ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel. Chippy is an NPC.  So he’ll just roam around Springfield.

Chippy Leaves Stores March 17th

If you already have Miss Springfield

charactersets_missspringfield_hostess Tapped_Out_Golddiggers_SignMiss. Springfield Hostess Bundle- 110 Donuts.  Awards 775 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel…when you PLACE her in Springfield. If you store you won’t earn the ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel.  You MUST see the character unlock message first and then you’ll get the ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel.  Comes with the Golddiggers Casino Sign…but only if you ALREADY have Miss. Springfield. The sign does NOT have a bonus associated with it and impacts Vanity.  And yes…I’ll have a Should I buy on it up soon.  Also, Hostess Miss. Springfield does not earn event currency.  (not that I can tell)

Miss Springfield Leaves Stores March 12th

If you do not have Miss. Springfield…

2016-03-01 14.23.40

charactersets_missspringfield_hostessMiss. Springfield Bundle- 225 donuts, rebate back of 115 Donuts.  Does NOT come with the Gold Diggers Sign.  Instead you’ll get Miss. Springfield, the Cat Hostess Costume & the Sleep Eazy Motel.  Net of 110 donuts.  Should I Buy on Miss. Springfield can be found here. 

2016-03-01 14.23.51

Awards 775 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel…the ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel are for Cat Hostess Miss.Springfield NOT Miss. Springfield.  So just unlocking Miss. Springfield will not earn you the ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel.  You need to go into your inventory after you purchase her and use the Cat Hostess Costume.  

2016-03-01 14.24.20

After you see that character unlock message you will THEN be awarded the 775ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel

2016-03-01 14.24.24

This offer is only available until March 12th

And that’s it my friends…the breakdown on the new items to hit our games today!

What are your thoughts on the new additions?  Have you purchased any of them?  Win big on the Platinum Scratcher?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

387 responses to “Scratchers, Cat Hostess & Chippy Oh My!

  1. Platinum Scratch-R came back towards the end of the event, so I ponied up the 8 bucks for a go at it. Only got 100 donuts :-\ which is disappointing. Well, the game’s been generous with donuts lately, so I’ll file this under “tip your wait staff..”

    If it comes back again later I’ll probably pass.

  2. Does anyone know all the ways how to earn casino tickets?

  3. I’m level 59 for a while now, and I still have no Scratch R option to my Kwik-e-Mart … Does anyone of you have the same kind of issue? or do you know how to get it?

  4. Does anyone know if the Platinum Scratcher will ever reset? I don’t usually spend $ but did great on mine and was hoping for a repeat.

  5. When will the Cat Hostess bundle ‘Should I buy’ be up? 7 days ago, you mentioned that you would have it up “soon”. It’s a limited time item and will be gone within a few days.

    • my plan is for it to go up either tonight or tomorrow morning. You have until the 12th for her outfit and it doesn’t impact your ability to get chips so it wasn’t an extreme priority. Since getting it on day one or getting it on the last day won’t really make an impact on your event progress…So other things took priority like the Dice Den.
      Quick answer…if you want the cat costume and the sign grab it. But it has no impact on the event itself (other than the players club cards) and she’s already a premium character so the payout doesn’t really mean much. It’s more a if you like it/want it grab it item.
      Unless your referring to the Miss. Springfield donut rebate offer…in which case that I’m not breaking down since I’ve already done it. If you want her it’s a good buy, otherwise pass.

  6. So helpful! I just bought the Miss Springfield Bundle and couldn’t understand why I didn’t get the Club Card points. Thanks for explaining!

  7. I just looked more carefully at the post… Do you know of any way to get the sign now after getting the Sleep Eazy bundle?

  8. I read through the comments a little and it seems like I’m not the only one, but I got the special deal on Miss Springfield and I can’t seem to find the sign that comes with the costume anywhere. It’s not even in the store. It’s really the only reason I bought her. Is there any way of getting the sign?

  9. Oh my lord. I laughed so hard. I just sent her to act like a cat. She went from being one of my most unnoticed characters to having one of the best animations in the game. When she coughed up that fur ball I almost died.

  10. I dont think my post went through so ill try again, im trying tonbuy a platinum scratch r and when it goes to confirm it asks if im sure i want to buy the gold one instead, what gives?

  11. Im trying to buy a platinum scratch r but when it asks it says if im sure inwant to buy a gold one, what gives

  12. Lol i was guttered as i finally decided to purchase the wives, and then within a couple of hours miss springfield dropped and i would have had enough donuts to get her and then the wives after… but because i’d got the wives literally hours before, i couldn’t get her 🙁

  13. I bought a platinum scratch off yesterday morning and only won 115 donuts disappointedly. I thought I would give it another try, but it seems we only have once chance… at least for this round. Strange that EA doesn’t want my money. I guess they’re afraid of creating actual gamblers with the higher stakes. Who knows? Guess we will have to wait until the end of the event for another go.

    I’m also disappointed that there were no holiday sale for donuts this past Xmas season as was the case with past years. 🙁

  14. whats the quickest way to get crafting to level 2? I have from what I have seen crafted everything that is available and bought all extras and only on the 3rd bar 🙁

  15. Hoping for Vegas monorail!!! Pls, pls, pls!

  16. Donna leonard

    Hey guys just bought mr chippy and didn’t receive my club card points was just wondering how do I contact EA. have never done it before. Thanks

  17. Rolled a platinum scratch off and got the 1000 doughnuts!!!!

  18. I didn’t get my club card points after purchasing Chippy either. But I got the dialogue and placed him, never put him in inventory. ??

  19. Lol, I’ve gotta say, I’ve been looking forward to the Cirque du Buffet sign ever since the splash screen appeared with the event, but of course, I don’t have Miss Springfield. Bummed that it looks like I’ll be missing out on the sign.

    However, I’m REALLY happy that if they’re going to offer deals like this (Barney, Miss S.), they’re at least now offering something exclusively to players who previously purchased these items. It’s a new “badge of honor,” and hopefully it takes some of the sting out of these discounts for those who are upset about it.

    Also, I’m a premium player. I buy (and spend) donuts on whatever I feel like adding to my SF, so I don’t want anyone interpreting this as me whining about the sign while playing freemium (NOT saying freemium players are whiners!! Just stating I’m not whining about missing out when it’s my choice to purchase or not purchase in the first place). Jeez, I’m trying to clarify, and I feel like I’m just digging myself a deeper hole here. I give up. Hopefully, you guys know me well enough by now to know what I’m trying to say in this rambling mess.

    Nutshell: want the sign but can’t get it, debating on Miss S. as I only sort of want her but this is a great deal, and glad they’re offering something exclusive to those who already had her (although the skin and sign should be priced more reasonably).

    The pattern with these sales, I’m in agreement with those who think Drederick Tatum may be provided at discount sometime soon. I’ve already got him, so I’m curious to see (if they do offer him) whether EA will take the Barney route, offering a skin and an additional item anyone can purchase, or the Miss S. route, offering a skin and an exclusive item. The latter really does seem more fair. 🙂 Now if only they’d price it in the 50-60 donut range, as opposed to 100-110, then I think we’d be closer to a happy medium for freemium/premium and newer/older tappers.

    • Supposedly, Miss Springfield w/ Sleep Eazy is in the premium section of the store. You can purchase her there and then buy the outfit and sign. It seems very expensive that way, but it is basically the same as I paid for her and the skin/sign. That is the way to get that sign. Let us know if you do that. I already had her and heard about this. I can’t verify it. 🙂

      • Dang it, I caved in and bought her yesterday!! I should have checked here last night.
        Thanks so much for the tip, Ellie! That’s great to know, and I hope someone else gets to take advantage of it!
        Btw, are you my “ellie…” neighbor, or is the name just a coincidence? Been meaning to ask you for a while now. 🙂 Thanks again for the tip!!

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