Cletus’ Dice Den Is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There’s a new casino game in town….Cletus’ Dice Den is now live in our games!


This is considered Pre-Act 2…and you’ll still have until March 7th to earn the rest of those Red Chips for the Act 1 Prizes.

You’ll need Cletus free to start things off.

I’ll be back with more info about the Dice Den, once I’ve had a chance to break it all down.  For now…it’s live in our games as another way to have some fun with the event! 🙂

What are your thoughts on Cletus’ Dice Den?  Ready for another game?  How’s your chip count?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

216 responses to “Cletus’ Dice Den Is Live!

  1. Play 5, every time. It’s a 200 payout and I get a 5 more than 60% of the time.

  2. I feel like I should contribute something after reading in this site for a long time.

    This dice is not independent in statistics terms. Instead of thinking, each of them comes in predetermined set of dice:

    When it shows
    Then 7 must follow.

    And I think there are actually small numbers of these set. And most of them has 7 in it (seems like the ea team has been to the real casino before, and 7 is the number that appears pretty frequently.

    Therefore, my strategy is that I played 7 alternate with 2 or 12 (since there’s probability that cheating can happen in this case, changing my 2 to 12 or 12 to 2.
    What happened when I used this strangely is I win with 7 most of the time(90%) and with number 2 or 12, I rarely win (20%), but when I win, I win 400)

    So the expected payout is around (0.05*0+0.45*110)+(0.1*400+0.4*0)= 99+40= 139

    And my actual average out come is around 143.8. This is a little better than slot machine (my average around 100 per coin)

  3. Just curious if anyone has seen a win ratio between the dice and slot on which would pay out more of what ie chips and craftables.

  4. I find I have more luck jumping around playing random numbers. If I keep playing 2, for example, I might win once, but it’s a sure way to win crafting items. I’ve won more chips just by playing numbers at random. I know sometimes you’ll play 6 and see a 2 and think “oh, I should have played 2,” but I don’t think the dice rolls are the same no matter what you pick. I think you pick a number, and the dice rolls are a response to what you picked.

  5. I’ve got Cletus free, but the dice den is still not available for me to place. Anyone got a clue why that may be? I’m on level 14 right now, the rest of the casino event is going great!

    Please share your thoughts!

  6. I have been quite lucky with winning. Number/s 7, 8 and 9 seem to be lucky for me..
    Also, not related, but just a helpful tip and thought as this is the latest thread (at time of posting) more people will see it here.
    on the “Find Maggie Game” the last 2 times she has been in the driveway/ground of the building rather than on the roof…
    Last night Maggie was just at the door of the “Wax museum building” the night before, she was in the Simpsons House driveway…
    Not sure if anyone else has found this as well?

    • I have also found this… She has been at the door or on the driveway the last 3-4 times… And in different buildings than usual as well.

      • I guess Maggie is getting too clever for us.. Lol at the door, that sounds cute like she is trying to go into the house.

    • Yeah – I think the wax museum is the trickiest one, since she’s not only on the ground, she’s kinda hiding in the shadows.

    • Is the Finding Maggie mini game only available for those who finished that questline?

    • The same happened to me. Once she even doubled back to the Playdough Factory. I got her just in the nick of time 🙂

      • LOL, lucky you saw her in time, Maggie loves the Playdough factory..
        (maybe she wanted to play “where’s Maggie” again, because she didn’t find a hiding spot in time.. 😉

  7. I think I’m going to hold on to my golden coins until we have more info on proabilities 😀

  8. Not really having much luck with Cletus’ dice game – used 9 chips choosing either 12 or 2 as my lucky number. Won once and eight times I received a courtesy chip and 0 crafting materials…ughhhh! Switched back to the slots, much more productive for me!

    • I am the same, I have been more lucky with the slots than the dice. To random for me

    • Yeah agreed with Cletus’ den being less profitable. My strategy has been to use all my tokens at the slots, save for 1-2 at Cletus’ for kicks and giggles.

  9. no wonder i had such success with cletus’ dice den last night… the in-game update this mornning reduced the chances of cheating, which were apparently much higher before they “fixed” it. BOOOOOOO!

    • Ack! Really? So disappointing… I was wondering why I was losing almost every time without all the fabulous cheating opportunities to save me.
      I think it might be back to the ol’ slot machines for me. Seems more reliable. I wouldn’t mind playing dice if I was either looking for courtesy chips (say for a daily challenge) or if they raised the winnings a bit. As it is though I’ve played 15-20 tokens and I won ONCE using 12 as my lucky number. Way better long term payout with the slots for me….
      Oh well. Live and learn.

  10. I have the definitive answer about the odds!

    You have a 100% chance of either winning or losing. Guaranteed!

    Sometimes you win when you lose and sometimes you lose when you win but whether you get the result you want is another question…

    So since you can’t control it or calculate the odds you might as well just enjoy it…😄

  11. I can’t speak to probabilities, but each game has a pre-set outcome. That is to say, not each of the three rolls in a given game is independent. These are the common sets seeing (100 plus rolls):
    5, 5, 12
    3, 3, 10
    2, 4, 6
    4, 6, 8
    5, 7, 9
    12, 3, 5
    There have been a few others, but there has been no deviation from the sets. For instance, If your first two rolls are 5’s, then the third will always be a 12.

    • In my game I see 4 4 11 most. So it does vary by Player. 🙂

    • Yep, for me it is 3,3,10, 3,5,7, 4,6,8, 4,4,11 and a couple of others (some of them match the ones posted by K-jack, so maybe they are not different for every player). Apparently the game has a small set of outcomes and just draws from them. Same with the slots – there is a small set of combinations, thus when I see the first reel to stop on a shotgun, I already know I’ll get three shotguns.

  12. So I read the latest relax post but am still confused. For the courtesy chips, is it better to hoard or spend on red chips? I’m around 81,000 chips and feel I can get Mr Sweet before the end of the act without cashing in my courtesy chips, so is it best to keep them to use on upcoming acts? You guys are the best. Site. Ever.

    • Like the other post said… it is YOUR choice. If you feel that turning them in will get YOU what you want before Act 1 ends, then do it. If not, then wait. YOUR gaming style and daily collections are all dependent on how YOU play the game. We can’t answer that. 🙂

  13. I haven’t read this post yet, but, OMG – another 160 comments here (and who knows how many on the post above it I haven’t looked at yet)! I just finally finished getting caught up on my comment emails last night — I think I ready well over 600 in just the past two days (often staying online until around midnight to do it) and I didn’t even subscribe to a few of the threads that came out this week.

    A/B/W – I think you’ve done TOO good a job creating an active site and community! Argh!!!!! 😉

    Okay…better go start reading now…

    • P.S. I should have added that I have 9 new pages of emails I haven’t even looked at yet today.

      • You’re doing the same as me Sandra,
        Too much reading, not enough tapping
        There just aren’t enough hours in the day
        ⏳ ⌛ ⏰ 🎲 🎲 🎰 🃏 🙂

  14. It seems like everybody’s trying to discern patterns in the dice game even though it’s only been out for 11 hours. That sample size is just WAY too small to reach any reliable conclusion. That’s why everytime someone comments that they won a bunch using a certain strategy someone else replies that they lost a bunch using the same strategy. Then you get people posting the odds for real dice, but these dice are controlled by EA not Newton. The odds of real dice are irrelevant to Cletus’s Dice Den. Unless you’re a super statistics nerd and want to research the programmed odds for this game to devise your strategy I would suggest following Alissa’s advice in the next post and just picking randomly, and having fun.

    • I found a strategy that works. I was listening to The Beatles “Eight Days a Week” so I chose 8. Then my TV was on NBC so I picked 4. And it was 2 in the afternoon so I picked 2. I won some stuff is’s all good.

  15. Glad that Cletus has a two hour task, but it appears first on the list of tasks. Just like with Marge (3h Narobics), Miss Hoover (3h Narobics) and Moe (16h at Casino Moe’s). Why can’t EA put these tasks in order like all the other tasks. Unless it’s a quest requirement higlighted in yellow, they should put any new tasks for a character in sequential order like all the others. Hoping they fix this issue with the start of the new Act in a few days.

    • Sometimes they are an Easter egg for free donuts. Wondering if that’ll happen here again.

      BUT, after the event they should be sorted like all the others. The space stuff shouldn’t be at the top any more.

  16. For the Dice Den, the best play is to pick 5 or 9. In average your expected to win about 60 chips per token. All the other numbers on average will pay less than this. From my experience I think the slot machine has a better average than this but without knowing the odds, I cant say for sure. Gl

    • If you don’t know the odds how can you say what the average expected payout is? Remember these dice are controlled by an algorithm not physical laws, without knowing the details of that algorithm you can’t really say what the best bet is. That being said, I’m sure a Google search could find what the programmed odds are for each number…

  17. Question (which may have already been addressed, sorry): Will we still be able to cash in courtesy chips for red chips once we’ve gotten all the prizes, i.e. if there’s a bonuts round before Act II? I’ve been hoarding courtesy chips for the end but don’t want to lose them if I wait too long. Thanks for the info.

  18. shiannaholland

    I had such a good idea to put all my casino/Las Vegas strip stuff on my ornate pier… and then I figured out that some stuff can’t be placed there. I’m so angry hahah!

  19. I never comment on these posts but I am an avid reader. I see a lot of people leaving comments about “the probability of this number” and “chances are with this number” lol why cant everyone just play the game and enjoy it? Stop worrying about the “chances” and just play. Seriously it will stress you out to the max, its just a game.. a very fun game at that! No disrespect to anyone whose left comments about it, just putting my opinion out there lol. Happy Tapping and remember to HAVE FUN!

  20. We need an odds / payout per token to understand if the dice den is better or worse than Moe’s slot machines?

  21. I can’t get my dice den to do anything? Does anyone need to be free after it’s placed?

  22. sonicboiny834 ryan

    I feel like Han Solo here ‘never tell me the odds’. Play like Ralph. I chose by what I want to play and if I have to pick a number I just pick whatever comes to mind.

  23. Hey guys i just got back to the game after a break, it says more prizes in act 2, does that mean we can still continue to earn act 1 prizes or are they closed off permanently in the next few days?

  24. so can anyone give me advice…?

    i finished all first act prizes, so now i wonder – should i spend my tokens to gain bonus donuts or rather save them for second act?

    i kinda think saving them might be smarter long term, but what if they get replaced too?!

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