Casino Event 101: Strategies, Where You Should Be…and RELAXING

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s Vegas time in Springfield!  With the glitz, the glamour and the gaming of Vegas…all arriving in our pocket-sized Springfield.

Unfortunately, much like the real Vegas. this event is stressing some of you out.  You’re concerned about your neighbor being way ahead of you or your worried about leveling up crafting immediately or worried about the Players Club.  And then there are some of you who are done with the prizes and are worried about the best strategy going forward in preparation for Act 2.

I’m here to tell you to STOP STRESSING OUT!  It’s a game. It’s not worth panic.  I promise.

So let’s all grab a seat at the pool and order a cocktail (or mocktail..) and remember the Ralph style of playing.  Don’t think, just tap.  🙂

So here are some tips, tricks and strategies to help you go forward with the event…and talk yourself down from the ledge.


So let’s first start with the most important thing to achieve during Act 1…earning all of the Act 1 prizes.

Today is March 3rd.  Act 1 ends and Act 2 starts on March 7th (0800 GMT).  You still have three FULL days of tapping and half of today to earn the rest of the Act 1 prizes.  Now, according to Bunny’s Act 1 Calendar by the end of the day today you should have approximately 75,906 Chips.  If you’re ahead of that number great, you’re on track..keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine.  If you’re behind that number…you need to adjust the way you play.  (although in some cases it may just be because you’re a lower level player and you simply don’t have all of the characters you need…)

If you’re behind here’s what you should be doing to catch up…


Send your characters to the Casino every 4hrs.  Routinely (except when you sleep).  You should be able to do this at least 4 times/day.  You can send Rich Texan, Princess Kashmir, Johnny Tightlips, Paris Texan, Lisa, Tuxedo Krusty, Apu, Flanders, Skinner, Rev. Lovejoy.  Eliminating the premium characters and the Billionaire one from SH (Paris), you should be able to send Lisa, Apu, Flanders, Skinner & Rev. Lovejoy to the casino every 4hrs.  They earn 110 chips and 1 token each.  So every 4hrs you’ll bring in 550 chips. Which, if you’re doing it 4 times/day that’s 2,200 chips/day.

Log into your town at least every 4-5 hrs to clear the Gamblers. Gamblers spawn at a rate of 1 per 5 minutes.  Or 12/hour.  And they completely max out in your town (bank included) at 60.  Which means every 5 hours your town is completely full.  Log in sometime between 4-5 hours to clear your town.  If you login at 4hrs (when you clear the casino) that’s an additional 480 chips from gamblers/4hrs.  Do this 4 times/day and that’s 1,920 chips/day.

So we’re at 4,120 chips/day so far. (at a minimum)

VISIT YOUR NEIGHBORS DAILY!!  Make sure you have at least 30 neighbors and visit them each day.  Clear gamblers from their towns, 3/town, and they earn 10 chips each.  (remember they max out at 90 actions/day..or 30 neighbors if you tap 3 each town)  So that’s an additional 900 chips/day.

Chip count=5,020/day (at a minimum) 

Play the slots at Gaming Moe’s or the Dice at Cletus’.  Use the Gold tokens you earn from the Casino and tapping Gamblers at one of the gaming locations.  They’ll convert into chips.  Of course you can’t estimate how many you’ll get/day on this because it is random…no two people will get the same payouts each day…but you do know that you’ll at least have 20 tokens/day to use (and that’s just from the Casino) (in some cases you’ll have 25-30, depending on how many you get from Gamblers).  So let’s say you average 120 chips/token..that seems fair, that’s at least an additional 2,400 chips/day (3,000 at 25 tokens/day and 3,600 at 30 tokens/day).

Chip count=7,620/day (bare minimum)- 8,620/day (still conservative approximations)

Convert your Purple Chips ico_casino_courtesychip_lg from Losing at Moe’s or Celtus’ to Chips- 10 ico_casino_courtesychip_lg =100 Red Chips.

Players Club- Just by unlocking (and placing) the Act 1 Prizes you’ll earn players Club points.  You’ll at least earn 100 extra chips from this…

Just by doing those steps you’re already ahead of the 8,434 chips/day Bunny’s Calendar suggests getting.  Now if you’re way behind you may have to add an extra 4hr rotation into your day, so instead of clearing the casino and gamers 5 times/day every 4hrs you may have to do it 6 times/day every 4hrs.  This will add an additional 1,030 (at a minimum) chips/day for you.

And of course if you have more than the bare minimum characters that will help as well.

The important thing to remember is you have to grind.  This game is VERY achievable without spending donuts on premium currency…but you have to grind.  You have to actively be in your game every few hours if you want all of the prizes.


So now some advice on the Players Club


Some of you are VERY worried about this.  Stop.  Stop panicking about it.  Seriously.  It’s still very early in the event.  The event doesn’t end until March 29th.  So do NOT worry about the Players Club right now.  Just play as you’re playing and you’ll be fine.

Remember you’ll earn 4,670ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel just for unlocking the prizes for each Act.  Which means you only need an additional 2,000 ico_mhub_casino_eventlevel.  You can earn those from crafting.  DO NOT worry about the Players Club or crafting for it until Act 3.


2016-02-24 03.01.17

We’ve discussed this at length….upgrade, upgrade, upgrade.  You have the entire event to craft…so still 25+days.  You’ll get there, it just takes awhile.  In the meantime you should focus your energy and resources to upgrading.  Don’t craft anything yet.  Spend those resources upgrading.

Also, don’t worry about where your neighbors are in leveling up crafting.  That’s their own business.  If they got there by cheating, or by just spending a ton of money on donuts for tokens..that’s their deal.  I’m here to tell you go at your own pace.  If you’re playing every day and saving your resources for upgrading you’ll be fine.

Personally I just hit Level 2 last night.  And that’s without donuts spent, but I do have every character available in the casino (except for Paris), so I get a lot of tokens/day.

Just keep grinding it out.  It’s not an instant process and it will take a while.  Just be smart about it…focus on upgrading and crafting the other items will come later.

Strategy going forward….


As you can see with the arrival of Cletus’ Dice Den…it’s all about Gold Tokens.  How many you have/earn will dictate how much extra chips/crafting currency you can accumulate.  So many of you are asking if you should save your Tokens for Act 2 once you’ve finished with your Act 1 prizes.

There’s no right or wrong answer to it….it’s whatever you want to do.  If you want to save your tokens until Act 2 hits (you know the games will still require them) go for it.  If you want to spend some now and get bonus donuts, go for it too.  There’s just no right or wrong way.

Personally, I finished my Act 1 prize track yesterday morning.  At that point I focused on using my tokens to level up my crafting.  I wanted to hit Level 2 in crafting so when I tap gamblers for the next few days I’ll have a chance to earn martini glasses (yes they’re supposed to fall from Gamblers, but their drop rate is even lower than the Keychains and Coasters..but I still like knowing there’s a chance).  Now that I’ve hit Crafting Level 2 (I hit it late last night), i’m now saving my tokens (after a couple of tries at Cletus’ to see how it worked) for Act 2.

But that’s what works for me.  It may not work the same for you…or you may not care.  It’s entirely up to you.


If you’ve unlocked all of the Act 1 prizes, should you save Courtesy Chips for Act 2?  YES.  This is one thing I would just save.  You’ll be able to exchange them for Act 2 currency once that starts, so let the Courtesy Chips build up and exchange them when they’re useful.

Some quick tips about Cletus’ Dice Den…


Actually really just one tip…don’t think about it.  I know you think about the odds and the chances etc.  Really, it’s random.  It’s not like real dice…the results aren’t the same.  Especially when you throw cheats into the mix.  So just pick any number that you like…and don’t stress about it.  Truly have a Ralphie thought process on this one…don’t think just tap.

Personally, when I go to the Casino I play craps because it’s the best odds in the house.  Since dice are truly random.  But those are physical dice that I can hold in my hand and throw.  Not computer generate dice.  I always avoid the video versions of Craps because the odds aren’t the same.  So in this version, don’t think just play.  (or play slots if you’re more comfortable with those…)

Yes, i’m working on a full breakdown post on the Dice Den.  That should be up later today…I just wanted to get this info out first.

And that’s it.  Some quick tips, strategies and advice to keep you off the ledge.  Remember…TSTO (unlike some other games..) is now designed so you can earn everything in an event without spending premium currency.  However, it takes time.  You need to play and grind to achieve it.

What are your thoughts on the tips and strategies?  Do you have a Ralph way of playing?  Have you earned all of the Act 1 prizes?  How far behind are you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!




306 responses to “Casino Event 101: Strategies, Where You Should Be…and RELAXING

  1. Anonymous coward

    I’m disappointed the dice aren’t using actual dice rules. They turned what was a useful lesson in probability and expected outcomes and destroyed it for no good reason. Where’s the fun in seeing 7-7-3 or 6-8-10 outcomes most of the time?

  2. I haven’t seen the Spruce Moose yet in any of my friends’ Springfields. Can anyone advise of the dimensions? It sounds like the Cowgirl Boot was a disappointment and I’d like to be sure about the SM before spending craftables.

  3. Historyguy197

    What’s with the MARS upgradable decoration? Is this part of the Space Is Hot Right Now quest line that just opened up?

  4. Thanks! This site is awesome /-)

    Question: In Act 2 is Casino Nessie just a skin for those who have Nessie OR is it really Nessie in a vest? (Hoping for the latter) I don’t have Nessie, and would love to have her, yet will be rather disappointed if I have earned nothing but another skin for another character I don’t have.

    • Nessie was never released as a character, so this is Nessie the character in a vest

      • Thanks, Alissa! Yay!

        Now, I missed most of Act 1 because I was away, so I don’t know anything about “Bonuts”… Is it something that is only available once an Act’s prize track is completed?

      • Hey! Thanks for the Nessie info…

        I thought I posted a thanks yesterday along w a Bonuts inquiry yet it never showed up…

        Please explain this bonut phenomenon. /-)

        • First, let me say that I love Bonuts. 🙂

          In my experience with events, each act has something you’re supposed to collect to earn the prizes. In this event, it’s chips–red in Act 1, green in Act 2, and (it looks like) blue in Act 3.

          After you earn all the prizes in an act, you still collect this currency (in this event, by tapping gamblers, visiting your friends, and sending characters on tasks in the casino). So what are you supposed to do with it? BONUTS!

          In Act 1, for every 8,500 red chips you collected after earning all the prizes, one of those boxes would pop up with three options for you to tap–one has 1 Bonut, one has 2 and one has 3. You select one of those boxes and get the number of Bonuts in that box (or you can pay to get more).

          As it gets closer to the switchover in acts, you have to decide whether to collect more chips for Bonuts or try to save your taps to get a bunch of chips to start the next act. It’s such a game of strategy! 😉

          Hope this helps!

  5. Towards the end of an act, I recommend hoarding chips. Use what you must at the last minute to get some bonuts, but save the rest. When thenew act hits, use your stash of chips to get a head start–you’ll get to the bonuts rounds more quickly, with wasting a few thousand chips at the end if the earlier rounds.

    • But what’s the rush? And what if EA decides to switch things up and make bonuts harder to get in Act 3 (especially after seeing so many folks posting about how easy it was too get multiple rounds of them in the first two acts)?

      Yes, I feel a little “behind” compared to a lot of folks here right now, but I’m still at least two full days ahead of the calendar, so I’m not worried about not finishing the prize track. And I’ll probably keep doing bonut rounds when I get to the end and only start saving my tokens when it looks like I won’t be able to get enough chips to get another bonut round. (And I might also set a minimum number of tokens that I want to start Act 3 with, like 50 or 100.)

      But folks who save all of their tokens for Act 3, rather than going for bonut rounds in Act 2, are taking a risk, just so that they can get the rush of rushing through the Act 3 prizes. I’m not sure I really understand that approach (unless someone’s planning to be away from the game for a couple of days during Act 3 and want some “insurance” that they’ll be able to get all of the prizes…).

  6. For ACT 2, should I still concentrate on upgrading to level 3?

  7. 🙂 Thank you. You answered all my questions. Ands it good to know my instincts were on. Just level up. Craft later. Save coins for Act 2. Don’t spend Courtesy chips if I can help it. (really no need). I’m on Crafting level 2, now. So just ready and waiting for the next Act. 😉

  8. I am not stressed over this event which is a change for once but I am trying to figure out the players club card. I unlocked all items from act 1 and I am on level 8 for the club but I am at 2610. Are they accumulating or do they start over for each level?

  9. UltramarineAura

    I’m a bit concerned with spending all my efforts on upgrading my crafting levels. I’ll admit that I bought a couple lights and fountains before I read that, and switched to leveling up right away after that, so I would have been able to go to level 2 today, but it would have only been about 6 hours before the Act 2 starts. I’m still only half way full for crafting a slot to get to the next level, so I won’t be making it to level 2 before the act changes. How am I going to upgrade to level 3 crafting before the end of this event, with enough resources left to craft everything?

    • You should get to level 3 just as act 3 starts. If that happens you’ll be ok.

    • Don’t fret! It sounds like you’re right on track. And I think as you start accumulating prizes in Act 2 and more Players Club cards (which drop large amounts of crafting resources), you’ll find that you’re getting more and more resources to craft everything in Act 3. I’ve worried through Act 1 of so many events, but I’ve learned from the wisdom of the Addicts to chill out. 🙂

  10. Thanks for this! I was wondering if I should just spend all the purple courtesy chips to get red chips during these last hours…I got a job recently so I wasn’t playing TSTO much. I started again 2 or 3 days after the event began and so I still don’t have Lucius. Most likely won’t get him at this point. At least it won’t be as devastating for me as missing out on the poor siblings from that previous event lol.

    I’m really appreciating the Find Maggie game and the daily challenges. Definitely easier to get donuts now and I might actually consider buying any lost prizes with them.

  11. Alissa nailed it – there is no need to stress out over The Simpsons Tapped Out (it’s just a game app) – and while this long time Tapper had enough characters to complete everything for Act 1 in advance? I am saving my gaming tokens and preparing for Act 2 (I did craft a few Level 1 & Level 2 items, but you better believe I am working on getting access to Level 3 crafting ASAP).

    This Casino event (which is a lol fest for the Las Vegas resident) has plenty of Freemium Characters, Buildings, Skins. It will be a personal choice to spend Donuts on anything (ie I already accumulated enough free donuts to purchase the Springfield Las Vegas sign, with plenty of donuts left over), which will only benefit a Newb if you don’t have enough characters to send to the Casino (or are short on Neighboreenos).

    So buy enough land and have fun 🙂

  12. Oh I am in so much trouble.. Lol I did not realize that the currency was going to change.. And that there was a time limit on the prizes.. Aahhh. 😑 Lucius is waaaayyy out of my reach w these red chips.. I need like 11,000 for the Britannia.. Gaahhh.

  13. I have leveled up to crafting 2. I still haven’t gotten any martinis from the gamblers. I’m on and tapping them a the time!! Anyone not getting any??

    • I also have not gotten any, and I’m at level 2, but I think I saw a comment from Alissa buried in here somewhere that the martinis wouldn’t start dropping until Act 2 started. So I guess we’ll find out in a few hours!

  14. Wow I am sooooooo far off.. I just unlocked the 2nd last prize, and NO where near getting the Whats his face… This is the recycling event all over again!!! Does anyone know if the prizes will still carry on? Like can I unlock em.. I hope by crafting.. Like in Monsanto event and Halloweens..

    Doubt it. Just gunna be another crappy incomplete event.

    I used to fly through these events. But now I can tell EA is biased to only premium players. Apparently I have to pay to enjoy a free game. What a rip.

    • Sometimes previous act prizes are available for donuts in later prize tracks–but if you’re a freemium player, you obviously wouldn’t want to spend the donuts.

      I’m a hybrid player–mostly freemium, but once a year or so (when someone gives me an iTunes gift card), I buy a bunch of donuts and then buy things when I get really good deals (like Barney and Miss Springfield) or when they’re little things I want (like the Welcome to Springfield sign).

      That said, I was able to get the Act 1 prizes without spending any money. I don’t have any premium characters earning for me at the casino (just my five freemiums), and I didn’t pay donuts to speed anything up. My strategy is: I try to clear my gamblers before I lose any–so I visit my town at least every five hours (more, if possible). I visit my neighboreenos every day (I have slightly more neighbors than I need to get the maximum daily payout). I send my five freemums to the casino every four-ish hours (I can usually send them four times a day–five if I get up in the middle of the night to … you know. As I’m stumbling to the bathroom, I’ll fire up the game, clear the thumbs and send them on their way again–yes, I am an addict, as evidenced by the fact that I’m on this site), and I play the slots (I haven’t gotten much love from the dice game yet) a few times a day (although I’ve stopped now to wait for Act 2).

      So it *can* be done without premium characters or donut rushing, but it does take diligence–and not everyone has that ability. On work days, I’m able to log on before work, at lunch time, and after work, and at home at night, I just keep my game beside me and log in every hour to clear thumbs and tap on gamblers. I hope you’ll be able to keep going and get most of the rest of the prizes!

    • You absolutely do NOT have to be a premium player to get everything, as long as you’re willing to put in the “work,” so to speak. If you’re not willing/able to tap frequently and/or you don’t have at least 30 neighbors, then having a few premium characters can be useful.

  15. I’m almost at 100 game tokens saved. Act two should be a breeze. Depending on my luck.

  16. I’m not touching Cletus’ shed with a ten-foot pole. The pay-out seems far inferior to the slot-machine. Plus I love Moe, so why would I hang out with a slack-jawed yokel if I can hang out with Moe “Flamin'” Szyslak?

  17. Do you know if red chips will turn into the new chips tomorrow? I have completed the track, gotten some ‘bonuts’ but am too far from another set. This morning the daily prize was red chips.

    Any advantage you see to wait? I would presume if I hadn’t completed the task until tomorrow it would not be red chips.

    Thanks for the site!

  18. Anyone else having the game crash when accessing crafting? I just upgraded to Level 2 and now as soon as I try to scroll left or right in the crafting menu, the game crashes. This happens on my iPhone and iPad both. Hope they put out a fix soon – can’t upgrade crafting any further until they do.

  19. Great job, very helpful. I was wondering if I should save up tokens for act 2, and even though that’s the one thing you didn’t really answer, I still got what I came for.

    Also, I completely agree on the respectful way the creators treat the users. While it’s perfectly possible to get every price of the events by grinding, that’s one of the games I actually spend money on occasionally. I’m not a big spender on apps and games, but it helps a lot, if you don’t feel forced to spend. I would never spend money on for example the Family Guy game which is kind of similar, but you just feel the creators trying to rip you of constantly.

  20. I have been reading this site for months now & have found it so, so helpful, which has made me love the game even more, so I just wanted to say thank you very much for taking the time out of your life to help other tappers! 🙂 This brings me to a point I wanted to make…the amount of demanding, rude & downright ugly comments I see here sometimes (“BUT WAT ABOUT THIS U FORGOT TO MENTION THAT OMG UR USELESS U MISSPELD THIS THING WHYYYYY HAVENT U ANSWERED MY QUESTION YET U SUCK” and similar ravings) make me want to headbutt a wall. This website is FREE. The people who run it, their time is NOT. This is a comprehensive, well written and immensely useful website, with (stunningly) up-to-date information and amazingly, the admins still manage to answer questions (even the inane, previously answered or easily found ones) in the comments. The entitlement shown here sometimes, I just pray they’re only like that behind a keyboard & not in real life! ‘Here sir, have a free car, on us! Enjoy!’ ‘…but I wanted a blue oneeeee…’ I mean…Listen to yourselves!! Anyway rant over 🙂 TL; DR: Y’all need to appreciate a little more & stop being brats 😛

  21. So, according to the calendar, I’m right on track with my chip count. However, I haven’t got level 4 of the buyers club and I’m only at 6/10 of level one. I don’t know what to do. I am following all the advice and getting lots of chips but not a lot of the extra crafting currency. Am I worried for no reason? Are other where I’m at? Other commenters seem so far ahead.

    • First, don’t think about other commenters. Many of them may have premium characters or may have spent donuts to rush tasks that help them get ahead. 🙂

      OK, so, re: Players Club cards. Do you have all the Act 1 prizes? 1,555 Players Club cards just for getting (and PLACING–that’s essential; they can’t be sitting in your storage) Act 1 prizes. I’m a hybrid player–mostly freemium, but I will spend donuts to get a good deal, and I did buy Miss Springfield, which gave me a whopping 775 Players Club points. I also bought the Welcome to Springfield sign with donuts, which gave me another 240 Players Club cards. That put me at 2,570 Players Club cards, and I’m currently working on level 8 (and I won’t get any closer until Act 2 starts. BUT even if you aren’t spending ANY donuts, you should not fret yet. Alissa says getting all the prizes in each act will get you most of the way there; then you’ll only need 2,000 more cards to achieve the last Players Club card prize, which you can easily do by crafting (just wait until you’ve leveled up your crafting. Check out this post for more details:

      Re: Crafting levels. This seems like more of a “luck of the draw” situation. Tapping gamblers semi-regularly is essential. You get 12 gamblers per hour. You can have 30 gamblers roaming around your town and 30 in the bank, so if you can, try to get in there at least every five hours so as not to lose any gamblers (and hence chances at currency to help you level up). The next essential is playing the minigames–slots and dice (I prefer slots; I’ve seen others feel you get a better payout on dice). These also drop the leveling-up keychains and coasters from time to time. (Although at this point, if you’ve earned all the Act 1 prizes, I would WAIT UNTIL MONDAY to start playing the games again–you want to start earning Act 2 chips for those prizes.) AND YET, both of these are just dumb luck–you can’t control when keychains and coasters will drop. Here’s another post about that:

      What I think you’ll find is that when Act 2 hits, you’ll start getting the prizes, and leveling up in the Players Club, which will help you level up in Crafting Levels, and it will just start spiraling and you’ll be all “OMG THIS IS AWESOME!” 😉 But I know it’s hard to wait. Just be patient–or as Alissa would say, RELAX–and it will come. I have faith in you!

  22. I’m not so much relaxing as I am giving up. 😛 It’s Saturday night and I just got The Britannia (just reached 75000 red chips a a few minutes ago) so that Lucius ship has as good as sailed.
    Not just complaining here 😛 I actually have 2 questions.
    First : is not finishing Act 1 going to have an impact on the way we start Act 2 ? Instead of trying to get Lucius, is there something I should be doing in order to start Act 2 as well as possible, even if I don’t finish Act 1 ?
    But more importantly : I massively friended 50+ people last night (thanks for the thread by the way !), but after a while, when I visit my new neighbors & tap their gamblers, I “only” get money and FPs, but no red chips anymore. Is that normal ? I never added friends before so I’m not entirely sure how it’s supposed to work, is there a maximum to the number of red chips I can make that way everyday ?

    • Everyone will start back at 0 in Act 2, so if you want to save your Gold Coin Tokens or other items until then to get a head start… up to you.

      As far as Neighbors, each Event you ONLY get a limited amount of actions to earn Event Currency. In Act 1, that was the first 90 Actions every 24hrs. You can tap on the information icon next to your Red Chip Count Icon in the the lower left of the game while in a Neighbors. It will tell you how many Actions you have left for that day.

  23. I know that act 2 isn’t there yet, but maybe someone knows if the coasters are still dropping in act 2 or will they replaced with the martinis and the other currency? Because I have 40 coasters left plus 30 gambling tokens. So I’m worried if I am not able to use them after act 1. Otherwise I would spend my tokens to get to 50 to upgrade the Players club for 1 more level.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Currency usually carries over for the entire event, and that’s what it sounds like on Alissa’s marvelous crafting post:

      At this point, I have stopped using my gambling tokens (I achieved all Act 1 prizes). Then I will have a jump-start on being able to earn the chips needed for Act 2 prizes. I’ve also been continuing to use my coasters and keychains to level up–although I’m not earning as many since I’m not playing the slots. I’m sure I’ll start earning them again when Act 2 drops on Monday.

  24. Thanks. I came here specifically for a post like this. I have been racking up red chips left and right but just hit level two crafting yesterday. And yes, I looked and saw that I did it in six days (after maxing out my level one crafting, I now intend to fully concentrate on leveling) so I’m confident I’ll be good. It certainly is a clever approach to keep on anxious.

  25. I’m done with the prizes and two away from leveling up. I’m really hoping that at some point during this event they bring back the Indian casino. I didn’t buy it at the time. I want to create a whole Springfield Strip. The more casinos the better.

  26. I just bought rich texas guy with donuts so I can have one more in the casino. In the casino it says that premium characters get more event curency, but the texas guy doesn’t. He gets me 110chips and 1gold token. Is that a mistake or? Isn’t he supposed to be premium character? Thanks

  27. Reading your post, my conclusion is not to worry. I’m well on my way to level 3. Earned 50 bonuts. It’s good advice to save the courtesy and golden chips, which I will do from now on.

  28. Ive just unlocked level 2 crafting but how do I earn martinis apart from on the vip track?

    • They’re not dropping…so my thinking is when Act 2 hits they will. But there’s no indication that this is what will happen…so it’s just a theory at this point. We’ll know for sure when Act 2 hits

      • I just got 15 martinis for completing a daily task (and I’m not even at Level 2 yet!), but I know that’s not the same as having them “drop.” Just thought it was interesting (and a bit surprising) and I hope it gives me a leg up, since I’m behind in getting to Level 2 (compared to a bunch of others here).

      • Thanks for the advice at least I know I’m not in the boat alone now wondering how we are supposed to get them.

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